Steve Jackson Games Announces Munchkin Fu Guest Artist Edition

As you know, Steve Jackson Games is doing guest artist editions of their Munchkin games. Most of those were originally illustrated by John Kovalic. Well, when it came time to do the original Munchkin Fu game Mr. Kovalic wasn’t able to do it. Well, that means that he is actually a guest artist for this set.
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D6 Shooter Dice Game Up On Kickstarter

Mount up, men! We’ll head ’em off at the pass!
“Head them off at the pass?” I hate that cliche!
D6 Shooter is a fast-paced, press-your-luck dice game that’s right near the end of their Kickstarter campaign and is working their way through stretch goals.
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Road Kill Car Combat Game And Minis Up On Kickstarter

The Road Kill rules have been around for a bit, but they’ve not always had a set of minis that have been for the game. Now, JohnnyBorg Casting is running a Kickstarter campaign to fix that. These new cars are designed to be rather modular, so you can arm them as you want, and are in N scale.
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Gloom of Kilforth Fantasy Adventure Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Gloom of Kilforth is a new fantasy adventure quest card game that’s up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love. The game takes 1-4 players through a high fantasy world (though with some Gothic touches around the edges). The game can be played competitively or cooperatively. You can have your heroes interact with one-another, or forge your own paths through the world.
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Monday Terrain Corner

It’s Monday.
Let’s not try and dwell on that fact too much and instead just think about what cool things you might be planning for next weekend. If plans include gaming, you’ll possibly need some terrain. That’s why we’re here with our Terrain Corner.

Today’s batch includes: Heroic Maps – Storeys: The Aelfmynster Ruins, and Burn In Designs New Products – All aboard the Steel Horse Express.

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Dwarven Miners and Command Added to Song of Blades Kickstarter

The Ganesha Games Kickstarter for their Song of Blades: Hammer and Forge dwarves sets just keeps on rolling along. They are closing in on 3x funded with still 16 days to go. They’ve unlocked several new sculpts, letting backers add-on even more to their pledge.
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Napoleonic Era Units Added to Warlord Games’ Build An Army Deal

The “Build An Army” deal for Bolt Action has gone over very well. People are using the website to make a force using the drop-down menus, then getting themselves a free tank with the deal. Well, Warlord Games is expanding the deal to their other game systems. First up is Black Powder.
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Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Alien Invasion

It is time, once again, for the world to end in new and exciting ways. The End of the World RPG has you playing as essentially yourself when the end of the world comes. The different sourcebooks give different ways that such a thing can happen. The next book announced is apocalypse via Alien Invasion.
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Games Workshop Taking Pre-Orders for Celestant-Prime for Age of Sigmar

An army’s gotta have a leader. Otherwise, you just have an unruly mob. A highly-armed unruly mob. Way at the head of the Sigmaran army is the Celestant-Prime. This figure is now available to order from Games Workshop.
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Sunday Snippets

It’s a rainy Sunday here in Atlanta. Seems like just the time to make some caramel-filled chocolate chip cookies.

Also seems like a good time to give you some bite-sized stories we’ve come across over the past couple of days.

In this batch, we have: Fireforge New Deals, Great Escape Games Posts FAQ for upcoming Iron Cross WWII rules, and “By Fire and Sword” North American webstore is ready to go.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

If you’re a regular reader, I’m sure you’ve figured out that my favorite day of the week is Saturday. And, I mean, it’s gaming day. What’s not to love about it? Hopefully you’ve found some gaming to be had.

And if you’re looking for a new game, I’ve got just the post for you. Get a look at a game before you buy it and see what others are saying about it in our Review Roundup.

This week’s Reviews/Previews include: Plastic Soldier Company’s 45mm anti-tank gun set, Eaten By Zombies, Flip City, The Networks, Fate of Akalon: Tribes, Viceroy, Samurai, Imperial Assault, Metro 2033: Breakthrough, Less, Longhorn, and Dark Seas.

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Ares Games to publish the English edition of Quickpick: Island of Monster Masks

Ares Games is teaming up with Planplay in order to bring you the English version of Quickpick: Island of Monster Masks. So you’ve got an Italian game company coming out with the English version of a game originally from a Chinese company. Don’t you love how worldwide the gaming industry is?
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Las Vegas Open 2016 Tickets now up for sale

These days, it seems as though the “Convention Season” never really ends. That’s not a bad thing, mind you. But sometimes I worry for guys like “The Legend” who ends up at seemingly 9/10 of them. 😛
Tickets are now available for one of the first shows of next year. The Las Vegas Open takes place from February 5th through the 7th. It’s at the Ballys Casino in Las Vegas (duh). Bring your non-gaming spouse. There’s plenty for them to do as well.
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Warlord Games Taking Pre-Orders for New Beyond the Gates of Antares Minis

Warlord Games has added a new squad to their list of minis you can order for Beyond the Gates of Antares. The Concord get themselves another set of figures added to them in the form of the C3 Drop Squad. Warlord is also showing off a couple figures that aren’t available to order yet, but will be soon.
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Friday Snippets

Friday! Glorious Friday!
Time to kick back, relax, and hopefully get some gaming on.
It’s also time for another group of bite-sized stories before we head into the weekend.

In this batch we have: Kromlech Releases New Battle Dice colors, Syrinscape Launches In Hell’s Bright Shadow for the New Pathfinder Adventure Path Hell’s Rebels, Mounted Dwarf Musketeers Up On Kickstarter, Khurasan releases 15mm Cavemen, Hitech Miniatures Releases Lord Incantator Krabathor on Hellworm, a couple more installments of The Fiver, SuperBlue Adder released at The Ion Age, Another Warthrone approved army list: Beastmen from Warhammer, Warpaints Quickshade Ink Set II – out now From The Army Painter, Cabals Kickstarter relaunching soon, Gabriel Cross from Icarus Miniatures Available Now, and Alternative Armies releases two classic Dogmen packs.

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Commanders: Tactical Strategy Game Up On Kickstarter

Do you like territory-acquisition games? How about dice games? What about games with research tech trees? Do you like resource-acquisition games? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, then you might just want to check out Commanders, a new tactical strategy game from RedCricket Designs. They’re up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding.
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GASPcon 16 is looking for Vendors

While upcoming events like PAX Prime, Dragon*Con, and others like it might get the big headlines, there’s still other shows that are coming up that deserve your notice. If you’re not going to one of the bigger ones, you can still get your convention on. GASPcon is in their 16th year and they’re looking for vendors interested in coming to the show (as well as, you know, regular patrons as well).
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Mechanicum Minis and Army List Book Available to Pre-Order from Forge World

Looking at the scientific papers, you can see that humanity is getting ever-closer to true bionic people. Fully-functioning robotic arms and legs are becoming more common and more lifelike all the time. Though we’re not quite to the phase where people are doing this sort of stuff voluntarily. However, by the year 40,000, that has changed. Forge World has started taking orders for their new The Horus Heresy – Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List book as well as a new Mechanicum Magos Macrotek Enginseer and Servo-Automata. They’ve also got a new Knight Scion pilot.
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Parrot Passages Board Game Up On Kickstarter

As I sit here listening to surf rock, I get a story about Parrot Passages, a new board game all about sailing around the Caribbean. Now, I realize surf rock is from the West Coast and the Caribbean is over on the East side of things, but still. Sand, sun, surf, and palm trees are included in both. You should also be wary of sharks in both. They might ruin your day.
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Flying Frog Productions Headed to PAX Prime

With all the talk of other conventions going on, we’ve not really heard much about PAX Prime. There will be gaming there. I’ve seen Randall from Catalyst talk a bit about it on their Facebook page. Flying Frog Productions will also be there, and they’ll have some pre-releases for Shadows of Brimstone along with them.
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Knight Models Posts Latest Releases

In the upcoming issue of Ravage Magazine US, there’s a review of the Batman Miniatures Game by Knight Models. Before now, I have to admit that I’d not really looked into the game. However, after reading the article, I’m rather intrigued and just might have to look into it more. In the meantime, Knight Models has a new set of releases for the game (as well as one other) they’re talking about.
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Catalyst Game Labs Posts September Releases

Can you believe we’re only a couple days away from September? We’re 2/3 through the year. Oh how time does fly by. My Kroger has had Halloween candy displays for 2 weeks already. And after that… we’ll start getting the 4th of July stuff…
In the meantime, Catalyst Game Labs has posted up their September releases in one, convenient place for you to check out.
There’s some Battletech. There’s some Bravest Warrior. There’s some Shadowrun. And there’s some Jarl.
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Pulp City “Thank You To Our Fans” Sale Happening Now

Pulp Monsters, makers of Pulp City loves their fans. They love you so much, they want you to be able to get their superhero and supervillain figures for cheaper than you’d usually have to spend. So they’re having a “Thanks to Our Fans” sale over in their webshop.
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Thursday Terrain Corner

Arthur could never get a handle on them.
The Cure didn’t care about them.
It’s after Wednesday, so we’re in the latter half of the week. But it’s not the joy and relief of a Friday.
Oh well, we do get a Terrain Corner feature to hold us over, though.

Today’s installment we have: Chibi War 3D tiles on Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art Has New Components for 28mm Terrain Available, Paper Make It! Launches Shuffler 2.12.01, and Brigade Models Release 2mm Scale Medieval Buildings.

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New Releases Available From Privateer Press

If you’re a Hordes, Warmachine, or High Command player, it’s a good day for you, because Privateer Press has some new releases available for those games over in their webshop. *hits the “New Releases” alarm*
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Plaid Hat Games Posts Tail Feathers Game Play Basics

The reactions to Plaid Hat Games’ announcement about Tail Feathers, their new miniatures skirmish game based in their Mice and Mystics universe, has been overwhelmingly positive. Looks like people are really excited about the set. For those of you on the fence, who may want to know how the game works before you decide to jump in or not, Plaid Hat has started posting some previews about how the game works.
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Ticket to Ride Map Collection 5 Coming to Essen

Days of Wonder keeps Ticket to Ride nice and fresh with new map packs coming out to change up your game a bit. Once you think you’ve mastered one map, you can move on to the next. Map Collection 5 – United Kingdom will be coming out at Essen. It has maps of the UK as well as… uh… Pennsylvania. Because… United Kingdom… *shrugs*
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Monolith Games Opens Pledge Manager for Conan

Kickstarters sometimes end up at rather inopportune times for people. Maybe you just backed another project you’re really excited about, or maybe it falls in-between pay periods, or maybe you had some car repairs or something. Whatever the reason, perhaps you weren’t able to get in on the campaign while it was running. Thankfully, there’s when the Pledge Manager opens up and you have another chance to get in on things. Monolith Games has just opened up their pledge manager.
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Fate of Akalon: Tribes Launches on Kickstarter

Just yesterday I posted my review of Fate of Akalon: Tribes by Foursight Games. I really enjoyed the game. I was initially a little dubious, but I found a lot of tactical depth in the game play. Well, the Kickstarter campaign for the game has just gotten underway.
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Recall of Cthulhu Memory Game Up On Kickstarter

I have several friends who are gamers and who either have small kids or are expecting kids soon (and in some cases, both). It’s very possible that you are in the same situation. It’s never too early to get the kids involved in the hobby we so love. ToyVault agrees. That’s why they’re running their Recall of Cthulhu Kickstarter campaign.
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