TGN TempleCon coverage coming this weekend

TempleCon is happening this weekend (for those few that didn’t know) and while I’m not there, personally, I do have multiple field operatives on-site who will be assisting with reports from such events as the big Dark Age tourneys and Privateer Press’ Keynote address.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

Throne of Angels posts up episode 24

Throne of Angels gives us the second of their two-day posts with episode 24, now online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Finishing up our two day sprint with Episode 24, we take a quick look at Project Father Johann, another Dark Age force building project.

We also take a look at the newest Dark Age faction, the war-crazed domineering Kukulkani – is the end of the world for the denizens of Dark Age?

We finish our model comparison for Sedition Wars this time taking a look at some characters from the Vanguard, again comparing the new plastics with the metal and resin models from the collectors range.

We’ve got a lot to cover so sit back, enjoy and thank you for joining me!!!

Preview posted of Kingdom Death’s Beetle Knight

Kingdom Death has a lot of wonderful models in their line (and of course, there’s that Kickstarter thing that they did semi-ok with…). Anyway, here’s a look at another: The Beetle Knight.
This was posted up by the sculptor, Thomas David.

From the preview:

Hello everyone!

New article in Kingdom Death, Monster’s serie. Today here’s the second monster; the Dungle Beetle Knight!
This impressive miniature have been very fun to do, especially the aspect of the armor.
It is 68 mm tall ( at the top of the horn) and have been made with Fimo and Magic sculpt putty.

Stay tuned!

Mayhem from Bombshell Games releases tomorrow

Mayhem, the new fantasy mass-battles combat game from Bombshell Games, will be available tomorrow. Be sure to check it out.

From the announcement:

MAYHEM, the new fantasy mass battle game from Brent Spivey and Bombshell Games, will be available on Wargame Vault in PDF format tomorrow for just $7.99.

Puzzle Strike Third Edition Review posted on Play Board Games

Puzzle Strike is the latest to get their turn to get reviewed over on Play Board Games.

From the review:

Puzzle Strike is a chip-building game similar to most deck-building games. The difference is that you buy chips that go into a bag you draw from instead of using cards and a deck. The 3rd edition updates and balances a few things.

New Stretch goals posted for Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars is nearing the end, but still has more in store for stretch goals, posting up 3 new ones as well as a second painting video (this time on how to paint your Blight).

From the update:

We seem to be knocking these down quite quickly, so in the spirit of things here’s some more stretches!

New hard foam City Terrain from Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio brings some more variety to your tabletop with two different City Building terrain sets, available now.

From the update:

We’re happy to show you new hard foam terrains.

Big City Highground building:

Approximate size of one building:
Length: 24 cm / 9,5 inch
Width: 19,5 cm / 7,7 inch
Height: 6,5 cm / 2,5 inch

Two small City Highground buildings

Approximate size of one building:
Length: 20cm / 8 inch
Width: 12 cm / 4,7 inch
Height: 6,5 cm / 2,5 inch

Black Hat Miniatures posts up painted halfling squad for their WWI French Halfling Kickstarter

Black Hat Miniatures got a painted-up squad of their new French WWI Halflings and is showing them off.

From the update:

This is the initial full squad of 9 halflings for our Kickstarter painted by Jez at Shakespeare Studios.

Still has 9 days to go!

Interwar Aircraft Rules & Counters for USE ME Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons has yet another USE ME update available. This one’s for Interwar aircraft.

From the announcement:

Heya Folks,

Yesterday saw the release of the first article in a series by Alistair McBeath presenting some cracking counters you can print to represent vehicles in your games.

The first set, Interwar Aircraft, contains no less than 14 planes along with full rules to use them in’s USE ME series of wargames.

Arena Rex announced from Red Republic Games

Red Republic Games continues our theme of new company (or at least, new to us) announcements. Though this time there’s an extra bit of goodness as they’re announcing a new minis line and game system. Arena Rex is coming soon!

From the announcement:

Red Republic Games announces Arena Rex, gladiator combat in a mythic age. The spectacle begins March 15th.

Hand Cannon Online – Removed From Play : Episode 25

Hand Cannon Online has posted up episode 25 of their Removed From Play podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Hand Cannon Online presents…

The 25th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath).

For this episode we invited Jake Shearer aka Satch! We talk about the recent good news for Satch, Emanuel’s new paint scheme for Cryx, changes in Legion for 2013, and a big announcement for RFP!

Enjoy the 25th Episode!

Event Coverage – 34:37
Painting Projects – 41:15
List Building – 1:11:09
Control Area – 1:49:06

You can also check out Removed From Play on Facebook! Emanuel and I try to stay very active talking with our listeners. We also post tons of pics from our painting projects.

Predastore, bringing Predators home

Predastore is a company that was just brought to my attention by a colleague. We’d had them come through once before when another website did a review of some of their models, but never just a “go check out these guys” sort of post.
We don’t make that type of post very often, but sometimes pointing out a company that’s out there and hasn’t been really talked about is called for.

WizKids previews two versions of Kraven

WizKids gives us a look at two versions of Kraven the Hunter that’s coming out in their upcoming Spider Man set.

From the preview:

Today’s Marvel HeroClix: Amazing Spider-Man takes us on a safari of sorts, where Spider-Man is the hunted and the hunters are members of the feared Kravinoff family. First up, please welcome a founding member of the Sinister Six, Sergei Kravinoff (aka Kraven the Hunter)!

Dystopian Legions Federated States of America Starter review from Tabletop Skirmisher

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher has another Dystopian Legions review up. this time it’s the Federated States of America.

From the review:

Its here at last. My final Dystopian Legions Starter set review. (Just in time to start looking at Wave 3!)

Interface Zero 2.0 Play test rules available to backers

Gun Metal Games put up the play test version of their upcoming Interface Zero 2.0 rules online for their Kickstarter backers.

From the announcement:

We’re pleased to announce the rules for cybernetics and Golemmech rules are up and available to all backers for a test drive!

Cybernetic rules are streamlined and thus far have been well-received. We’ve been getting some great feedback on how we might make the rules more interesting.

Golemmech rules will show you how to create your own mecha. They also provide rules for focusing fire, ECM combat, golemmech combat, and much more!

Lance & Laser Fantasy Miniature Reissues from Armorcast

Armorcast has reissued some out-of-print models, bringing some heavy metal minis back to you.

From the announcement:

There are seven reissued miniature sets now available in the Armorcast webstore under Lance & Laser:

LL04000 Evil Sorceress $4.99
LL04001 Barbarian Scouts (3) $15.00
LL04004 Goblins Skirmishers (4) $12.00
LL04005 Goblins Wolf Riders (4) $25.00
LL04008 Large Beastmen (3) $20.00
LL04009 Half Trolls (3) $22.50
LL04010 Frogmen (4) $18.50

In an age of fragile plastic and brittle resin Lance and Laser still makes beefy METAL miniatures to make players quake in their boots at these beasties!

Apocalypse Mega-City One – April 6th at Mongoose Games HQ

Mongoose Publishing is going to hold their first Judge Dredd Miniatures Game tourney at their Swindon HQ.

From the announcement:

On April 6th, Apocalypse Mega-City One comes to our Swindon HQ!

Apocalypse Mega-City One is the first official tournament for the Judge Dredd miniatures game. We invite you all to come down with your favourite Judge Dredd force (which can include mercenaries, giving you a huge range of options!) and play through a series of games to find out who is best!

There will be many prizes available, some sneak peeks at new models and games in progress, and a wide variety of scenarios that will take you from the streets of Mega-City One to the Cursed Earth and beyond!

Tickets are just £10 each, and every entrant will receive a free miniature on the day!

Throne of Angels Episode 23 – Sedition Wars comparisons and Rivet Wars pre-production models

Throne of Angels has posted up episode 23 online for your viewing pleasure.

In this episode:

Opening up 2013 a little late with Episode 23, we revisit an old friend in Cang the Implacable and the progress made on him.

We then break open the new game from McVey Studios. In this Sedition Wars pseudo-unboxing we take the time to compare the new plastics with the metal models from the collectors range.

Finishing up Episode 23 we take a look at a few of the fantastic pre-production test resins from Rivet Wars!

We’ve got a lot to cover so sit back, enjoy and thank you for joining me!!!

MOD.CO.N terrain from Warmill available for pre-order

Warmill is now taking names of those gamers who want their MOD.CO.N terrain (Modular Corridor Network) as soon as it’s available. Be the first gamer on your block with these pieces when they’re released.

From the announcement:

The MOD.CO.N system from Warmill Heavy Industries allows for the fast construction of a colony vessel that can be reconfigured to a ground-based installation on arrival at your new planet.
Reports that MOD.CO.N constructions are 345% more likely to be infested with zombies, aliens and failed scientific experiments are immediately surpressed by Warmill Heavy Industries’ legal team to protect our investors’ interests.

MOD.CO.N is lasercut from high-quality 3mm MDF, and is extremely flexible, featuring a range of corridor lengths and junctions, and a modular room construction method using corners, crosswalks and t-junctions to build rooms as large as the player needs by replacing pillars. We’re also offering FREE worldwide shipping on a range of bundle deals.

Crafty Games releases three all-new classes for Fantasy Craft

Crafty Games has three all-new classes they’ve just released for Fantasy Craft. Go check ’em out.

We’re proud to announce the release of three all-new classes for Fantasy Craft:

– The Crusader (base class) is an anointed warrior who’s taken up a sacred quest in service to his beliefs.
– The Inquisitor (expert class) is an agent of the Church, tasked with rooting out blasphemy and corruption, be it to protect the weak or preserve the powerful.
– The Avatar (master class) is chosen as a living personification of faith in action, a direct representation of the god’s interest in the affairs of its worshippers.

Catalyst Game Labs looking for playtesters for Shadowrun Miniatures Game

Catalyst Game Labs is on the lookout for some intrepid gamers who want to join their playtest squad for the new Shadowrun Miniatures Game.

From the announcement:

As announced, Catalyst Game Labs has begun development on a Shadowrun miniatures game, Sprawl Gangers, to be produced and published in conjunction with Cool Mini Or Not.

Ross Watson and Randall N. Bills are hard at work developing the game play and campaign play rules right now. However, despite a large and healthy playtest pool to draw from, Catalyst Game Labs is looking to expand that pool for the development of Sprawl Gangers.

“While we publish two other miniatures games in BattleTech and Leviathans, this is different,” said Randall N. Bills, Managing Developer of Catalyst Game Labs. “Sprawl Gangers will have much more of ‘competitive action’ vibe of other table top miniatures games with thriving communities and tournaments. We’re hoping there are players with a passion for those styles of games that can bring their expertise to bear in making Sprawl Gangers the coolest it can be.”

New Bolt Action British Forward Observation Officer available from Warlord Games

Warlord Games helps direct the battle for the Allies with their new British Forward Observation Officer.

From the release:

British Bolt Action players rejoice – this superb Forward Observer Team is now available. You’ll be able to call in artillery stonks or radio for the RAF to strafe the enemy.

Vaztstar Shuttle floorplan map from DramaScape now available

DramaScape gives you more terrain map options with the release of their Vaztstar Shuttle floorplan.

From the announcement:

The Vaztstar is meant for in-system quick travel. One idea for using the ship is that a wealthy entrepreneur who loves using it to race and joyride owns the Vaztstar.

Unboxing Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster – review on Chest of Colors

Chest of Colors takes a look inside the Battle for Alabaster box for Sedition Wars and gives us a review.

From the website:

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster is the latest game from the legendary Mike McVey. Hellspawn documented unboxing the game and wrote a review for us all to read and see what good the game really is.

Mantic posts up Podcast Episode 7

Mantic has put up episode 7 of their podcast online for your listening pleasure. In this episode:
(and yes, I know it says 7 above and 8 below in their “from them” blurb. It really is episode 7)

Episode 8 see’s Ben Curry talks to James M Hewitt about his first professional experience with Games Design – DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game.

Fantasy Flight Games Announces an Upcoming Expansion for Elder Sign

Fantasy Flight Games expands the madness with an expansion announcement for Elder Sign.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce Unseen Forces, the first expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game of Lovecraftian horror. The museum harbors artifacts that draw the attention of horrible beings, and the unfathomable wills of these creatures make themselves known in the form of blessings and curses. New Ancient Ones, monsters, and investigators accompany the introduction of these powers, and the entrance of the museum has been remodeled, adding new locations and options for the beleaguered investigators.