3 new mats unlocked in Mega Mat Kickstarter, Alpine previewed

Tablewar and Frontline Gaming have unlocked a trio of new mats in their Mega Mat Kickstarter. They’re showing off the Alpine one on the campaign page.


From the update:

We’ve unlocked the 4×4′ mats and blown past both funding goals! We’re also completed the ‘Alpine’ 4×6′ mat which is now available for viewing!

  • jedijon

    Ironic – flat alpine.

  • blkdymnd

    Lol, I thought the same thing and it’s why this project doesn’t work well with some of their designs.

    • I must say, I actually prefer terrain like that as opposed to most 3D terrain. Like at my old LGS in Edwardsville, I made a whole ton of felt terrain for the shop to use. I always hated it when a terrain piece should allow for my miniature to be someplace, but the actual piece itself didn’t allow them to go there (like hills with too steep sides or rubble piles that we used as just rough terrain, but wouldn’t let models stand in certain ways). So instead, with flat pieces, it was very simple that your model could always end up where you wanted without worrying about tipping them over or just having to say, “well, he should be there, but he’ll be over here instead.”

      • 4tonmantis

        The other side of that is buildings that are just a large square on printed material (ie Heroclix). It simply doesn’t do justice to the actual structure and makes the battlefield feel flat and more hypothetical. It would be nice if there was some sort of flexible middle ground but that y-axis difference is a tricky barrier.

        • The table certainly does lose something with just flat terrain on it. I won’t argue that. Also, well-done terrain with good detail and nicely painted does, indeed, add to the overall gaming experience.

          However, for me, at the end of the day, the game is just that, a game. It’s not a diorama. If I’m able to put my model in a certain place via the rules, I want to be able to put my model there.