10 new Secret Weapon Washes coming soon

Secret Weapon Miniatures are previewing ten new washes they will soon be releasing.

10 Washes

From their announcement:

Here they are – the last ten Secret Weapon Washes! This includes four additional Les’ Washes recipes and six all new colours.

The “Golden Brown” wash is our one and only metallic wash and, as you can see, works well over white but also makes a fantastic quick shade for your gold paint.

We’ll release them just as soon as we get a shipment of supplies. We’re not going to underestimate demand again and so I ordered gallons of pigment today and it’s scheduled to arrive on 12-July. We should have these up before the end of the month though.

Privateer Press announcement concerning new steps toward product fulfillment

Privateer Press have posted an announcement regarding steps made to improve product shipments and delivery.

From their website:

Since the release of the second edition of its award-winning tabletop miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES, Privateer Press has seen explosive growth among its player communities worldwide. The excitement generated by our games has never been higher, and demand has quickly outpaced our production ability. In response, we have expanded our efforts to make our products as easily available as possible.

While Privateer has continued to supply new releases on time, fulfilling the high volume of back orders can require substantial wait times. In an attempt to produce and ship orders faster, over the last year we have more than doubled the size of our production staff, significantly expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include an all-new resin casting department, and converted more of our line to plastic. These efforts have significantly increased our production ability, and we are now shipping record-breaking amounts of product from our Bellevue facility.

Check out their website for full details.

Dwarf King’s Hold interview

Mantic Games have posted a video interview with Dwarf King’s Hold developer Jake Thorton.

From their announcement:

Seems like our article on creating the Dwarf King’s Hold cover artwork went down well! But that’s not all that’s in the Dwarf King’s Hold hub however…

If you haven’t yet checked out the video section on the Dwarf King’s Hold hub, you’ll have missed out on Jake’s live interview and Dwarf King’s Hold demonstration with the UK Gaming Media Network at UK Games Expo earlier this month. Well worth a watch, you can check out Parts 1 and Parts 2 here.

Leviathans off to the printers

Catalyst Game Labs have sent their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi boardgame off to print.

From their announcement:

It’s been a long, long haul, crewmen. But the sea trials are over and celebrations are being organized (wonder if we can get a miniature bottle of champaign somewhere?)…literally right now I’m signing off of final proofs of various material and it’s all being uploaded to the printer (80% percent is already up and the rest will be signed off on and uploaded by end of the day).

Check out their website for full details.

Gringo 40’s release Mexican Light Infantryman

Mexican Light InfantrymanGringo 40’s have released a Mexican Light Infantryman figure.

From their announcement:

Prior to the Mexican-American War the Mexican Army converted the 3rd Regular Infantry Regiment to Light Infantry and re-designated it as the 4th Light Infantry.

The result of this was effectively the creation of an elite unit that was to see action in some of the worst of the fighting during the Mexican American War.

Gringo 40’s miniature wargame figure captures a man of the 4th, in typical dynamic skirmisher fashion. running at the crouch seeking cover from where to inflict lead and death upon the enemy.

MWWA Flea Market and Game Day

The Maine Historical Wargamers Association will be holding a Flea Market and Game Day.

From their announcement:

Join the Maine Historical Wargamers Association Saturday August 6th, for our first annual Wargamers Flea Market and Game Day. Browse tables filled with miniatures, books, board games, maybe complete armies, even a vendor or two! Bring some of your own to sell or to trade. The flea market will run from 9am-12:00 noon.

During the afternoon, join the MHWA for miniatures and board games, starting at 1:00pm and running until 6:00pm. Check the MHWA forum for more details as they become available, www.mainewargamershq.lefora.com

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More free War of Roses flags

Grimsby Wargame Society have posted new free wargaming flags for the War of Roses.

Sir John Giles

From their announcement:

We are pleased to say yet another 10 War of the Roses flags have been updated on the website for you to download free of charge,all come with the knights name and title and are printed on a A4 size sheet.

Happy Wargaming

24 hours until free Warpath Beta rules

In a little less than 24 hours Mantic Games will be releasing the beta version of their Warpath sci-fi rules.

From their announcement:

There is just 24 hours until the midnight (GMT) launch of the Warpath Beta on the 1st July. The free and exclusive Warpath Beta rules will be released to those of you who have signed up to our newsletter.

Please email us at info@manticgames.com or sign-up here and we will get you a copy of the Beta before anyone else!

Finally, please help us in getting the sign-up message out – with just 24 hours to go, any of your friends, family, club members or pet Orcs who have even the slightest interest in the hobby, get them to sign-up for a copy of this free sci-fi game.

Exodus Wars Gurdan Lancers available

Steel Crown Productions have released the Gurdan Lancer figures for their 6mm Exodus Wars sci-fi range.

Gurdan Lancers

From their announcement:

Wielding lethal blades the size of a man, Gurdan Lancers are devastating in close range combat. Capable of decimating enemy lines in a matter of minutes and as a result have earned a fierce reputation as line breakers. The Gurdan are old school Tarragin allies who since the fall of Tarrag have mainly operated as bounty hunters and mercenaries. As a result they are a common site in the Guild armies serving alongside the other hired guns in the Legion Auxillia. Pack Contains: 24 Male Gurdan Lancers.

Malifaux Alternative and Avatar wallpapers

Wyrd Miniatures have posted new Malifaux themed wallpapers showing alternative and Avatar versions of Sonia Criid and Seamus.

From their announcement:

Twisting Fates, the next installment of Malifaux, is coming. This book continues the story of life in Malifaux and introduces a new game character option, Avatars. You can find Twisting Fates as a pre-release at Gen Con and generally available at your local gaming store in September.

We know you don’t want to wait that long, so we’re bringing a bit of the Malifaux Breach to your desktop. This week, you can download desktop backgrounds for Sonnia and Seamus, in their alternative or Avatar forms. And there might be more next week

USE ME 15mm Fantasy now available to download

15mm.co.uk have added a PDF version of their USE ME 15mm Fantasy rules to their website.

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,
In response to our customers wishes we have now introduced our second pay-to-download ruleset on 15mm.co.uk, Huzzah!
You can now purchase USE ME 15mm Fantasy in a purpose made electronic format for instant delivery to your computer.

UM002 USE ME 15mm Fantasy
(Zip File containing full colour bookmarked and searchable PDF plus a plain ‘easy print’ version for home printing)
Only $5.00 USD via Paypal with our online provider Oronjo.
Thanks for Reading,
Alexander Scott.

Dystopian Wars “Specials” preview and details

Spartan Games have posted an article on their website showing and discussing the four “Specials” models they will be releasing for each Dystopian Wars faction.

Vanguard Submarine

From their website:

Moving on to the specials, they are intended to become striking additions to your fleets and inject an extra few litres of steampunk into the proceedings. Although most factions will eventually have access to robots or submarines at some point, the specials give a few extra tweaks to your tactics. You are also able to field quite of few of them in your fleet if you wish.

Wargames Factory Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons preview

Wargames Factory have posted a preview of the 28mm plastic Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons troops.

Heavy Weapon Trooper

From their announcement:

We’ve just posted a 3D-view of our new Shock Trooper Heavy Energy Cannon and gunner on our website. Come check it out!

We’ll be releasing them as soon as we approve the samples that are in rout to us now and get them painted. Set comes with 3-heavy weapons crew (2-per weapon) and 3-officers. The set includes 9-model infantry and heavy weapons to make 3-each of the following – Missile Launcher, Energy Cannon, Mortar, Heavy Chain Gun. That way you can arm your teams however you like and have lots of bits left over. This set will come with bases and retail for $19.95 USD.

D6 Generation Podcast: Star Trek Expeditions

The latest episode of the D6 Generation Podcast looks at the Star Trek Expeditions boardgame.

From their announcement:

Someone on the show is a Trek fan… can you guess who? When Star Trek: Expeditions hit the streets, the crew just had to review it. Well, two of us did. Does it do the series justice?

But up first: Hotness or Notness. With Con season upon us, lots of new games are in the pipeline. What are Russ, Craig, and Raef excited about, and what are they less than thrilled to see?

Copplestone release 15mm Barbarians

Copplestone Castings have released a pack of 15mm Barbarian miniatures.

15mm Barbarians

From their announcement:

A pack of 15mm fantasy Barbarians is now available:

FM1 Barbarian Heroes – 10 character figures.

I decided to use 1/100 as a base scale.  This means that 6ft tall Barbarians come out as an average 18mm to the top of their heads – any normal humans I make in the future will be mostly slightly smaller than this.

Two new Flames of War articles

Battlefront have added two new articles to the Flames of War website.

Building the Cassino Tables
When it was announced that we would be doing Cassino as one of our Battle Books, I knew it was going to be a great opportunity to create a new gaming table or two for the studio team to use for the photography. I hadn’t dreamt I’d be asked to make a full 8’x 4’ table consisting of a town, a large river with multiple crossings and craters. Lots and lots of craters!

Blake and Wayne’s Doubles Tournament
This year’s Mid-war Grand Tournament was only my second ever Flames Of War tournament. So I was excited to get a chance to play some new players and team up with a grizzled tournament veteran in the form of Wayne.

FFG second half July 2011 releases

Fantasy Flight Games have posted their release schedule for the the second half of July 2011.

  • WHC20 Warhammer Invasion LCG: The Eclipse of Hope $14.95
  • DH11 Dark Heresy: Ascension $49.95
  • BSG01 Battlestar Galactica $49.95
  • GOT50e A Game of Thrones LCG: Princes of the Sun Revised $29.95
  • DU03 Magnifico $59.95
  • DH14 Dark Heresy: Church of the Damned $24.95
  • SL08 Red November Revised Edition $29.95
  • CT47 Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Shifting Sands $14.95
  • RA01 Rune Age $34.95
  • GOT36 A Game of Thrones LCG Core Set (reprint) $39.95
  • DH01 Dark Heresy Core Book $59.95
  • ST07 Ventura Board Game $79.95
  • RT07 Rogue Trader: Citadel of Skulls $24.95
  • RT04 Rogue Trader: Into the Storm $49.95
  • MEC03 Lord of the Rings LCG: Conflict at the Carrock $14.95

WorldWorksGames soon no longer on DriveThruRPG

WorldWorkGames products will soon no longer be available via RPGNow and DriveThruRPG after July 11th.

From their announcement:

DriveThruRPG and RPGNow will no longer be selling WWG titles after Monday, July 11. If there are any WWG titles that you would like to purchase soon, please do so by July 11.

WWG is allowing DriveThruRPG and RPGNow to maintain private access to your previous WWG purchases for the foreseeable future. You can access your previous WWG purchases from the “My Library” section within your account, even past the July 11th date.

The Galactic War One rule books are here

Galactic War One rulesBlue Moon Manufacturing have released the Galactic War One 15mm sci-fi rules.

From their announcement:

The much anticipated Galactic War One Rule book written by Scott Pyle, Joseph Dragovich and Schuyler Hernstrom arrived today. We are very pleased to make this announcement as we have had so many inquires as to when this book would be released. Your wait is over! Galactic War One is all set and ready to go on the www.bluemoonmanufacturing.com web site or on the Old Glory Corp direct web site.

Galactic War One, the first great war on a new frontier. Interstellar armies compete for dominance in unclaimed sectors of a galaxy made accessible by the recent discovery of warp gates.

New MiniSculpt releases

Dwarf SkeletonBlack Orc Games have added two new products to their MiniSculpt discount range.

From their announcement:

Black Orc Games is proud to announce our next two MiniSculpt releases. Dwarf Skeleton sculpted by Juan Montano and Large Brick – 20mm square base sculpted by Juan Montano are now available for purchase. Dwarf Skeleton is priced at $1.25 and the Large Brick – 20mm square base costs $0.50 each.

Advanced Deployment releases Portable Terrain Set

Southpaw Art and Design have added a Portable Terrain Set to their Advanced Deployment range of gaming accessories.

Portable Terrain Set

From their announcement:

Southpaw Art and Design is proud to present Realms of the Flatlands Terrain Set One: Temperate Fantasy Land.

Introducing an innovative take on terrain, this set is simple, affordable, and best of all doesn’t take up much space. We’re gamers just like you, and we can’t always make it down to the FLGS to play on full boards. Also, like many of you, we live in a small apartment, we’ve got room for a portable board, but we certainly don’t have the space for a box of terrain.

And thus was born the Realms of the Flatlands. This terrain set is made of durable acrylic, there is enough pieces to fill a basic battle board and yet stores away in a 6x2x9 box. It’s perfect for on-the-go games, playing on portable boards, or just supplying you with terrain that isn’t soda can forests, and book hills.

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Hammerin’ Iron rules now at Brookhurst Hobbies

Hammerin' Iron 2011 EditionBrookhurst Hobbies now have stock of the Hammerin’ Iron American Civil War naval rules from Peter Pig as well as several new packs of 15mm figures.

From their announcement:

Hammerin’ Iron (2011 Edition), Peter Pig’s rule-book for American Civil War Ironclads and wooden ships, has just arrived at Brookhurst Hobbies and is available for sale, along with an assortment of new figures for Peter Pig’s modern warfare, WWII, ACW, and AWI ranges.

  • Hammerin’ Iron 2011 Edition $31.99 USD
  • British Line Infantry Tricorne (B) $4.89 USD
  • Battle Clock $4.89 USD
  • German Downed Aircrew $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard With Rifles $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard W/Lewis, Molotov, Smg $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard Officer/Sgt/Cpl $4.89 USD
  • British Homeguard On Bicycle $4.89 USD
  • US Squad Leaders $4.89 USD
  • US Squad Leaders $4.89 USD
  • USMC Medics $4.89 USD

Finger and Toe releases 28mm card stock Warehouse

Finger and Toe Models have released a 28mm paper terrain Warehouse kit.


From their announcement:

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock Warehouse in four colors with a removable roof, loading dock, and office shed. Every town has a run-down district where the police are cautious and tourists discouraged. Build an entire warehouse district for a pittance for your 28mm tactical skirmishes, whether gangs, SWAT, special ops, or repelling the alien invaders who clearly took a wrong turn.

Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your Warehouse, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer.

Warehouse is available from www.rpgnow.com or www.wargamevault.com for $3.50.

Pig Iron System Trooper Sniper Teams and Scenic Walls

Pig Iron Productions have released their 28mm System Trooper Sniper Team figures and Scenic Wall sections.

From their announcement:

System Trooper Sniper Teams and  Scenic Wall sections are available to buy now. The Sniper pack consists of a sniper and spotter with camo capes, cast-on heads with hoods and a separate rifle.

The scenic walls come as 4 small metal sections that can be used to create scenic bases not just for the snipers but for all sorts of periods and scales.

They are available to buy now and will be filtering into our overseas dealers very soon.

Tank on Tank East Front pre-order

Tank on Tank East FrontLock’ n Load Publishing is now accepting pre-orders for the Tank on Tank East Front boardgame.

From their announcement:

The long-awaited sequel to Tank on Tank is here. Command T-34 tanks against Panthers, dive bomb Russian KV-1 with Stukas. You’ll experience all that and more with the same simple, fast playing, game system that netted Tank on Tank a Charles Roberts award nomination.

Tank on Tank East Front keeps the same fun style of its predecessor but adds more units, airpower, and special characteristics for the Soviets. It’s fun, fast, and furious.