Battle ready Open Greek Temple from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has the next in their pre-painted terrain pieces available. This one is an open Greek Temple. Stop using old Fanta cans!

From the release:

This week we have another new scratchbuilt and pre-painted terrain piece for you. This round Greek temple, built by Paul McDonagh is available in limited quantities so grab one while you can – the Gods will be pleased!

Mega Miniatures sale on birds

Mega Miniatures is giving you the bird(s) for cheaper than they usually would be. They’ve got a sale on them happening right now.

From the sales sheet:

Sale runs from September 29th through October 31st 2012

Includes one each of the following birds at 25mm scale unpainted.

Duck, Turkey, Goose, Pelican, Eagle flying, Hawk flying, Flamingo, Heron, Parrot, Barn Owl, Horned Owl, Pheasant, two Crows, Vulture, and Peacock.

Hangar 18 has new HiDef photo backgrounds for miniatures

Hangar 18 Miniatures is now selling HiDef photo backgrounds for when you want your minis to look their best. Stop using an old bed sheet!

From the announcement:

Hangar 18 Miniatures proudly presents our first product line: High Definition Tabletop Photo Backdrops for Miniatures. Our HiDef photo backdrops are printed on an 11 x 17 in. durable yet flexible fabric that is water resistant and does not produce glare. If a backdrop gets dirty, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth. This fabric can also be ironed or steamed to smooth it back when it gets wrinkled. Iron the backdrop face down on the ironing board.

The first set comes with 6 different studio quality textures, from the classic portrait background to the modern grungy texture. These photo backdrops will enhance the photos of your miniatures, making them look like they’ve been taken in a professional photo studio setting. No more spending time removing the plain background and replacing it with the digital background in Photoshop.

Confrontation Statues Reissued, available from Improbable Cast

Improbable Cast will be making new castings of old Confrontation statues and has started taking names of the people that want them. Take a look.

From the announcement:

Remember Confrontation? Rackham Miniatures? Just love awesome fantasy stuff?

I’m bringing it back baby. The first of a series of FULLY LICENSED re-issues of LONG out of production statues (120 mm+) originally released by Rackham in France in 2004.

The first up is the Dwarves of Mid-Nor Scourgebearer. This was the holy grail of my collection for many years until I finally tracked one down and what inspired me to acquire the license to produce them again.

I will be taking pre-orders for the first run at a deeply discounted $99 + shipping until October 15, 2012. After October 15, 2012 the regular retail price of $135 + shipping will be effective. This unpainted solid resin kit will be supplied in 5 pieces: body, halberd arm, lantern, puppet and chain (styles may vary).

I will also be producing an EXTREMELY LIMITED edition (5 total) of solid cold cast bronze that will be available for $600 + shipping on a first come, first served basis. Each of these castings will be numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Fenris Games – APEX Investigators 2 Pre-order

Fenris Games is taking names of those who want their Apex Investigators set 2. Be the first gamer on your block with these new models.

From the update:

The second batch of 6 investigators in our modern horror/pulp range are with the casters now, and we’re taking pre-orders for the boxed sets via the webshop. Any other items ordered at the same time earn a 10% discount – full details on the product page and the News section of our website.

Wu Ling Shu funds to make way for the Valkyrie on Kickstarter for Bombshell Miniatures

Bombshell Miniatures passed another funding goal and so more babes are on their way. Next up: Valkyrie. *cues the Wagner*

From the update:

$85,000+ Chooser of the Slain Geirahöd the Valkyrie will swoop to the battlefield as an additional Babes choice. Geirahöð is designed by artist Wayne Reynolds.

New: Bolt Action Panzer IV ausf D from Warlord Games

Warlord Games gives the Germans more tank options with the release of their Panzer IV ausf D.

From the announcement:

Adding more muscle to the Panzer Divisions as they roll through Europe, scour the North African Desert and cross the Russian Steppes, the Panzer IV ausf D is a welcome addition to the large (and ever-growing) range of highly detailed, yet durable, Bolt Action vehicles…

DreadBall on their last day on Kickstarter

DreadBall only has a few hours left up on Kickstarter. It’d be impossible to update continually with all they’ve added, as they’re breaking through multiple stretch goals every day. Suffice to say, if you were waiting until the last minute to get the best deal, your time is almost up.

GF9 launches Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery website

Gale Force 9 put up a whole website dedicated to their Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery board game. Go have a look-see.

From the update:

Gale Force Nine has launched a website dedicated to it’s highly anticipate board game Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery! You’ll be able to get the latest news about the board game, delve into the rich background of the world of Spartacus and learn the rules of the game! We’ll have more great content up as the game debuts in stores next week.

Cipher Studios announces Hell Dorado expansion news

Cipher Studios has an update about the next Hell Dorado expansion.

From the update:

We are proud to announce today that 2013 will see Cipher’s first Expansion for the Hell Dorado Tactical Miniatures game.

The new book, tentatively titled Hell Dorado: Inferno, will feature a multitude of new model options for everyone’s favorite Hell Dorado Factions, plus: New scenarios, new battlefields, new abilities, and a brand new arc in the Hell Dorado Story.

We plan to fund this project through Kickstarter following the Medusa Deck project. Keep an eye here for the latest updates and previews as we approach the launch date!

New Araby Army update for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer Fantasy Battle updated their fan-made Araby codex and now has it online for your gaming pleasure.

From the update:

A superb update to the (unofficial) Warhammer Battle Araby army book.

The first version was good but presentation and balance wise this one is amazing. It’s all 8th edition rules compliant and in terms of characterization and play-ability this army really does take the biscuit !

Gen Con Masters Game 2012 & In Store Game Tomorrow

Leviathans, from Catalyst Game Labs, ran a huge Master’s Game during GenCon. Well now they’ve got the rules for that out for everyone to see and try.

If you read the Gen Con Wrap-Up report, you know I ran a big “Masters Game” at Gen Con…was an absolute blast. Basically 12 ships on a side (every extent Ship Card I’ve got; both official and those I’ve not yet released but I’ve printed and laminated), and then some fun Captain’s Manual rules.

First, I decided there’s absolutely no reason you guys shouldn’t be able to play out that Masters Game, so here’s the PDF of the rules I used (for those that actually played at Gen Con, you might notice a slight tweak here or there from your rules set…learned from the Gen Con experience, but it’s 95% the same). Obviously running that many ships may be a little difficult…but even a smaller game with these additional rules can be fun.

Just note, once you’ve played with the Expanded Ship Repairs, you may never be able to go back…

Second, for those in the Seattle Area, as I previously noted, I’m excited to be running monthly in-store games of Leviathans once more. I’ll be running from noon to 5:30ish tomorrow at the Wishes store in the Everett Mall (check out their Facebook page). In fact, I’ll be running the rules above with as many ships and maps as I can fit on the tables there.

So I hope you can come on by and jump into a nice, big game…if you’ve only got an hour, no worries…just stop by and you can slide in an out of the game as your able.

See ya next duty shift.

Corpse Hammer Preview: Necrovanum Berserker

Red Knight Entertainment continues their Corpse Hammer previews with the Necrovanum Berserkers.

From the preview:

Corpse Hammer Preview: Necrovanum Berserker
For preview we have the Necrovanum Berserkers. The Necrovanum Berserkers have both a ranged Venom Cannon as well as a heavy Necro Syckle for close combat. The Necro Syckle is unusually large for the Berserkers and is difficult to wield under their own power resulting in clumsy or ill planned strikes against the Nephalim Knights. However once per game the Berserkers may engage a Necro Charge through the tubes in their back which floods their body with a heavy amount of powerful toxic fluids embodying them with crushing brute strength and speed. This effect lasts two turns, afterwards leaving them in a more weakened state.

Necrovanum Berserkers (6 minis) – $30
Necrovanum Berserkers x2 (12 minis) $54 – ($6 Savings)
Necrovanum Berserkers x3 (18 minis) $75 – ($15 Savings) (Kickstart Only)
Will be available in the Corpse Hammer Kickstart first week October.

Iron Crown Enterprises Releases playtest for Unified Rolemaster

Iron Crown Enterprises is bringing back Rolemaster and they want your help in testing out the system.

There are (at least) two ways of rebuilding a game system and its fan base. There is the steady reconstruction that gradually builds up from a small core and step-by-step brings a game back to life and success. And for many reasons, that’s the route we have been and are taking with HARP Fantasy and HARP SF, and it is already showing signs of working.

And then there’s another bolder methodology that can and perhaps must be employed when more strenuous measures are called for, such as when a version split like that existing between RM2/Classic and RMSS/FRP needs to be healed. We – that’s GCP, Aurigas and our partners – have discussed and deliberated and done the hard sums.

The Rolemaster Public Playtest files will NOT be appearing on the OneBookShelf network.

The Rolemaster Public Playtest files WILL be published for you to playtest FOR FREE on the ICE website
Continue reading

Raging Heroes’ Ivanka’s younger sister (WIP and contest)

Raging Heroes previews their upcoming Ivanka’s younger sister model 3D render and they want your help in finding a name and motto for her.

From the preview:

Did you know that Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova had a sister?
And would you believe it, she’s nothing but trouble…

We’re nearly ready to send her to print, but first thing first: we want your take on her before we’re done.
Do you like her? Would you want her? How would you use her?
Any changes you recommend or things you want us to keep?
And would you like some specific weapon options?
Please share your comments below.

Furthermore, this young lady does not have a name yet…
Since the Kurganova sisters are of Slavic descent, we’re asking our Eastern European friends to name her and to give here her motto, which will be in Cyrillic characters at the bottom of her coat.
Please fill out the contest form below to send us your suggestions. The winner gets the first cast of the miniature!
(Not from a Slavic country? Don’t worry, we’ll have other minis for you to name in the near future…)

PS/ Oh, and guess who would break it up when Ivanka and her sister would fight…?

Privateer Press Seeks Convention Coordinator

Privateer Press is hiring! Do you think you have what it takes to be Convention Coordinator? Apply and find out.

Privateer Press is looking for a highly motivated and detail-oriented individual experienced with logistical planning and possessing a strong work ethic to oversee and coordinate our convention presence.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Convention Coordinator is responsible for overseeing ALL aspects of Privateer Press’ presence at conventions and will attend all conventions when necessary. Frequent travel is to be expected. Conventions include but are not limited to Sales (e.g., Gen Con), Industry (e.g., GAMA), Distributor (e.g., open houses), and Internal (e.g., Lock & Load).

GCT Studios previews Savage Wave Slave for Bushido Wave 8

Bushido wave 8 is almost here. Here’s the last preview for this upcoming set: The Slave for Savage Wave.

From the preview:

Slave – Savage Wave

It is unknown when the beasts of the wave started taking captives. These are no hostages though, they are put to work or put to the sword by their less than benign captors. The blood of the Oni sends the slaves into a rage on the battlefield, allowing them to achieve feats of strength they would not have dreamed of back in the fields.

WAVE 8 available 5/10/12

Sneak peek of upcoming new ships from Games of War

Cianty’s Tabletop got a sneak preview of the new ships that’ll be coming out soon for Games of War and we thought we’d show them to you.

From the preview:

Ahoy mateys!

Alan of Games of War has sent me a sneak peek of their work in progress ship models for their 28mm Pirate Supplies range. Their out of stock Sea Prince (see photo for reference) is currently undergoing a re-vamp. The white ship you can see in the back of the photo is a mock-up of the new version of a large ship. In addition, they are also working on a new small ship.

Frontline Gamer talks to Rob Lane about the switch from BaneLegions to Mierce Miniatures

Frontline Gamer apparently didn’t have to hide in dumpsters last time to get their interview, but I have it under good authority that at some point to get this one they had to dress up as an anthropomorphic mudskipper. This time they’re talking to Rob Lane and the switch from BaneLegions to Mierce Miniatures.

From the interview:

Frontline Gamer talks to Rob Lane about his decision to switch from BaneLegions to Mierce Miniatures, and the announcement of Darklands the game. There might even be 5 exclusive concept sketches thrown in there for good measure.

Otherworld Miniatures has Dungeon Adventurers on Indiegogo

Otherworld Miniatures has gotten their minimum funding over on Indiegogo already for their Dungeon Adventurers, so now it’s stretch goals for the next 27 days!

From the campaign:

Since 2006, Otherworld Miniatures has been producing 28mm fantasy miniatures for gamers, painters and collectors, inspired by the iconic imagery of the early roleplaying games. So far, we have just made the monsters, and with a range of nearly 400 creatures in our catalogue, we think that the time has come to introduce some player character models.
We have just launched a new crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo, and with the help of our backers, we plan to release a boxed set of 12 human male adventurers, quickly followed by sets of demi-humans, female adventurers and hirelings & henchmen. The range of boxed sets will be complemented by individual blister-packs featuring variant models with different armour, weapon and equipment options.
The figures will be sculpted by a variety of talented sculptors, including Kevin Adams and Patrick Keith, with others joining the project later. The miniatures will depict archetypal fantasy adventurers, wearing practical clothing and armour and carrying realistic weapons and equipment. They will be posed for exploration, not combat, so they’ll look great used to depict an adventuring party in ‘marching order’.
And these characters won’t be muscle-bound superheroes waving Vorpal Swords in the air – they’ll be grim-faced dungeoneers, a little bit down on their luck, and ready for action in the deepest, darkest dungeons!

CorSec Telescoping Rods back in stock and a Sale

CorSec Engineering has their telescoping rods back in stock and are celebrating with a sale.

We now have out telescoping rods back in stock and we are having a sale to make up for them being out of stock during the last one.

15% off all items in the store. This is not cumulative with the volume discounts.

SteamPoweredTV does an exhibitor’s hall walkaround from SoCal Smackdown

SteamPoweredTV did themselves a little SoCal Smackdown walkaround in the exhibitor’s hall. See what you missed out on (like I missed out on it).

From the update:

SteamPoweredTV traveled down to Anaheim to participate in SoCal Smackdown 2012, an annual gaming convention in Southern California. While there we decided to have a walk around the exhibitor’s hall and talk to game developers and representatives. We discovered new games such as Rusted Heroes, Boom & Zoom, Darkest Night, Freedom from Fear, and Donkey Kicker.

Bombshell Miniatures new Babe and Additional Support

Bombshell Miniatures keeps making their way towards the next babe, Wu. They’ve also got new “additional support” for those that want a little extra here and there. Go have a look-see.

From the campaign:

Only SEVEN DAYS left! We’ve beefed up the Additional Support section with more goodies you can select for the additional pledge amounts.

Impact! Miniatures new Classic Dungeon Adventurers on Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures just started their latest Kickstarter project. This one is to fund chibi-style classic dungeon adventurers.

From the campaign:

Impact! is pleased to announce their next miniatures project is now on Kickstarter. These miniatures will be roughly 23-24mm to eyes and around 28-30mm to the top of their head once completed and will come with a round 20mm plastic base. Further miniatures may be larger if the project hits its funding goals and stretch rewards. We have approximately 24 additional sculpts that we’d like to do to include DM, Demon Lord, Evil Fighter, Unicorn, etc. We’ll have both monsters and player character types. We also created custom d6’s using the artwork.

On the Lamb Games previews Monsters for Endless Fantasy Tactics

It’s 2pm (Eastern), so that means it’s time for another On the Lamb Games preview for Endless Fantasy Tactics (I love consistency!). Today they’re showing us something about the monsters that will roam the land (and game boards).

After the six gods created Terra, they set about creating a creature to live upon it. With conflicting ideas and ideals, the gods each gave their input, creating the Beastmen, a hodge-podge of parts and motivations.
Disappointed with their creation, the gods ignored the beastmen and moved on to other ideas. The beastmen, lost in a new world looked for a reason to live, a goal to set themselves. As other creatures were created and conflicts arose between good and evil, as the first creations, the Beastmen saw their place in the world as one of guidance. They trained and tested heroes for the adventures and quests they would go upon. Dungeoneering became the supreme art of the Beastmen. Temples, Lairs, and Dungeons were built in scores to test different skills and reward those that could complete them.
When the Dark Lord rose in Iksor, many beastmen saw him as the ultimate threat to the world, and their time as coaches and testers of heroes was coming to an end. In droves they travelled to his base and joined his army, swelling his forces in the thousands. Others felt that deviating from dungeoneering was a foolish idea. Despite this, when the Dark Lord was defeated, all beastmen were exiled from Wugin, leaving their testing sites to fall into disrepair.

Fat Dragon Games launches new Kickstarter for Borderland Keep: Deluxe Edition

Fat Dragon Games has a new Kickstarter they just got underway for their Borderland Keep: Deluxe Edition.

From the campaign:

The FOLD FLAT terrain system allows you to create fully modular 28mm scale terrain layouts for your RPG or wargame. This set, BORDERLAND KEEP: Deluxe Edition, gives you everything you need to create your own keep design in a downloadable PDF format, and once you have the set you can print and build as many pieces as you like and never run out or need to purchase more. Additionally, our layer options allow you to customize your keep with options such as gargoyles, soldier statues, stains, ivy and more. This new PDF terrain set features our exclusive Fold-Flat designs, allowing you to fold the majority of your pieces flat for easy storage.

Lost Hemisphere delves into Level 7 [Escape]

Lost Hemisphere unboxes and reviews Level 7 [Escape] from Privateer Press.

From the review:

Lost Hemisphere sinks to new depths as they explore the subterranean levels of Subterra Bravo, fumbling in the dark through the corridors and shadowy recesses of Privateer Press’ new boardgame, Level 7 [Escape]

Hand Cannon Online – Removed From Play : Episode 07 now online

Removed From Play now has episode 7 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

The 7th episode of REMOVED FROM PLAY. Hosted by Charles (Omnus), and Emanuel (Bloodrath). In this episode there is a Special Guest even if just for a segment of the show…Norbert Brunhuber. We talk about Food Machine, the Challenge update, Character jacks and beasts and our work with our new factions.

Interview with Norbert – 6:40
Event Coverage – 50:29
Painting Projects – 55:46
List Building – 1:13:16
The Control Area – 1:32:36

Enjoy the Epsiode! Look, I even added time stamps!

Toyz N The Hood reviews the new Horus Heresy book from Forge World

Toyz N The Hood went all-out to get this book. Was it worth it? Read the article and find out.

From the review:

After braving the queues at Games Day to get hold of a copy of the latest Forgeworld book before it goes on sale anywhere else, Toyz N The Hood present you with this in depth review. It was going to be a quick review but it is a very big book.

DreadBall over $500k and climbing

DreadBall has breached $500k and is still climbing. If (when?) they make it to $515, they’ll add The Nameless.

From the update:

$515,000 – The Nameless, Season 3 DreadBall Team

The Nameless get two different Guards and will be a real mixture of tentacly aliens, though they have no Jacks – just Strikers and Guards!