New Knuckleduster releases

Knuckleduster have added several new packs of figures in their 28mm War of 1812 range.

From their website:

More releases this morning. I’ve created three new sets to expand the selection of officers and NCOs in the US army of 1814. The first pack is US officers. The officer on your right is wearing a blanket roll as seen in Renee Chartrand’s tome on US uniforms, and an epaulette on the right shoulder only, making him a platoon officer. The others are field officers with two epaulettes. They wear the 1813 officer’s coat, which appears to have lace, but in fact has blue “twist” at the breast and collar.

The next set of figures are NCOs in the late war blue coatee. These are all sergeants.
The final set for today is a collection of three NCOs in roundabouts (grey for the Niagara campaign or white for Southern climes). This set includes one corporal and two sergeants.

That’s all for today. I have three versions of the US artillery on the sculpting table right now. The finished sets will include figures in both old and new shakos.

New releases from Elhiem Figures

Elhiem Figures have posted details on their latest 20mm historical miniature releases.

Al Q Shadow Army

From their website:

Lamercraft sets 21 on have been discontinued and may soon have a new home. Lamercraft sets 1 to 20 will remain part of the Elhiem Ranges for the moment.

We are now selling the new Ambush Alley/Osprey Force on Force rules and still have old add on stock for the original AA games. Many of you will already know about the new releases, for those who don’t:

The website builder crashed before I could update the news and front page and my camera battery died so no photos either…so until I get that sorted this is the only official release I am doing at the moment

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Mannikin Studios releases Grimm’s Cat and Father Christmas

Mannakin Studios have added two new figures – Grimm’s Cat and Father Christmas – to their online store.

Grimm's Cat

From their announcement:

We’re delighted to announce that Grimm’s Cat and Father Christmas are now available to order from the Mannikin Studios website. Father Christmas was originally intended to be released one month after Grimm’s Cat, but since the latter is late we’ve decided to make them available together.

Grimm’s Cat is based on artwork from Arthur Rackham’s illustrated edition of The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, and is the first of twelve models planned for our series of fae trees. The model is comprised of two parts, measures 32mm to the top of the cat’s head, and includes one round 40mm base. Grimm’s Cat was sculpted by Jody Siegel of Imbrian Arts.

Father Christmas is Rackham’s classic rendition of the holiday character, which originally appeared in Arthur Rackham’s Book of Pictures. The model is comprised of two parts, comes with two options for his sack (elves or presents), measures 35mm to the highest point, and includes one round 30mm base. Father Christmas was sculpted by David Ayral of Anakron Miniatures Studio.

Both models were cast in an ultra fine resin of French vintage, are comprised of small delicate parts, are intended for advanced modelers, and require some modeling and assembly. They are priced at just $12.50 USD + $5.00 shipping worldwide.

Leviathans miniature test shots

Catalyst Game Labs have posted a photo of the sprues for six of the miniatures that will be part of the Leviathans boxed set.

From their website:

As usual, I received the box this morning and as quickly as I could un-pack it, sort it appropriately, take photos and transfer them to the computer for a blog post, I’m getting a photo up.

Below are test shots, still on the sprue, for the 6 miniatures that will be found in the Core Box Set. As soon as I’m done with this post I’ll be building one of each to verify any last details that may need to change and then I’m signing off on them so they’re ready to begin full production

Tabletop-Art release Skull Insignias and Stonefloor bases

Tabletop-Art have released new Stonefloor bases and skull scenery pieces.

Skull Insignias

From their announcement:

Hi today we have added some round miniature Stonefloor Style resin bases to our webshop .

Additionally we have one new piece in our Bits & Accessories section to pimp your terrain pieces and vehicles.

NUSU2 Tournament now includes Warhammer

The NUSU2 Tournament has added Warhammer 40K and Fantasy events.

From their announcement:

The upcoming Nut Up or Shut Up weekend next month in South West England has been expanded to include a 2,000 point Warhammer tournament as well as the existing 200 point Infinity and 1,500 point Warhammer 40,000 tournaments.

There are still plenty of places left with hundreds of pounds in prize support up for grabs.

Rezolution releases and new event shipping options

Aberrant have announced new releases for Rezolution as well as new shipping options for Origins and GenCon.

From their announcement:

Aberrant are pleased to announce the release of the Vatacina Starter Box Figures. By popular demand we have been asked to make available as single figures the Vatacina Cardinal, Watcher and Brother of the mind from the Vatacina Starter Box. The Sentinel has been available for some time but now, for the first time you can buy the individual figures.

ABERRANT are also pleased to announce the release of the APAC female ninja, only previously available in the Ninja Team pack. APAC Ninja (female) $5.99

Coming Soon – Rezolution HPT Scenery pack and the Shadow Assassin.

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New releases from Micro Art

Micro Art Studio have added a new miniature and several new bases to their online store.

Lady Ellendeanne (1) € 8.61
Jungle Bases, Wround 50mm #2 (1) € 4.92
Jungle Bases, Wround 50mm #1 (1) € 4.92
Jungle Bases, Wround 40mm (2) € 4.92
Jungle Bases, Wround 30mm (5) € 4.92

Vul-Con Chariot Racing game at Phoenix Comicon 2011

The Vul-Con Chariot Racing game will be at the Phoenix Comicon 2011.

Vul-Con Chariot Racing game

From their announcement:

The World’s Largest Chariot Racing Game had its second outing at Phoenix Comicon 2011.  Those who played had a blast and those who swung by for a quick look stayed a while to drink in its immensity and splendor (and enjoy watching those playing), but it accomplished a new milestone at this event.  The final game of the day was a completely full race card of eight players.  It was a wild and exciting game with a lot of whip attacks and some wild rolls that resulted in one player taking three other players whips as they attacked him, only to have his own whip grabbed a few turns later.  A great time was had by all, and we can’t wait to have another eight player game running.  If you missed it at Phoenix Comicon 2011, your last chance to see or play it in 2011 is coming up soon.  It will be at Vul-Con Arena I on July 16th at Imperial Outpost Games/ManaWerx, then it will be packed away until Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 in 30,000 Square Feet of intense gaming at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 25th and 26th, 2011.  

Miniature-Heroes launch new online store

Miniature-Heroes have opened a new online store.

From their announcement:

I’m very pleased to announce the opening of the brand new Miniature-Heroes web store. I’ve expanded my Reaper listings to include Dark Heaven and Warlord ranges. Mirliton, Mannequin and BeDerken are still represented.
You gain Gold Piece reward points with every purchase, and can sign up to the store newsletter to be kept informed of all the latest news. Plus, if you are in the European Union and order your Reaper products through me, you don’t have to pay any customs or import duty.
And just to celebrate the opening of the new store, all Reaper products will be 10% off their RRP, till the 15th June.

Spartan announce Armoured Clash

Spartan Games have announced an upcoming set of free armoured rules set in, and using figures from, their Dystopian Wars game.

From their announcement:

Spartan Games is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Armoured Clash, our first set of community rules that we are making free to download from our web site at During the development of the Armoured Battle Group boxed sets it became clear that not only do we LOVE to play large games, but we believe our customers do as well.

This is where Armoured Clash steps in. Centred in the world of Dystopian Wars, the rules are designed for large scale land combat with commanders pushing numerous units around a battlefield, the command and control of which is key to their success. So if playing with one Armoured Battle Group excites you – think what 2-3 boxes, plus support models, will do to your blood pressure.

Early on in the development of the rules it was decided that the game had to be very simple, easy to set up
and quick to play. It was also a perfect opportunity to develop the Dystopian Wars background by providing detail on the land armies of the first four main Imperial powers involved in the conflict.

One of the great strengths of Dystopian Wars is the way it blends air, land and sea units into a single game system. These free rules are not intended in any way to replace or amend the core Dystopian Wars rule book. They are a totally separate set of rules using unique mechanisms designed to provide players with an opportunity for fun, fast games that focus on the mechanised land units of each Imperial power.

The rules needed to play a game of Armoured Clash, Background and Army List for each of the four main Imperial powers and a basic scenario are all provided in the first PDF we will make available on our web site

New releases from Gorgon Studios

Gorgon Studios have announced two new 28mm Ancients releases.

Etruscan Chariot

From their website:

It doesn’t take a prescient servant of Apollo to predict that Gorgon’s new models will be two of their most popular offerings yet. These new figures are now available on the Gorgon website.

First is Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi. Sculpted by Steve Saleh, this multi-part model is the first offering in our Mythic range. This 28mm acolyte of Apollo is one of the most characterful figures we’ve had the pleasure to release.

Our second new release is the early Etruscan Chariot. Sculpted by Steve Saleh and Dave Taylor, this two-horse light chariot sports an amazing bas-relief and comes with a driver and a 1st Class hoplite. Completing the set are two dynamic horses.

Again, we are extremely proud of these two new models and both reflect the continued devotion to quality (and Apollo) that you’ve come to expect from Gorgon.

Anima Tactics new releases have shipped

Cipher Studios have announced the release of the latest wave of figures for the Anima Tactics game.

High Arbiter Aizen

From their website:

We have shipped a wave of new Anima releases to our distribution partners. This wave includes High Arbiter Aizen and the Male Wissenschaft Agent.

My apologies for not having painted pictures of these miniatures. They are being painted right now. So, I will replace the artwork on our store with the painted shots as soon as I have them. As usual clicking on the picture will take you to the page for the figure on our web store.

Since these have shipped out, it is now a good time to spoil their stat cards so everyone can get a look at them.

Infinity May 2011 releases

Corvus Belli have posted details of their May 2011 releases for Infinity.

112, Emergency Service. (Light Shotgun, CCW) (Ariadna). The 112 collaborates with the Ariadnan army as an auxiliary rescue and medical assistance force. Their training as emergency response unit in the frontier territories of Ariadna turns them into field medics, as well as firemen and trackers. The 112 are the cheapest and easiest Doctors the Ariadnan players can line up. For the 112 members to be engaged in combat means a new opportunity to break things down with their hatchets and crowbars.
7,75 €

Guarda de Assalto. (PanOceania). It is said that PanOceania has the best technology in the whole Human Sphere, and here it is: a Heavy Infantry trooper with a synchronized Remote. Do you know what this means? Double the firepower in active and reactive turns, two models which only provide one ARO to the enemy… yeah, the word you are looking for is… nasty. Don’t miss this blister with one Auxbot and one Guarda de Assalto, with two different weapon options: the basic MULTI Rifle and the Spitfire too.
15,00 €
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Ravenstar preview new spacecraft

Ravenstar Studios have posted a preview of several new spacecraft miniatures they are releasing including a new Cold Navy release.

new releases

From their website:

It is the end of May and i am as normal way behind , but i manage to get a new release ready.
10 new ships, 9 New star 1 ships and one Cold Navy ship. I’ll start withe the CN ship. it is a Diesho Frieghter/tender the Katatao class. I’ve had lots of people asking for a tender/freighter so its here. armed with 2 heavy cannons, and defensive guns. 11 heavily armored bays. it can also be used as a 2nd level carrier , or assault ship.

Raiden temporarily closed to orders

Raiden Miniatures will stop accepting orders for four weeks to work through their order backlog.

From their website:

Apologies to all but we will not be accepting new orders for the next 4 weeks.  Our Ebay shop is now closed to new orders and won’t open again till the 27th June.  We don’t really want to do this but due to your continuous over enthusiastic ordering this is the only way our we are likely to get our order back log cleared.  If you can’t wait a few weeks please remember that Doms Decals & Magister Militum stock our planes here in the UK.

Ainsty release 28mm post-apocalyptic compound

Ainsty Castings have released the 28mm post-apocalyptic Flameblade Compound terrain set.

Flameblade Compound

From their announcement:

Ainsty have released a post-apocalypse style Compound. From the Flameblade range, rough cut and welded defensive barriers make this compound set, in addition you also get the Hut, Armoured Pickup and tyre trips and stack. Everything in the pictures comes in the set. all pieces are available separately too, in the web store now.
Suitable for all manner of games from Mad Max style through to Necrowotsit

Plastic Dwarf Berserkers sprues pics

Avatars of War have posted photos of their 28mm plastic Dwarf Berserker sprues.

From their announcement:

The Plastic Dwarf Berserkers are almost on its way, while you wait for yours (in case you pre-ordered one), you can take a look here at pics of the troopers and command sprues, and new pics of the assembled miniatures.

This will be the last pre-order week, so you are still in time to get your pre-order edition box, containing exclusive bits for the command group.

Fiendish Fabrications release Runcible Dancers

Runcible DancersFiendish Fabrications have added the Runcible Dancers to their Gothica Miniatures range.

From their announcement:

The sinuous and lissom Runcible Dancers are the latest addition to Fiendish Fabrications’ Gothica Miniatures range. When the muse takes them these beguiling creatures banish the world of the mundane, laying open the doors to other realms with naught but grace and perfection.
However, a word to the unwise…  This exquisite duo are masters of trickery and Machiavellian schemes for this is their raison d’etre and only a fool believes himself immune to their mesmeric appeal. Don’t be led astray.

CorSec release 5mm DiceDocks

CorSec Engineering have released as set of 5mm DiceDocks for use with Dystopian Wars Tiny Flyer tokens.

5mm Steampunk DiceDock Set

From their announcement:

We have released 5mm DiceDocks for use with Dystopian Wars* Tiny Flyers. This is a great way to keep track of fuel without cluttering up the table. They are designed to sit under your existing tokens or provide a base that freed fighters can be mounted to.

Set contains: 6 x 5mm Steampunk Flyer DiceDocks

Price: $3.99

Lead Adventure release Steampunk heads swaps

Lead Adventure have released two packs of Steampunk head swaps.

Steampunk heads swaps

From their announcement:

Something for you bitz box – 20(!) conversion heads by Igor Karpov for our Steam-Punk range. Very useful and not only for Steam-Punk. Check our gallery for some examples of our conversions – Lead Adventure Miniatures Gallery

New Tom Meier sculpts and previews from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have released several new sculpts from Tom Meier and also have new painted previews on their website.

From their announcement:

I wanted to let you all know that we have a bunch of updates on the Dark Sword site for your viewing pleasure.

First up we have a couple new Tom Meier sculpts for the Game of Thrones GRRM Masterworks miniature line.

1. Fat King Robert (before he headed out on a boar hunt)
2. Tywin Lannister

I think you will agree that our vision of Fat King Robert does the books proper justice. He still looks like he could open up a serious can of hurt on almost anyone in Westeros.

In regards to Tywin Lannister, Tom just went to town on all of the amazing armor and little details around the armor.

We also have a bunch of new painted pictures posted up from Marike Reimer, Jen Haley, Rhonda Bender and Susan Wachowski that you need to see.

WorldWorksGames release Mayhem Corporate

WorldWorkGames have released the Mayhem Corporate paper terrain kit.

Mayhem Corporate

From their website:

Presenting WorldWorksGames second release in the SwiftScenics terrain line: Mayhem Corporate! SwiftScenics allows gamers to quickly and easily build a variety of multistory structures in a very short time. Structures can be collapsed flat for storage or mounted for permanent, static builds. Building props slot in and out of anchor points and are fully interchangeable with elements from other SwiftScenics sets.

Mayhem Corporate evokes the classic feel of great towers of industry. Equally at home in distopian sci-fi settings, modern and near modern eras, even pulp games! Add balconies for sniping or bridges to connecting buildings high above street level! Personalize your building with flags and decorative rooftop statues and top it off with a gleaming spire of glass and gold so everyone knows who’s really running this town!

Era Report: 3062 available for pre-order

Era Report: 3062Catalyst Game Labs is now accepting pre-orders for the BattleTech Era Report: 3062 and has other new PDFs available for sale.

From their website:

For three hundred years, the nations of the Inner Sphere waged war in the name of the fallen Star League, sending armies of MechWarriors into battle for glory and power. The arrival of the Clans, martial descendants of the lost Star League Defense Force, in 3049 upset all the previous balances of power and set the stage for cataclysmic warfare to rival the worst of the Succession Wars. The end of the initial Clan invasion and the new renaissance of military technologies leads the leaders of the Successor States to seek advantage against each other. The ever-present specter of the Clans urges desperation to end old feuds to make space for new ones. And the Truce of Tukayyid holds the Clans in check, but does nothing to ease the cultural pressures on both sides of the border.

Era Report: 3062 describes the state of the Inner Sphere and the Clans at a divisive period in BattleTech history: the latter years of the Clan Invasion. Presented as a general overview of the period, rather than a focused report on a single conflict, this book includes descriptions of many major Inner Sphere, Periphery, and Clan factions. Notable personalities, military forces, and an overview of the technological capabilities of the Inner Sphere and Clan powers of this critical period in history are also provided, along with special advanced-level rules for campaigns set in this era, whether played using the Total Warfare core rules or those found in A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG.

New releases from Ironclad

Ironclad Miniatures have added several new products to their online store.

From their website:

First of our new stuff is a shop and a pair of outhouses for the shanty town range.
For the VSF range there is Steam14 which can be built in 2 different configurations by adding or leaving of the forward wheel covers and has a choice of 2 guns. We have also added some new figures, ODD06 a pack of 4 civilians and ODD07 4 armed household staff. Also there is the first of the new Selenites.

  • Steam14 – Armoured 3 wheel car
  • ODD06 – 4 Civilans
  • ODD07 – 4 Armed household staff
  • SEL01 – 3 Selenite warriors
  • Shanty05 – Shop
  • Shanty06 – Pair of outhouses

We have finally finished the remastered 15mm dug-in-markers and field positions. The helicopter landing pad for the Vietnam range is done and a new section of Roman road added to the Dark Age range. These will be added to the website next week.

Impact! re-organization downtime and10% sale

Impact! Miniatures will be closed temporarily while they move to new facilities and prepare for a GenCon launch of their new games.

From their website:

Impact! Miniatures has outgrown the location where we currently house our inventory and with 3 new dice, board and card games coming out for Gen Con (based on Tennis, Wild Pig Racing and Futuristic Lacross) we know it is only going to get significantly worse for space.

So we are going to pack everything up and move it to a bigger location. What does this mean to you the Impact! customer? May 30th will be the last day orders received will be packed up before the move (with them being shipped out the morning of May 31st).

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