3 days left for Eden on Indiego

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 30th, 2012

Eden is getting short on time over on Indiegogo. How many more stretch goals can they make it through?

From the campaign:

A lot of players asked us to know what could be next ….

If we reach 25000€ we will sculpt and cast “Bastonne” (another Convoy fighter.), based on the original artwork below (design by Stéphane Louis)

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  • dogui

    No, sorry Mr. Louis and Eden, the design and concept is by Kirkman, Adlard and Moore. Like some other of your “original” figures.

    How did they go from an original unique setting to making “non-something” figures? Do they all fall for that in the end?

  • Hehe… i am kinda glad someone else noticed too.. It’s not just Eden though is it… I don’t really mind the obvious derivative work, as it’s pretty much legal with the few changes they made. What I absolutely can’t stomach is the “original” tag… If you are going to obviously be “inspired” by something, then give credit where credit is due…

  • Veritas

    Yea, this isn’t new. The Sedition Wars KS was CHOCK FULL of “inspired by” characters in their stretch goals. I don’t mind it, but I really would like more original stuff. Although, that said, the Convoy seem to be EDEN’s main army where all of these derivative characters wind up. The other armies are all pretty good.

  • GorilaMaguila

    I would like to know why, when many of you see all cosplay stuff in Relic Knights, or all cultural cosplay in Wyrd, you say it is awesome. But when you see it as a little wink (because it hasn´t been done since now) in Eden, you comment it like if it is bad. Instead, go shouting all medieval miniatures manufacturers because they have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the rings. Your comments, to me, look simply arbitrary.

    Sorry for unskilled english.

    • I do not like being included with “you all” as you expressed it… I think my stance is consistent. I like it. It looks good it’s fun etc etc. I don’t like that it’s called ORIGINAL! They did the same thing with the Morgen Rashaar in Carnevale… It’s total rip off from the monster in the movie the Host. I feel that if you are going to be inspired to this degree then do not use the frasing ORIGINAL!!! That’s what I am against. It’s like putting a spoiler on a Volkswagen and saying you designed it. As for your comment on medieval and the lord of the rings that is the most inane thing I have ever heard. The medieval ages existed in real life and the rings books are based on that and other pre-existing mythology… Why am I bothering?

      • GorilaMaguila

        Originality died after Romanticism. It´s just an illusion. Every game including elves plus dwarves plus orcs plus trolls comes from Lord of the Rings imaginary. (Even Confrontation, the very best thing that happened in miniatures world was a shiny mix of previous things with a comic book aesthetic). Every old bearded man with a hidden knowledge asks you to remember Merlin. The twelve knights of Arthur asks you yo remember the twelve apostles.

        Eden is a game stronlgy based on images and metaphors (a parody, even if it´s not a caricature) of post-apocaliptic movies and comics that are also a parody of our present life (for example, sadomasochism in Matriarchy, or clowns for Cloackwork orange). So no originality this time.

        Everything comes from another thing plus a little bit of change.

        I apologize anyway if you didn´t like the way I expressed my thoughts.

        (Sorry for bad english, it´s been a long time since I last wrote or spoke it).

        • I am not arguing against that notion – never did. You are quite eloquent. You are saying we have always been inspired by other things, and by that logic, everything has built on something else. Agreed. That is why things look different today, because they draw inspiration from prior things and evolve to hopefully something better. Perhaps not always as evident in art, but I like to think so.

          The clowns and the matriarchy are brilliant. They are ORIGINAL in my way of seeing things as in they are an original take on a pre-exisiting concept. Short of simply tracing someone elses art and calling it Bastonne instead of Michonne and then having the audacity to call it original is taking the piss though. There is no cleverness to how it’s done. There is nothing special or original about it. It’s giving up and giving in. Where is the love? It’s cheap and it actually shocked me that something I truly loved because of all the things you described – took this route of uninspired “inspiration”.

  • mohand

    My apologies to all those that could offend.

    For many we have the same pleasure and we look Eries even then the idea of ??integrating them into our shared passion we have looked good.

    It is a tribute to characters with a strong character but especially notable attributes (dreadlocks and two swords, sheriff …) and I do not think these things or registered trademarks of …

    Again I hope so that Vou will be delighted to kill degenerate (Name of zombies in the game Eden) with a team inspired by our heroes of modern times 🙂

    In the meantime here is a picture ( bad quality sorry ^^ ) of the sculpture being Bastonnehttps://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/559664_10151194972309818_1651918486_n.jpg

    • mohand – I think the sculpting is awesome.. I have plenty of Eden figures and I like the feel and sculpts. The quality is nice and I look forward to acquiring more… Now we can all deny the origin of the characters and I don’t know if they are called ORIGINAL for the sake of legal issues, as I don’t think you are trying to hide where the inspiration came from as it’s quite obvious. However as I stated above – calling them original is a bit much.

      You even “wrongly” named the Shreriff Rick in your previous TGN post…

      With that said – I enjoy your original characters MUCH more. I hope you continue making some awesome original characters and less derivative work… and I will continue buying those original characters as I am not touching either Bastonne or Nick…

      • mohand

        Thanks for your support and don’t worry we have a lot of reallu original concept for next Year 😉