FFG September 2011 releases

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the following products will be shipping in the second half of September 2011. All prices are in US$.

  • TH16 Tannhauser: Mizu $12.95
  • TH17 Tannhauser: Itami $12.95
  • MEC05 Lord of the Rings LCG: The Hills of Emyn Muil $14.95
  • WHC23 Warhammer Invasion LCG: The Inevitable City $14.95
  • RT08 Rogue Trader: Fallen Suns $24.95
  • GOT66 A Game of Thrones LCG: Kings of the Storm (reprint) $29.95
  • DE01 Descent Mini: Lord Merrick Farrow (reprint) $9.95
  • DE02 Descent Mini: Gata the White Death (reprint) $9.95
  • DE03 Descent Mini: Thadd the Destroyer (reprint) $14.95
  • DE04 Descent Mini: Sir Alric Farrow (reprint) $9.95
  • DE05 Descent Mini: Lady Eliza Farrow (reprint) $9.95
  • DE06 Descent Mini: Krieg the Relentless (reprint) $9.95
  • GOT74 A Game of Thrones LCG: Queen of Dragons (reprint) $29.95
  • MEC01 Lord of the Rings LCG (reprint) $39.95
  • GOT49e A Game of Thrones LCG: Kings of the Sea (reprint) $29.95
  • GOT36 A Game of Thrones LCG Core Set (reprint) $39.95
  • FFS03 FFG Supply Standard American Board Game Sleeves $2.99
  • FFS05 FFG Supply Standard Card Game Sleeves $2.99
  • GW03 Blood Bowl Team Manager – The Card Game $34.95

Dust Tactics strategy article posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new Dust Tactics strategy article.

From their website:

In the fast-paced battles of Dust Tactics, players have to consider every unit activation carefully. While it might initially look like a good idea to run your Allied Hell Boys at your opponent’s Battle Grenadiers to drench them in fiery doom, where will that leave your Hell Boys later in the round? Will Lara and her Heavy Laser Grenadiers march over to annihilate some of your heaviest hitters? What if your flamethrowers don’t burn the Axis soldiers, the dreaded empty black squares show up on the dice, and the Battle Grenadiers survive to retaliate? What if your Hell Boys move too deep into enemy positions and find themselves surrounded?

Super Dungeon Explore shipping update

Soda Pop Miniatures have posted an update on the shipping status of their Super Dungeon Explore game.

From their website:

Looks like everything is leaving the factory on the 15th of September. We expect arrival of the pre-oders in our warehouse soon afterwards, with immediate shipping out to all you fine folks who pre-ordered your game on PAX and GenCon. We will continue to keep you updated. Thanks everyone for your patience

Wayland post ROW update

Wayland Games have posted an update on their efforts to continue too sell GW products to countries outside the EU.

From their announcement:

Guys, its Rich the boss here. This message is related to the ROW situation and how long it will take to get something moving.

We know there is lots of frustration out there about the delays, we can only apologise and seek to explain what is going on.

This undertaking is very complicated and as mentioned previously we are about to move warehouses and we don’t have unlimited resources to do all this at once at least not properly. The ROW stock requires significant extra space to be allocated to it and so we cannot list the majority until that space is available be that in the UK or elsewhere :). We had hoped this would be quicker than it has been, but the change of new warehouse very close to the move date impacted these efforts. In a detailed survey we found asbestos in the previous target warehouse and reluctantly had to withdraw. However almost immediately we had an alternate and in fact better location. So we have been focussing on getting that location up and running. The building works we are having done are almost complete but its difficult to say the exact completion and handover date.

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New terrain and bases from Micro Art

Micro Art Studio have released a new terrain set as well as several new sets of themed bases.

Shock Troop Heavy Weapons preview

Wargames Factory have posted photos of assembled samples and the sprues for their Shock Trooper Heavy Weapon figures.

Shock Troop Heavy Weapon

From their website:

There has been a lot excitement and interest regarding our soon to be released Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons set. The Heavy Weapons sets are now on their way from manufacturing to our distribution center.

We are pleased to present the first pictures of assembled Shock Troop Heavy Weapons. (Please note that these are tests runs, the quality of the plastic in the production runs is significantly better than what you will see here.)

Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules coming soon

Polemos S.P.Q.R. coverBaccus will soon be releasing their Polemos S.P.Q.R. rules.

From their announcement:

I am delighted to say that the Polemos SPQR rules are now at the printers and that we are now taking advance orders. If you want to be the cool kid who gets their copy ahead of the crowd, there’s a rather nifty little advance order system for you…

Check out our website for more information about the rules themselves.

We’ll be supporting the rules with a full range of army packs, a boxed starter set and a new line of scenics. If all goes well I may have some copies for sale with me at Partizan this weekend, so it will be worth dropping by the stand the check.

Staying with things Ancient, work on the rescultped Greek range is nearly completed. In anticipation of its release the existing range will be withdrawn from sale in one week’s time. If you need to get those last figures to complete existing armies, then it’s time to get your order in quickly.

New Flintloque fiction at Barking Irons

Barking Irons Online has a new story set in the Flintlogue setting.

From their announcement:

Just gone live on Barking Irons is another Tale from the White Liar by none other than the man who came up with the concept, Tony Harwood.

In today’s tale, ‘The Legend of Baldur‘, the landlord of the White Liar himself spins a yarn of a Dwarven hero who takes a trip to the legendary Beer Keller of the Dead in search of his lost kin. Enjoy.

And don’t forget you too can contribute to the ongoing stories being told in the White Liar. Full details can be found at the bottom of the article, now you can tell your piece of the history of Valon.

Keep The Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Barking Irons

Bushido Undead Oni concept art

GCT Studios have posted the concept art for an Undead Oni figure for their Bushido fantasy game.

Undead Oni

From their announcement:

What could make an Oni more monstrous? Bushido brings us their concept art of their upcoming recruit to the Cult of Yurei as well as the greens of Mikio the big man. You will also find the concluding part of Paradise lost.

Ramshackle Games re-release Giggles Clan

Leroy Ramshackle Games have re-released their 28mm Giggles Clan figures in resin.

From their announcement:

The latest release here at Ramshackle Games are some more resin figures. These are actually a rerelease, the figures were available in metal but are not being cast in resin. Corresponding to a move into a cheaper material, they are also cheaper to the customer, being priced at £2 each.

Lost Hemisphere Radio episode 35

Episode 35 of the Lost Hemisphere Radio podcast is now available.

From their announcement:

Ten years ago Privateer Press started the journey that has led them towards becoming one of the premiere miniature gaming companies in the world. To celebrate, they’ve given us the biggest No Quarter ever… so we hijacked NQ Editor-In-Chief Aeryn Rudel anded pull him in to chat with Lost Hemisphere Radio.

Paymaster Games comparison photo

Paymaster Games have posted a photo comparing their figures to other historical miniatures.

Comparision photo

From their announcement:

Their has been a lot of questions about the scale of Paymaster’s models. Here is a photo that helps address that question. All of the models are on the same size base. Pictured is a Aztec from Foundry, NW Clubber from Paymaster, Roman from Warlord, Masterclass model from GW, Marcus Crassus from Paymaster and a Korean from the Perry Brothers.

Any questions about our models or this scale picture please contact us at Paymastergames@hotmail.com

Thank you,
Raza Decon
Paymaster Games

SFB Omega Master Rulebook 2011 available

Amarillo Design Bureau have released the Omega Master Rulebook 2011.

From their announcement:

Young Warrior. You think you know Star Fleet Battles, with all of its tactical twists and turns. But you do not.

To truly understand the game, you must understand all of the game, including the ships, empires, history, weapons,and tactics of the wild and unpredictable Omega Octant.

Only then can you truly know Star Fleet Battles.

And to truly know the Omega Octant, you need this Master rulebook, which includes:

  • Every rule, chart, scenario, and ship description from all five Omega Modules.
  • plus an extensive Omega tactics section.
  • plus an updated Sequence of Play listing, including the entire Alpha Octant, the Simulators, and the Magellanic Cloud.
  • plus completely updated Annexes and new Master Ship, PF, and Fighter Charts.
  • plus all ship descriptions, rules, weapons, and scenarios for the Omega Octant that were
  • published in Captain’s Log.
  • plus the “lost” history section originally written for Module Omega Four.
  • plus each carrier as needed has an updated Escorts and Fighters Table.

This product is an updated rulebook for the five Omega Octant Modules of Star Fleet Battles. You must have SFB Basic Set and the SSD books and counters from the Omega modules to use this material. Some material will also require Advanced Missions and other modules.

Retail price $45.00

New Firestorm Armada community site – The Black Ocean

A new Firestorm Armada community website, The Black Ocean, is now open.

From their announcement:

A community site for Firestorm Armada and sci-fi war gaming, The Black Ocean combines forums and file hosting in an easy to access package.

This site is intended to be the nexus for new and seasoned Firestorm Armada gamers and a hub for discussion and creation of the first ever independent tournament circuit.

A Podcast of the same name is forthcoming this month and the teaser is already up on iTunes.

Be sure to join the free forums, follow on Twitter, and like the Black Ocean on Facebook.

New Ticket to Ride Map Collections

Days of Wonder have announced two new Ticket to Ride Map Collections.

Map Collections

From their announcement:

Days of Wonder today announced the upcoming release of the Ticket to RideTM Map Collection, a series of new maps playable with the original Ticket to Ride USA or Ticket to Ride Europe board games.

To celebrate the ever-growing Ticket to Ride player community and Days of Wonder’s upcoming 10-year anniversary, the company recently organized a $10,000 Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest. 612 Ticket to Ride fans and aspiring game designers from 40 different countries submitted their own maps for a chance to win the $10,000 cash prize. Perhaps even more exciting was the possibility of seeing their design published in the Ticket to Ride Map Collection to be officially introduced at Essen SPIEL 2011, alongside a brand new team-play map accommodating up to 6 players, created by original Ticket to Ride game designer, Alan R. Moon.

A long evaluation process revealed two exceptional contest entries. As a result, the company doubled the prize and selected two Grand Prize winners: Franc?ois Valentyne from Toronto, Canada, with his map of Legendary Asia, and Ian Vincent from London, UK, whose map explores the Indian subcontinent. Each winner earned the $10,000 Grand Prize and will see his design in the upcoming volumes of this collection.

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Adler Hobby hosting Escalation league for FOW

Adler Hobby in Hollis New Hampshire will be holding a Flames of War Escalation League.

From their announcement:

Hellfire & Back Escalation League

Saturday September 24, 2011 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

This event repeats every month on the last Saturday until Wednesday February 29, 2012.

Club Event open to anyone

There are reminders set for 2 days and 14 days before this event at the FOWNE Yahoo Group

Adler Hobby LLC
96 Twiss Lane
Hollis NH 03049

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Darkfast Classic Fantasy line of cardstock minis released

Set One: Orc TribeOkumarts Games have released the first set in their new Darkfast Classic Fantasy line of cardstock miniatures.

From their announcement:

Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set One: Orc Tribe gives you 24 original Classic Fantasy themed miniature figures perfect for roleplaying games or wargames. All files are 300dpi and include front and back views. This is a layered PDF giving you four options of colour schemes for the warriors and a bonus “orc civilian” level for you to round out your Orc experience.

There are 60 possible miniature combinations in this set

Talisman expansions overview

Fantasy Flight Games have posted an overview of the last three expansions for the Talisman boardgame.

From their website:

Talisman fans have been anxiously awaiting The Dragon expansion since we announced it in June. Now, as its release approaches, we look at how you can incorporate The Dragon and its growing draconic menace into games utilizing the two existing Talisman Region expansions The Highland and The Dungeon.

Talisman developer, John Goodenough, offers an overview of the three Region expansions.

Armorcast’s first Annual Cinematic Contest ends soon

Armorcast’s first Annual Cinematic Contest is ending soon.

From their announcement:

You have less than 36 hours to get your last entries into the contest. The single miniature category is going to be tight, but the unit category is still competitive. For more info go to http://armorcast.com/news/?cat=8

Kaiju Kaos – Zombies released

AnCon Annie, Zombie MasterBailey Records have released the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies expansion for their Kaiju Kaos rules as well as the AnCon Annie zombie figure.

From their announcement:

Name: AnCon Annie, Zombie Master
Price: $3.00
Faction: Zombies (Serum Z)
Sculpted by: Bryan Steele
Description: AnCon Annie became a Serum Z Zombie on her prom night after Dr. Kaos contaminated a nearby water source. Since that fateful evening, she has spread the Undead plague across the world as a Zombie Master. Despite numerous attempts, Special Mission Force has been unable to contain her. All Kaiju Kaos miniatures are designed for play with other 28mm (1:56 scale) gaming miniatures. Complete game stats for AnCon Annie can be found at in the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies PDF.

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Strange Aeons core rulebook sold out

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide is reporting that they have sold out of the second print of their Strange Aeons core rulebook.

From their website:

Yes, we’ve once again sold out of the Strange Aeons core rulebook. The second printing was anticipated to last another 6-12 months, so thanks to you all for pushing our sales far beyond our expectations! We’re currently getting the third printing ready for press, and hope to have it available again by the end of September. In the interim, the rulebook and Ultimate Seduction bundle will be unavailable, but will remain up on the online store as pre-order items.

Halo HeroClix USNC Marine preview

WizKids have posted a preview of the USNC Marine figure from the upcoming Halo HeroClix game.

From their website:

Today we check in with the fighting men of the UNSC who bravely face the front lines in the war against the Convenant. We begin our preview with the Marine (Battle Rifle).

The Marine (Battle Rifle) begins the game rushing onto the battlefield strafing his foes with Running Shot, manuevering to get the most of his Flanking Fire special power. Flanking Fire decreases the defense value of his target if it was already damaged by another friendly figure in the same turn. Imagine the Marine (Battle Rifle) and his teammates laying down suppressing fire and the target opposing figure desperately scrabbling for cover.

New Banners of War preview posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new preview of the Banners of War expansion for the Rune Wars boardgame.

From their website:

Back in July, Fantasy Flight Games announced Banners of War, an upcoming expansion for Runewars that builds on the strategy and diplomacy of the war for the dragon runes. In our first preview, we looked at the “Commanders of the Battlefield” variant, which elevates heroes to a new level of strategic importance. We also began to see how Banners of War’s modular design lets players incorporate only the variants they choose, resulting in a tailor-made Runewars experience. Next, we looked at the increased importance of cities established by the “Rise of the Free Cities” variant and the Lost City mechanic.

Today, we’ll look at another optional rule: Development cards. These versatile cards represent advanced spells or technologies researched by a faction, and they confer all manner of special advantages to their owner.

Knuckleduster Annual Sale

Knuckleduster is having their Annual Sale.

From their announcement:

Knuckleduster Miniatures is having its annual Labor Day sale; 20% off all orders of $100 or more from now till September 5th. Also, Knuckleduster has just released several sets of British infantry in Belgic Shakos in their War of 1812 range, and has added a European distributor, Caliver Books in the UK.

White Star Rising: Operation Cobra available for pre-order

White Star Rising: Operation Cobra Lock’ n Load Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for the White Star Rising: Operation Cobra boardgame.

From their announcement:

White Star Rising: Operation Cobra is an expansion for the game White Star Rising in the Nations at War series. This expansion focuses on the events surrounding the Allied breakout from the Normandy beachhead over the course of a month in July-August 1944. White Star Rising: Operation Cobra adds the Canadians, the Free French, and the Free Polish to the Nations at War series in addition to new units for the Americans, British, and the Germans. For more information, and/or place a P500 preorder.

Flintloque Starter Pack released

Flintloque Starter PackAlternative Armies have released a starter pack for their Flintloque fantasy rules.

From their announcement:

A hearty greeting from all of us at Alternative Armies and welcome to the Shilling Service Pack for Flintloque 3rd edition. There are several of these packs all with a common theme but each one is a little different. The aim of the starter pack…well that is simple. To get you ready, to get you playing Flintloque 3rd edition the greatest fantasy napoleonique game ever made.

This Shilling Service Pack contains all you need to get you up and playing Flintloque in the battle torn lands of the Dwarves, Dogmen, Ogres, Rabbitmen and more. Firstly the magnificent ninety six page 5028 Bier & Bones with full rules and background for the central Urop theatre of the wars where the Ostarian Empire along with Krautia try to hold back the advance of the Ferach Empire. Secondly eleven great 28mm scale white metal Flintloque miniatures made up of six Krautian Dwarves along with three Finklestein Dwarves and two Finklestein Ogres; these all come with included plastic or metal bases.

You also get a set of two percentile dice and lastly the special two page insert. This insert is unique to the Shilling Service Pack and outlines how to get playing, how to create your characters using the book and then three scenarios featuring the miniatures in the pack. The insert also gives details for solo play of the the scenarios. Lastly the insert gives you ideas on how to continue your adventures using your starter pack as a basis for expansion.

Micropanzer post Septermber release update

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted details of their September 2011 miniature releases.

15mm September releases

From their announcement:

I have just approved the masters from caster and am working on production molds for the following.

32mm Range

  • Vaethaka Attack hound in Harness $3.99
  • Valyur Medic $3.99
  • Valkyur Comms Specialist $3,99

15mm Range

  • Seeker with SAS Turret 8.50
  • Alien Pack 1 – 10 figures $7.00 (2 of each figure and 2 random pose)
  • Alien pack 2 – 10 figures $7.00 (1 of each figure and 4 random figures)
  • merc pack 1 – 5 figures (4 soldiers and 1 leader in power armor)
  • Battle Raven MkI – $12.50
  • Battle Raven MkIII – $12.50
  • US Drone pack 5.00 (4 wheeled 4 tracked and 4 of each gun ) good for modern games

I will be updating the shopping cart this weekend. The voucher program wraps up on the 2nd as well but there is still time to take advantage of program.

I did receive the printing of the Russian Combat Armor and had hoped to have it in production but quality was very poor as I ordered it in the wrong material It is being reprinted – More to come on this.