Ramshackle Games release new Giggles crew figures

Ramshackle Games have released new Giggles crew figures for their Nuclear Renaissance post-apocalyptic rules.

Giggles crew figures

From their announcement:

Due to the popularity of the other Giggles Clan figures, I’ve just added three more models. Darius is all new, while Cleatus and Azozeus are dismounted versions of the characters mounted on the big truck model that comes in the Nuclear Renaissance set. All 3 figures are resin and priced at £1.50 each.

25% off West Wind Arthurians

West Wind Productions is having a three day sale on their 28mm Arthurian range of figures.

28mm Arthurians

From their announcement:

It’s Bank Holiday again and so begins our three day Sale on West Wind’s ever popular 28mm Arthurian range.

Unit midnight Monday 2nd May we are giving 25% OFF all products from this range.

Enter Discount Code: ARTHUR25 (upper case) into the blue box at checkout when ordering and you will receive 25% off any product from this range for a limited time only.

Tor Gaming sponsors WAMP 2011

Tor Gaming will be one of the sponsors for the WAMP 2011 painting contest.

From their announcement:

WAMP-Forums have announced their very first ‘off-line’ event and Tor Gaming signed up as a category sponsor.

The event is being hosted at the great Maelstrom Games venue (that’s in Mansfield, UK in case you didn’t know) and is happening on the 4th June 2011, the event will centre around a painting competition with seven categories plus a people’s choice.

There will be awards for each category plus the chance for additional prizes with such judges as:

  • Mike McVey – Founder Member of ‘Eavy Metal. World renowned painter and miniature designer. Co-founder of Studio McVey
  • Alison McVey – World renowned miniature painter. Co-founder of Studio McVey
  • Rob Cardiss – Multiple Golden Demon Winner & Wyrd Miniatures Studio Painter
  • Nigel Carman – Slayer Sword Winner
  • Robin Snelson – Renowned Historical judge & Co founder of The Basement Forum

You can read all the details on the WAMP-Forum

Why are we announcing this? Well, Tor Gaming are sponsoring the Diorama/Duel category and not only that but we are offering a prize pot of the entire Relics range at the time of the competition for the category winner.

So, get down there and join in the fun. You never know, you may even come away with an award

Infinity and Anima Tactics at the RPC 2011

Brueckenkopf Online have details of the Infinity and Anima Tactics demos to be held at RPC 2011.

From their announcement:

Another addition to the systems offered at the Wargaming Demo Area.

Thanks to the support of the German Communities of O-12 and Wolfsgeheul, we are to bring both systems onto our Wargaming Demo Area at the RPC 2011.

Visit the wargaming demo area, presented by Brueckenkopf Online, at the RPC 2011 on 7th + 8th of May in Hall 2 of Koeln Messe in Cologne.

Announcing the Gaming Genius Awards

The International Gamers Guild is looking for nominations and judges for the Gaming Genius Awards.

From their announcement:

Announcing the Gaming Genius Awards

New awards to breaking ground, highlighting achievements across the hobby game industry

The International Gamer’s Guild (IGG) is pleased to announce the Gaming Genius Awards (GGAs, also called “The Golden Pawns”). The awards mark an innovation in the hobby game industry by covering every aspect of the industry, including independent products and fan achievements.

The Gaming Genius Awards recognize genius in every aspect of the hobby game industry, in a way that reflects expert opinion and not market consensus. The best-known awards in the hobby game industry awards currently are popularity contests whose results are frequently leveraged by manufacturers who are best able to mobilize the vote. Other awards are recognized in the industry as established institutions. The Gaming Genius Awards, although new, are intended to be in line with how awards outside the hobby game industry are given out and thus, representing the industry as a whole.

The Golden Pawns are planned to be given out at a major regional convention in the summer of 2011. The specific time and place is to be announced.

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CorSec Engineering previews new stand system

CorSec Engineering have posted a preview of a new flight stand system.

Omni Stand Preview

From their announcement:

Introducing the Omni-Stand.

A new stand system that gives you the freedom to use your miniatures for multiple game systems. The entire system disassembles for easy storage and transport. Accessories will be available including magnetic mounts, DiceDocks, and several base sizes are planned

CorSec releases 15mm to 6mm artillery conversion template

CorSec Engineering have released a 15mm to 6mm artillery conversion template.

15mm to 6mm artillery conversion template

From their announcement:

CorSec Engineering is now offering our 6mm Artillery Template.

Convert your favorite game from 15mm to 6mm. Designed using a scale conversion of 1 inch = 1cm. This allows for an easy to use conversion. Get out your old 6mm army or but a new one for 1/10th of the cost of a 15mm army. Great for truly epic battles.

Template includes etching for the following sizes:

  • 12cm x 12cm
  • 12cm x 6cm
  • 6cm x 6cm

Price: $7.99

New Bolt Action Churchill Mk VII from Warlord

Warlord Games have released a new Bolt Action Churchill Mk VII vehicle kit.

From their announcement:

Another new addition to our line of 1/56 scale Bolt Action vehicles, this great new Churchill Mk VII is just what the forces of the Commonwealth have been asking for.

Great timing too – those of you who recently picked up our British Infantry and Commandos. plastic sets now have some heavy close support.

The Churchill is the latest release in a batch of new WWII vehicles which will be rolling out of the Warlord Tank Factory – keep an eye on the weekly Warlord email newsletter to be first to see them.

Don’t forget that until Tuesday we’re running a rather special Royal Wedding offer on British boxed sets down the ages.

Shadowsea – Statue of Elder God available for pre-order

Statue of the Elder GodAntiMatter-Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Statue of Elder God that is part of their Temple of the Ancients terrain piece.

From their announcement:

The statue in the Temple of the Ancients can be pre-ordered by itself now. The pre-order price for the 90mm tall resin cast is $17.99 with $5 shipping worldwide. The statue does not come with the dais underneath it but it does come with plenty of tentacles and a madness inducing stare. The statue will be ready in early May for shipment. visit the blog or website to order.

Forgotten & Glorious preview new Chauchat green

Forgotten & Glorious have posted a preview of the new green for the FM Chauchat CSRG 15 .

FM Chauchat CSRG 15

From their announcement:

I am very glad to be able to show you the first pictures of the Chauchat that will equipped our two teams in a few weeks. As usual our sculptor managed to reach a very high level of detail on a really small model.

At the moment it is still “green” but it will be cast in resin in a few days. Next time I will try to display the final sketches Chris has made for the Chauchat teams: I can already say that one team will be advancing and the other one will be firing; for this latter, we are very puzzled because of the stance of the guy who brings the special backpack and the 480 ammunitions but I think our final choice will please you.

To help you wait for resin cast models of the FM we include a short video of this weapon

Chapterhouse Studios released Doomseer Iyanar model

Chapterhouse Studios have released their Doomseer Iyanar miniature.

Doomseer Iyanar

From their announcement:

Doomseer Iyanar-Duanna is cursed with the ability to forsee the slow death of her race. She shares the ability of all seers to see the paths of her race, but is only able to see the deaths of her people and nothing else. She was psychically scarred when she witnessed the death of the people of Malantai, she is now doomed to spend every moment of her life tracking down the creature responsible.

The “Doomseer” is only available from Chapterhouse Studios. The unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 5 pieces – body and 4 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included.

Capitan rules in Miniature Wargames Magazine

Capitan Games’ rules will be featured in Miniature Wargames Magazine.

From their announcement:

In the may  issue number 337, of Miniature Wargames, the Capitan Rules has been included in the selection of Skirmish rules, for the napoleonic period in the article of Mike Popay and Ian Spence “Small but Perfectly formed?”.

The Capitan rules continue growing with 6 supplements for now, and more to coming…..

  • Peninsular War
  • War of liberation 1813-1814
  • War of 1812
  • Libertadores
  • 1st Carlist War
  • American Civil War

You can choose from a total of 1.240 different unit data cards totally free that you can download from our website.

Warlord preview painted free Roman Centurion

Painted TitusWarlord Games have posted a preview of a a painted sample of the Roman Centurion figure they will be giving away with select orders.

From their announcement:

With our new Ancients rules, Hail Caesar, (as written by none other than Rick Priestley) now published we couldn’t wait to show off a painted version of the Roman Centurion Titus Aduxas miniature you will receive free when you buy a copy of Hail Caesar directly from us at Warlords Games.

Painted in exquisite detail by Paul ‘Cubster’ Cubbins the model is all but brought to life.

If you want to add Titus to your army or simply paint this superb miniature and it’s scenic base order a copy of Hail Caesar from us via our webstore, by phone, at a show we’re attending or via good, old mail order.

Barking Irons posts vegetable patch terrain article

The Barking Irons website has posted an article showing how to build a 28mm vegetable patch terrain piece.

Cabbage Patch

From their announcement:

Today Barking Irons brings you a modelling master class from the prolific master model maker Tony Harwood. In this, the first of his new regular column, Tony talks you through the contruction of a 28mm scale vegetable garden for use in your games of Flintloque.

Keep The Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Barking Irons

Studio McVey release Blight Witch

Studio McVey have released their Blight Witch miniature.

From their announcement:

We previewed this miniature ay Salute a couple of weeks ago, and she proved to be very popular – she is now on general release in the Studio Store.

As I mentioned in the previous post – this miniature is from an original concept by Shannon Tindle. As Shannon works as a character designer in the animation industry, we wanted to draw on some of the themes and design ideas that you might come across in that field. So drawing on some of the dramatic theatricality you might see in early Disney films, he came up with this. I’m going to be painting a version of this miniature myself and will be sharing a little painting diary here (and on the forums) in the coming weeks.

I think JAG has done an amazing job of capturing the slightly stylised nature of the concept while still retaining his realistic rendering – I’ll be showing Shannon’s concept art here shortly so you can judge for yourselves.

Crooked Dice: May and June previews

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have posted previews of their May and June releases.

From their announcement:

Some new greens from Crooked Dice of their next two 28mm releases. May sees the release of three Scientists to fill your labs, while June unleashes the villainous mastermind – the Guru.

Both come with separate head sprues that will also mix and match with previous CD releases.

Handy for 7TV or any modern period.

Impact! Miniatures & A Band of Orcs release concept art

OogImpact! Miniatures have posted the first concept art produced for their joint venture with A Band of Orcs.

From their announcement:

A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures are pleased to release the first sketch for their upcoming miniatures project.    The first sketch is Oog Skullbasher and his war drums set.  The sketch was completed by artist Chuck Lukacs and it is being sculpted by Patrick Keith.  

Oog likes to bang stuff, so he plays drums. Or hits unicorns over the head with boulders. Back in Hirntodia many regard Oog as, perhaps, the best unicorn poacher in the realm, for nothing makes for better drum heads than freshly cured unicorn hide. He has organized and led many expeditions into the wilds to procure the most prized skins. On one such anti-heroic hunt, a unicorn reared up and kicked him in the teeth, nearly breaking his jaw. That one now lies stretched across his bass drum eternally suffering the double bass and blast beat beatings that Oog administers as the back bone of the metal onslaught of A Band of Orcs.

The miniature set will include all five members of the Gore-Stained Axe Tribe and will be available for purchase in August.

Gary Hunt Beastman release and naming contest winner

Gary Hunt Miniatures have released a new 28mm Beastmen figure and also announced the winner of their miniature naming contest.

Beastman Chardos

From their announcement:

The recent Clovis Beastman hero release can now be seen painted in a couple of angles.

I ran a naming competition last month and the winning entry by John Lerchey was Chardos the Destroyer.

I will be releasing another Hero next week and running a similar naming competition, the winner will receive a copy of the figure. I’ll post images of the character soon and you can e-mail your entry to garyhuntminiatures@gmail.com

SNAFU pre-order update and Bazooka Ape preview

Grindhouse Games have posted a reminder about the upcoming end of the pre-order period for the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. They have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the Bazooka Ape model.

From their website:

Thanks to all of you for your pre-orders. They are really starting to come in fast. Maybe because the deadline is approaching! I will cut them off tomorrow night at right about this time so get your order in if you want the special price and fastest delivery. As a most excruciatingly small game company, your pre-orders are really what make it possible for us to do stuff like this. Seriously, thank you one and all. Australian and European preorders still up at Little Soldiers and West Wind but will end shortly as well.

Freebooter Miniatures sponsoring WAMP 2011

Freebooter Miniatures is sponsoring the WAMP 2011 painting competition.

From their website:

We are co-sponsors of a painting competition called WAMP 2011, which features the competition itself, demo games and club displays, organised by the nice people over at the WAMP forum. Judges include inter alia the McVeys.

The event will be held at Maelstrom Games, Mansfield, UK (incidentally a stockist of Freebooter Miniatures) on Saturday, 4 June 2011. We are the proud sponsors of the “People’s Choice Award” which will be awarded by the attendees of the event. Doors open at 11am, entry is free and should probably also be pointed out that the location has a fully-licensed bar and restaurant and parking is free.

Critical Mass update release schedule

Critical Mass Games have a new forum post regarding their updated April 2011 release schedule.

From their announcement:

Firstly we must apologise that we have had to change the release schedule, as often happens real life can often intervine and this has certainly been the case for Dale and I in trying to process items for release.

Dale has recently had to relocate to be closer to his sick mother, meaning his home studio has been put out of commission for the next couple of weeks whilst he re-establishes his home, couple that with an unavoidable switch in mould makers and we have a net result of delay.

Whilst we had taken appropriate action where we could prior to Salute, particulalry in terms of stock, the completion of some new works was/is out of our hands at the time being. So despite our best efforts we have now had to re-assess the release of some items.

The main alteration to the schedule has been regarding the Praesentia, processing these has exceeded our deadlines so the vehicles release has been pushed back to July and the knock on of that is the Infantry will now be released in August.

Similarly the production fo the Kaamados building sets has also had to be pushed back.

Whilst these delays are annoying to us as much as you, we still have quite a packed release schedule coming up throughout 2011. The updated release schedule can be found here.

Eureka release 28mm Italian Wars Gendarmes

Euraka Miniatures have released several new packs of 28mm Italian Wars Gendarme archer figures.

28mm Gendarme Archers

From their announcement:

As with our Gendarme figures, collectors can order their Archers with either their helmet visors open or visors closed. All Archer figures are supplied with a separate lance carrying arm or an open handed arm which will accommodate one of several alternative hand weapons (swords, maces, battleaxes and horseman’s picks – supplied randomly with each figure). Both lance arms and hand weapon arms can be attached to the figure torso at a variety of angles to make all your Archers different in appearance. Riders and horses are interchangeable allowing for further variety.

We are considering producing other miniatures for this colourful period of European warfare (c.1450-1530) if there is enough customer interest and support for them.

ZombieSmith update

ZombieSmith have posted an update on some upcoming releases including Aaron Brown’s Ute’wehi sci-fi robot figures.

From their announcement:

We’ve been quiet over here lately, but that’s because we’ve been working! We have just finished layout for the third Quar book Of Spats and Pedrails and it is off to the printers and we are waiting to get the proof back. We should have it for sale at Kubla Con at the end of May and then up on the site in late June.

The new book contains expanded rules for both This Quar’s War and Songs of Our Ancestors including new or expanded vehicle rules for both systems, two brand new factions and a giant pile of new art and fluff. It weighs in at 134 full color pages. I will give a more complete list of contents when I do a proper ‘sneak-peek’ closer to release. Very exciting!

In the next few weeks we’ll have the second release in Aaron Brown’s Storm of Steel Line, the Ute’wehi. We are just finishing up molds and some quick paint jobs and are a little behind the date we were targeting

New Mantic Orc Greatax sprue and Army Deals

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the plastic Orc GreatAx sprues as well as details of some new army deals.

From their announcement:

Yesterday was pretty exciting as we received a box from the folks at Renedra containing the sublime plastic Greatax sprue (which some of you eagle-eyed viewers noted pictures of in our Army Deals and new Greatax sets now available for pre-order). Well, check it out below:

Renedra and Bob Naismith have produced a blinder – you’d be mad not to have at least one unit of these hardened veteran Orcs in your collection. So much so in fact, we’ve bundled 20 of these figures in with our new Horde Army Deals: Garlak’s Monstrous Horde contains over 120 figures, including a limited edition Orc Wizard, 20 of the forthcoming Orc Gore Riders (and an Orc Krudger on Gore with which is lead the cavalry charge.) as well as, well everything else we’ve planned for the initial release plus more (The Goblin and Mawbeast were too hard to resist).

Fiendish Fabrications update Lenore

Fiendish Fabrications have released an updated version of their Lenore figure.


From their announcement:

In line with their plan to revamp their older figures Fiendish Fabrications now release their new Lenore figure just for you. The new Lenore: Quothe the Raven; Nevermore – retains the same girlish theme of the original with a newer look and a more dynamic pose. This miniature also has also been sculpted with a steampunk/VSF theme as opposed to the original which didn’t seem to fit into any particular genre.

Lenore: Quothe the Raven; Nevermore – is available now.

Red Box Games May releases now available for pre-order

Red Box Games is now accepting pre-orders for their May 2011 releases.

Troll Brothers pack

From their announcement:

Ok guys, here they be. Should be in hand no later than the 13th of May. Hope you like them.

The Dragon Forge Deal ends soon

Dragon Forge Design will soon be ending their Dragon Forge Deal.

From their announcement:

Today I am announcing I have decided to end the program I call the Dragon Forge Deal. It will end on May 15,2011.

I started it 2 years ago to reward people for purchasing my product in larger volume. A little extras bonus you could say. In this time I have given away thousand’s of dollars worth of free product.

As Dragon Forge Design has grown over the last two years the Dragon Forge Deal has been a great deal for people to build their Armys and collections. But over the last year, I have had to deal with things like two 10% price increases
in all my materials, utilities and shipping costs. All of which I have absorbed into my profits with out increasing my prices to you the customer.

I wish to hold my prices still where they are or at least only raise prices on a couple of my larger items but I need to cut some costs also. So I have decided its time to end The Dragon Forge Deal. But don’t fear, I will still be doing special promotions and give aways to give you the customer the best deal possible that I can.

More detail on new promotions will come out on June 6, 2011

So Stay tuned and until May 15, take advantage of the remaining time for The deal.

Any questions feel free to email me at dragonforge@gmail.com

The perils of arrogance


Gamers can be a fickle bunch but they are ultimately interested in gaming and it is this desire to be able to always to play that has, I think, maintained GW in its position of prominence in the hobby. Its not difficult to find people who play 40K and Warhammer Fantasy and it is often not difficult to find their miniatures either.

Whatever its advances in technology, and lets be clear I think that GW makes the best plastic kits in the market, the one area where GW has always lagged behind has been in customer outreach and retention. Older, or longer-term, Games Workshop gamers have always complained about the lack of connection they have with the company. The perception has been, more some time now, that GW doesn’t care about customer turnover because they are constantly getting new, younger, gamers to replace them.

Whether this is true or not is irrelevant because ultimately the lack of response from GW makes this the dominant theme when discussing the company. By not contradicting it or acting to dispel the notion Games Workshop validates it and allow it to propagate until it is ultimately the “truth”.
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