A Band of Orcs figures now in

Impact! Miniatures have received stock of their A Band of Orcs miniatures.

Band of Orcs painted

From their announcement:

Impact! Miniatures & A Band of Orcs are pleased to announce the formal release of the miniatures. They have arrived from Iron Wind and will be available at GenCon (booth 507). They will begin shipping after shortly after GenCon. They are available for purchase on our webstore

CP Models release 28mm historical personalities

CP Models have released a several 28mm historical personality figures.

French generals

From their announcement:

New 28mm French revolutionary generals available as single figures or as a set of five figures at a slight discount

Also now available in 28mm Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

These figures are now available from www.cpmodelsminiatures.co.uk

Strain painted Phase 1 Necroforms previewed

Studio McVey have posted photos of three painted examples of the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game.

Phase 1 Necroform

From their website:

Here are the final painted images on the Strain Phase 1 Necroforms – pretty nasty stuff! The rest of the phases are well under way and I might even be posting the painted phase 2 miniatures later today.

These (and all the others) will be pre-releasing at GenCon 2011 this coming week (4th – 7th August). We will also have them for sale at the same time in the Studio Store.

Raging Heroes preview Siamese Dragon

Raging Heroes have posted an image of an early prototype of their fantasy Siamese Dragon and is looking for feedback on the design.

Siamese Dragon

From their announcement:

Here are the first images of our evil dragon sculpt. Inspired by the ancient Caduceus and legends of two-headed snakes, this creature is a messenger of evil, a dark omen of ruin and destruction.

As you can see, the sculpt is far from being finished and so we would like to know how you see this creature turning out.
Please read the notes on the images to get a better feel of what is still in the works and what is close to completion.

Also note that we will probably release a single-head version of this beast as well.

Let us know what you think…

Dark Nebula Games returns to GenCon 2011

Dark Nebula Games will be attending GenCon 2011.

From their announcement:

Dark Nebula Games returns to GenCon 2011 for another year with Cyprian Rift: Warships a cinematic starship miniatures game. Do you have the desire to take command of a warship and engage foes in ship to ship combat? Then come take charge of the bridge and use your tactical genius to be victorious. This game system is geared around engagements with small to medium class warships of cutters, corvettes, frigates, destroyers and cruisers.

This year in addition to the regular scenario there will be a number of two hour introduction games. Now you can jump right into the battles and experience the flavor of the game. Rules will be taught so new comers are welcome. All you need is your imagination and wiliness to defeat your foe.

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Warpath Starter details

E-figures have posted details of some of the contents of the upcoming Warpath Starter set from Mantic Games.

From their website:

We have received some preliminary information from Mantic for their sci-fi release coming in November. The Warpath Starter is planned to contain 55 models, 2 vehicles, dice, rules and Mantic points and retail for $74.99. The final name of the product should be chosen in mid-August. As we do not have an exact date, this product has been placed in the TBA PreOrders section for now. When we have more information, it will be updated accordingly.

Dust Tactics: State of the Game

Fantasy Flight Games have posted an article looking at the current status of the Dust Tactics boardgame.

From their website:

There has never been a better time to be a Dust Tactics fan. We are thrilled with how the game is going from strength to strength. The introduction of the new point system earlier this year met with a very positive response and an increase in sales. Dust Tactics has matured greatly with the release of two new campaign expansions, several new squads for both factions, and fantastic new walkers. The Revised Core Set is right around the corner, and we can tell you right now that you haven’t seen anything more than the vanguard. We are just getting started.

Next week at Gen Con Indy 2011 we will show off some new walkers that will send shock waves through the miniatures community. Miniatures players around the world will be buzzing about these amazing new models.

Blackball Games to attend PAX Prime

Blackball Games will be featuring their new game, Monkeys with Knives and Guns, at PAX Prime. The company will not be attending GenCon 2011 though.

From their website:

It’s official – Blackball Games will be releasing our latest game, “Monkeys with Knives and Guns” at PAX Prime. We’ll be showing off the monkey madness along with our latest “Book of Fragments” miniatures at the big event in Seattle, August 26th – 28th, 2011. Stop by the booth for a demo and to check out the latest creepy monsters for the table-top.

We are also pleased to announce that we’ll also be partnering with our friends over at Cipher Studios for PAX – which means that in addition to Monkeys and Book of Fragments, we’ll also have all the latest releases from Cipher’s smash hit “Anima Tactics” and the awesome new “Helldorado” line. We’ll have demos and general shenanigans – stop on by.
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Blackball Games Since we’ll be focused on our presence PAX this year, we have decided to skip GenCon – while we love both events, we wanted to make sure PAX got our undivided attention this time around. We have cancelled the GenCon events we were planning, but we’ll be running all of our latest all weekend at PAX. We do plan on GenCon in full-force next time around.

Hydra Miniatures GenCon preview 2

Space Pirate class 1Hydra Miniatures have posted their second preview of figures that they will have available at GenCon 2011.

From their announcement:

In our first Gen Con preview, we showed you some of the latest Retro Raygun 30mm figures available from Hydra Miniatures (booth #405 at Gen Con Indy). However, our War Rocket fans will be excited to know that a new fleet is on the way—Space Pirates! Although the full Space Pirate fleet is still in development, we will be selling packs of the Space Pirate Class 1 ($10.95 for 3 models). Sculpted by David Leppink (Sublimate), these sleek dart-like rockets are armed with unique weaponry on their wing pods.

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Hell Dorado new releases and book have shipped

Cipher Studios have shipped the Hell Dorado rulebooks and the latest miniature releases.

From their announcement:

We have just gotten the next wave of Hell Dorado figures shipped off to distributors! Also, in the last two weeks, we have received the Hell Dorado book and shipped all outstanding distributor orders and pre-orders from our web store. So, if the book hasn’t already made its way to your FLGS, it is on its way. Along with Samael, Li Tsu Tsin, Wormpile, Berber Chasseurs, and the Missionary.

Victory Force acquiring JC Figures

Victory Force Miniatures will be acquiring select ranges from JC Figures.

JC Figures Modern Marines

From their announcement:

JC Figures is selling the rights and molds for their Samurai, Modern US Marines and Insurgents lines to Victory Force Miniatures.

These lines will be a fantastic addition to the existing Victory Force figure lines. JC is a fantastic sculptor and anyone who likes the Victory Force lines will be equally pleased with JC’s figures.

You can expect to see the lines for sale in the Victory Store within the next month.

More information soon.
Thank you

Miniature Design Studio update postage rates

Miniature Design Studio have updated their postage rates.

From their announcement:

Just a quite note to say that I’ve finally worked out how to charge postage as a percentage of each order on the website, so with immediate effect MDS postage rates are now set at:

  • UK – 12% of order value
  • Europe – 17% of order value
  • ROW – 20% of order value

Thanks for looking.

Please note: All MDS miniatures are 28mm. Supplied unpainted and unassembled

Meeples & Miniatures Podcast episode 77

Episode 77 of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Episode 77 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast has been release

In this show I review two of the recent Wargames rules releases for the Ancient period: Hail Caesar from Warlord Games and Clash of Empires from Great Escape Games

I take an in-depth look at both sets of rules, and give my thoughts on their relative strengths and who they would appeal to.

You can download the show from the Meeples & Miniatures website, or its available on iTunes

Painted Palaudis Occulites and Luftles

Darwin Games have posted painted examples of their Occulites and Luftles figures from the Rise of the Occulites game.

Palaudis tribe

From their announcement:

I have the first sets of painted figures posted up. These have been painted by Kosta and help to show off the great sculpting that Bob Olley has done with these guys. This weekend I will be working on the Darwin Games Website and some terrain so that I can film a couple of turns of a small encounter using the Dawn: Rise of the Occulites rules. Bob Olley is currently sculpting up the Hydris tribe and I will post more photos of them when I receive them.

Once I receive those greens, I will get both the Floris and Hydris moulded and cast by Nic @ Eureka. So things are getting exciting. If you are enjoying this line and the setting, please consider spreading the word as it will help Darwin Games continue the journey.


New HQ Markers from LITKO

LITKO have added new HQ markers to their online store.

HQ Markers

From their announcement:

LITKO offers new HQ markers that can be used in a variety of ways to designate objectives, and command areas on a miniatures table, or board game. This is just one of over 12 new products released today for use with military board, and miniatures games. Check them out in Jim’s Lab at litko.net.

Privateer Press GenCon 2011 schedule

Privateer Press have posted a list of the events they will be hosting at GenCon 2011.

From their website:

Gen Con 2011 is almost here, and for Privateer Press that means four days of fun and craziness as we work the booth, run events, and get the chance to meet our amazing audience in person.

Our event schedule is so packed it’s too much for this blog, but in short, Privateer Press Events at Gen Con 2011 are shaping up to be the best ever. Iron Arena is back with a few tweaks, and it promises the same fun and amazing prizes as last year. Our tournament scene is so jam-packed with Warmachine, Hordes, and Monsterpocalypse action you may never leave the event area.

We’re so excited about this year’s events that we even have some special contests and incentives for our loyal players. In addition to our usual prizes, like trophies, coins, and megas, many of our events have a few extra opportunities to take home some cool swag. Here’s a complete breakdown of what could be yours to win.

Dream Pod 9 Summer Sale

Dream Pod 9 is having a Summer Sale during GenCon.

From their website:

While Dream Pod 9 is away at GenCon next week we are running our annual Summer Sale on our online store from Friday, July 29th through the morning of Tuesday, August 9th.

For every $50 of products (including books, miniatures, model kits, package deals, etc.) purchased, we are throwing in a free $10 or less gift product of your choice in with the order. If your order exceeds $100 you can select a $20 or less gift product instead of two $10 gift products, etc. etc. Just note the product name(s) and product number(s) that you want in the comments section of the cashout page.

Strain Phase 4 concept art

Studio McVey have posted the concept art for the fourth phase of the Strain aliens from their Sedition Wars sic-fi game and miniature range.

From their website:

This is the final preview of the current Strain line – the big-daddy Phase 4 Grendlr. Ali showed a sneak peak of the painting of this over on the Facebook page – it’s quite a beast.

Hydra Miniatures Gen Con preview 1

Hydra Miniatures have sent along some details of the figures they will have at GenCon 2011.


From their announcement:

The Hydra Miniatures staff has been hard at work preparing for Gen Con Indy (August 4-7). We have a bunch of new releases for our Retro Raygun 30mm pulp sci-fi range. The Robot Legion will receive much needed leadership in the form of Centurions. These impressive robots are distinguished by their flowing capes and large crests on their metallic heads. There are two variant poses: marching and standing. In addition, we are releasing the Slishian spawnlings. Each pack contains 6 smaller Slishian babies figures that measure between 10mm-15mm. The samples in the photo are mounted on a 1.5” (40mm) fender washer.

These preview miniatures are available in limited quantities since they are spun from our master molds. Therefore, they will not be available for sale on our website for another month or so. You can purchase them at the Hydra Miniatures booth #405.

In the next few days, we’ll be posting our second Gen Con preview. In the meantime, here’s a teaser image for you ….

Gen Con teaser

Dust Tactics FAQ posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted an FAQ for the Dust Tactics boardgame.

From their website:

Dust Tactics provides players fast, furious combat in an alternate-reality WWII, and Fantasy Flight Games is committed to keeping its rules and gameplay clear and concise. To clarify many of the questions players have raised, an FAQ document has now been uploaded to the Dust Tactics support page.