Fenris Games releases Assorted New Bases

Fenris Games releases new bases:

From their webite:

Final news from us for 2011 – lots of new bases added to various ranges, including the 120mm “Ark” base shown here. We’ve also added to the Rubble City, Woodlands Path, Granite Flagstone and Dungeon Tile ranges this last month, and there are lots of other assorted bits and pieces new to the shop, too.

There’s still just about time to squeeze in Loyalty Card purchases, too – full details on our website.

Fantasy Flight Games to fix errors in initial Mansion Of Madness sets

Fantasy Flight Games found errors and omissions with their initial release of Mansion of Madness sets and has set up a page to help fix the problem.

Mansion of Madness

From the announcement:

Last week, it came to light that our initial shipment of Forbidden Alchemy, the recently released Mansions of Madness expansion, contained some errors affecting playability.

We have now concluded an audit of this product and have prepared a full list of any found issues, along with accompanying errata, in the Forbidden Alchemy FAQ (pdf, 1.5 MB). FFG will offer free replacement parts to any customers affected by these errors.

Hasslefree Minis Offers New Magnetic Basing Options

Hasslefree Minis following customer suggestions have added some new shapes and a new range to their selection of die-cut magnetic basing materials:

From their website:

Following customer suggestions we have added some new shapes and a new range to our selection of die-cut magnetic basing materials.

The new shape added is 25mm diameter hexagon (25mm diameter flat side to flat side, not point to point).

The hexagon is available in both 0.75mm thick magnetic rubber and also 0.4mm thick ‘Ironflex’.

Currently in adhesive-backed magnetic rubber we stock discs in 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter. Square tiles in 20mm and 25mm diameter. Tape in 8mm and 20mm diameter.

The new product ‘Ironflex’ is stocked as the new 25mm Hex, 25mm and 50mm discs and 25mm and 50mm tape.

‘Ironflex’ is a flexible ferrous-based rubber which is adhesive-backed like the rest of our range. It is attractive to both A/B and North/South magnets and magnetic materials. It cuts easily with scissors and unlike steel sheet there are no nasty little annoying cuts and scratches!

The magnetic basing range is one of our most popular ranges and we hope that this investment into alternate die-cut shapes will prove popular so that we can invest and add to the range, or we may never listen to our customers again!

The new items are now in our shop (look for ‘New Stuff’ at the top of the accessories section) and if you want to find our more about the range then please visit our forum or post your questions here.

Thanks for reading!

Ral Partha Europe Releases Demonworld 15mm Goblins

Ral Partha Europe announces it’s first releases for the New Year:

From their website:

Our final release for 2011 is the first batch of Demonworld Goblins-
4701 Goblin Warriors (48) £16.00
4701A Goblin Warriors (12) £4.50
4702 Goblin Archers (48) £16.00
4702A Goblin Archers (12) £4.50
4703 Goblin Cave Fighters (40) £16.00
4703A Goblin Cave Fighters (10) £4.50
4704 Spider Hunters (20) £16.00
4704 Spider Hunters (5) £4.50
4705 Running Spears (21) £16.00
4705A Running Spears (5) £4.50
4706 War Turtles (40) £22.00
4706A War Turtles (5) £3.00
4711 Desert Flea Riders (8) £14.00
4711A Desert Flea Rider £2.00
4711B Giant Flea £1.75
4719 Goblin Horridus £8.00
4719A Giant Beetle £6.00
4720 Goblin Trogulidus £8.00
4720A Giant Stag Beetle £6.00
More 15mm to follow throughout 2012

A Happy New Year from the RPE team!

Fantasy Flight Games downloadable content for City of Thieves

Fantasy Flight Games shows off downloadable content for Cadwallon: City of Thieves.

City of Thieves

From their website:

Run for Your Life! (pdf, 5.9 MB) is bonus downloadable content for Cadwallon: City of Thieves that adds a new high-stakes timer to the game. Featuring new map tiles and locations along with the variant rules to use them, Run for Your Life! brings even more variety to nightly illicit activities (this variant requires The Inn, Cry Havoc!, and A Gamble in the Dark, which are each available on our support page).

Britton Publishers Announces Rising Sun: Operation Watchtower

Britton Publishers releases a new scenario book for of combat scenarios:

From their announcement:

This book contains 12 company level scenarios for 6–15mm that chronicle the USMC involvement in Guadalcanal from August to November of 1942. Although intended for Micro Melee, it will translate well to other rules of comparable scale.

Miniature Building Authority Releases Jersey Barriers

Miniature Building Authority releases Jersey Barriers suitable for any gaming system:

From their website:

Modern miniature gaming enthusiasts need barriers. We now give you the opportunity to buy your “Jersey” barriers for blocking the zombie attack to stopping the car bomb in Iraq.

Each one is $1.95 and can be ordered at:


Project Good Releases a New Expansion to Good: the Battle

Project Good declares its War!!… and it just got a whole lot nicer:

From their post:

Nice: the Expansion continues the theme of any Genre, any scale & any miniatures. With over 50 new powers, more scenarios, more miniature bonuses, vehicle rules, civilian rules, even new ways to play!

No miniatures? No problem – The rules still allow you to have a cucumber and a croissant in a pitched battle to the death! Available in their online store (www.projectgood.co.uk/store.html) or from Wargame Miniatures’ Online Store (www.wargame-miniatures.co.uk)

Edit: Fixed link

Basecrafts.com Posts a Video Review of their Products and a New Blog

Basecrafts.com has posted a video of their product line and has started a new blog discussing their products”

From their website:

Basecrafts.com have expanded their range of Crystal Rock basing materials, a new youtube video shows the full range available.

Also Basecrafts now have a blog that will cover their own product ranges and other basing and terrain related material.

Crossover Miniatures Previews New Super Villain

Crossover Miniatures previews an upcoming miniature on Kickstarter:

From their post:

I’ve got some great shots of our new Villain. We wanted some muscle for our Super Villain figure, so we thought about who you would have to go through to get to the master mind. Someone with a lot of muscle seemed like a great answer, so Soapy gave us a lot of muscle.

I picked these three heads to give a lot of variety. There is a set of Ram horns, a hockey mask, and a freakish head for a slightly ghoulish look. These should offer you chance to represent different power levels with the same guy. I personally can’t wait to paint a few of them up in different colors to see how that changes the look and feel of the figure.

Legion of Snake Eyes UK Warmachine/Horde Campaign Weekend

Legion of Snake Eyes are proud to present Iron Helix, a Warmachine & Hordes Campaign Weekend on the 25th & 26th February 2012; hosted by Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury, Wiltshire:

From their announcement:

Victory brings honour.

Defeat brings death.

Tickets are £18 for the event, lunch, and Five games of brutal action.

Email loseclub@gmail.com for more information

To download the complete pack http://legionofsnakeeyes.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/the-chamber-of-horrors.pdf

Legion of Snake Eyes

To book, contact loseclub@gmail.com

Pre-Ordering available for plastic AZW Contingent

Warlord Games now taking pre-ordering for their plastic AZW Natal Native Contingent in their online store.

AZW Natal Natives

From their announcement:

The latest of the plastic boxed sets produced in conjunction with Empress Miniatures is the Natal Native Contingent. You can now place a pre-order for these auxiliary troops in our store now!

New German paint sets from Warlord Games

Warlord Games releases new Bolt Action German paint set.

German Paint set

From their website:

Rounding off our Bolt Action paint sets are these covering the forces of the Third Reich. Whether your force comprises Waffen-SS, Fallschirmjäger or Heer, you need look no further than these handy paint sets.

Tor Gaming releases new bust

Tor Gaming releases a new undead bust.

From their site:

We hope you all had a rather spiffing Christmas and got yourself plenty of miniatures and hobby supplies. Well, not too many as I am sure 2012 will bring lots more.

Speaking of which, we thought we would preview some rather dodgy pics of the sculpts (busts) for one of our new ranges coming in 2012 before we send the busts off to the caster.

Check out the blog post linked somewhere on this news post for more pictures of the other busts.

Miniature Building Authority releases new products

Miniature Building Authority posts up their new releases.

From their website:

After a long delay, the new Miniature Building Authority products will be here on Tuesday. We will be unpacking them and preparing them for shipment next week. All the pre-orders should go out before the weekend next week.

The following items are in this shipment:
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PicoArmor is now offering Hind Commander Packs

PicoArmor is releasing Hind Commander packs of strike groups.

From their announcement:

Hind Commander Aircraft Support Pack has enough airplanes for a few strike groups. It is perfect for commanders who want to have wide tactical possibilities.

Hind Commander Artillery Support Pack can be used to bolster your strike groups with various artillery pieces. It has enough models for making a few complete batteries and/or on-table unit.

Hind Commander Ultra-Modern Russian Helicopter/Ground Battle Set is composed of ultra-modern Soviet/Russian made equipment.
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Capitan Games new Navies for Close Quarters

Captian Games releases new Navies for the game Close Quarters.

From their announcement:

In our website, we have included new ship data cards for the Dutch Navy and the Chilean Navy.
Now you can refight boardings with the Napoleon allies, the Dutch Navy, and the wars for the independence in the Pacific against Spain, with the Chilean Navy. Find it all at:Close Quarters

For the Dutch Navy we recommend to use the French Navy references of the 18mm naval napoleonic Capitán Miniatures range and for the Chilean use the US Navy Officers for deck officers, and British Lieutenant RN003 for Marine officer, and the Spanish Marines SN005 & SN006 for Marines and Sharpshooters.

Guts N Gears posts Why Privateer Press? The Gamers Tale

Guts N Gears posts their episode about Privateer Press.

From their site:

Why Privateer Press? 2011 the people, the gamers & the gaming company.

“Bigger, Better & Stronger… Roll With The Good Times.”

2 fluid Rulebooks, 11 Faction books & 2 expansion book in the MK2 era. With some allot of excellent high quality Hordes & Warmachine models.

Tune in and find out more with this end of year wrap up. We hope you have had a great year of gaming as we have had.
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Dark Age Games posts events for Templecon 2012

Dark Age Games announces that they will be attending Templecon 2012:

< From their post:

We are excited to attend TempleCon 2012! Dark Age fits this years theme, and we couldnt be more happy to bring the Post-Apocalyptic game to the convention.

Templecon 2012 is held in Warwick Rhode Island, February 3-5 and Dark Age will be on hand to run demos and a Midnight Rumble event, a 500pt Tournament using the E’Xtreme Format.

Pre-registration closes on January 1st, 2012, so check out their website to register for the events.

TempleCon Events Page
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Impact Miniatures launches kickstarter for Passing Shot: Tennis Game

Impact Miniatures launches the Kickstarter for their new game project Passing Shot: Dice Tennis Game.

From their announcement:


“QUIET, please!” … The whole Stadium goes quiet. Tossing the ball and getting to the perfect trophy pose. You unleash the a breath and accelerate the raquethead and hit the ball just right. The serve radar reads 139 mph and the ball catches the service line before flying past your opponent. Ace! 15 – 40. Now if you can make just three more. It’s only the beginning, the first game, and you are already in a deep hole. No matter you. You step up to the basline and get ready to toss the ball…”
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Foodmachine 2011 ends on Sunday

Foodmachine runs lots of events to raise food and support for people in need. The event ends on Sunday and there is still time to help support.

From their site:

Official Foodmachine events end this Sunday, BUT, here’s a way you can win a fully painted army and support the cause without leaving your computer. Read about the Project: Orange Crush Hunger army:

For every dollar donated ($10 minimum), the donor receives one chance to win per dollar. (Be sure to include your name and an email when you donate so we may contact you if you win!)

During Templecon 2012, a winner will be randomly selected via random.org with Privateer Press staff on hand to verify the result. The number rolled will determine which dollar is the winning one, starting with the first dollar donated to the site.
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Beasts of War Year in Review On the Table Episode

Beasts of War has posted the last On the Table episode for 2011, their year in review On the Table episode:

From their website:

This is a special half hour clip show just right for watching in front of a warm fire on these cold winter nights. We have stories from across the series covering products from no less than 33 companies.

D6 Generation posts episode 94

D6 Generation posts up their 94th epsiode, which covers the best moments of 2011, Warhamachine Wrath, Warhammer Badlands, and Mercs.

From their website:

In episode 94 the third chair is filled by Owen Staton. Owen Staton is a Welsh Storyteller, actor and writer who has been a Gamer for 28 years. He has been a long time contributor to the D6 Generation through his segments “Words from Wales.” Recently he published a CD of his own Stories from Welsh folklore called “Tales from the New Inn”. He is handsome in a rugged sort of way and has a morbid fear of Taxidermy.
It’s been awhile since we disucess miniature games so we decided to discuss three new miniature releases that have been active in our local gaming groups. Russ discusses his thoughts on Warmachine Wrath (with a few comments on Hordes Domination), Owen shares his thoughts on the Warhammer Fantsay Battles campaign book “Badlands” and Craig gives us his thoughts after a couple plays of the new miniature war game Mercs.
But first the crew discusses their top gaming related moments of 2011.
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Fiendish Fabrications Presents More Pillow Fighting Fun

Fiendish Fabrications has their final word for the year 2011 with the release of Set 2 of their Pillow A-Go-Go Battle Babes:

From their website:

with the first, has three battle hardened, pillow wielding daughters of Odin for your perusal at their web site (www.fiendishfabrications.com.au).

Planned 28mm figure releases for the start of 2012 are:
– Pulp Mudman 2 (set of 5),
– Agent Provocateur, and
– Ogilvy the Astronomer.

We are also aiming to release two new games during the year as well as a continuous stream of new miniatures and some new base sets.

Cheers to all and thanks for all the support during 2011.
Happy New Year