Infamy lets you pick the next preview

Infamy Miniatures is letting you pick the next model that they preview.

What Concept Next


From the post:

Vote for what concept art you would like to see next. Take a look at the five images and then on the image showing all five silhouettes put the number you would like to see most, followed by the one you would least like to see. 🙂

Scale Games launches Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter

Scale Games launched their Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter campaign. Check out this new sci-fi skirmish game.

Fallen Frontiers


From the campaign:

Fallen Frontiers is a miniature game, set in a futuristic sci-fi society where humans have colonized much of the galaxy, and have found powerful energy sources and intelligent life forms with advanced technology.

In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight to control both planets and their strategic resources in order to proliferate in a galaxy that holds lots of secrets. The players assume control of an army of a faction that can be shaped up as they wish by choosing troops, characters and cards that best adapt to their game style.

Rolling Dice & Taking Names talks with Spencer from CoolMiniOrNot

Rolling Dice & Taking Names talked with Spencer Reeve while at the CMON Expo 2014. Here’s the tape.


From the video:

We talk with Spencer Reeve, Marketing Executive for Cool Mini Or Not, about their latest games and what we will see from CMON in the future.

Anyaral: World of Twilight greens posted

Anyaral is showing off some new greens they’ve been working on since their Kickstarter campaign.

Anyaral previews


From the preview:

I thought you might like to see a quick update on the sculpting for the Kickstarter. The Matriarch has been on my ‘to do’ list ever since I released the second book, so it’s great to finally be making progress on her!
Here she is with a couple of little Devanu hatchlings.

WizKids announces Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters

WizKids is expanding the Dice Masters collection of games with the announcement of Dungeons & Dragons, Forgotten Realms Dice Masters.



From the website:

NECA/WizKids is excited to announce a new Dice Masters game set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe.

“We’re excited to expand our Dungeons & Dragons portfolio with the addition of Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters. Dice Masters is an all new game that utilizes WizKids Games’ proprietary Dice Building Game platform where players collect and assemble their “party” of adventurer dice and battle in head to head gameplay. Dice Masters has had huge initial success, is a very exciting platform and should fit perfectly with the world and lore of Dungeons & Dragons. You can expect to see some of the most recognizable monsters and characters, such as Kobolds, Beholders, Mindflayers, Dragons, Drow, and many more!” said Justin Ziran, president of WizKids Games. “We’re excited to work with Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang, who brought the original Dice Masters game to life, and we are sure they will bring Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters to the table top in unique and immersive ways.”

Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for Dungeons & Dragons, was equally enthusiastic. “We are excited about the addition of Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters to the WizKids product line. We’re sure fans will enjoy this fun and unique way to experience the legendary heroes and monsters of the Forgotten Realms.”

The Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters line will begin rolling out in Q4 2014. Products will include Starter Sets, Booster Packs, Play Mats, and a Storage Box to keep your Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters collection in!

Get Ready for the Freeblades Arena

DGS Games is working on gladiator-style Arena rules for Freeblades. Be sure to keep an eye out for further updates.

Freeblades Arena


From the post:

Still thinking about how to back our Kuzaarik Forgers Kickstarter? One way to go is to get ready for Freeblades Arena! The initial test of Freeblades Arena focused on historical gladiators both to make sure we had the feel right and to support some of our fans who wanted such a set of rules. Now it is time to take it to the next level! Freeblades Arena is really about freeblades fighting arena combats, either as part of teams or on their own, in order to make some extra gold, try their skills or gain even more renown. While pretty much any model in our line will be able to fight in the arena, the core of the game is set around the arena fighters – you might consider adding these models as add-ons to your Kickstarter pledge that gets you the Kuzaarik models as a base freeband. The core Freeblades Arena Fighters are:

Black Rose Duelist
Black Thorn Bodyguard
Falkaaran Bladesister
Haradelan Questing Knight (any one of the four types!)
Kuzaarik Hinterguard
Trilian Enforcer
Urdaggar Boar Warrior

The Grular arena fighter is something you have not seen… yet!

Limited Edition model available to pre-order from Guild Ball this weekend

Guild Ball is taking pre-orders for a new, limited edition, player over on their website. It’s this weekend only, so don’t miss out.



From the update (there’s a lot) :

We have been pretty busy once again (what’s new!) working on stuff behind the scenes, today we can reveal some of those details.

Pre Order Store Launch + New Site

We are currently building our pre-order shop and updating our website to have far more information on than it has currently – transitioning from Kickstarter. Its something we have had a lot of questions about and its very important to us to allow people to check about our models, current updates and breakdowns about the teams, etc all in one place. This will be launched on Friday 6th June 2014. This does mean some potential downtime on the forums while we make this transition, so please bare with us

Limited Edition Model 2014
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Table Top Made the Internet Star Panel – CMON Expo 2014

CMON Expo had lots of good panels. One was the Table Top made The Internet Star. As was fitting for the subject and the guests, we got video.


From the video:

Tom Vasel from the Dice Tower, Rodney Smith from Watch it Played, and Ayleen and George Gaspar from Toy Break all talk about putting video content onto the internet at the Cool Mini or Not convention in May, 2014.

One year in the Asylum- Lillie Poots vs the Frothing Loonies returns

Statuesque Miniatures is having a special deal on their Lillie Poots vs. the Frothing Loonies set over in their webshop.



From the post:

It’s one year today since I moved to the grounds of Statuesque Asylum and to celebrate, we have the return of Lillie Poots versus the Frothing Loonies!

Featuring the little girl Lillie Poots and two sets of Frothing Loonies, this special offer is priced at £21, saving you £2 over buying the items separately.

This offer will run until Sunday 8th of June or while stocks last, so don’t delay and catch some loonies while you can!

Titan-Forge announces their first board game

Titan-Forge announced their first board game, Armymals.



From the announcement:

Here is a little description of our very first board game. We will launch it on kickstarter soon. Be sure to come back tommorow as we will show more and more of crazy ARMYMALS stuff:

The lion king was always the humble leader of the animal kingdom. Everything changed when the crazy beavers started to construct tanks instead of dams. Everything went bananas and it is time for a new general in the jungle! Aim for the victory in the action-packed steel and fur tournament. Build your crew from the greatest characters from the annals of animal history. Roll the dices, plan your moves and use unique abilities of your garrison. Gain control of the battlefield in the most furry action and strategy game for the whole family. Meet the Armymals!

Update about XenoShyft’s Kickstarter

XenoShyft has had to delay the start of their Kickstarter, but they’ve still got new card previews for you.



From the announcement:

Hey guys, Mr. Black here, Lead Developer for XenoShyft, and I’m coming to you guys with some good news and some unfortunate news.

I usually start with the negative first, so we’ll get that out of the way:

Today was supposed to be the launch of the XenoShyft Kickstarter, but our approval process has taken longer than expected (usually this is a quick process, but it can get delayed- not something that has happened to us before )

So unfortunately it seems that our launch has been delayed until next week- we’ll let you know as soon as possible on the exact day.

I do feel bad about this delay, as I was excited as anyone about showing this off- plus I’m sure it’s a pain for you guys, so to make things a bit easier I’ve uploaded the entirely of the NorTec Troop Cards for you guys to see.

And of course, if you have any questions about the game itself, feel free to ask here, and I’ll answer what I can (some secrets must remain that… For now…)

Board Game Quests posts expected GenCon 2014 game releases

Board Game Quest has posted up a list of gaming companies coming to GenCon and what new releases they expect to have.
Many of the spots aren’t filled in yet, but will hopefully be so as the months progress towards the show.



From the post:

Everyone knows that if you want to find the biggest game releases of the year, you have to head over to the annual Essen Speil in Germany. But for those of us that can’t afford to jetset across the world, then the annual Gen Con game convention is one of the biggest game conventions in the U.S. Every year, 40,000+ games head to Indianapolis to devour booth food and hours of gaming. Smart publishers have learned to take advantage of this die hard crowd and almost always have a new game or two to release at the convention.

In order to prepare you for the con, I’ve decided to do some leg work for you again. I’ve contacted many of the game publishers that will be exhibiting at Gen Con this year to find out what their new releases are. Many already know what they will be doing, but others are only now just figuring it out. With that in mind, I will be updating this page all summer long as the convention approaches. So be sure to check back often to keep up on what’s debuting at the con. You can also follow us on twitter and will announce there when we’ve updated this page with new information.

Relics Erratas posted

Tor Gaming knows a balanced game is a happy game and so they’ve posted up errata for Relics to make sure the game is balanced.



From the announcement:

On this page you will find the Relics errata documents for the 1.2 edition rulebook (hardback A5 format and pdf format)

We have split the errata into five docs, one for the main rules one for each of the nations. None are too long, and some are quiet short! But we hope this will sort out some issues that people have mentioned to us and what not!

We’re always open to further feedback so if you have any feedback to give, pop it down below!

Boxer Rebellion flag sheet 04

Grimsby Wargames Society, the saints of caffeine hands, has a new Boxer Rebellion flag sheet available for free over on their website.

Boxer Rebellion


From the post:

Its free and its for charity, all funds go to Combat Stress.
12 Flags of the chinese during the Rebellion are free to download off the main website, the words are of “strenght” and “courage” all set on a A4 with settings of 300 dpi for a nice printout.

TheTerrainTutor’s Mantic Battlezones ‘Help for Hero’s’ Charity Build

TheTerrainTutor is creating a special sci-fi terrain piece they’ll eventually be raffling off to charity when done. Go check it out.


From the post:

With a donation of a whole load of Battlezone sprues from Mantic, Mel from TheTerrainTutor, a Youtube channel dedicated to showing gamers how to build table top terrain, announces a big charity build in aid of the charity ‘Help for Hero’s’.

Mel will be combining the Mantic Battlezone parts with normal terrain building materials to build a unique generic sci-fi terrain set over the month of June that will then be raffled off afterwards.

Here’s your chance to help raise some money for a great charity and possibly get your hands on a custom build terrain set!

Shiny Model Syndrome Episode 57 – New Edition

The Shiny Model Syndrome has posted episode 57 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.



In this episode:

Is it that time already? We’re back again, and we’re talking about the brand new edition of Warhammer 40,000. We start off with lots of Ork talk, then jump into it and go over whats new, and why we like it (don’t worry, its not all fandom and unicorns, trust me). Enjoy!

Meridian Miniatures preview “Tooth & Sword” range

Meridian Miniatures has announced a new line of miniatures they’re calling the “Tooth & Sword” line. The first mini green is posted, the Gerbil Adventurer.

Gerbil Adventurer


From the post:

This is the first figure from my coming line of “Tooth & Sword” Chibi adventure miniatures.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning to sculpt in this style, it providing a perfect counterpoint to my “Steam & Aether” range in both technique and mood and I’ve have a great deal of fun developing this menagerie of adventuring animals.

I’ve been sculpting these figures in the scant spare time I get from commission sculpting since December last year. A great deal of imagination has been put into each figure and a great deal of time in figuring out how to make a range of great looking unique characters that are in almost all cases single part figures.

This character was the first that I sculpted back before Christmas, nominally a Gerbil Ranger, I’ll be showing his companions over the next few days before I put the figures up for funding on Kickstarter which I beleive is a popular way to launch a range at the moment ;D

10mm German Landsknechte with Zweihänder (Great Swords) Kickstarter

Warmonger Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund a new line of 10mm German Landsknechtes armed with Zweihander swords.

Rank and File


From the campaign:

Help us fund the molding and casting of these (and potentially other) 10mm Landsknechte sculpted by the talented Bob Naismith.

Each unit is made up of fifteen two-man strips (30 figures total). You’ll get one Standard Bearer/Drummer strip and fourteen Rank and File strips (randomly selected from the six pictured below) for each unit in your pledge.

Infestation, a Game of Bugs and Heroes Kickstarter Hatches

Third Eye Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for Infestation, their new RPG.



From the campaign:

Third Eye Games is excited to announce our newest family-friendly RPG, Infestation: a Game of Bugs and Heroes. In this game, players take on the role of various bugs who gained intelligence from a house-wide event called The Awakening. They go on crazy adventures in various rooms (each with its own dangers) and battle for control over This House, the most disgusting and filthy domicile on the block. Every room, from Cabinet City to The Stinker to The Mange, is a treasure trove of garbage and filth and just waiting for your bugs to explore them. If you’re part of the ruling species you may get to take your pick of the treasure, otherwise you’ll need to use your instincts to take what you can.

Final hours for Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter

Spectre Miniatures are in their final hours up on Kickstarter. They’ve unlocked all they can, so it’s just watching the clock run out now.



From the campaign:

Thank you very much everyone! We are very pleased that the technical has been unlocked as we really wanted to test the market with this one.

To receive the technical you must add on an additional £25 to your pledge, this can be done at any level!

Now everyone pledging at intelligence level or above will get 7 free figures and the weapons cache – that’s over £20 of freebies!

New Tech-Deck Knight base available from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design has a new Knight Titan base available over in their webshop. This one’s their Tech-Deck style. They’ve also got a Tech-Deck conversion kit available.


From the release:

I have added new items to the Dragon Forge Store.

RBTD-040 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Knight Base in the Tech-Deck style – 1 for $22.50

RBTD-041 “3 Pack” of the 168 mm X 106 mm Oval Knight Base in the Tech-Deck style at a 10% discount – 3 for $60.76

TD-CONV-Kit-001 Tech-Deck Conversion Set One,
Includes 1 Grate Sheet and 4 Trim Pieces. I used this to help construct the new Knight Bases. 1 set for $10.00
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Titan-Forge showing off new Metal Beards render

Titan-Forge has a new 3D render up from their Metal Beards Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

All of the models that we do so far are printed and prepared for casting, most of them are already casted in many copies, so we can now focus fully on finishing these few that are left. Infernal Golem took more time that we expected and steel need some love, bu we manage to finish other almost as big figure. You have seen it only on concept arts, now it is done, ready to be printed. Now, ladies and gents be ready for smashing power of magic runes and pneumatics: here come Ancient Forge!

New Sulphur Walker Goes to Print

Terragnosis is showing off a new walker for Sulphur they’re sending to the 3D printer to get masters of.

Sulphur Walker


From the update:

Terragnosis have released images of their new Walker for the 32mm post-apocalyptic battle game Sulphur. This vehicle is going off to print and will be available soon. Check out the Terragnosis website for some all round views and marvel at the range of weapon options that will be available. The Walker will be a highly adaptable model that will benefit any post-apocalyptic army.

54mm Civilian Militia from All the King’s Men

All the King’s Men has several new 54mm Civilian Militia sets, for several different wars, available now over in their webshop.

ARW Militia


From the release:

All the King’s Men Toy Soldiers is pleased to announce a new set of civilian militia. These figures can be used from the American Revolution to the War of 1812 to the American Civil War with the right combination of heads and command figures. We offer them for all three periods:

American Revolution
War of 1812
American Civil War

A set includes 12 men in 3 poses with 2 command, with separate heads included. All for $40 US plus shipping. These figures are 54mm metal, and come unpainted.

ATKM makes its own lines of 54mm miniatures for wargaming and collecting. Check out our free wargame rules PDF

Block House released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age gives your little mans a place to rest with the release of their new block house terrain piece.

Block House


From the release:

Truly beautiful and crafted by hand by Sam Croes over several weeks the Block House is a work of miniature art in the space opera style. Curved and with a real feeling of being literally built like a cliff against a raging sea its going to be a tough nut for any attacker to crack open for the juicy innards.
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Samash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion Review posted on Play Board Games

AEG gets their Science Fiction Double Feature (and now that song’s stuck in my head) expansion for Smash Up reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.



From the review:

Science Fiction Double Feature is the third expansion for Smash Up. Like the previous two expansions it adds four new factions to the series.

Explore the city of Wardenhale

Heroic Maps has released their latest map, the City of Wardenhale.



From the release:

“Wardenhale, the city with a thousand names. City of Shadows. CIty of Trade, City of Justice. Wardenhale is like every city, and yet like no other”

Wardenhale City Core is a printable dungeon floorplan compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.
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Sabre Jet Flyer for Laserburn at continues bringing back the long out of print Laserburn line with the release of the Sabre Jet Flyer.

Saber Jet Flyer


From the release:

We are continuing our re-release of classic Laserburn 15mm science fiction vehicle codes this week with the iconic Sabre Jet Flyer. Dating from the early 1980’s this vehicle is unique in the range in that it is the only civilian type flyer and it has more parts than others its size. We elected to keep the Sabre in white metal instead of resin and spent a lot of time cleaning up the original masters and putting them in new black rubber. The Sabre now looks as good again as it did the first day it appeared in wargaming stores across Great Britain. Our team are very pleased with the result.
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