4 new releases from Mierce Miniatures

Mierce Miniatures has four new minis available over in their webshop.

From the release:

We never did get around to those sneak peeks of Uuthüll… but that does not matter any longer, for the latest massive monstrosity from the insanely talented hands of Daniel Cockersell and Stefan Kopinski is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world right here in this news article!

Uuthüll is joined by three more new releases for January, too – another unpronouncable yet incredibly cool Dyndraig warrior for the Brythoniaid, Clundwr; the astonishingly mad three-headed Hydrar of Ýdron known as Hirakoth, for the Khthones; and the first of our Ax-Drunes, Arthyen of Carn Maen who bashes heads for Kernunnos. You can purchase all of these incredible miniatures right now!

  • .. run by the same guy who screwed over a lot of Maelstrom Games clients.

    I would not touch this company if they produced the hottest shit on earth – which they don’t – until Mike Lane effectively uses money made from his hastily outsourced new/old companies to pay outstanding debts. Which he has denied, so far.

    • TomasT

      Unfortunately, I think these minis are cool as hell… but yes, if he so easily screws other businesspartners, I can’t imagine what he’d do to me…
      So, I’m with you on this.

      • odinsgrandson

        I figured that the company that owns his debt was going to try and get some of his assets and rights- since he moved them from the bankrupt company to the new one. I guess we’re waiting to see.

        I just find situations like this to be extremely sad. Look at it this way, there were a number of people who had never bought a mini from a smaller manufacturer before.

        It is easy for customers like that to never try Avatars or War, Scibor, Raging Heroes or Mantic because they got so burned the first time.

        Sharks like this are bad for everyone.

    • I meant ROB Lane, of course, not Mike (who is a really nice guy)

  • widgren

    they still owe me ~100 pounds. i wont shop from them ever more. i have spent thousands of pounds at maelstrom and they rape me. no love will ever be given to these guys.

  • as79

    Good to know that even after this company blatantly ripped off customers to the tune of thousands, they’ll continue to promote their product.

    Stay classy!

  • phoenixman

    perhaps if gamers got together and said they would not buy from this guy until he ‘made amensd’ for previous misdemeanours he would sort out the issues where he owes people money.

    there are enough companies doing this in life where the stuff you buy is requirement for everyday living, we dont need to be screwed when buying stuff for our hobby.

    i think / would like to ask TGN to make a stand and say they will not promote any of the guys products in any way, shape or form until he has sorted out his mess and actually made a statement about his dealings and issued a FULL and unreserved apologoy to all that have been wronged.

    come on TGN, stand up for the gaming community and those that support you by blacklisting people who do this sort of thing.

    also, any chance of introducing a feature where you get notified if a reply to a posting is made, similar to that on forums etc. cheers

    • estrus

      Good suggestion!

    • BaconSlayer

      Kind of like New Wave Mail Order and Cool Mini or Not?

  • leonmallett

    I agree that is a nice idea, but I don’t think it would help.

    If he has no free advertising (here or elsewhere) Rob Lane (not Mike BTW) will see business decline and any possibility of amends diminishes.

    I say that as a burned customer of Maelstrom, one who thinks that Rob Lane should not be allowed to run a business of any sort, but until he is declared unfit to do so, I am not sure that removing access to TTGN et al would help other customers like myself.

    I don’t expect to ever get any kind of restitution – that money has gone as far as I am concerned. I just hope Rob Lane does not pull the same trick twice, and I hope that liquidation leads to the trail of missing money, and ultimately yes, I would like to see him far and away from the miniatures hobby business.

  • Repeter

    Well, by giving him access to advertise here, you guys saw it and “spoke” up. If you hadn’t, I would not have known about this guy. After reading your comments and doing a quick google search, I am now aware of the situation. Thank you, folks!

    • discok3

      He’s a thief and should be shunned by every man Jack of us!
      I wish him destitution and a long term malaise.
      May your Christmas be miserable and forlorn Mr Lane

  • phoenixman

    i just think TGN should not promote goods and services from people or companies who rip off wargamers in any way shape or form.

    personally i think TGN does a great job but i for one dont want to read about new releases from anyone who owes money to gamers.

    make a stand please TGN, and remove him and his products from your site with the proviso that you will not advertise / promote anything else whilst he owes money to previous customers.