Steve Jackson Games launches Car Wars Classic Arenas Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Car Wars Classic Arenas. The campaign is to bring 5 maps from various supplements and put them all in one place in full Car Wars scale. There’s also a rules booklet that details special abilities for each arena. Plus, it has rules for some of the popular side-rules for things like Corporate Sponsored teams and the AADA pro circuit.
The campaign is set to run for another 29 days.

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New Otokodate Army Box Available from Zenit Miniatures for Kensei

Zenit Miniatures has their latest release for Kensei available now over in their webshop. You can now order their Otokodate Army Box and get yourself an entire army in one click (well, probably more than just one, but you know what I mean). This 29-mini box gives you two different 10-man units, along with several characters, including an assassin!

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Grenzer Games Launches Sector Commander: WWII Kickstarter

Grenzer Games just launched their Kickstarter campaign for Sector Commander: WWII, their new strategic board game. Players are in control of either the Axis or the Allies and must march their armies across the board in order to secure locations and root out the enemy. Terrain factors in heavily, as each space on the board can only support so many types of units on it at a time. It’s not as simple as “walk forward and fire.”
The campaign is set to run for another 34 days.

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Deck of the Dead: Zombie Card Game up on Kickstarter

Deck of the Dead pits you versus the zombie hordes in a bid for survival. The player who best manages to barricade themselves and get the highest zombie body count is the winner. If you don’t survive, you become one of the zombies that attacks the other players. Use various weapons in your quest to rack up the biggest kill total.
The campaign is about 1/3 funded with 29 days left to go on the clock.

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More Unlocks for Ninja All-Stars and Beta Rules Posted

Ninja Division keeps rolling along with their Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it through some more stretch goals and posted more up to take their place. There’s always something cool to unlock just on the horizon. Not sure you want to pledge without seeing how the rules work? They’ve got that covered as well by posting up the Beta Rules for you to check out.

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Wake Up, Cthulhu Board Game on Verkami

Wake Up, Cthulhu is a new board game that’s over on Verkami and looking for some funding love. And it seems that they’ve found it, since there’s 10 days left in the campaign and they’re closing in on 4x funded. Players of this card-driven board game are playing as cultists trying to awaken everyone’s favorite Great Old One. Will your spell be the one that finally brings Cthulhu back to the waking world? If so, you might just not get eaten right away. Fun!

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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New Edition of Cave Troll Board Game

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they’ll be coming out with a new edition of the Cave Troll board game. You and your fellow adventurers (well, they might not exactly be your fellows. They want their gold, too) are headed into a newly-discovered dungeon to see what sorts of riches can be plundered. Of course, the monsters that inhabit the halls and rooms don’t exactly take kind to trespassers, and are going to be there to try and stop you. Players get to control both heroes and monsters in the game, adding a bit of an interesting twist on the usual.

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Podcast Roundup

Tuesday is once more upon us. Did Monday go by quickly enough for you? Mine went by fast.
As is our custom, we’ve collected the podcasts from the past week and present them to you now for your listening pleasure.

In this grouping we’ve got: Shut Up & Sit Down Podcast #26 and Spoken Articles are Up!, The Download podcast Episode 4: Post-aPAXalyptic, Adeptus Infernus 017, and Game Classy episode 84.

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Wrath of Kings Hadross Spotlight Video Posted

CMON continues their Spotlight Video Series for Wrath of Kings with a look at Hadross. These denizens of the deep invade the surface world to battle their opponents. With tough defensive abilities, they could be seen as the “tank faction” of the game. Their resonating abilities mean your opponents will have to be very cautious about who they attack.

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New M41 Carro Comando command vehicle for Bolt Action

Warlord Games knows that a tank offensive is not going to reach its full potential without a good tank commander. As such, they’ve got their new Carro Comando vehicle. You can’t have your commander just running around on foot, they need to be able to be right up in the thick of things, and so, this vehicle will help get you there.

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Corvus Belli Posts March Infinity Releases

Corvus Belli is showing off their March releases for Infinity. They’ve got 5 new sets for you this month, ranging from lightly-armored infantry, to a new bounty hunter on a bike, to reinforced suits carrying big-ass guns. Go have yourself a look-see at them below the cut.

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Figure Painter magazine issue 23 Out Now

Figure Painter Magazine has released issue 23 of their magazine for your reading pleasure. Every issue, they look to up your painting game. Some of the articles from this issue to help with that are: Marta ?lusarska goes over some of the basic fundamentals of painting, Jason Martin talks about light and color on minis, and there’s a chat with Scale 75 about how they come up with the models they make. Those and more that you can get for just £1.30.

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Icarus Miniatures Release New Version of The Icarus Project Rules

Icarus Miniatures continues to work at refining their The Icarus Project rulebook to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be. This latest update has 11 changes to the rules, including some general clarifications, expanded background for the units, and a readjustment of the gear for various units. You can sign on to be part of the playtest group as well. Go check it all out.

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Bushido’s Wave 22 completed and ready to Pre-Order

GCT Studios is now taking orders for their 22nd wave of Bushido minis. With these last two previews, they’ve shown off everything and you can now put your name on the list to get these figures when they’re available. Be the first gamer on your block with them! The orders are happening now and shipping will begin on the 6th of April.

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Cards Against Humanity Forms Full-Ride Scholarship for Women Seeking Degrees in Science

Cards Against Humanity may have the cards be against humanity, but the people behind the game are all for humanity, and the advancement of it. As such, they’re joining up with SMBC for a Science Ambassador Scholarship. This scholarship is for women who are seeking an undergraduate degree in the sciences. It’s a full-ride scholarship, too! If you know anyone who might be interested (or if you’re interested, yourself), you can sign up to be notified when the scholarship will be open (for the 2016 school year) via the link.
The scholarship is being funded via the new “Science Pack” set of cards for CAH that you can pick up on their website.

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Gen Con Post Another Response to SB101 Passing

Gen Con LLC has talked with governor Mike Spence about the passage of SB101 and has posted another open letter about their reaction to the bill’s passing. Gen Con is working with businesses in the Indy area as well as the Indianapolis mayor to make sure that nobody is discriminated against during the show. They are also halting plans to expand Gen Con into Lucas Oil Stadium as well as some other surrounding hotels. But the 2015 show will still go as planned.

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The Spring Sale Returns To Tin Man

Tin Man Miniatures is happy to be bringing back their annual spring sale. You can get all the springs you want from their shop with *gets handed a note* *reads the note* … Oh, an update, Tin Man Miniatures does not sell springs. They are, however, bringing back their sale where you can get 35% off your order, in honor of Spring. Go check out what they’ve got to offer and get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.

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Big April Sale at Spartan Games on Books and Dystpian Legions

Spartan Games has several really great deals going on over in their webshop. For starters, all of their rulebooks are at least half-off. Sure, you can download them for free from their website, but some people like to actually have a book in their hand (I’m included in this count), and Spartan’s making it a lot cheaper for you to do so. The other deal is for Dystopian Legions army bundles. If you’re looking to get either Prussians or English, now’s the time. You get several box sets, the rulebook, tokens, and templates, plus free shipping for one, low price.
These deals last throughout the month of April.

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Last Week for Deadzone Kickstarter

Mantic is in their final week for their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. To help that sprint to the end, they’ve added in a stretch goal that, if passed, will ad a Faction Booster, for free, to any Quarantine-level pledge. Who doesn’t love free minis? I know I love free minis. The Faction Booster gets more options into your force creation with specialists of all sorts.

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Wreck-Age Scenario Contest Happening Now

Hyacinth Games is running a Scenario Contest over in their game forums for Wreck-Age. Simply come up with a scenario for their game, or conversely, you can come up with a scenario for an RPG that’s set in the Wreck-Age universe, and post it up. All participants will get a $10 voucher for the Hyacinth Games webshop. Participants will have their scenario posted and the community will vote on the winners.

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Who is Lovecraft? Board Game Now on Kickstarter

Cthulhu Project has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Who is Lovecraft? their new board game where one player will be crowned the true author, while the others are just hack wannabes. You can check out a preview of the rulebook on their Kickstarter page.
The campaign is set to run for another 10 days.

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Final Days for Ares Games Bomber Kickstarter, Snoopy Added

Ares Games is in their final 3 days on Kickstarter for their Wings of Glory – Giants of the Sky campaign. They’re closing in on 10x funded, and it would be awesome to see them pass that. In order to get them there, they’ve added in a cultural icon, Snoopy. You can get Snoopy piloting his Sopwith Camel (aka – his doghouse) in the skies above Europe, searching out the Red Baron. You can either get Snoopy on his own, or as a bundle with the Sopwith Camel mini for the game.

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Wrath of Kings Faction Video Spotlight Series Launches

CMON has started posting up new Faction Spotlights for the upcoming Wrath of Kings game. They’ll be posting one a day. The first one is the Nasier. This faction draws most of its power from ceremonial masks that have been imbued with spiritual and elemental powers. They’re a very martial nation and their combat prowess shows. On the tabletop, they’re not much for trickery and deception and would much rather run in and chop your face off.

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Gale Force 9 Releases 2 new Air-Themed Sets for D&D

Gale Force 9 has two new air-themed sets (seems appropriate) that they have released as part of their collector series of D&D miniatures. The first is the Air Myrmidon, which is an elemental bound to a magical set of armor and used at the whims of its creator. The other is the Aerisi Kalinoth & Air Priest (who could have very likely created the aforementioned Myrmidon). This is a two-mini set. These are both limited edition sets, so if you want yours, you’d better get in on it.

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GASPcon 16 dates announced

GASPcon, put on by the Gaming Association of Southwestern Pennsylvania, GASPcon 16 is coming to the Monroeville Convention Center (the same place the event was held last year) in Pittsburgh this November. November 6th-8th, to be specific. So be sure to mark your calendars. New for this year will be a dedicated exhibitor space at the show. They’re looking to have both local and international retailers at the event. As every year, the main focus is on the gaming, though. Whether you’re an RPGer, CCGer, or minis gamer, there’ll be something for you to do at the show.

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Stug III Zug Box Set Pre-orders from Warlord Games

Warlord Games is now taking pre-orders for their Stug III Zug Box Set over in their webshop. The set not only contains the standard 3 tanks (which an be assembled as either the StuG III?Ausf G assault gun or as the 10.5cm Sturmhaubitze infantry support gun, but they’re throwing in an extra bonus. They’ve got 6 plastic German Grenadiers (that haven’t been released elsewhere by them). So you get the tanks and you get some trooper support, all in one order.

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Latest Releases for Darklands Available

Mierce Miniatures (whose website is back up and running after being down most of last week), has their latest set of Darklands releases available. There’s 14 of them to check out. In classic Meierce fashion, there’s monsters, giants, trolls, snake-people, and all other sorts of things to check out.

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TGN Sunday Snippets

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The weekend is halfway done. Hopefully you got a chance to get some gaming in, or will be doing some today. I’ve got some photos of minis to take. Or at least, that’s the plan. We’ll see if that actually happens, what with other various whatnots to attend to on a weekend such as this.

Anyway, here’s some more bite-sized stories to nibble on while you do your Sunday thing.

In this batch, we’ve got: Several more editions of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, New 15mm Terrain from Tabletop-Art, Stretch Goal Unlocked and new Add-On From Acheson Creations, Mad Robot Releases Command Squad Parts, and New Cave Maps Available from Heroic Maps.

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Plaid Hat Games Announces Two New Upcoming Games

Plaid Hat Games has announced that they’re working on two new games to be released soon. The first, slated for Gen Con, is Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix. This is a hybrid card/dice game, where players play as powerful wizards vying to become a god. Each player gets a customizable deck to represent their character’s abilities. There will be standard and draft versions of the game available. The other is Tail Feathers, which will be set in their popular Mice and Mystics world. You play as a mouse (or a rat) and you’re flying around on a bird, attacking other mice (or rats). Because… why not? Sounds pretty sweet to me. That game is currently in playtesting.

Video interview with The Dice Tower below the cut.

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New Features and Releases Announced for Golem Arcana

Harebrained Schemes has announced some new features for their Golem Arcana miniatures game, as well as some new expansions. Some of the features include saving your game partway through so you can come back to it later. There’s also a way for the various devices to communicate with one-another, even if the place you’re playing doesn’t have WiFi. And if there’s a big group of you, you can now play up to 8-player games. Multiple languages will also soon be supported. As for releases, the next one will be Zikia Heralds of the Great Weald in April.

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Star Wars Armada Now Available

Fantasy Flight Games has released Star Wars Armada. You can now take control of your own fleet of mighty starships and battle against your opponents for control of the skyways. Will you use your Star Destroyers to crush the Rebellion, or Nebulon-B Frigates and Corellian Corvettes to bring freedom to the stars? The choice is up to you.

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Paizo to Release Gob in Tux Games and Novels in North America

Paizo, mostly known for the Pathfinder game, has made a deal with French company Gob In Tux to bring their RPG games and novels to a North American audience. The first release will be Polaris, a sci-fi game set in an undersea world. The core rulebook (400 pages) will be released this October. Later will follow other RPG products and novels.

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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Welcome to another Saturday. I’m working on putting together a Kanjira mini from Reaper Minis, documenting it for an upcoming issue of Ravage magazine. Other than that, since I often mention my culinary hobby as well, there’s Italian Beef in the crock pot. It’s an old family recipe (I used to live in Chicago). It’s going to start smelling heavenly in here in a couple hours.

Anyway, we’ve grouped together review articles from throughout the week and offer them to you now.

This time we’ve got reviews/previews of: Monikers, Main Event, Patchistory, Play Board Games’ Top 10 Deckbuilding Games, and Onward to Venus.

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CMON Expo Update: Events Extravaganza

CMON Expo posted another trio of events for the upcoming show. I know I’m excited for it to be here. One of the new events is for Dogs of War. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to play it or not, but it’s one of my favorite board games out there. It’s worker placement with a difference. Lots of fun back-stabbing opportunities as well. Great game. You should check it out. Anyway, there’s an event for that as well as two new HeroClix events that will be at the show.

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Battleborn Legacy Strategy Board Game On Kickstarter

Silverleaf Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Battleborn Legacy, their new strategy board game. Choose your unique hero to lead one of the many races in a race to control and maintain territories while managing the difficult task of overseeing a growing empire. Of course, your opponents are going to be interested in those same resources and regions, so defending yourself is also paramount. Your heroes and units can gain ranks as they battle the enemy and complete epic quests to find rare and powerful artifacts. Will your civilization be the one that reigns supreme in the end?
The campaign is set to run for 24 more days.

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