Year 2019

Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes, during a Kickstarter, someone will have a suggestion for something and the campaign creators go, "Hmm... not a bad idea." Sometimes, that can be integrated into the current campaign. Sometimes not. In this case, backers for Dodoresque wanted a way to play with more than 2 players. That has lead to the creation of Dodoresque: Cherry Blossom. The game is up on Kickstarter now for a short time.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

We continue on with this incredibly busy week. Step by step, we climb the mountain. Speaking of mountains, let's talk about gaming terrain. We've gotta make your gaming tables look good.

In the Terrain Corner today we have: Tabletop Scenics Previews March Releases, New Pledge Level Added to TerrainCrate 2 Kickstarter, New Blood Bowl Mats From Deep-Cut Studio, and Mantic Games Teams with Warlord Games In Terrain Crate 2 Kickstarter.

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Stonemaier Games Short Pre-order Sale for Euphoria

Some may say that ignorance is bliss. Heck, the name of this expansion is that. But being ignorant of the pre-release sale for the new Ignorance is Bliss expansion for Euphoria from Stonemaier Games means you'll not get your game as soon as it's available and you'll spend more money on it. So, maybe in this case, ignorance isn't bliss.

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Fantasy Flight Previews LE Darth Vader For Star Wars: Legion

Star Wars Celebration is coming up soon. Chicago will be inundated with Star Wars fans, all celebrating the epic space drama that they love. There, Fantasy Flight will have special panels about all the great stuff they're working on. And attendees will be able to get a Limited Edition version of Darth Vader for Star Wars: Legion.

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TGN Preview: SkullSplitter Dice Aether Breach Kickstarter Set

You know I love dice. That’s just a given. It’s not an addiction. I can choose to stop any time I want… I just don’t want to stop. I mean, they’re just so pretty. *stares at dice intently* … … …

Anyway, I’m hoping you’ve already seen my review of the first set of Skullsplitter Dice that they were so kind to send to me. If not, I can sum it up like this: I love these dice. Though, I do wish they were purple.

Well… now they have purple.

As part of their Kickstarter campaign, one of the color options is a mixture of Purple and White that they're calling Aether Breach. Once more, they were kind enough to send me a set to check out ahead of time (who said that Vikings were mean? I think that's just propaganda). So, how do these dice hold up? Were they everything I could’ve ever wanted? Let’s find out with another TGN Review. (and if you happen to be listening to Amon Amarth while reading this review, it couldn't hurt)

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Filly Sized Follys Adventure Book For Tails of Equestria Available to Pre-Order

River Horse has started taking pre-orders for their next adventure book for the Tails of Equestria RPG. In this case, it's not one or two adventures, but three mini-ones all in one book called Filly Sized Follys. Go get your name on the list so you can be the first pony on your block with this book when it's released.

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Three New Conan RPG Releases Available in Print From Modiphius

Modiphius is greatly expanding your options when gaming in the Hyborian Age as they have three new print releases for the Conan RPG. If you want to hit the high seas in Conan the Pirate, battle against religious fantatics in Nameless Cults, or do some dungeon delving in Ancient Ruins and Curses, there's a book now available for you.

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Artipia Games Launches The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences Kickstarter

Life is full of a lot of things that happen to you all the time. From little thing to big things, these experiences shape us into who we are. And that's what the Experiences expansion for The Pursuit of Happiness gives you, a lot more things that can possibly happen in your game-life. The Kickstarter campaign for the expansion is happening now.

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Midweek Snippets

Halfway through this incredibly busy week for me. Just gotta keep chugging along. To help, I'm snacking on some bite-sized gaming stories.

Today on the platter we have: Elder Dice:The Colors Out of Space Kickstarter Happening Now, Legendary Metal Coins back on Kickstarter for the 4th time, and Kraken Dice Releasing Eternal Enchantress Dice Tomorrow.

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Llamas Unleashed Party Card Game Now Available

Look out, Unicorns. There's Llamas on the way. TeeTurtle has released their new game, Llamas Unleashed. It's the same mechanics as Unstable Unicorns but... I mean, is it wrong to say "less horny"? Maybe. Though there are rams and such, who have more horns, or are "more horny" than unicorns. So there's that. Anyway, you can pick up your copy now.

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Mutant Chronicles Bundles Now Available With Proceeds Helping Charity

Gaming is good. Giving to charity is good. Put the two together and you've got something amazing. Modiphius has create a pair of bundles for their Mutant Chronicles RPG with the proceeds going to the Vision Rescue charity in India. You get something. People get helped. Everyone wins.

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Fantasic Tales of Two Cities RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

We mosey on over to our next RPG Zine this afternoon as we check out Fantasic Tales of Two Cities. This Zine looks to outline two very different cities, yet both are filled with all manner of opportunities for GMs to use in their games. One is Los Diablos, a city populated by superheroes and supervillains. The other is Palathos, a fantasy city with all the hustle and bustle you'd expect. The zine is up on Kickstarter now.

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Draugr & Draculas RPG Zine Up On Kickstarter

Continuing with our RPG Zine afternoon, we have Draugr & Draculas, an RPG all about, well, Vampires and Vikings. There's going to be various kinds of undead. There's going to be rules for deals with the devil. There's going to be a small dungeon. It's got a little bit of everything. It's also up on Kickstarter now.

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Podcast Radio

Hello, Tuesday. It's shaping up to be a busy week, which means that hopefully it'll go by quick. So as I work on gaming stuff, let's also listen to some gaming stuff with some podcasts.

On the dial this week we have: Game Classy Podcast episode 182: Another failed Kickstarter; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 57: Pulsar 2849, Zoocracy, Tiny Towns and a lot more Root; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 189: Top 5 Movies/Tv Shows/Video Games That Need a Board Game; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 12; The Secret Cabal Episode 177: Wendake, Gaslands and Player Interaction; The D6 Generation Pip 13: Captain Con 2019 Event Report; and Geeks of the North Episode 65: Ramblisode.

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