3 new greens from Scibor

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jun 21st, 2012

Scibor Miniatures gives us a preview of 3 new models they’re working on over in their lab there. Expect more details soon.

From the preview:

3 new greens. It is work in progtess, I will add some details. Will be placed on 20mm square bases.

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  • 032125

    The witch hunter and the guy with the claymore are fairly good so far, and there aren’t many witch hunter figures around so that’s nice. The hammer priest has been done to death by GW (they must have 20 different warrior priest models by now).

    It’s also nice to see Scibor doing normal sized/shaped feet.

  • Gallahad

    I think the brim of the witch-hunter hat needs to be wider. I think the small brim looks kind of cartoony. The AoW witch hunter suffers from the same problem.