Zombicide Season 3 busting through stretch goals

Zombicide Season 3 is keeping up the momentum of the previous incarnations, breaking through bunches of stretch goals in just their first day on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

We’ve just barely left the first 24 hours and we’ve already crossed $610k!

and of course we have more stretch goals to show you guys!

We’re also excited to open up the optional buys for you guys! We’ve got new a new guest artist box by Miguel Coimbra, the Kickstarter exclusive Survivor: Patrick, skull trackers, and the hard to find Zombie Dogs and Dog Companions that we introduced last season!

New Star Trek Attack Wing preview posted

Star Trek.com posted a new Star Trek Attack Wing preview up.

2nd Division Cruiser


From the post:

Welcome back to the second of StarTrek.com’s exclusive First Looks at NECA/WizKids Games’ tactical space combat miniatures game Star Trek: Attack Wing. Today, we are looking at the contents of the Dominion 2nd Division Cruiser Expansion Pack, which will be available in July as part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 6 release. At 34 points, players will have plenty of room to add a Jem’Hadar Attack Ship to their fleet so they can benefit defensively thanks to the ship’s special ability. With Keevan as captain, a player will be able to prioritize their targets and get the ability to shoot before the opponent has a chance to fire while Weyoun will allow a player that crucial turn or two needed to set up the most opportune attack.

Fragged Empire Sci-Fi RPG up on Kickstarter

Fragged Empire is a new tabletop sci-fi RPG that’s up on Kickstarter. They’ve made it over their funding goal and then some already, so it’s stretch goals for the next 33 days.



From the campaign:

Fragged Empire is a tabletop RPG setting & rules, set in a far future ‘post, post-apocalyptic’ setting. Your people have survived 100 years of brutal tribalism & savagery & are just now emerging back into space.

Set in the style of Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien, television series Firefly, Farscape & Blake’s 7 & computer-based role-playing games Mass Effect & Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

Sally 4th Commands and Colors Storage Sets

Sally 4th helps you keep your Commands and Colors sets neat and organized with their new storage sets.


From the release:

Storing pieces for GMTs Commands and Colors Ancients and Napoleonics games has always been a problem, up until now.
Sally 4ths storage system is designed to hold all parts of game within original box.
System comprises of a drawer sleeve with a Perspex top, a selection of drawers to hold the wooden unit pieces and a holder for cards and terrain tiles. System holds playing pieces securely so box can be stored on its side on a shelf without pieces moving.
A complete set to hold pieces from core Ancients and Napoleonics set is available now from Sally 4th priced at £25.20 GBP

The GameMaster’s Apprentice cards up on Kickstarter

The GameMaster’s Apprentice is a deck of cards designed to help any DM create new NPCs, plot hooks and more with just a quick shuffle.

Game Masters Apprentice


From the campaign:

This is a deck of 60 double-sided cards (so, 120 unique card faces) meant to help design and run adventures for role playing games of all kinds.

It is…
1. A source of idea-sparking suggestions, snippets, and randomizers!
2. System-neutral: Crunchy and roll-heavy to narrative and diceless!
3. Setting-neutral: Modern, fantasy, high science, pulp…
4. Multi-purpose. Plan adventures or generate complex NPCs ahead of time, or fill in the gaps during play!
5. For groups of any size, including solo-games with no GM!

Short Fuse Designs makes goal in Corridor Sets Kickstarter

Short Fuse Designs has made it over their funding goal and first stretch goal in their Corridor Sets Kickstarter campaign. How many more stretch goals can they get through in the next 9 days? That’s up to you.

Colony Corridor


From the campaign:


We have reached our funding goal, knocked down the first stretch goal and are right around the corner from the next one.

Thank you for your continued support!

Final hours for Little Urban Achievers Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures is in their final hours for their Little Urban Achievers campaign.
They’ve added some new dice.

Dude Dice


From the campaign:

Okay so Chris and I are blown away with how well this project has done and definitely wanted to thank everyone as we enter the final days.

So I went through the entire stockroom including my personal collection and found a very small quantity of the dice remaining and have put those in the rewards for anyone that wants them.

Thanks again to all our great backers for your support!

Non-Player Cards NPC generator on Kickstarter

Non-Player Cards are a quick and easy way to come up with NPCs for your RPG games of any system. They’re up on Kickstarter now and looking for some funding.

Non-Player cards


From the campaign:

The Non-Player Cards is an easy-to-use 300-card deck that contains a series of “categories” that help in the generation a unique NPC. You can even use this deck to enhance existing NPCs or even add some direction and inspiration on how players can role play their characters.

Britcon 2014 – Trader Lineup announced

Britcon has announced the traders that’ll be at the show. Go see if your favorite ones will be there.



From the announcement:

The Britcon Trade Show will be returning to the now-familiar surroundings of the Barnes Wallis Building in Manchester (right next to Manchester Piccadilly Station) over the weekend of 9th-10th August 2014.

Reserve a ticket in advance and we will let you in for free – yes, that’s right, no entry cost at all! We know there is a recession out there, so we want you to be able to spend all of your hard earned cash with our loyal traders.

Registering in advance means you will also receive up to date information on who will be there, what new products they will have on show, and whether they have any Britcon special offers – so not only do you not have to pay to get in, the stuff you buy may even be cheaper too!
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Heroic Maps – Geomorphs: Desert Temple Iunu

Heroic Maps gives you some more terrain options for your game sessions with the release of their Desert Temple Iunu set.

Desert Temple


From the release:

A printable geomorphic dungeon floorplan compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.

Contents: Four 10×10 battlemaps depicting Ancient Egyptian-style temples, corridors and chambers. Dedicated to the Scarab beetle, these temples are full of iconography and heiroglyphics.

Uses: Explore the lost ruins of Egypt, bring an artefact to the Priests in the temple, escape the tomb of the Pharaoh with the Mummy’s treasure, unlock puzzles and ancient secrets, dare to awaken the Grand Hierophant, discover if there really is a ‘Curse of the Mummy’, seek a blessing of the spirits still haunting the temple complex.

Also included is a set of 300dpi full size jpgs, for poster printing or VTT.

New Pre-Painted Resin Breastworks available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games knows you don’t always have time to paint your own terrain, and so they’ve got their new resin breastworks available pre-painted.



From the release:

Our new resin Breastworks come ready painted from Paul’s Modelling Workshop and can be placed straight onto your Pike & Shotte or Black Powder battlefields.

These temporary earthworks were thrown up to breast height to provide protection to defenders firing over it from a standing position.

Polyhedron Collider posts Shadows of Esteren interview

Polyhedron Collider talked with the guys from Shadows of Esteren and figured you’d like to see how the conversation went.


From the post:

I spoke to Valentin of Agate editions about the wonderfully dark Shadows of Esteren RPG.

Hand Cannon Online posts Episode 4 of Removed From Play

Hand Cannon Online has posted episode 4 of Removed From Play Season 2 up online for your listening pleasure.

GamerMats Template - 150 DPI


In this episode:

Sam “Susan” Ross from RFP: Into the Arena guest hosts with for episode 4. We talk about Sam, Iron Gauntlet and the finals match for the first IG Qualifier of the new season.

Across the Dead Earth Now Taking Pre-Orders

Dead Earth Games is now taking pre-oders for their minis over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Following on from the success of their Kickstarter, Dead Earth Games have all their “Starter Set” sculpts ready to go into production in the next few weeks, and are now taking pre-orders for the Starter Sets and all individual Gangs, including The State. You can get 15% off the Starter Sets by pre-ordering with the code ADETGN15. Alternatively, if you’d like to check out the rules first, download the PDF for £5 and you can get that £5 off a future purchase of the print rulebook or Starter Set.

Victory Force 4th of July sale

Victory Force is having themselves a 4th of July sale over in their webshop.

Victory Force


From the announcement:

Use the coupon code: july4 and save 30% on orders over $40

Hurry code is only valid until July 4th 2014

Type the code in the coupon box during checkout.

Go to the Victory Store to use the code.

Offer can expire without notice. Code must be used at time of order, not valid with previous orders. Some items excluded from the offer.

Curious Constructs/Zinge Industries heavy artillery preview

Curious Constructs and Zinge Industries are showing off some previews of the artillery pieces they’ll be bringing to Kickstarter soon.

Zinge Artillery


From the preview:

Time to lift the lid!

Zinge Industries and Curious Constructs are Kickstarting a gun platform and a range of 4 heavy support weapons.

If the project goes well we have a great set of stretch goals lined up and maybe even a few freebies.

The guns are compatible with the original Curious Constructs Kickstarter carriage and vice versa for the guns on the platform.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates

*These images are “works in progress” and subject to change

Postcards add-on from Meridian Miniatures

Meridian Miniatures is in their last couple days on Kickstarter. They’ve added postcard add-ons to the campaign.



From the campaign:

Hi everyone, I trust we’ve all had a nice weekend. I’ve been in the woods all day but not spotted any sword wielding critters!

I’m pleased to say that I’ve had the lay.out for the postcard set back and thy’re ready to include as an add-on.

Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter launches

CoolMiniOrNot has launched the Season 3 Kickstarter campaign for Zombicide.



From the campaign:

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a cooperative game set in an action-movie universe for 1 to 12 players, ages 13 and up. Players control teams of survivors as they fight off a zombie horde controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies they attract!

GCT Studios previews new Bushido artwork

GCT Studios posted some new Bushido art pieces up on their website. Go check ’em out.


From the website:

Kurouma Tenbatsu is a broken and twisted man. The Kurouma line was cut over a century ago, only a small and insignificant clan during their short existence and Tenbatsu is all that remains of the clan formerly based in Eastern Jwar. The last son of the samurai clan is hardly even human although what he is, is up for debate. Some say that the colossus of a man is a twisted soul, torn between this world and Jikoku for his sins, some that the man is dead and that the cursed swords he is forever bound to carry constantly fight for control of him, others that he has sold his soul for eternal life and is simply a man too far down his dark path to ever come back. What is known is that he is welcomed and feared equally by his allies for he is inhumanely strong and savage, this damned warrior strikes fear into the hearts of all those who dare to stand against his murderous rampage.

Fenris Games releases Wave 2 of Cthulhu Wars singles

Fenris Games has their 2nd wave of Cthulhu Wars singles available over in their webshop.

Phase 2 Releases


From the release:

We’ve released the second batch of individual models from the Cthulhu Wars game, including big C himself, as well as Nyarlathotep and assorted SAN-reducing critters. All this and more on the new, much-improved website.

Laboratory running Shadows of Arkham Kickstarter

Laboratory has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Shadows of Arkham, their new board game.

Shadows of Arkham


From the campaign:

In Shadows of Arkham, 2-4 players take on the roles of citizens who work together to prevent cosmic horrors from unraveling reality. Shadows focuses on dealing with the consequences of dark forces conspiring against players, rather than combat. Players take turns spending Actions to travel the streets of Arkham researching Knowledge, hiring Muscle, collecting Assets, and dealing with Threats.

Alpha Strike Companion PDF/Print Preorder Available

Catalyst Game Labs is taking orders for their Alpha Strike companion book over on their website.

BattleTech: Alpha Strike Companion


From the post:

Alpha Strike Companion adds legions of new rules and expanded options for BattleTech: Alpha Strike, the miniatures war game. With this expansion, players will unlock new tactical abilities, special warrior options, design quirks, and unit types. But more than that, players will find within these pages an expanded abstract aerospace system that will enable them to wage war from planet to jump point, while a handy conversion system opens the path to translating the stats for any BattleTech unit to its fast-playing Alpha Strike equivalent.

The Wargamers Consortium Talks with Frontline Gaming

The Wargamers Consortium had a little chat with Frontline Gaming while at Adepticon and figured they’d share the video with you.


From the post:

We pulled Reese aside at Adepticon to talk a little about Frontline Gaming and LVO. Check it out!

New painting DVD available from Dark Sword Miniatures

Dark Sword Miniatures has a new painting DVD starring Jessica Rich. Go up your painting game with this new tutorial set.

Jessica Rich DVD


From the release:

The brand new Masterworks Miniature Painting with Jessica Rich DVD Tutorial Set is now here and ready for shipping out around the world. We even have two purchasing options this time around :

1. The Standard 6 Disc Set DVD version

2. An Online Exclusive Deluxe 6 Disc Set DVD version that includes the Standard 6 Disc Set DVD version along with the seven main pewter miniatures that Jessica demonstrates on for the bulk of the modules. This online exclusive deluxe version has been requested numerous times so we went ahead and put together a specially priced package for it for those folks that want to follow along with Jessica using the exact miniatures she is using.

This is a massive 6 DVD set clocking in at just over 20 hours.

TsunamiCon coming this November

TsunamiCon is coming this November to Wichita, Kansas. Will you be there?



From the announcement:

A brand new grass roots gaming convention has appeared on the scene in America’s heartland, organized by a local tabletop gaming organization and associated volunteers.

TsunamiCon 2014 is happening November 7th, 8th, and 9th at the beautiful and historic Hotel At Old Town in Wichita, Kansas. The convention represents the first event of its kind in the Wichita area, providing an organized play experience for tabletop roleplayers and board game and card enthusiasts, miniature wargamers, LARPers, cosplayers, and more.

The event is being organized by local entrepreneurs TsunamiCon, LLC, a privately-owned company based out of Wichita with a history of running small-scale events within the area. The project is currently being funded via Kickstarter.

Proving Ground Games’ Fields of Fire now available digitally

Proving Ground Games now has their Fields of Fire game available as a digital download.

Fields of Fire


From the announcement:

Origins Award wininng Fields of Fire is now available on Wargame Vault for digital download. Fields of Fire is a modern historical miniatures game set in 1975 to present. This fast paced game allows you to play at both 1:285 and 15 or 20 mm scale in this updated rules set. The digital version includes 104 pages of rules, play aids, scenarios, vehicle data sheets, and 2 sets of playcharts, one for 1:285 and 1 for 15/20 mm.

Club Fantasci Interviews Agnieszka Kopera of NSKN Games

Club Fantasci continues their series of interviews with women in board games with a talk with Agnieszka Kopera of NSKN Games.

Agnieszka Kopera


From the post:

In the second installment of the “Women In Board Games” series on Club Fantasci, David Lowry interviews Agnieszka Kopera of NSKN Games.

Twin Tin Bots does America

Flatlined Games will soon have their Twin Tin Bots game available at a retailer near you.

Twin Tin Bots


From the announcement:

After having been on hold for a while at the US customs, our shipment of Twin Tin Bots to the US eventually cleared customs and is on its way to US retailers as we speak !
Philippe Keyaert’s new game was only available to a happy few KS backers in the US, and will now hit the shelves, thanks to our distributor Iello USA.
This first batch is limited in quantity (about 850 copies), so get them while they’re hot! 🙂

Meridian Miniatures adds stickers to Tooth & Sword Kickstarter

Meridian Miniatures made it through their Stickers stretch goal for their Tooth & Sword Kickstarter campaign.

Tooth and Sword


From the campaign:

Ok, the total is adjusted due to a backer pledging too much but we are happily still over the £3.5k stretch goal!

Every single person that has backed the project will be getting these included with their rewards, size will be A5 or less, perfect for applying to you questing pack or sword scabbard 😉