Frontline Gamer Reviews Ax Factions Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter

Frontline Gamer has a review up of one of the new Ax Faction models, the Gilded Saint Dragon Hunter.
Note: While you can’t really tell from the blister packaging picture below, the model is a bare-chested woman and you’ll see the artwork and a better look at the model in the article. So you’re forewarned if you’re looking at this at work or whatever.

From the review:

No third person for this one. I very nearly considered not posting this review, but I felt the issues it raised for me are worthy of airing… so here is my review. I’d be genuinely interested in what people think. Peace out!

New Romans from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has some new Roman Legionnaires for your historical minis gaming needs.

From the release:

More 15/18mm Ancients from Blue Moon Manufacturing

In case your Gauls were getting out of control Blue Moon has just released our first 4 codes of Romans to help you fight the Gauls.
15RAE-115 Roman Legionnaire Command (15 Command figures consisting of 5 Officers, 5 Musicians and 5 Standard-bearers, included are a variety of staffs to choose from for your Standard-bearers) $8.00
15RAE-116 Roman Legionnaires Advancing with Pilum (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-117 Roman Legionnaires Advancing / Gladius (30 figs) $15.00
15RAE-118 Roman Legionnaires throwing Pilum (30 figs) $15.00

We have more codes in various ranges arriving in a steady stream so continue to watch for more announcements.

Grex Airbrush Tritium TG.3 Review by Miniature Modeler

Miniature Modeler wants you to be informed when it comes to high-level painting products like airbrushes. So they’ve got a review up of one. Is it the airbrush for you?

From the review:

The first review from has been posted on their site, featuring the Grex Tritium TG.3 airbrush. In this review, Careos covers his views on the brush’s design, operation and the level of customer service provided by Grex Airbrush. is a new venture that provides not only product reviews, but professional painting services at a cost that will not murder your wallet.

Brigade Models Victorian SF Sale

Brigade Models is having themselves a sale. Who doesn’t like saving money?

It’s summertime, so glorious weather, barbecues, cricket on the green
… or if you’re in the UK this year, thunderstorms, hail, floods,
umbrellas …

And it’s also time for the Brigade summer sale season. Like last year
we’ll be running several week-long themed sales, each covering a subset
of our ranges (this just makes things more manageable and ensures we
don’t get swamped by the demand !).

Our first sale covers our two Victorian SF ranges, the ever-popular
Aeronef and Land Ironclads. From today (Friday 29th) for one week (until
Friday 6th July) all models and packs in both ranges are 15% off.

Fantasy Flight Games unveils organized play and tourney rules for Dust Warfare

Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled their official organized play and tournament rules for Dust Warfare.

Dust Warfare is arriving to Gen Con Indy 2012 with the thunderous boom of cannon fire from hulking combat walkers! This year, amid the staccato reports of rifle fire and the bone-chilling growls of Axis gorillas, Gen Con Indy plays host to the first ever Dust Warfare North American Championship tournament.

After Gen Con Indy, fans can enjoy more Dust Warfare Organized Play opportunities as they prepare their armies for the intense battles of the Dust Warfare World Championships, scheduled to take place November 9th – 12th during the FFG World Championship Weekend, in Roseville, MN. The FFG World Championship Weekend is a hallmark event for Fantasy Flight Games, marking a forward leap in our Organized Play, and we have secured extra space in the same building as the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, ensuring room and tables for all participants.

WizKids previews The Unspoken

WizKids continues their Chaos War previews with The Unspoken.

From the preview:

For today’s preview from the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set, we check in with a former ruler of the Inhumans who has had his name stricken from history after he was overthrown. The Inhuman with the Terrigen Mist-granted power to alter his form into any he wishes, The Unspoken!

BaneLegions regrettably posts price increase

BaneLegions didn’t want to do it, but they’ve got a price hike on the way.

Well, my lovely lords and ladies, it had to happen at some point. The rising costs of manufacturing high-quality polyurethane resin miniatures have forced our hand, and although that’s not the only reason we must increase prices on some of our miniatures, it’s the most onerous one. Thus, I’m afraid we must pass these rising costs onto you, our valued customers, for which we do apologise. Necessary evils may well be necessary, but they’re also evil.

This price increase will occur next Friday, the 6th of July, and so you have a week to get hold of miniatures you were thinking about getting at the old prices, so get ordering!

On the upside, too, it is really only the BaneLords that are increasing in price and a couple of miniatures – notably Magágg and Talos – will actually reduce in price, thanks to re-moulding them more efficiently, so it’s not all bad; and you can still take advantage of Maelstrom Games‘ superb Summer Sale (16% off UK RRP) until Monday night, too!

More 3D render previews for MERCS

MERCS keeps rolling with their ISS previews. Here’s another set of 3D renders.

From the preview:

I missed yesterdays posting because I was all jacked up on Mountain Dew!!

I had to finish up a project and get it to the printer so we can have it well within the timing for GenCon. But, I’ll make good on it today with a double post of hotness. Hopefully you’ll feel good about it 🙂

This morning is what would have been yesterdays posted models. Oh yeah!

(FYI you can click to enlarge)

Mage Knight Revenge coming via kickstarters

Mage Knight Revenge is a video-game version of the old Mage Knight game, revamped and fixed up some. They’ve got a Kickstarter going to fund it. Have a look.

From the campaign:

MFV, WizKids Team Up to Announce Mage Knight Revenge Kickstarter Initiative
Bring Popular Tabletop Game, Mage Knight™, to Online Space
Continue reading

Anatoli’s Game Room has an Interview with Robert Faust, writer of Brink of Battle

Anatoli’s Game Room sat down and had a chat with Brink of Battle writer Robert Faust. See what they had to say.

From the interview:

Robert Faust, writer of the “Brink of Battle” skirmish rules sheds some light on the background of the rules, upcoming projects and gives you an insight into the venture of selfpublished rulebooks by answering 32 questions.

Sedition Wars 24 hours to go! Last chance to get 98 Studio Mcvey miniatures for $100!

News flash – Sedition Wars now most funded Boardgame ever! Gnosis Kara and Exo-armor Barker unlocked

And so another epic Kickstarter is drawing to an end! With less than 24 hours left to go and over $700,000 raised, we have one last stretch goal, and it’s a doozy!

If you haven’t checked out the Sedition Wars Kickstarter yet, now is your last chance:

98 miniatures so far with the stretches for the $100 Biohazard pledge level.

Continue reading

Total Wargamer goes over the new 40k 6th edition rulebook

Total Wargamer got themselves a copy of the new 6th edition rulebook and goes over some of the book’s contents as well as any major changes to the rules. Let’s put some of the rumors about the game to rest, already.

From the website:

Total Wargamer has spent the day with the new rulebook and has put a review together.

Stronghold Terrain: Old Shed released

Stronghold Terrain previewed this shed a little while back. Well now you, yourself, can have it on your gaming table.

From the release:

Stronghold Terrain: Old Shed released
Now Stronghold Terrain becomes leaning. There is no right angle at this old Shed.
The Old Shed is now available at a price of only 15,90 €
Dimensions: (l/w/h): 11 x 9 x 5 cm
Your Stronghold Terrain Team!
Hobby ON!

Freebooter Price Increase on 1 July 2012

Freebooter Miniatures is having to do a price increase on July 1st. They’re not happy about it (I mean, who ever is?), but these things just sometimes happen.

Dear friends, pirates and partners!

It’s been 8 years now that the Freebooter ship has been plying the ocean waves without any significant changes to its course. However, you know what it’s like at sea, the number of barnacles sticking to the hull goes critical, leaks start springing up here and there, rum levels are low, there’s no more thread for patching up the sails with and the old girl could do with a lick of paint as well. And so we finally had to change course and face the fact that a leaking ship with a barnacle-encrusted hull and threadbare sails will eventually be dead in the water. To put it less flowery: we really tried our best but not least due to changed conditions on the raw materials markets, we can longer put off increasing at least some of our prices. We have tried to keep the increase as moderate as possible and only make changes in those categories where they have become truly unavoidable. Continue reading

StarFire Command, a new game from Forgecraft Games up on Kickstarter

StarFire Command is a new space-based ships game that’s looking to get funded over on Kickstarter. Go take a look.

From the campaign:

Made by the company Forgecraft Games who also work on the resin bases.

Boasting a stealth system and other gameplay tweaks to try and eliminate first turn wins.

Photographing Miniatures with Felix Wedgwood

Miniature Mentor has a new video tutorial all about helping you take better pictures of your models. I know I’m pretty terrible at it. All my figures look like Golden Demon winners, they just don’t photograph well… yeah… that’s what I’ll say… sure…
Err… whoops.

From the release:

Miniature Mentor is excited to bring you the Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures in over 7 hours of video!!! Join professional commercial photographer Felix Wedgwood as he guides you through all the steps necessary to create amazing photographs of your miniatures. THIS IS NOT A BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL – plenty of those on the net.

NO LIGHT TENTS WERE USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS TUTORIAL!!! We didn’t take the easy way out here – you’ll learn the true art of photography and lighting.This tutorial focuses solely on miniatures and the obstacles of shooting/lighting tiny objects. You’ll learn about lights and lighting, diffraction, depth of field, sensor size, lens resolution, light fall-off and more.

This tutorial is designed for any and all budgets. It is not neccessary to upgrade your existing equipment. The tutorial’s main focus is how to properly light your photographs and how to setup your photo station.

Flames of War gives us another preview of Devil’s Charge

Flames of War has their Devil’s Charge supplement coming out soon and they wanted to give you another look at what’s in store for what’s soon to be in stores.

From the preview:

As the wintery morning fog lifts the sleepy American outpost on the frontier is rudely awoken when by the sounds of tank engines and orders shouted between troops in German. The small collection of a dozen American infantrymen has minutes, if not seconds, to prepare to face might of the German army! The Battle of the Bulge has begun!

In Devil’s Charge players join in the German assault or the American defence during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. This book will allow you to field the brave US infantry and cavalry defenders holding the line against Hitler’s Waffen-SS onslaught.

Whichever side you choose, the battlefields of the Ardennes forests await you!

Wee Gamers have a look at Shadows over Scotland

Wee Gamers takes a look at the new Cthulhu supplement, Shadows Over Scotland in this video review.

From the review:

Wee Gamers have a video review of Origins Winner “Shadows over Scotland”, a supplement for Call of Cthulhu RPG, as well as a review from a Keeper after running the scenarios in the book

New Bolt Action SAS (NW Europe) from Warlord Games

Warlord Games has got some SAS… no, really… a bunch of SAS (and maybe a touch sassy) models up on their website.

From the update:

One of the previews that caused the most stir on our stand at Salute this year was the work-in-progress SAS Jeeps for the North West Europe campaign. We’ve had rather a lot of correspondence asking when these fantastic new miniatures will be released. Happily they are available now!

The Special Air Service, better known as the SAS are famous for their escapades in the Western Desert, working in tandem with the Long Range Desert Group. Less well known are the SAS action in north west Europe later in the war. Now you can refight their actions behind enemy lines in Europe during the later years of the war.

Painted Nuem Specialis Pueri for Relics

Tor Gaming has some painted photos of their new Nuem Specialis Pueri up.

From the update:

“Little is known of the final ceremony and it is whispered that each one is unique, though this seems unlikely. Tales of the trial of a thousand deaths are common place though so there must be some truth to the matter. In any case it is certain that whatever the trial might be it is akin to the worst pain possibly imaginable and then much further beyond. The Specialis Pueri are deviant creatures who revel in excessive suffering and anguish, they will manipulate whatever means necessary to enlighten the impure in the succulent ways of their people.”


More pics on our forum

Crystal Brush Qualification to be held at Golden Throne Grand Tournament

The Crystal Brush continues their qualifying events. The next will be at the Golden Throne Grand Tournament.

The Golden Throne Grand Tournament, which will be held in San Jose, California on August 4-5, 2012, will be the first major tournament in the United States to implement the brand-new Warhammer 40,000 Sixth Edition rules.

This event will feature up to 200 players battle over two days for control of the Emperor of Mankind’s Golden Throne, in a format which rewards strong play against strong opponents. The goal of the Golden Throne Grand Tournament is to bring the best possible Warhammer 40,000 event to the West Coast through top-notch competition, terrain, and a big emphasis on fun and making new friends.

Every player who enters the Grand Tournament can enter the Crystal Brush Qualifier event, sponsored by Cool Mini or Not and Heroes on Paper, for free! The Crystal Brush Qualifier event, which is also open to the general public, will allow painters to show off their hard work and win massive prizes — including free airfare to the Crystal Brush Competition at Adepticon in Chicago!

The D6 Generation: Ep 106 Mulling The Metagame & Documentary Discussion

The D6 Generation now has episode 106 available online for your listening enjoyment.

In this episode:

Luke Retallack joins us in the third chair. Luke is the man behind the mic at Worlds End Radio podcast and has been a force in organizing western Australia miniature wargaming for many years.

Up first Luke, Craig, and Russ have lured Raef “Hollywood” Granger back onto the show to discuss his kickstarter documentary project. How is it going? What are his goals? Is kickstarter working out? Raef gives us his honest assesment and gets questions and advice from both the hosts and listeners via Twitter and Facebook.

Later we tackle a new concept for Mulling Mechanics: Metagame Psychology. What kinds of psychological techinques do players use in games to get the edge?

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:
– Total Fan Girl
– Do You Ever Notice
– When you wish upon a game
– & More

CorSec Engineering Releases 0-9 Dials for the Omni-Stand System

CorSec Engineering is always coming up with more ways to make the Omni-Stand even more Omni. Their latest innovation are dials for the stands.

From the release:

These dials feature etched numbers from 0-9 and a black indicator.

They fit over the brass insert in all our bases and the rods hold them securely hold in place. The indicator works with both the standard rods and the telescoping rods.

Price: $1.49 each (Volume Discount Available)

Frontline Gamer reviews Dust Warfare

Frontline Gamer seems to always have another game to review. I’m not sure when they eat. But anyway, here’s another one. This time it’s Dust Warfare.
Note: Having lots of reviews is a good thing.

From them to you:

Frontline Gamer finally gets his ass in gear and decides what he thinks of Fantasy Flight Games first foray into wargaming. It’s only taken him a few months and countless victories with both his Allies and Axis armies. God I wished he’d just hurry up and stop taking his time to come to reasoned conclusions.

I think he’s being too hard on himself, personally.

New Gauls and aliens from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Blue Moon Manufacturing has some ancients and some futuristics for us today with their releases. We’ve got some Gauls and we’ve got some aliens.

From the updates:

Blue Moon has just released 2 more codes in the 15/18mm Ancients range. Now available are:
15RAE-100 Gaul Foot Command (30 figures) $15.00
15RAE-107 Cavalry Commanders (9 figures) $12.00

These 2 new races of Aliens go way back to barbarian roots. Rumor has it they still practice cannibalism. For years these races were enslaved and spread throughout the galaxies which is why they can be found on so many planets throughout the universe, and why they can be found armed with various stages of technology. These alien races will both ally themselves with whom ever best serves there own goals.
15ALN-120 Nevis (10 figs) $6.00
15ALN-121 Averums (10 figs) $6.00

Schweig Releases Free Creatures & Caverns 2nd Edition PDF

Creatures & Caverns, 2nd edition, is free if you want to go download it. There’s been a lot of free downloads for games lately. I certainly don’t mind that.

From the release:

Game designer Peter Schweighofer ( recently released the second edition of the Creatures & Caverns roleplaying game as a free PDF available from the Griffon Publishing Studio electronic storefront at DriveThruRPG. Continue reading

Deepstrike Radio – Live 6th Edition Launch Show

Deep Strike Radio is going to be doing a live-broadcast podcast to talk about the 6th edition release of 40k.

Chris from the 40k Podcast Deepstrike Radio here.

I am pleased to announce that Deepstrike Radio will be doing it’s first live broadcast on Ustream.Tv to celebrate the launch of 6th Edition Warhammer 40k.

Join us from 10am GMT +10 on Saturday as I will be playing some games with some special guests so that you can see the new rules in action as we show you a top down view of the games in progress in 720p definition. While we game, our American hosts Chase and Jim will be discussing the lore in the new edition.

To watch our show you simply go to and search “DeepstrikeTV”. The show Will run for around 5 hours and there is also several KR multicase products available as giveaways. So I hope you all tune in!

Play Unplugged Interviews Simon Berman on the Iron Kingdoms RPG

Play Unplugged did an interview with my former boss from when I was moderating the PP forums, Simon Berman, about the new IKRPG coming out this fall.

From them to you:

Simon Berman (community coordinator and staff writer at Privateer Press) discusses the upcoming Iron Kingdoms RPG with Play Unplugged’s Enrico Nardini.

Secret Weapon Miniatures releases for this month now available

Secret Weapon Miniatures has their month’s releases now available on their website. There’s a lot there to look at. Personally, I want to get some of those Asian Garden bases for my Bushido figs.

The July releases are now live and available to order at the Secret Weapon store!

This includes all four sets of our new gas mask heads, the new great coat leg swaps, backpacks, new bases, and a set of incredible Scrap Yard Barricades from Mike Doscher.

Fantasy Flight Games is hiring

Fantasy Flight Games is taking applications for Creative Content Developer.

To apply for this position, submit a single Word or pdf (preferred) document containing the following items, in the following order:

A cover letter indicating your interest and whatever else you’d like us to know about your application.
A resume.

Make the filename of your submission “firstname_lastname.pdf” and email it to Adam Sadler at as an attachment, under the subject line “Creative Content Developer Application.” We will confirm receipt of your application materials by email. Please do not call or visit.

Update #15 for The Duke: Final stretch goals

The Duke is entering the last few hours of their project on Kickstarter. To end with a bang, they’ve got the last few stretch goals up… sort of.

From the campaign:

We have added two new stretch goals as well as a new Upgrade for The Duke. We’re also preparing our final stretch goal for the campaign, to be revealed soon. AND, we are both frustrated and proud to say, you have forced us to put this game in a bigger box! We want to make certain you can hold all regular tiles plus at least one of each upgrade tile packs. Nice work, Kickstarters! Continue reading

Battlefront gets into the Real Estate business with new terrain

Battlefront is helping make your Flames of War games that much better with their new line of buildings terrain pieces for your tabletop.

From the update:

Build a small village or a large town one building at a time with the Battlefield in a Box European House range. Each building is pre-painted and ready for your table, no carpenters or stonemasons required!

The new European houses from Battlefield in a Box will be released, one-by-one, over the next year. Each variant house will be available for a limited run and will only be made once. Prototypes of these buildings have been tantalizing our regular gamers for years and are sure to sell fast.

Each three-part house measures 6cm x 8cm x 11cm and comes fully painted.

4th of July Sale at GameCraft – On Now

GameCraft is having themselves a sale in honor of the upcoming 4th of July.

GameCraft Miniatures is starting their 4th of July (AKA Independence Day) sale today (Thursday June 28th). From now through the 4th of July you will receive 20% off all product on our website. No coupon code required, sale prices will show up automatically in your shopping cart.