Graven Games posts Orc Field Cannon, Howitzer, and Goblin Artillery Crew Review

Graven Games takes a look at some of the field artillery pieces from Kromlech in this new review article.

field cannon


From the post:

It’s time to bring out a couple of big guns from Kromlech in today’s review. We’re building the Orc Field Cannon, the Orc Howitzer, and also some Goblin Artillery Crew to go with them. These kits fit nicely into the WW2 Orc theme that Kromlech produces a lot of miniatures for, but we also think they’ll make great alternative models in a Warhammer 40k Ork army (as Mek Gunz with Gretchin Crew), or in another post-apocalyptic setting.

New Stretchgoals For Olleys Armies Kickstarter

Olleys Armies has been making it through stretch goals over on their Prussian Scrunt Kickstarter campaign. There’s still a week left, so check it out.

Set 4


From the campaign:

Hello, We have one week to go before our “Olleys Armies Prussian Army Scrunt Miniatures” Kickstarter ends and we have had added a number of miniatures as Stretchgoals. Which include, Five Close Combat Prussian Steampunk Scrunts, Prussian Scrunt HMG. Further stretchgoals include Kaiser Wilhelm, The Generals, A Medic, Mechanics, and sniper. The scrunts (dwarves) are in 28mm heroic scale and full details of scale and pricing for the rewards, can all be found on the Kickstarter Project page

Lost Hemisphere Radio ep98: GenCon Debriefing

Lost Hemisphere has posted episode 98 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.



In this episode:

It’s time to tune your ears in for a discussion between the Noble Northblade and the Gregarious Gdaybloke as they discuss a first-time GenCon attendee’s experiences at that most enormous of gaming events. Also, there’s a bunch of interviews at the end if you’re into that sort of thing. Ninja Division, Hawk Wargames, Wyrd, and of course, Privateer Press all have nuggets of wisdom to share. Please, enjoy.

AdeptiCon 2015 Event Submission Now Open

Adepticon will be here before you know it. Event Submission has just opened up over on their website.



From the announcement:

In conjunction with the move to the new venue, development has begun behind the scenes as we prepare to kick AdeptiCon 2015 planning into full gear. One of the more significant changes in the coming year will be regarding how we handle demos, event games and smaller tournaments. In the past, space restrictions forced us to micromanage these events so that they all fit within the hotel and made sense with regards to the schedule. We will no longer have this problem at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center…we have the space…and we need more games! We are looking for a few good game masters to run demos, historical events, specialty games, board games, and anything else that makes sense!
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Gamers on Games Reaches 3rd Patreon Goal

Gamers on Games made it to their 3rd goal over on Patreon. Go check it out to help support their vidcast.

Gamers on Games


From the update:

Fred Savadge has become our 8th patron of Gamers On Games and has pushed us to our 3rd goal in just 2 months! This would be the HEAVY GEAR narrative campaign! The miniatures for the campaign are currently being painted by master painter Blake Johnson and the story is being written by Cameron Johnson (no relation), as soon as the miniatures come back to us we will begin filming! Thank you guys so much for supporting Gamers on Games! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support!

New Blood Cult maps available from Heroic Maps

Heroic Maps released a new Chamber of the Blood Cult maps pack over in their webshop.

Chambers of the Blood Cult


From the website:

Beneath the Arcane Bookseller’s in Wardenhale lies a secret. A deadly secret. A series of increasingly dangerous and evil chambers dedicated to the God of Blood.
Chambers of the Blood Cult is a printable dungeon floorplan compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.
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Labor Day Coupon Code for Victory Force

Victory Force is another of the companies having themselves having themselves a sale this weekend.

Victory Force


From the announcement:

Save 20% on orders over $50 this Labor Day Weekend!

Type labday14 in the coupon code box during checkout to receive 20% off your order of $50 or more.

Code ends September 1, 2014

Go to the Victory Store now to start saving.

See the VFMblog for Info.

Universal Adventures Labor Day Weekend Sale

New Realms Publishing is having a sale this weekend on their Universal Adventure pdfs over on RPGNow. Go check it out.

Universal Adventures


From the announcement:

Lighten your RPG labors with a set of products that can be used with any fantasy rpg, including our own Ogres and Underworlds and Swords and Savagery, during New Realms Publishing’s Universal Adventures Labor Day Weekend Sale. From now through Monday, September 1st, all Universal Adventures products will be available at 40% off. Create a dungeon or play your favorite FRPG solo with the Universal Adventures Dungeon Deck. And while you are creating a dungeon, you might want to generate Encounters, Events, and Search results, all of which have their own decks. You can also determine treasure with the Universal Adventures Treasure Deck and Treasure Deck II. After all this, if you are still craving adventure, you can explore the Mound of the Lizard King, Hall of the Ogre Lord or Crypts and Catacombs. All this is and more will be available to you at great savings during New Realms Publishing’s Universal Adventures Labor Day Weekend Sale.

Willy Miniatures Amazon team on Indiegogo

Willy Miniatures launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new Amazon fantasy football team. And it’s funded! Go check out the stretch goals.



From the launch:

New team of Willy-miniatures, this time Amazing Amazons arrive to stay in the most violent grounds.
Sculpted by ªRU-MOR.

Final day for Dungeon Saga on Kickstarter

Mantic has just about a day left in their Dungeon Saga Kickstarter campaign. They’ve come quite a long way and unlocked quite a lot of stuff. Check out the campaign for all you can get.



From the campaign:

That’s the last of the Abyssals now completed – two in the Infernal Crypts expansion pack and one in the Dungeon Master pledge ($100 and Early Bird)!

Ares Magazine previews next issue

Ares Magazine gives us a look at what’s coming up in issue #2 of their magazine.



From the post:

With the premiere issue of Ares Magazine under their belt, One Small Step Games released more details about the content of the second issue.

“The first issue is on the shelf, so it’s time to let our readers know what’s coming up next,” says editor-in-chief Michael Anderson.
The next issue features six original science fiction and fantasy stories and the second installment in the ongoing novelette The Fall. Summaries of each story will be released over the next few weeks on the magazine’s blog.
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Scenes of Chance breaking through stretch goals

Scenes of Chance keeps rising up in funding over on Kickstarter. Go check ’em out. They’ve still got just under 2 weeks left in their campaign.

Scenes of Chance campaign


From the campaign:

So first off a little restructure of the stretch goals. We removed the d20 at $10,000 because people didn’t really want anymore dice in their collection so I changed it to more icons and variables which is probably a lot better of a reward anyway.

We’re about to hit $6,000 which will unlock the second backer voted image. Most likely tomorrow we will send out an update with a link to a survey containing choices to vote on for new scenes and icons.The majority of the comments we received all seemed to want a town scene as a place to start an adventure. So the first backer voted scene I didn’t really think needed to be voted on and picked it based off the comments.

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 16 now available

Figure Painter Magazine has issue 16 now available for your reading pleasure.

Issue 16


In this issue:

In this issue, we bring you reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painting Buddha and Sergeant BlackArt. We also have some brilliant tutorials including Sean Fulton painting the model he converted in last month’s issue and Justin McCoy from Secret Weapon Miniatures shows us how to paint a rusted Oldsmobile. Terry Cowell gives us his report from the latest Weekend Workshop that featured Alfonse Giraldes, but to get us started this month we have an Insight interview with one of the finest painters and modellers there is and someone who I’ve found to be a very helpful and cool guy all around Roman ‘Jarhead’ Lappat.

Don’t forget you can also win a free display plinth every month by posting pictures of your painted miniatures on our facebook page and getting the most likes in a month.

Gamers Lounge talks with Warpforged Games about Mark of War

Gamers Lounge has a little chat with Warpforged Games about their Mark of War Kickstarter campaign.



From the post:

In this hour long interview Bill had the privileged of speaking to Mike McTyre of Warpforged Games about their new kickstarter project, Mark of WAR. This is going to bring everything we gamers love about Table Top fantasy army scale games into our computers and animate it.

Check out the interview and if your interested, check out their kickstarter.

Alternative Armies offering Finkelstein Dogman Division deal

Alternative Armies is running a special over in their webshop for their Finkelstein Dogman Division.



From the website:

We have brand new pictures of one of our favourite and most popular Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs now on our website. This will allow you to see just what is in this whole army (which can also be broken down and made into a dozen or so Flintloque sections) with a divisional picture and pictures of each part of it too. But that is not all!

Alternative Armies has an offer on the 56601 Finklestein Dogman Division where you can save not only 18% off the list price of all the constituent units when bought separately but also a FREE set of 56537 Dogmen Engineers worth 14.00GBP included automatically in the division box when purchased. Excellent! Total worth is 209.88GBP and price is 166.00GBP including free worldwide shipping.

More on this and lots more images too on the linked page.

Z-Clipz: Outbreak, Zombie Kickstarter coming next month

Studio Miniatures will be running a Kickstarter campaign for their Z-Clipz: Outbreak survivor and zombie miniatures. The campaign is set to start in the middle of September. So be on the lookout.



From the announcement:

Three weeks from today (Sunday 14th September) will see the launch of our Kickstarter campaign…Z-Clipz : Outbreak

The initial campaign target will be to release eight new miniatures, these will be four survivors and zombie versions of the same survivors. We have kept the initial target a low as possible to allow us to achieve the target and add Stretch Goal items on to the campaign. The campaign will run for 28 days!
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Broken Contract posts their Alpha Rules up online

Broken Contract, a new sci-fi/western miniatures game, has posted up their Alpha Rules set on their website for you to check out.
Their Kickstarter will be beginning on Monday.

Broken Contract


From them to you:

This is the Alpha set of the Broken Contract rules. As an Alpha rule set it is expected that there will be inconsistencies, typos, mistakes, and the like. I’m releasing it to the world so you can find all of those so they can be fixed. I think I’ve raised enough awareness about the game that I should be able to get some solid feedback. With the Kickstarter looming in 5 days it seemed the perfect time to capitalize on the excitement and urgency so here it is. I strongly encourage everyone to use the comments section or to join the conversation on boardgamegeek. Thanks and enjoy!

Battlefront features their Trenchline System Battlefield in a Box set

Battlefront knows that playing a Western-front WWI game wouldn’t be anything without trenches. As such, they’re coming out with their Trenchline System Battlefield in a Box set.

Trenchline System


From the website:

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of World War I is the trench. Starting from simple slit trenches and developing into elaborate trench networks such as the Hindenburg Line, the science of entrenchment was king of the battlefield. As well as protecting the front line troops trenches link with the reserve area, allowing for reinforcements to get forward quickly and safely.

New Hob Goblin Raiders at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies head to the kitchen and release their new Hob Goblin Raiders over in their webshop.
(the British readers will get the play on words there)



From the release:

This code contains five different 25mm/28mm white metal miniatures approx 20mm to 25mm average height. Great quality, great choice and great value too.

Poses in this code are as follows:
OH2-01: Hob Goblin walking with Spiked Club.
OH2-02: Hob Goblin ducking and leering with Shield and Axe.
OH2-03: Hob Goblin with raised Sword and Shield.
OH2-04: Hob Goblin in horned helm with Sword and Shield.
OH2-05: Hob Goblin with long curved Sword.

Click on the link for more and to see all the other miniatures so far put back into production.
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Militia Miniatures Kickstarter – Charlie Unlocked

Militia Miniatures made it up and over £2k and as such, has unlocked Charlie over in their Modern Militia Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

We’ve hit our £2000 stretch goal target, so Charlie is now unlocked! Thanks again to everyone who has pledged so far.

She will be added FREE to any ‘FULL SQUAD’ pledges and will be available for selection on all other pledge levels.

As an extra bonus, we will now be adding FREE BASES to every pledge level. Lasercut from 2mm MDF, we’ll have either 20mm or 25mm widths, in either square or circular options. (If some folk need a different size, I’m sure we can sort that out!)

Next up is the £2500 stretch goal where we’ll be unlocking Ghost. I’ll also send out another update in the next few days about furhter stretch goals, where we’ll be unlocking some handy scenery items.

Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 69 – Throbbing Neuro-Gauntlet

The Shiny Model Syndrome has posted episode 69 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.



In this episode:

Wrapping up our month of Malifaux we discuss the Outcasts and the Gremlins (failing at the gremlin part, sorry about that). We talk about why a mustache is all you need, and why blowing up pigs is just the beans. Enjoy!

Next week we will announce our Bumper Contest winner, but fear not! There is still time to enter. Send in your submissions to by the end of September 1st to be entered to win a Malifaux crew box of your choice! I’m giving something away next week no matter waht, so stay tuned!

Painting Buddha launches Online Academy

Painting Buddha is opening up an Online Academy to help you all be the greatest painters you can be.



From the announcement:

Painting Buddha, producer of some of the best miniature painting instruction videos out there, just launched two new projects!

You want 42 videos, spread over 42 weeks, totalling over 100 hours of competition level painting instructions for free?
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Arcknight Games is giving away gobs of BattleMaps and Miniatures to 3 lucky winners

Arcknight Games is holding a special giveaway with 3 different ways to win. Go have a look.

ArcKnight Maps


From the announcement:

We’ll be giving away HUGE packs of free stuff to 3 lucky winners!

The first winner will be selected from those who attend Gateway 2014 in Los Angels this weekend and sign up for our mailing list.
The second winner will be selected from among our Facebook fans.
And the third winner will be selected from among our Google+ followers.

Each winner will be randomly selected, so you can triple your chances by doing all 3!

Alright, now on to the prizes!
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Last week for Baueda 15mm WWII Desert Fortifications Indiegogo

Baueda is in their final week over on Indiegogo for their 15mm WWII desert fortification terrain pieces. They’ve got a bit to go before they reach their goal. Will your pledge be the one that sends them over?

Desert Fortifications


From the campaign:

only one week left to jump on this!

We are already producing a large range of high quality resin-cast wargame terrain, designed specifically for 15mm WWII miniatures and fully compatible with Flames of War rules. Currently, this range already includes over 30 different packs of scenic bases, objectives, bunkers, fortifications, and entrenchments, covering rural and urban theaters, and you cam pick ANY model of the whole range as reward, not necessarily the new ones!

Add these fantastic models to your battlefields! Get the best, and with a great discount!

While the range is designed specifically with a desert feel, most of these models can be used for many more armies and settings than the North African Campaign. All sandbag emplacements, for instance, would be perfect also for WWI and the Vietnam War!

Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembots return

Statuesque Miniatures is once again running their Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembots special offer over in their webshop.

Mei-Lin Mayfair and Fembots


From the post:

For a limited time only, the Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembots Special Offer from Statuesque Miniatures is avaiable again!

Priced at only £21, this deal comprises of Mei-Lin Mayfair 2.0 and two sets of Hong Kong Killer Fembots, offering a saving of £3.25 over buying the items separately.

This offer will run until Sunday the 14th of September or while stocks last. Be warned, stock is very limited for this offer so don’t miss out and grab them now!

Miniature Building Authority’s End of Summer Sale

Miniature Building Authority gets ready for the new season by sending off the old one with a sale over on their website.



From the sales sheet:

We had a great summer and enjoyed seeing all our friends at the shows. I know a lot of you did not make it to any of the shows. So we are having an end of summer sale for everyone to benefit.

Each week will be a different series on sale. We will have some great buys, so check the site and see what’s on sale.

The first series on sale is the 28mm Middle Eastern. This has been an excellent set of buildings for ancient times to modern conflict. This sale will last from now until Monday September 1st.

Get them while you can. Some of the items are low and will be out of production soon.

Greebo previews Priest render

Greebo is showing off the 3d render for their new Priest miniature they’ve been working on.



From the post:

As promised Priest ready to be printed! We are spending time to this Hand of Death models, but only to let you have the best quality ever…and are them highest quality or not? However only Blade Master and Yosu left, ad now I’m working on Yosu, ready in the next 2 days. Than 3 days for Blade master, 4 days to cast them all and this mean ALL model will be ready for shipping, for all order! Thanks very very much for you patient guy, you are all amazing!