Watch the Crystal Brush Awards Ceremony from Adepticon 2013

Crystal Brush brings together some of the best painters from all over the world to compete for the coveted Crystal Brush trophy (as well as, you know $10k in prize money to the winner). Watch the awards ceremony over on our TGN YouTube channel… or just embedded below. Your choice.

WizKids announces upcoming HeroClix Set: Wolverine and the X-Men

WizKids has announced another of their upcoming sets for HeroClix with Wolverine and the X-Men.

From the announcement:

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Prepare yourselves for a truly x-cellent (see what we did there?) summer as Wolverine and the X-Men are coming your way! X-pand your HeroClix collection with the latest Marvel set to focus on the first-family of Mutants, their allies, and their adversaries!

New squad, tank and decals available to pre-order from Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 is taking down names of those that want their upcoming Visioth battle tank, Southern Military Police Cadre and Decals set that they’re coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

Dream Pod 9 is currently taking pre orders on their online store
( for:

Southern Military Police Cadre
(2 Black Mamba MPs, 2 Iguana MPs, and 1 Cobra MP Gear pewter miniatures and extra parts.) $49.95 USD This product will phase out the MP Shields Five Pack (DP9-9164)
Southern Visioth Main Battle Tank (DP9-9292, 29.95 USD)
Southern MP Decals Pack (DP9-9289, 6.75 USD)

All of these products are available for pre order and will ship Friday May 17th, 2013.

New Battle-ready Bocage from Warlord Games

Warlord Games helps beautify your table with new battle-ready bocage available now on their website.

From the release:

We’ve been asked by many of you for more Bolt Action terrain and we are only too happy to help! Created by Mandertory Miniatures and available in our webstore this box set containing 12 pre-painted and ready to go terrain for Bolt Actions games fought across the European Theatre. All you need to do is plug the trees into the hedgerows and you’re ready to set up your battlefield!

Kromlech releases new Orc Spitfire Assault Speeder

Kromlech shows how wacky orcs can be with the release of their new Spitfire Assault Speeder.

From the release:

Hey guys,

The late spring is finally here (well, in Poland at least), so time to dust off your shades and roll out with style. The louder and more ostenatious, the better.
Check out this green git chilling his elbow and making sure that if by any chance someone does not hear the engine of his plane, they will notice the bang of the mortar shell exploding on their head.

We are happy to announce the release of our third orcish vehicle kit- the “Spitfire” Assault Speeder.

Dwarven Forge final hours on Kickstarter

Dwarven Forge has only a couple hours left on Kickstarter. They’re getting close to $2m. Do you think they can make it? Will your pledge be the one to take them over?

From the campaign:

This is the FINAL DAY of our Kickstarter project, and we are thrilled to UNLOCK two $1,650,000 Stretch Goals!

New releases available from Attica Games

Attica Games has 2 more releases available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Attica Games’ second ‘Plastic Population’ release delivers Sparks and Weldy from Professor Polyphemus’ Population Printer.

“Sparks”, the Plastic Population Technician is one of Polyphemus’ sharper tools, but none the less dangerous for it.

“Weldy”, a female PlasPop Technician demonstrates that the Professor is no chauvinist – his casual disregard for his creations’ welfare is without gender distinction!

Or get the Repair Scare – one each of the Male and Female PlasPop Technicians. Handy.

There are also further discounts on exitsing ranges to check out including the Molten Meteor Team Discount….Meteor Meltdown!

10 days left for Twin Tin Robots from Flatlined Games on Kickstarter

Flatlined Games has a little more than a week left on their Kickstarter campaign to fun Twin Tin Robots and they’re almost to their funding goal.

From the update:

What’s somewhat ironic here is that this campaign is running parallel to a french language campaign on Ulule, which is now at 120% funded (€6.005 with a goal of €5.000). I count the funds levvied in both campaigns to calculate stretch goals, so as soon as this campaign is funded on Kickstarter ($15k), the european campaign’s €6.000 ($7.800) will be accounted for when calculating the stretch goals. This means that when we pass the $15.000 mark, the $20.000 stretch goal will be reached instantly! (and maybe more, who knows ?)

Game Classy posts episode 34 online

Game Classy has posted episode 34 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Joe and Steve recap the highlights and lowlights about Adepticon, including why Steve didn’t finish his army, and why Joe bombed in the painting competition. Also the two talk about the new High Elves, and the glut of new gaming stores opening up. All this and Robotech!

Wyrd announces Malifaux 2.0 open Beta Test

Wyrd has announced that they’re coming out with Malifaux 2.0 and will be holding an open beta test for the game.

From the announcement:

You may have heard the rumors … and now we’re excited to announce that Malifaux 2nd Edition (M2E) is coming!
Malifaux 2nd Edition will be pre-released August 15 (during Gen Con 2013) with a general release by October. In the mean time we plan to tease you with new art, new models, new characters, and the … Public Beta for Malifaux 2E.

Blackball Games ships out AE-WWII to Kickstarter backers

Blackball Games has shipped out their Kickstarter orders for AE-WWII.
Personally, these are my favorite sort of Kickstarter news story.

From the announcement:

Hey guys, just a quick update. The majority of the domestic rewards have been shipped today. The remaining domestic and all international rewards will ship tomorrow. Please drop us an email if there are any problems with your rewards or even just to let us know what you think of the books.

Included in many rewards are ‘War Bonds’ for the models we weren’t able to include in your shipment. We again apologize for the delay, but as soon as we get these models in, they will be shipped to you at no charge. There’s no need to return the War Bonds to us; we thought they’d be something to remind you we owe you big.

Thanks a lot for your patience, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new book and the new edition of AE-WWII!

Torn Armor updates backers about their post-Kickstarter progress

Torn Armor is another company that’s been busy after a successful Kickstarter. They’ve got an update about their progress up, along with some preview artwork for a future release.

From the update:

A future unit for a post-Kickstarter time-frame We’re not letting other units interfere with getting the core game and add-ons out, but we are beginning to create the next wave of expansions.

This guy was asked for a lot … so here he is 🙂

I suspect that the fine details on this will necessitate a little work when it goes into casting, but it’s good to see him taking shape.

Fantasy Flight Games passes Tide of Iron line to 1A Games

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they’re passing along the Tide of Iron game line over to 1A Games.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce a licensing deal with publisher 1A Games, under which 1A will produce the Tide of Iron game line, including its current and future expansions. 1A Games’ refers to its upcoming Tide of Iron products collectively as the “Next Wave,” and they plan to begin with the fall 2013 release of Stalingrad, a major expansion. Centered around one of the most famously besieged cities on the Eastern Front, Stalingrad is scheduled to be the first of several exciting releases.

WizKids previews Elven Warriors for HeroClix

WizKids continues their previews of their upcoming Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix set with a look at some Elven Warriors.

From the preview:

For today’s Fellowship of the Ring HeroClix preview we take a look at some of the troops that formed the Last Alliance of Elves and Men under the leadership of Gil-Galad and King Elendil. These Elven Warriors and Elven Archers work well together in a 300-point team build that shouldn’t break the bank or players’ wallets!

Rivet Wars previews Blight Fighter WIP

Rivet Wars continues to chug along after their successful Kickstarter campaign. They’re showing off 3D renders of the Blight Fighter.

From the preview:

Here’s a look at the blight fighter. This image shows how the cockpit plug works if the player doesn’t want to deploy a pilot, hero, or turret into the airplane. The cockpit plug is just there to make the plane look complete. I’m getting these ready for a HUGE display we might be doing to CMoN EXPO!

T.J.H. Models launches Kickstarter for new laser-cut MDF terrain

T.J.H. Models has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund a new line of laser-cut MDF terrain over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

We have currently 2 terrain systems which can be used together or seperately, for which ever game you play. Both products are mainly for scifi games, but could be used for industrial or steampunk games as well. Unlike all the other Mdf wargaming terrain out there, T.J.H Models terrain is fully magnetised, generic & modular. So you can mix & match all the parts in the Walkway terrain system, to produce endless different layouts.

Our unique fully intergrated stacking system for the Walkways, means you can have a 1 level walkway, or you can have 7 levels of walkways, like skyscrapers of the gaming world, Its completly up to you. Also with the fully intergrated stacking system, everthing can be put together really quickly. Within a couple of minutes you have a complete board ready to play on. Then it can be broken down into its component parts just as quickly, for easy storage.

The corridors & rooms are also fully magnetised, generic & fully modular, for endless different layouts. They are not stackable like the walkways system, however they do fit together completely seemlessly, as you can see from the pictures.

Secret Weapon Miniatures posts up more concept art for Tablescapes

Secret Weapon Miniatures continues to go up in funding over on Kickstarter. They’ve added some new pledge levels, a pledge manager previewer and some more concept art.

From the updates:

The gate for “Urban Streets” should finish up at 8″ wide, with a 5″ wide swing arm. This will allow you to completely block one of the street sections. I have also asked for a 2″ wide wall section so you can add them to the sidewalks and use a roadway as a choke-point. The spotlight in the picture will be an optional piece and I hope to offer a variety of goodies for the top of the gate walls.

Catalyst Game Labs posts Sprawl Gangers Design Diary #5

Catalyst Game Labs has posted up another entry in their Design Diary for Sprawl Gangers.

From the update:

When designing the game, I wanted to add more depth to the battlefield than just relying on different weapons and terrain. To give players more interesting options during the game, Sprawl Gangers gives each gang a number of specialists, each one with their own unique contribution.

Today I’d like to cover possibly my favorite of the specialists; the Decker.

Final days for Krosmaster Arena over on Kickstarter

Krosmaster, from Japanime Games, has less than 2 days left on Kickstarter. They’ve made well above their goal, but there’s always more stretch goals to break.

From the campaign:

The Krosmaster Arena chibi miniatures game from Japanime Games is in the last 48 hour stretch of their Kickstarter campaign. There’s still a few stretch goals to reach, and one of them is a rare bonus figure Argon Gass.

If you’re looking for a family friendly board game with pre-painted chibi miniatures, then this is it.

Renaissance Miniatures posts photos of Junk as well as greens of figurines for East Asian Village Kickstarter

Renaissance Miniatures still has 4 days left on their East Asian Village Kickstarter and have added photos of their new Junk as well as greens of various villagers.

From the update:

Renaissance Miniatures has revealed there large Junk and added it to its Kickstarter campaign!

it’s a gigantic model – 20″ from stem to stern – a 100′ ship in 28mm scale! The main mast towers 13″ above the waterline and the beam is 5″ at the widest point. Pre-painted, it also has removable decks to play inside.

Large and complex it includes a “shipyard” to build it. It cost $95 for one or $170 for two! This with the expanded small Junk and Saipan line can really build a fleet.

WizKids previews Bat-Mite for HeroClix

WizKids shows off another convention exclusive for HeroClix with Bat-Mite.

From the preview:

For our fifth HeroClix prize preview of the 2013 convention season, we decided to bring a little mischief to the convention season this time around because, honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a little prank every now and again? We are pleased to present Bat-Mite, who is making his first appearance in HeroClix.

Metaverse Towers are live over on Burn In Designs

Burn In Designs has new Metaverse Towers available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Burn In Designs is pleased to announce a new line of Sci-Fi theme buildings, Metaverse Towers. This is system of stacking building levels that allow you to build tall buildings quickly. Each building includes its own unique options to customize then you fit your needs.

Ravage now on iTunes App store and Amazon Kindle

Ravage is now available electronically via iTunes and Amazon.

From the announcement:

Ravage magazine has stepped into the digital age with subscriptions now available on iTunes App store and Amazon Kindle!

Priced at $5.99 for a single issue, or $30 for an annual 6 issue subscription, get your independent miniature gaming magazine now!

We will also be opening physical subscriptions next week, at $35 for an annual 6 issue subscription in the USA or $50 rest of the world (inclusive of shipping).

Hood and Bismarck for Victory at Sea released by Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has released two of the most famous ships to ever ply the oceans: the Hood and the Bismarck.

From the announcement:

We have just released two of the mightiest warships to ever duel on the high seas – Bismarck and HMS Hood. As with all ships in the growing Victory at Sea range, these ships are cast in resin with integrated bases, use a small sprue of metal parts for details (and we include an extra/back up sprue, just in case you lose the first!), and come in 1/1800 scale.

You can find both new ships, along with the rest of the current range at;

Coming next… all vessels of the King George V class!

New Bolt Action British Expeditionary Force releases from Warlord Games

Warlord Games expands their Bolt Action range with new releases for the British Expeditionary Force.

From the campaign:

Our new Bolt Action British Expeditionary Force (BEF) depicts the British force in Europe from 1939–1940 during the Second World War.

New Perspex flight stands from LaserCutCard

LaserCutCard now has perspex flight stands available over in their webshop in 3 different varieties.

From the release:

LaserCutCard has just launched a range of Perspex flight stands.

These are made from 1.5mm clear Perspex and all designs have slots cut into the base to allow the stand to be firmly attached.

There are three designs:
– Type 1 for small hover models
– Type 2 for displaying aircraft
– Type 3 for large hover models

All designs have a tab at the top that can be slotted into your model but this is easy to remove if you wish to mount a magnet.

Advanced Deployment updates their store layout, previews t-shirts

Advanced Deployment updated their store layout to make it easier to order their many products. They’ve also posted up a preview of the t-shirts they’re going to be coming out with soon.

From the announcement:

Alright guys! We’ve got a new store! So many more options! Customization should be easier, as well as less confusing. But please bear with me while we work out bugs. If anything seems messed up or not working, ping me here, on FB or at and I’ll try to get it fixed asap.

WizKids previews Kuurth for HeroClix

WizKids has another preview up from their Fear Itself organized play kit with a look at Kuurth.

From the preview:

Today, we bring you one of Skadi’s Worthy; an unstoppable warrior empowered by the crimson energies of Cytorrak and now granted one of the eight mystic Hammers of the Worthy by the Serpent. He is Kuurth, Breaker of Stone!