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Year 2019

There's probably things you've done in life that you wish you could take back. Maybe you've not had the greatest responses to situations. You've lived a life of greed and selfishness. For your sins, you're thrown overboard a ship at sea. But, instead of drowning, you wash ashore in a strange land where you find the folley of your ways and look to redeem yourself. That's the story behind Vindication, a new board game, along with its expansion, that's up on Kickstarter now.

Collect together your friends, formulate a strategy, and head out onto the field of battle. Champions of Nexum emulates popular MOBA-style video games on your tabletop. Fight through waves of enemies, looking to breach your opponent's defenses and take out their defensive towers and finally their base itself. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

Most of you out there have probably played a Deck Builder game. You know, you have a small, basic, and usually standardized deck, and as the game goes on, you build it up. Shake Up is the reverse of that. You get a large, unfocused deck to begin with, and you've got to trim it down and make it work the way you want. I... really like that idea, actually. *goes to look more into this on their Kickstarter, and thinks you should, too*

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!

It be time for more pirates to invade onto yer tabletops. In this instance, they're lookin' a little green. But that ain't bein' sea-sickness. They're naturally that color, as they're pirate Orks for your fantasy football games. Check out the Broken Jaws up on Kickstarter.

It's cold out. Like, really cold out. And, I mean, I'm here in Atlanta, which, relatively speaking, isn't all that cold. But back up in Chicago where I grew up... yeah, that's cold. Best to stay inside and do some gaming. With how cold it is outside, it seems all the terrain-makers are taking a bit of a break. Just a quick Terrain Corner for you today.

We have: Grimdark Statues Bundle Available From Bits of War.

When you want adventure, you don't just want one adventure, or a hundred adventures, or even a thousand adventures, you want at least 1001 adventures! Thankfully, that's exactly what you'll get with 1001 Odysseys, a new adventure board game with storybook elements up on Kickstarter now.

You've possibly seen the Cha'alt Kickstarter. If you have and you're wondering what the game world is like before you pledge (or if you haven't, but you went and looked and it seems interesting, and you have that same wonder), well, wonder no more. For the Beneath the Kra'adumek: City of the Purple Demon-Worm Preview Packet has been posted (quite a name there). You can go check that out, and see just what sort of a world you're getting into.

Gaming is more than just something you do to kill some time. It's a passtime that can create whole communities of friends. Organized Play programs can certainly help foster that sence of comraderie and community. Asmodee North America has a new Global Director of Organized Play, and he's looking to update things. In this instance, he's letting us know about what Fantasy Flight's Organized Play schedule will be like.

If you hurry, you can rush over to Amazon and pick up Tiny EpicQuest and Tiny Epic Zombies for a special sale price. Gamelyn Games is running a flash sale, so head on over. Don't delay, or these little fellas could slip through your fingers before you know it.

When I play Dungeons & Dragons, I like to have minis out on the table to represent my character, as well as the various monsters we might be facing. To help with that, there's minis sets that you can get, and WizKids and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up for a new one. It's Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Have a look.

Having pre-made adventures are a great resource for GMs. If they want some nice ideas for games, or run out of time when prepping, they can be dropped in and you still have a great session. In this case, we're getting a trio of linked adventures for your Call of Cthulhu games. It's Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past, and it's up on Kickstarter now.

Whenever a character levels up in an RPG, it should be something cool. You get better at whatever you've been doing this whole time. But, sometimes, you have a class that doesn't really get anything when they gain a level. It can be sort of a "well, that was pointless" moment. The four classes that are part of the Magignosis Kickstarter give you something every time you level.

Well, we survived the latest round of snow here in Atlanta.

Granted, there wasn't a single flake flying anywhere near me, but there we are, then. Hopefully you made it through safe and sound as well. And while I'm sure you have stores of bread and milk, it's good to snack on some bite-sized gaming stories as well.

Today on the platter we have: New Releases and Sale from Kraken Dice, Normandy Miniatures Running 15mm Post-War French Miniatures Kickstarter, and New Releases Available From Puppets War.

Break out the spandex bodysuit and your cape. Evil is prowling around and it's up to the costumed superheroes to take care of business. Greater Than Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign to bring you the Sentinel Comics Roleplaying Game. Join up with other heroes and send the supervillains to superjail.

I've been watching some documentaries lately on streaming that are all about natural disasters. Of course, there's some about earthquakes. With just a couple seconds of shaking, they can lay waste to entire cities. And in Aftershock, it's up to you to put things back together again. Stronghold Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for the new Deluxe Edition of the game.

Sandy Petersen, maker of many great games you probably already have on your shelf, is looking to bring you another one. This one heads out into the deep reaches of the cosmos. Hyperspace is up on Kickstarter now.

Kingsburg from Z-Man Games is getting a new expansion. Its sixth, in fact. In this one, like the regular game, you'll be trying to decide the best use of resources for the town. But there's a twist that will have everyone on their toes before the final planning is done. What could it be? Have yourself a look in this preview.

Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!

The Moon Clan is on preview for Crystal Clans today. They're a bunch of salty dogs, they are. Pirates of the highest order. Let's be takin' a look at what they have in store for ye scallywags.

Sometimes you don't just want a dungeon adventure, you want a megadungeon adventure. That's what you get here, a dungeon so massive, it couldn't fit into one book. The Mechanazium Part 1 is up on Kickstarter now. It'll take your adventuring party through a mechanized dungeon of death that may never escape from.

In many ways, WWII was just WWI - 2nd Edition. So, it seems only fitting that games based on WWII would also have second editions. In this case, it's Quartermaster General WW2. Ares Games and Griggling Games are coming together to bring you an updated version of this advanced tactical game.

The one thing the Russians never lacked in WWII was manpower. With such a vast country to draw from, they could fill out their ranks with men more easily than the could even with weapons, sometimes sending troops into battle saying, "when that guy dies, you get his gun." So, with this in mind, Battlefront is flooding the battlefield with new Russian troopers for your Flames of War games.

It's Tuesday, and as far as everyone in Atlanta is concerned, the world is coming to an end. They're predicting some snow, so, of course, everyone is loosing their stinkin' minds. Looking at the forecast, I'm not at all concerned with it. I'm more concerned with people here acting a fool because of what they think might happen, instead of what's actually happening. But anyway, we still have our podcasts to post up, whether you're at home having your bread-milk sandwiches or actually know what to do when driving out there.

This week on the dial we have: Game Classy 180: Return of Warmachine?!; Geeks of the North Episode 61: Hobbysode; The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 55: Between Two Dice Hospitals of Mad Detective Ludwig; Drive Thru FM Episode 22: Top 15 Anticipated Games for 2019; Chance of Gaming Episode 123; Anonymous Tabletop Episode 30: Lizards and Lookbacks; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 187: What we want in a Kickstarter; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Bonus Episode: Designer Deep Dive- Comanauts with Jerry Hawthorne; and The Secret Cabal Express Episode 45: Movies and TV Shows We’re Excited About.

Green Day - Time of Your Life. Type O Negative - Too Late/Frozen.

What do these songs have in common? They didn't get it right on the first take. Battle of the Bards didn't get it quite right on the first take, either. But that's ok. This second one is much, much better. They've relaunched on Kickstarter and are already over their funding goal.

Also: I SERIOUSLY want that badger artwork from the cover photo as a tattoo, bucause it's amazing.

Renegade Game Studios isn't just working on one new expansion for Bargain Quest. They're working on two. Chaotic Goods looks to bring you 13 new heroes and 9 new employees. Meanwhile, Solo Mode... well, it's kinda right there in the title, isn't it? It'll let you play the game when the rest of your group doesn't show up to game night.

Death no longer means anything to you. You've mastered the ultimate power. But at what cost? Sure, you are effectively immortal, but who are you gonna spend your time with? Your average person isn't a big fan of hanging out with corpses. So... you gotta make your own friends. That's what's going on in Dead Man's Cabal, a new board game from Pandasaurus that's up on Kickstarter now.