Cipher Studios looking for Artists

Cipher Studios wants to know if you can draw or sculpt. If you can, they’re interested in your talents.

Here at Cipher Studios we are looking for visual artists and sculptors for current and future projects. If you are an artist or know someone who is a great artist please send links to portfolio’s or samples to Thanks for your consideration and have a great day!

BaneLegions posts up Salute wrap-up

BaneLegions had a wonderful time at Salute and posted up a bit about their take on the show as well as a taste of what’s to come.

From the website:

Phew! It’s taken us all quite a few days to recover from the whirlwind of a weekend that was Salute 2012, not least because we are still extremely busy with orders, but thankfully I’ve got a few spare moments to jot down my thoughts and thanks for the weekend.

Firstly, many thanks to everybody who came to our stand at Salute (whether you bought anything or not!) because everybody we met and spoke to had only good things to say about our miniatures – and to ourselves, thankfully. It seems people like finely-cast resin of superbly sculpted fantasy miniatures with very few flaws, if any! Who’d have thought it? Obviously you all absolutely adored the beautifully painted models in our cabinets, but something that proved equally popular was our unique stand of assembled miniatures that you could pick up and inspect minutely.

Secret Weapon Miniatures releases… everything

Secret Weapon Miniatures has 57 new products in stock. That’s right, 57. The one they wanted to show off the most was their new Corpse Field bases.

From the update:

As of today we now have the largest selection of 50mm round lip bases on the
planet — giving the Warmachine, Hordes, and Malifaux players out there more
options when putting together those heavy hitting lists!

But wait, there’s more!

We also launched 120mm round lip bases today — with only Cobblestone and
Iron Deck waiting on the masters to be finished.

And we’re not finished yet…

CORPSE FIELDS is the new base theme this month — available in round lip and
beveled options this themed hollow set includes dessicated corpses and
creeping rot that will let you put your models ankle deep in viscera!

Of course we also have our new 1/48 scale baked ceramic bricks in three
colour combinations, a set of 16 resin tree stumps, 20 bits of broken Doric
Column, fall and summer leaf mixes and…

The Realistic Water is finally available as a stand-alone product in a 0.5
ounce dropper bottle!

Mantic Games fixes Crazy Bundle link

Mantic Games is still having their Crazy Bundle sale. The link from before was apparently broken. They’ve fixed it now.

You may have noticed that the link to the Crazy Bag and Crazy Bundle was broken on our newsletter on Friday. Thanks to everyone who called, emailed and left us messages on Facebook to let us know! The broken link didn’t stop the tidal wave of people ordering the Crazy Bag however and we are now officially out of stock of the Mantic Messenger Bag, which means an end to the crazy bag.

The crazy bundle is still in stock however – 20 great plastic sprues for just £20. This random assortment of plastic goodness is great for adding miniatures to your collection or for getting a huge amount of components for kit bashing and converting.

It’s not hanging around long either – we can only offer it until 11:59pm Monday 7th May.

Ganesha Games posts up Ghost Rangers

Ganesha Games has a new supplement for their Fear and Faith minis game, Ghost Rangers.
And yes, you should have a certain theme song running through your head right now. It’s only natural.

From the release:

Ghostrangers is a ghost hunting campaign sourcebook for Fear and Faith, the horror skirmish miniatures game by Ganesha Games.

Do you hear strange noises in the middle of the night?
Do strange lights emanate from your fridge or other household appliance?
Do you or any of your family believe in ghosts?
Then call the Ghost Rangers on 1800-GHOSTRANGERS
No ghost or spectral occurrence too small!

Ghost Rangers is a complete mini-campaign for ghost-Hunting with your tongues firmly plainted in your cheeks. It introduces new equipment, characters and new exciting scenarios. 32 pages, $8 pdf.

WizKids posts up new Team Abilities for Galactic Guardians

WizKids has a new set of team abilities out there for their Galactic Guardians. Check ’em out.

From the update:

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Rules Arb, Sean aka “TechG0D”. We have yet another installment of the Players Guide and ATA’s. This time we are proud to bring you the Galactic Guardian ATA’s and HeroClix Players Guide updates.

Manorhouse Workshop having a sale on their Italian Villa

Manorhouse Workshop is having a sale on their Italian Villa terrain pieces until May 10.

From the announcement:

Given the high interest in our last product … continues until May 10 the bid of the item: MHW Italian Villa 0001
(Until May 10 promotional discount of 20% on price this item – your price will be only 128,00 €)

Brueckenkopf Online reviews Warlord Games Russian Napoleonic soldiers

Brueckenkopf has a review up on their website (in German, mind you) of Warlord Games’ Napoleonic Russian infantry sets.

Another plastic set from Warlord Games unboxed at Brueckenkopf Online, this time its the russian napoleonic infantry of 1812-15.

WizKids previews Dr. Fate

WizKids gives us another look at their convention pieces for this year with Dr. Fate.

From the preview:

Greetings WizKids Fans and Supporters!

Do you sometimes feel that Fate is against you? Often when playing HeroClix, I feel that my dice are fated to roll 1 less than the number I need to hit. Other times, the dice are in my favor when I roll that 5 or 6 that I need to avoid a big hit with super senses. What better way to ensure that fate is on your side then by playing with our second 2012 HeroClix convention preview, none other than Dr. Fate.

AD Publishing has Chinese army WWII guide available

AD Publishing continues their Victory Decision series with the Chinese guide over on their website.

From the update:

The Pacific War Army Guide supplements for our “Victory Decision: World War II” miniatures game are comprehensive army lists.
A copy of the Victory Decision: World War II rulebook is necessary to fully use the content of the books.
The Chinese Army Guide is your comprehensive guide to using Chinese armies in Victory Decision: World War II.
The Chinese role and importance in World War II is often overlooked or misjudged by western wargamers and even historians. For China World War II has a rather different meaning then that in the rest of the world. Interestingly enough in China, no one talks about the Second World War; instead people talk about the Anti-Japanese War.
This book covers the Chinese forces of this War against the Imperial Japanese Army from 1937 to 1945; be it Kuomintang forces (Chinese National Revolutionary Party) or Mao Tse-tung’s People Liberation Army.
Included are the following army lists and all the relevant HQ, Combat, Fast or Light Support Elements and Heavy Support Elements:

1937 – 1938 Nanking National Revolutionary Army
1937 – 1941 Soviet Advised National Revolutionary Army
1942 – 1943 National Revolutionary Army
1944 – 1945 Late War Chinese US equipped X and Y-Forces
1937 – 1945 Chinese Red Army Guerrilla Forces
You can download the ebook at the Wargames Vault for $ 8,99.

Games Trust reviews Eslo Terrain water/island terrain

Games Trust has a review up on their website about Eslo Terrain’s new water and island terrain pieces. Check it out (if you know or have a way to translate German).

From the review:

After we found out, that the Amera islands and mountains are inadequate for Dystopian Wars and Spartan Games is producing more an more land units and buildings, we contacted ESLO. This led to a cooperation to create terrain, which allows see and land units to be used within a Dystopian Wars game. The results of the cooperation can be found in our review.

New Rat Swarm and Spanish rules from GCT Studios

GCT Studios has a gruesome-looking preview for their next wave for the Cult of Yurei, the Rat Swarm. Also, they announce their rules are now available in Spanish. Ole!

From them to you:

GCT Studios are happy to announce our Bushido rules are now available in Spanish.
Also take a look at the Cult of Yurei’s next model.

Laser Dream Works new Hamilton Gunboat

Laser Dream Works is pleased to show off their May release, the Hamilton Gunboat.

From the release:

Laser Dream Works is happy to announce our May release – a British model 1806 Hamilton Gunboat. The smallest ship in our growing range of 28mm ships for the age of sail, this little ship is perfect for amphibious assault skirmish scenarios. Folks often ask us what rules we use with our ships. We have had great luck with several systems including Legends of the High Seas, Cutlass and Sharpe Practice. Keep an eye on the horizon. If all goes well we will get an American Gunboat out this month as well!

Alien Dungeon announces Fanticide

Alien Dungeon announces their new minis gaming coming out soon: Fanticide!

From the announcement:

Alien Dungeon is pleased to officially announce Fanticide! This
exciting new 28mm Fantasy Skirmish Game features warbands battling
across the twisted landscapes of the plane Nowhere.

The game rules have been written by Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore,
Andy Chambers, and Ernest Baker.

The full announcement along with loads of details about the game can
be found here: Fanticide

Starting next week, we will be previewing the models, rules, setting,
and more. This game is sure to provide something for everyone so
please check it out! The game will have four (4) complete Warbands
with full miniature ranges at launch. A wonderfully unique facet of
the game is a full Warband Creation System and Open Architecture so
you can play with any models you choose and make the warband you want
to play with!

The game is slated for June release, so please check out the previews
until then.

The Screaming Heretic Episode 24 now online

The Screaming Heretic now has episode 24 of their podcast available for listening.

In this episode:

Episode 24, where we want to give you free stuff. Make sure to check out our contests in the episode.
Segment 1
Open, Updates, & News

Segment 2
Kiss My List, Adepticon Classes, & Girls of gaming – Adepticon recap

Segment 3
Contest Update – Logo, iTunes reviews, Show ideas, and Song lyrics
Hobby Mastery – Tricks for helping with dry tip, Tea bag filters in your paint reservoir, black over white
Adepticon interview – Justin McCoy

Guns, Dice, Butter episode 3 online

Guns, Dice, Butter now has episode 3 of their podcast available for listening.

In this episode:

Third episode of Guns, Dice, Butter

0:0:00 Introduction with Herr Dr: Feedback, review of listener survey on, preview of episode

0:31:00 Conversation with Andrew Mulholland, author of “Keeping the Colonies Royal”, a review of strategic level boardgames on the American Revolutionary War, 2008, ATO, issue 23.

0:50:00 Panel discussion with Ed Wimble, game designer and owner of Clash of Arms, Mark Herman, game designer extraordinaire and Andrew Mulholland regarding strategic level games of American Rev War.
2:08:00 Conversation with renowned gamer and host of Jerkcon, Jeff Paull
2:33:00 Wrap up with Herr Dr: news, preview of episode 4 and shout outs.
For background information on games of the ARW and links to information provided in the podcast, see

Provide feedback by participating in Episode 3 survey on

Dark Eon Assassin new up on Kickstarter

Dark Eon Assassin is a new board game looking for funding up on Kickstarter. Check it out and hopefully help this new game out.

From the project:

Mongoose Publishing has just launched a kickstarter project for a new board game, Dark Eon Assassin – Tyrant of Acheron.

Dark Eon Assassin is a solo science-fiction board game, where you play a highly trained operative engaged on a deadly mission to defeat the Tyrant of Acheron. During play, you will get equipped with a variety of lethal, high-tech devices and weapons to aid you in your task, then infiltrate the Tyrant’s palace, avoid his defences and, hopefully, end his evil schemes. But it will not be easy…

We are using the highest quality components in this boardgame and have prepared an introductory video on the Kickstarter site that we hope will put you in the right mood for Dark Eon Assassin!

Meeples & Miniatures 86c now up: Salute pt 3

Meeples & Miniatures has the third installment of their Salute coverage up on their website. In this part of the episode:

I have just published another podcast in my continued coverage of the recent Salute 2012 show at Excel London.

In this third show, I speak with Fabio Speiza of Fireforge Games about their range of plastic Medieval troops and Deus Vault!, their upcoming Middle Age rules, Phil from Osprey Publishing about their line of Wargaming titles and the design team of Empire of the Dead from West Wind Productions.

I hope you enjoy it

The show can be found on the Meeples & Miniatures website or it’s available to download from iTunes

Warlord Games releases Baron Larrey’s Ambulance

Warlord Games helps get your wounded back to base with Baron Larrey’s Ambulance.
Remember: Ambulance you’ve got a chance.
In a hearse, couldn’t get worse!

From the release:

A new addition to our growing Napoleonic range is this wonderful vignette featuring one of the most interesting characters of the period – Baron Dominique Jean Larrey.

Taban Miniatures has new alien bases

Taban Miniatures has new resin bases, in several different sizes, for you t make your models look better with.

From the release:

5 new sets of textured resin bases are available from Taban Miniatures, Madlab 73 range
These Eldarish models are available in various sizes !

25mm x 10
30mm x 5 for anti-grav units
40mm x 4
65mm x 3 for ground or anti-grav units

Check our website for details and pictures of the different models

CoolMiniOrNot selling Wrath of Kings pre-release models

CoolMiniOrNot has pre-release Wrath of Kings models now for sale in their online shop.



I’ve got one of those guys ordered and on its way to me.

From their announcement:

You have seen all the convention coverage of these amazing miniatures from GAMA and Adepticon. Wrath of Kings is in the final stage of development, with a compelling and beautiful world about to be unveiled.

For a limited time, we’re making available high quality preview resin miniatures of the various factions currently in testing. From Pig Warriors to orphan girls possessed by octopus spirits, this is an amazing line and not to be missed!


Mantic Crazy Bag Sale for 1 week only

Mantic Games is having their Crazy Bag Sale for 1 week only.

The Crazy Bag is a Mantic Messenger Bag filled with a random assortment of plastic miniatures. It’s a massive deal, containing 20 random plastic sprues – anything from Undead Zombies to Forge Father Steel Warriors (Yep, there will be Warpath in this one!) – it’s a great little package, containing all manner of bits to convert your figures with or to add to your collection of miniatures.

We’ve only 137 bags left in our warehouse (and once they’re gone, they’re gone) so we’ve also put together a bundle of sprues without the bag as well – that’s 20 sprues of miniatures for £20!

We’re only able to offer this great little package for one week only – plenty of time for us to help you stock up on great plastic miniatures for the summer. Our little crazy bag has to finish 11:59pm Monday 7th May.

Titan-Forge posts up Griffon & Rider green

Titan-forge posted up a picture of a new Griffon and rider over on their Facebook page. Check it out.

From the webpage:

Hello, ladies and gents, look at your griffon, now back to me, now back at your griffon, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if you check out Titan Forge shop in a few days, he could be me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a battlefield with the griffon your griffon could look like. What’s in your hand? Its a ruler with “I have range” scale. Look again, the ruler is now pack of dices with 6’s on each side. Anything is possible when your griffon is from Titan Forge. I’m on a griffon.