Tercios Miniatures Running Tercios Team Fantasy Football Team Kickstarter

I’m always a fan of what different companies come out with in terms of fantasy sports teams. This time around, Tercio Miniatures has a distinctly Spanish-inspired group ready to hit the field and score some touchdowns. The team is up on Kickstarter now.
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WizKids Previews In-Betweener For HeroClix

You can’t have light without dark. You can’t have good without bad. You can’t have up without down. These cosmic rules are kept in check by the In-Betweener, a being that’s the embodiment of balance in the Marvel universe. And soon, he’ll be making his way to your HeroClix games, as the new What If…? set is going to have him in it. Check it out.
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Just1MoreCat Card Game Up On Kickstarter

We’ve all known someone who just loves cats and is seemingly always getting more. Well, if you want to do that, but don’t have the space for a whole herd of cats, you can live vicariously through Just1MoreCat, a new card and dice game that’s up on Kickstarter.
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Fantasy Flight Previews the Aymhelin Scions For Runewars

Each faction in Runewars has their various troop units and characters, but they’ve also got that one “big” unit that stalks around the board, being rather intimidating and taking out enemies. For the upcoming Latari Elves faction, those are the Aymhelin Scions, of which we get a preview here.
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Midweek Snippets

The week continues along. It’s a shortened week for many of us, but it’s still a week. We’ll make it to next weekend, eventually, though. No worries. But if we want to get there, we should re-energize with some bite-size gaming stories.

Today we have: New Magic Tokens Available From Advanced Deployment, New Releases Available From Purgatory Miniatures, Khurasan releases 15mm Parthians, New Crystal Tech blank Bases Deals Available From Tabletop-Art, Surreal Dice Tower Coming To Kickstarter, Acheson Creations Releases Daedon Miniature, Final Days for Hedgerows and Heroes On Kickstarter, New Glyphs Available From Bits of War, and Flat Bases for War Contraptions Now Available From Tabletop-Art.

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Take the Galaxy Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Take the galaxy, please!
Eh, I get no respect. *loosens tie*
Ok, so that might not truly be fitting with the theme of Take the Galaxy, a new empire-building card game that’s up on Kickstarter, but we could all use some more Rodney Dangerfield in our lives. Anyway, in the game, you’re looking to get the biggest chunks of a newly-discovered galaxy for yourself. There’s only so many planets out there, and you want the best ones.
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WizKids Previews White Lanterns For Dice Masters

The Green Lanterns aren’t the only color there is. Some of you might also know about the Yellow Lanterns. But even those are just two of the many, each one representing a different emotion or concept. The White Lanterns represent life, and it’s a couple of White Lantern cards for Dice Masters that we get a preview of here. You can pick these up in the new Batman set, available now.
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Plaid Hat Game Previews Lone Wolf for Dead of Winter

Warring Colonies, the new expansion coming out for Dead of Winter, gives players the chance to team up against one-another and fight over the meager resources to be found. But what happens when there’s an odd number of players? That’s where the Lone Wolf variant comes in. It’s rules for a single player that is independent from the other two factions. We get a look at how that works in this preview.
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Warlord Games Previews New British Cavalry and Regiment for Black Powder

For a long time, the British had some of the best fighting forces on the planet. Their various units of cavalry and regiments led them to conquest all over. Warlord Games is letting you bring some of that to your tabletop with some new cavalry units as well as an infantry regiment for Black Powder. They’ve posted up a preview of what you can expect coming out next month.
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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Guns for Hire Expansion for X-Wing

Just because you’re out doing things just for credits doesn’t mean you can’t be one of the best of the best out there. I mean, if you’re good, you get paid more, right? So it’s with that in mind that Fantasy Flight is coming out with a new elite pack for their X-Wing Miniatures Game. It’s called Guns for Hire and they’ve posted up a little preview.
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GCT Studios Headed to UK Games Expo

The UK Games Expo continues to grow, becoming one of the more-anticipated shows of the year. GCT Studios will be there, as usual, and they’re showing off what they’ll be doing while there, including having a new game you can demo, as well as having their World Championship Event for Bushido where the winner will get to work with the design team to make their own mini.
Also, in more “general news,” they’ve got an alternate-sculpt set of Kami they are previewing.
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Rise of the Golden Mask Expansion Available For TiRoBEx

The newest expansion for TiRoBEx (which stands for Tiny Robots, Big Explosions) takes you out to the jungle. *puts on some CCR* The Expansion is called Rise of the Golden Mask and it brings you rules for new types of terrain as well as some new TRS. You can get your copy now.
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CMON Launches Zombicide: Green Horde Kickstarter

The Black Plague games have shown us that it’s not just humans that can succumb to the forces that cause you to be raised from the dead and seek to feast on the living. We’ve seen crows and wolves, but other sentient races can be affected as well. I Green Horde, the orcs have had their populations turned into zombies. Now they’re coming into the human lands. Green Horde is a new standalone expansion to Zombicide: Black Plague. It’s up on Kickstarter now.
Also: Zombie Dragon.
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Godslayer Halodynes Faction Deal Available Now

Everyone likes getting their money’s worth. And so, when you see a sale, you might want to jump at the chance to get something at a special price. Well, if you’ve been looking at trying out Godslayer, from Megalith Games, and particularly have been eyeing the Halodynes faction, now’s a good time to get started.
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Podcast Roundup

Back in the office after a “day off” yesterday. So the week’s already feeling like it’s going to be going by quick (not a complaint), but to continue to help it along, here’s the regular set of podcasts that’ve posted new shows.

This week we have: Primecast Episode 44; The Cardboard Herald Episode 29: The Purge with Jack and John; Meeples & Miniatures Episode 211: Test of Honour Review; Singled Out: Bonus Time Episode 2: Make Ox Great Again; Epic Gaming Night Podcast Episode 107: Creating Games With Daryl Andrews; Guild Ball Tonight Episode 62: Phil Plays Guild Ball; Episode 20 (Part 3) : Nephilim with Mira, Willem & Rob; Exploding Dice Radio Episode 3; Rolling Dice & Taking Names Episode 119: 13 Days – Cuban Missile Crisis and Pax Unplugged Interview; Lords of the Dungeon 4: Uncomfortable Situations; Blue Peg, Pink Peg Episode 99: Aeon’s End; News of the North – 2017-05-30; All Us Geeks Episode 77: Sorting Through The Dresden Files; Tales of Malifaux 56; and Saga Thorsday Episode 39: Bretons Battleboard and Tactics Pt 2.

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One Page Rules Updates Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy

It’s not just an alternative Wild West that’s getting an update. One Page Rules has also rolled out an update for Grimdark future, where they’ve added in Mercenaries. They’ve also updated Age of Fantasy by updating the Forces of Havoc with a new name (Havoc Warriors) and a bunch of new units for them.
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Updated Wild West Exodus Rules Posted

Occasionally, game rules can use a bit of an update. You find a problem in balance or something’s not working the way you intended, so you go in and fix things. Or, you’ve realized that some bits of the game are missing and you want to add to it. Whatever the reason, having the rules online gives you a chance to get those updates out to everyone. That’s just what Wild West Exodus has done.
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Ninja Division Posts Golden Kobold Painting Contest Info

Gen Con is just a couple months away.
…Holy hell! Gen Con’s only a couple months away!!! *cough* … yes, anyway, well, at the show, Ninja Division is going to be running their Golden Kobold painting competition. Grab your paints and brushes, it’s time to show that you’re one of the top painters in the land.
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Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Preview for Cities In Ruin Expansion for Eldritch Horro

Most of the time when you think about Cthulean horrors, you think of skulking around in the dark, or looking through a no-often-used part of an old, dusty library, or maybe a small, New England town in the fog. It’s normally not about whole cities being wiped off the map. But that’s what’ll be happening in Cities in Ruin, a new expansion coming for Eldritch Horror. Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look inside this upcoming release.
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New The Hobbit Kits Available To Order From Games Workshop

A little different item for you today from Games Workshop. They’ve not come out with a Hobbit release for a bit, but you can get two kits from their webshop. One’s the main crew, being Thorin Oakenshield & Company. The other is the Goblin King & Retinue. There’s also some Blood Bowl bases, a new novel, and a game board.
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Tercio Creativo Stories Competition Happening Now

Tercio Creativo is once more holding one of their story-writing competitions. This is the 3rd of its kind. Now, I’m all about the non-fiction writing, myself. But if you’re good at character development, plot, resolving conflict, and all that fun kind of stuff, you might want to check it out.
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Shades of Vengeance Releases The Outland Chronicles Patch 1.02

Everyone loves to see their favorite games supported by the companies that make them. Well, if you’re a fan of The Outland Chronicles, you should also be fans of how Shades of Vengeance has their new “patch” available. It’s free to download and includes extra rules and updates for your game.
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Drinkagon Strategic Drinking Game Up On Kickstarter

As I saw first-hand yesterday, people like to get together and play games (shocking, I know!). And when doing such, they also often like to imbibe alcohol (always responsibly, of course). Now, being a teetotaler, myself, I don’t quite get the “alcohol” thing, but others seem to think it’s a hoot. Combine drinking and gaming and you’ve got a Drinking Game. One such, Drinkagon, is up on Kickstarter now.
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Hind & Seek Miniatures Game Rules Released

Afghanistan has a pretty long history of conflict. For around a decade, it was the Russians that were trying to go in and take over the place. It didn’t turn out so well for them. But how did a technologically-superior group have such issues? Well, you can find out in Hind & Seek, a new set of rules that recreates the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989. The book is available now.
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Monday Terrain Corner

Hey everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your Monday. For those of you with the day off, I hope you’re having a great time. I’m still posting, obviously, though from home. That’s after yesterday spending most of it playing games and eating some great food with friends. We got in some Lanterns, some Addictive Alchemy, some Raise Your Goblets, and some Ethnos. There were also burgers, Swedish meatballs, pie, and orange curd. But what we’ve got today is terrain.

Today in the Terrain Corner we have: Brigade Models – Final Salute Releases On Website, New Dark Age releases from Warsenal, Ramshackle New Shop with New Products Up and Running, and Oldhammer Resin scenery by Apocalypse Miniatures Coming to Kickstarter.

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Samhain Board Game Up On Kickstarter

The Romans. They’re one of history’s most prolific conquerors. But they certainly met with a fair share of resistance from those they were looking to enlighten with civilization (or “enlighten” with “civilization,” depending on which side of the Loricae Segmentata you were on). In Samhain, the Romans are looking to conquer the Celts, and the Celts are looking to resist. Which side of the pilum will you be on? The game is up on Kickstarter now.
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Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Many of us grew up playing classic fighting video games. I know I spent more than a few hours with Double Dragon in my NES (and losing, terribly, all the time). Well, if you want to recreate some of that feeling on your tabletops now, you should check out Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom. It’s a new cooperative board game that pits you and your allied fighters against various gangs. The game is up on Kickstarter now.
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Wild In The Streets – Roller Derby Girls Kickstarter Happening Now

Slow Death Games is looking to add a bit of roll & bounce to their game, Wild in the Streets by introducing a new gang. These are certainly girls who are no strangers to cracking some heads. They’re the Roller Derby Girls.
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Review Roundup

It’s Saturday.
But it’s not just any Saturday.
It’s the Saturday of a 3-day weekend.
Hopefully, you’re out, enjoying yourselves somewhere. Be it gaming, out at the lake, a camping weekend, or whatever. But if you’re stopping by here, I know it’s because you still crave those gaming reviews. So let’s get to them.

Today we have: Knot Dice Deluxe, Arcadia Quest: Pets, Hoyuk, Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia, Realm Master, Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives, Anansi and the Book of Stories, 3 to 4 Headed Monster, Histrio, Draconis Invasion, Green Deal, Difference, Terra Mystica iOS, Scum of the Earth, and The Campaign for Kharkov: October 1941.

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USAopoly Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Gear Up and Rock Out! Card Game

You know, I really should get around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2… And for that matter, I should get around to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 1. Ok, so I’m not exactly up-to-date on my movies. Though you don’t have to have seen the movie to enjoy a new game that’s coming out from USAopoly based on the mismatched group. It’s called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Gear Up and Rock Out!
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WizKids Announces Sidereal Confluence Board Game

Economies are big, complicated things, and keeping one running, what with its various special needs (based on the individuals in control of them), is difficult. There’s going to be a need for compromise and negotiation. And that’s just what you’ll be doing in Sidereal Confluence, a new game coming from WizKids. In it, players will be the heads of various alien governments, looking to power their economies. No one is able to run solely on their own, so you must work with other players, even as you look to grow your economy faster and make it stronger than theirs.
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New British Airborne Releases Available For Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Simply walking into battle is no fun at all. Why not drop in on your opponent from above, taking them by surprise? That’s what the Airborne infantry do, and you can do it now in Bolt Action. Warlord Games has some new British Airborne releases available, including a starter army and some expansion sets.
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Plaid Hat Games Announces Crystal Clans Board Game

Plait Hat Games has announced a new game they’ve been working on. In Crystal Clans, players are looking to control the four powerful crystals that will let them take over the world. They’ll do this by creating armies of fantasy creatures and units. Build your forces, take on your opponent, and grab those stones!
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