The Merc with the Mouth makes an appearance

WizKids is showing off another preview from their upcoming Deadpool set for HeroClix with a look at Evil Deadpool.


From the preview:

We previously gave you a sneak peak at some of the characters from our next Marvel HeroClix release, Deadpool (Woo hoo!). Today we are pleased to officially kick off our series of previews for the set with a look at the Prime counterpart of the “Merc with a Mouth”! (It shore is a purty mouth!) Please welcome Evil Deadpool! (Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew! I wonder if I’ll be a meta piece?)

Final hours for Deluxe Mage: The Ascension Kickstarter

The Onyx Path has just over a day left for their Deluxe Mage: The Ascension Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made far, far beyond their original goal, so go check out what you can get for your pledge.


From the campaign:

Hi, Rose here. We’re closing in on the end of the campaign! ^_^

Having passed $563,000, we’re going to offer a discount on the Book of Secrets PoD to any backer who pledged for a physical copy of m20. This discount will reduce the price as close to cost as we can make it.

Next, at $590,000, we’ll green light the Mage Cookbook, in the style of the hit Werewolf Cookbook.

Wow, folks. 48 hours left, and we’re still racing. This is the biggest Kickstarter I’ve worked on. Thank you for your support!

Euphoria Review posted on Play Board Games

Euphoria is euphoric about getting reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.


From the review:

Euphoria is a worker placement game that uses dice as workers. You must gather resources and commodities, build markets and place your authority tokens. The first player to place all ten of their authority tokens wins.

Gamers Lounge Ep. 88 – Unscheduled Release….

Gamers Lounge has posted episode 88 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.
Yes, already. Just go listen.


In this episode:

It’s madness, but Gamers Lounge is releasing another new episode close on the heals of the previous Episode 87. With Adepticon looming and listeners asking for more, Gamers Lounge delivers!

Episode 88 is an unscheduled release in consideration for our listener who is traveling to Adepticon. This is a long episode with 2 guests joining me to discuss WWX and then the next in the Developers Corner series. There is lots of good discussion and I hope you enjoy.
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Monolith Board Game Review

Board to Death takes a look at Monolith in this game review.


From the article:

Monolith is a fast-paced, confrontational, and exciting worker placement game that will reward players who make use of thoughtful and creative gameplay strategies. No two games will play the same as changing Fate and Rune cards are introduced to create a variable game board offering phenomenal replayability. Players will be executing exciting combinations and managing valuable resources, all while cautiously engaging other players.

The Vikings are here

Steve Barber Models has a new pack of Vikings available over in their webshop.


From the release:


These are the first packs of many. Miniatures are multi part metal with separate heads to allow hundreds of combinations. Weapons and shields are supplied with the miniatures but are also available as extra packs as well. More hirdmen packs will be available very soon. Miniatures are sculpted by Steve Barber. Display figures are painted by art master studios.

See them on our stand TN17 at Salute on 12/04/2014

Game Classy 58: Barbarossa Kawaii

Game Classy goes into overdrive and has posted episode 58 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Joe tries to to figure out why Steve is going all Kawaii over a bizarre new game from, you guessed it, Japan. Also the boys go over the differences in their minds of Arcadia Quest and Super Dungeon Explore, more on Robotech, and GW dumping their social media presence. All this and a pretty in depth (for this podcast) overview of Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

More open treasure chests for SDE

Soda Pop Miniatures has unlocked some more treasure chests in their Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King Kickstarter campaign.


From the campaign:

We’ve reached $450k and it’s time for more LOOT!

All pledges of Always Super! will now receive 6x Giri creep models. In addition, the Goro optional purchase now includes another 6x Giri. That brings our total model count for Always Super! up to 83 models. Wow!

The Army Painter Prize Draw over on Facebook has been prolonged a week

The Army Painter is extending the entry period for their prize drawing over on their Facebook page. If you’ve not gone and entered yet, might as well do it now.


Note: All talk of “This post” refers to the post on the TAP Facebook page
From the update:

To enter the amazing The Army Painter Prize Draw you must click like on a special new post! Sadly Facebook doesn’t have a feature, allowing us to see all the people liking us so far; consequently we have to run this special post. To enter, you must click like on this post (it is not enough to have liked us before….)

To give you all time to enter we have added an extra week, giving everybody a chance to win the amazing prize. The Prize Draw now runs until 7th April 2014, midnight CET when we will draw a random winner from everybody “Liking” this post.
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New: Bronze Age Early Levy troops

Warlord Games lets you reach out and touch your opponents with their new Bronze Age releases of archers, javelin-throwers and slingers.


From the release:

More reinforcements for Sumerian armies are out today – Early Levy Archers, Slingers and Javelinmen.
Settled or Nomadic Skirmisher Archers of the City-States of early Sumer and Syria. These figures are armed with a bow, and are dressed simply in a kilt made from felt, wool or leather. The archers of the early city-states of Makkan and Dilmun, on the eastern Arabian seaboard, would also have dressed similarly in the Early Bronze Age.

This game needs more dinosaurs

Greater Than Games made it up and over $140k for their Sentinel Tactics Kickstarter campaign and so have added dinosaurs to the game.


From the campaign:

Fans of the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game are familiar with the environment elements from Megalopolis and Insula Primalis, which are the two environments in the core game of Sentinel Tactics.

In Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom, there are a lot of things going on in each battle, and we didn’t want to overburden new players with TOO much going on, so the environment effects are fairly basic. However, we certainly want the environments to be able to shine the way they do in the SotM card game. As a result, in each copy of the Sentinel Tactics: Uprising expansion, we will be including extra advanced rules which explain how to introduce additional elements to the game. These elements can be used in skirmish or scenario play, and will make a notable difference to both sides, creating exciting new ways to play the game!

For the grand city of Megalopolis, we will be including track tokens, and a monorail!

Free PnP for Stratagem, an abstract strategy board game by 6th Gear Games

6th Gear Games has created a free print-and-play version of their game Stratagem, a board game they’ll be launching on Kickstarter soon.


From the announcement:

I created a Print & Play of my game Stratagem for free download to help promote the game’s upcoming Kickstarter on April 15.

About Stratagem
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Ultravion is certainly Hitech

Hitech Miniatures has another new mini available over in their webshop. This one’s Ultravion.
And yes, first time I read it, I read Ultraviolin.


From the release:

Ultravion Spectrum Deformer

One , multipart (6 pieces) , highly detailed 28mm scale miniature made in resin which comes unpainted and may require assembly.

Dimensions : 34 mm feet to the eyeline 25mm base
1) Body 2)left fist 3) plasmatron cannon 4) backpack 5 ) 25mm base

Screaming Heretic Ep 59 – is a little more lost then normal

The Screaming Heretic has posted episode 59 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Welcome to Episode 59 of Screaming Heretic. Sorry for the delay in getting this out, sometime life just gets in the way… As most of the group is taking a 40k break we dive into more a of general gaming dialog for this show. Hope you enjoy!

Segment One
Hobby updates and games played
Gaming Roundtable
Kickstarter update
Interview – Game Night Grub (
Models Workshop – Keeping your painting motivation!

Segment two
Studio Akaranseth painting service!
Adepticon planning

New Brushfire preview posted

On the Lamb Games has a trio of new minis they’re previewing and now have available for pre-order on their website.
The group will also be at Adepticon. Be sure to stop by and say hello. Give Matt a hug. Tell him I sent you.


From the post:

Three new Brushfire Preorders are up:
Gotz Von Federwerk, Captain Flintlock, and Arsene Leblanc. All three are sculpted by Bryan Steele.

GrogHeads Central Command is Bringing Wargaming Back to Origins

GrogHeads feels Origins has been lacking in enough gaming, so they’re bringing it back.


From the announcement: and GAMA are teaming up to bring wargaming back to Origins this summer with the creation of the GrogHeads Central Command. This new program is designed to engage wargamers in a variety of ways, but most importantly, by getting wargames back on gaming tables at Origins.
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Hand Cannon Online posts Removed From Play episode 90

Hand Cannon Online has posted episode 90 of Removed From Play up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

The 90th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath). This episode marks the return of Agatha and we finally release our fan question podcast. Agatha does a great job keeping us in line!

Steel Fist Miniatures creating Samurai Lords

Steel Fist Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign running in order to fund 8 Samurai Lords miniatures representing some of those present at the battle of Sekigahara.


From the campaign:

This project is aimed at recreating in 30mm metal figurines 8 of the major samurai lords who commanded at the battle of Sekigahara.

Sekigahara was possibly the most decisive battle of the samurai, filled with colourful characters, each with a unique suit of armour and story.

Steel fist miniatures aims to capture the flavor of this time in history by releasing a set of 30mm from foot to eye miniatures that depict some of the most famous generals or daimyo as the Japanese called them.
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Haste Games maybe a bit hasty

Haste Games has cancelled their Kickstarter campaign for retooling.


From the campaign:

Hi everyone, we decided to cancel the campaign and come back in a reasonable time period with a better product plus some casts done. It was hard to lead it back at that point because of the stretch goals structure that we created which forced the whole campaign from the start to be a ‘nothing or everything’ project which scared many people to back us. We want to come back with a fresh campaign with a better deal to everyone, from more accessible rewards to a wider variety of products and freebies.

We also want to encourage to all of you to follow us on facebook if you have not done it yet for further updates since the project remains completly alive.

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #38: Radiation Sickness

Skirmisher Publishing has posted issue 38 of Wisdom From the Wastelands up online for your reading pleasure.


In this issue:

Radiation. For many in a post-apocalyptic world, the word conjures burning thoughts of flesh-corrupting terror; for others, the tingling aura of mutation-granting nirvana. In the core Mutant Future rules this damage/mutation mechanic is cut and dried: you get crispy and a roll to save — fail enough times you get dead or sprout something. This first installment of a two-part series makes things a little … messier, by covering radiation sickness. Just the thing for those Mutant Lords who feel they’ve been coddling their mutants.

Get Hind Commander minis with discount

Assault Publishing has a sale going on for Hind Commander.


From the announcement:

From today till 31 May 2014 to all Hind Commander rulebooks purchased in the Assault Publishing on-line store we are going to add a one-use code which will allow you to order all Hind Commander sets with a 20% discount!

If you purchased the rulebook earlier (either from the AP store or a retailer), do not worry: contact Assault Publishing by e-mail, send your purchase confirmation/receipt, and you will receive your personal code.

Clockwork Goblin Salute Sale

Clockwork Goblin Games will be headed to Salute and is having a sale going on for the show.


From the announcement:

Salute is getting closer by the day, time does that unfortunately, and as we get organised we can offer a discount to those of you that will see us on the day.

Order on the website before midnight on the 10th April and enter the code ‘salutecollect’ to receive your discount. You can also select collect at show in the postal options.

And for those of you that aren’t going to get to Salute – the code will work for you as well, you’ll just have to pay postage as normal……

Bolt Action Soviet Ampulomet, Flamethrower and light mortar teams now available

Warlord Games gives the Soviets some more firepower with their latest Bolt Action release.


From the release:

Reinforce you Soviet forces with these new support teams – the Ampulomet, 50mm light mortar and Flamethrower teams.

Polar Bear goes a-Conning

Hey kids,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve got a couple weeks of travel ahead of me.

Tuesday, the fine fold from On the Lamb Games are picking me up on their way up to Adepticon. It’ll be my first time at that show (despite having grown up in Chicago and living in St. Louis for much of my life as well). It’s going to be a great time. If you’re gonna be there, perhaps we’ll run into one-another.

I don’t get much of a rest, though. I’ll be back home on Monday at some point only to leave out Tuesday for PAX East. Sleep? Who needs that? Like Adepticon, it’ll be my first time at PAX East. Also like Adepticon, if you’re at the show, come find me and we can chat about gaming.

So just wanted to let you guys know, since during the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting updates when I can along with convention coverage. But obviously, the regular posting schedule will be messed up a bit. I’ll try and keep it to a minimum, of course, but I’m sure it’ll happen.

I’m nervously excited with how busy these next two weeks will be. Hopefully good company and good gaming will happen.


CMON Expo Panel Spotlight: Why Kickstart?

CMON Expo will have some great panel talks during the show. One I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in in their “Why Kickstart” panel.


From the page:

Kickstarter has become all the rage in the gaming industry. From board games to video games, everyone is trying to find a way to crowd-fund their product, but why? In this moderated discussion David Doust (director, CMON) and Spencer Reeve (marketing, CMON) will evaluate the pros and cons of creating kickstarters and how it affects the industry, from publishers and distributors to retailers and consumers. Featuring an insightful look at why so many companies are moving to kickstart their products, and discussing how to create a successful kickstarter project, this panel will tackle many of the questions that are surrounding kickstarter discussions today. Closing with a open format question and answer session, David and Spencer will also address attendees’ questions about kickstarter.

Warmachine and Hordes GnomeCon Open

GnomeCon is coming up in just a couple weeks. Be there with your Warmachine and Hordes armies to compete in their tourney.


From the announcement:

Warmachine and Hordes GnomeCon Open (2014 Carolina’s Invitational Open Qualifier Event)
Saturday 8am-8pm
Think you can be the best of the best at GnomeCon? Here’s your chance to prove it. The winner of this event will punch their ticket to MACE 2014 to represent GnomeCon at the 2014 Carolinas’ Invitational! *Please note that the final rules of this tournament are pending the release of the Steamroller 2014 Rules Document.
50pts – 2 lists – Specialists Variant – Divide & Conquer – 60-min Death Clock – 32 seats available

Deep-Cut Studio and Lord Zsezse Works teamed up for some RPG map awesomeness

Deep-Cut Studio has another team-up going on. This time it’s with Lord Zsezse Works. The result is more maps for your gaming table.


From the announcement:

Today is a special day for us. We shook hands with Lord ZseZse Works and launched some really exciting RPG maps. Their newest Marble Sanctum map set as well as breath taking Harbour of Thieves map are available for preorder as printed and ready to use mats. Ultimate beauty and detail level awaits those who choose to enhance their RPG or miniature games tables with these fine releases. The maps are drawn with great usability in mind and have 1 inch size tiles and other floor elements to track the movement of your minis across the dungeons. And as always we use premium class materials to manufacture these mats. Have a look at them at our gallery

Endless Fantasy War

On the Lamb Games announced a new Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion to Endless Fantasy Tactics. We’re one month away from the Miasma War.


From the announcement:

This Week’s Visiting Hours is up! Announcing ‘The Miasma War’ Campaign Book for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. The Kickstarter for this campaign book and more miniatures will begin on May 1st. Check out the Visiting Hours for more info.

Games Workshop pre-orders for Miltarum Tempestus open

Games Workshop has opened up pre-orders for their Militarum Tempestus codex, squad and vehicle over in their webshop.


From the website:

For the first time, the Scions of the Schola Progenium grace the pages of their very own Codex – exclusively available here!

The Ordo Tempestus commands the finest human soldiers in the galaxy. It’s disciplined ranks boast not only the elite Scions of the Militarum Tempestus but also brutal Commissars.

Across the Dead Earth Kickstarter in its final hours

Dead Earth Games is in their final hours over on Kickstarter for Across the Dead Earth. Can they get through some more stretch goals before time runs out? Only your pledges will tell.


From them to you:

Across the Dead Earth’s Kickstarter ends tonight at Midnight! The game is already successfully funded and the first stretch goal has been met, meaning you get all the figures in the image attached at the £50 pledge level! That’s in addition tot he rulebook, of course, and a bunch of PDF extras.
If we hit £9500 before the end we’ll also unlock Stretch Goal #2 which will allow us to make the Sisters of Acquisition Gang – and add on which will be available to all KS backers at a really great price!

New Bolt Action Afrika Korps PaK 38 anti-tank gun available

Warlord Games makes it tough for Allied tank commanders with the release of their Afrika Korps PaK 38 anti-tank gun for Bolt Action.


From the release:

Take out enemy armour in the North African Desert with the Afrika Korps 5cm PaK 38 anti-tank gun.

The 50mm Pak38 (Panzerabwehrkanone, in German – hence PaK), had a low profile and was easy to move and conceal. Just the thing to counter the British Matildas, Crusaders and the newly arrived M4 Shermans supplied under lend lease./blockquote>