Ex illis rescued?

There is a report that one ex-Bastion employee has come to an agreement with a new investor to resurrect the Ex illis game and software.

From their website:

Good news! The proposition has been accepted and approved by the judge. Bastion 2.0 is born, with a new investor. There will be quite a lot of changes, but it can only be for the good of Ex illis! We will be finalizing our battle plans and we will come back to you on thursday about what will be Bastion 2.0

There are no details available of the plan, the new investor or what the specifics of the deal were. Its unclear when production will begin again on new Ex illis figures and when product will begin shipping again.

G.O.T. Recon-Squad Jet-Bike preview

Antenociti’s Workshop have posted a preview of their Recon-Squad Jet-Bike model and rider.

Recon-Squad Jet-Bike

From their website:

This is the first miniature in what will become the Recon-squad (pack).

The final pack will consist of four figures on three bikes, the one shown here, another solo rider on the “Norton Scout”, and then the “Norton-Commando” bike which i the long-range 2-man bike with a new stowage-pack. There will also be weapons-pod options for each of the bikes.

Not yet for sale as we are waiting for the other bikes and figures to complete the set, but as he’s panted-up I thought it was worthwhile showing some images.

The figures comes on a tab which extrudes from the Rider’s left knee, so he can be placed right onto a slotta-base for those who want a simple fitting. However, the figure was designed to indicate speed-turning and manoeuvrability, so if the tab is removed the figure can be pinned through the length of his though, from his knee. That angle of pinning allows you to rotate the miniature about an angle which raises or lowers the way that the figure is pointing the Gauss-Carbine: in other words you can alter the angle of turn, and the angle the weapon is firing, by rotating the entire miniature about a single point.

Baccus release 6mm Normans

Baccus have posted photos and details of their newly released 6mm range of Norman miniatures.


From their website:

I take some personal pleasure in announcing that our Normans have been added to the Early Mediaeval range. This is an incredibly useful little group of figures as they will do service as ‘Franks’ covering the armies across western Europe. Their list of enemies ranges from each other, the English, French, Italians, Byzantines and Sicilian Moors while of course they make perfect forces for those of you wanting to recreate the first Crusade. Not bad for just six codes!

Vampire Grav-Bike rider preview

Antenociti’s Workshop have posted a preview of the rider for their Vampire Grav-Bike model.

Vampire Grav-Bike with rider

From their website:

Before we get to the pictures though I just wanted to say something about the Vampire bike: Yes, it is very big. It was always intended to be big, very big…

What we were trying to show with both the Vampire and Werewolf was fledgling technology “anti-gravity” requiring brute force and raw power for it to function, these weren’t to be refined, sleek machines like the Norton Scout and Commando (jet bikes), they were ugly, brutish, stupidly powerful and highly dangerous.  You didn’t ride these bikes so much as cling-on for dear life while praying, indeed calling them “bikes” may be a terrible case of bad labelling… but it seemed appropriate.

Reaper new releases

Reaper Miniatures have announced a series of new fantasy and sci-fi releases.

From their website:

Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Miniatures

  • 03550: Thurge Threeforge, Dwarf Hero by Bob Olley ($4.99)
  • 03551: DHL Classics: Lizardmen I by Ben Siens ($9.99)

Warlord Fantasy Miniatures

  • 14622: Sildoran Protector by Patrick Keith ($29.99)
  • 14623: Spirit Wolf by Patrick Keith ($8.99)

Chronoscope Modern Miniatures

  • 50215: Silver Marksman, Super Heroine by Bobby Jackson ($4.99)
  • 50216: Sheila Silver, Cowgirl by Bob Ridolfi ($4.99)

Officially Licensed Pathfinder Miniatures

  • 60063: Mystic Theurge by Bob Ridolfi ($5.99)
  • 60064: Nature Warden by Patrick Keith ($4.99)

P-65 Heavy Metal Miniatures

  • 65117: Qualanar, Wizard by Sandra Garrity ($7.99)
  • 65118: Skorg Ironskull, Fire Giant King by Ben Siens ($35.99)

HAVOC available on Wargame Vault

The HAVOC: Tactical Miniature Warfare rules are now available from the One Bookshelf series of websites.

HAVOC: Tactical Miniature Warfare rules

From their announcement:

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with the company that runs Wargame Vault, DriveThru RPG, and RPG Now, to to be the exclusive distributors for the digital editions of my products.

Now you will have access to the games that I create at a reduced price, you can pay in multiple currencies, with no postage costs, and best of all, you don’t have to wait.

Currently, HAVOC in available in PDF.

Fiendish Fabrications release Agent Lefebvre

Agent LefebvreFiendish Fabrications have released a new miniature – Agent Lefebvre.

From their announcement:

Adding to their growing Gothica Miniature range comes Agent Lefebvre.

The beautiful and deadly Agent Lefebvre, a femme fatale and agent of the non-living Emperor Necropoleon. With her crew of elite gendarmes she scours the Lamentation Coast for arcane relics using her feminine whiles, her fighting skills and her mastery of intrigue all with equal aplomb.

New Immortal Miniatures at North Star

North Star Military Figures have new 28mm Ancient releases from Immortal Miniatures.

From their announcement:

Steve May has got two new packs to us to add to Immortal Miniatures range of Ancient Greeks.

They both reinforce the light infantry part of the Greek Hoplite army, the first is a pack of Psiloi with stones, the second a pack of Peltasts.

Both packs contain 5 metal figures, 28mm sized, designed to compliment the Immortal Miniatures box sets of plastic 28mm Hoplites.

Steve has given us some background to both packs, have a look at the North Star site for a read, even if these figures aren’t for you.

Relics Vaettir QSR beta list released

Tor Gaming have released an updated Relics QSR list.

From their announcement:

We have released an updated version of the Vaettir QSR list for beta. In addition, we have also released the rules for ‘Knock Down’ lingering effects as it is needed for the Vaettir list.

You can find them on our forum.

As usual, we encourage feedback (whats the point in a beta if we’re not looking for feedback?)

New releases from Dark Sword

Dark Sword Miniatures have added several new fantasy figures to their online store.

From their announcement:

I wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know that we have six new releases in our Online Store along with the latest issue of Game Forces Magazine – Issue # 20.

We have the following new releases:

  • GRRM Masterworks – Hodor, Bran, Meera & Jojen Reed Combo pack that includes their standard individual bases along with a special bonus diorama base that Tom Meier created that allows all of the characters to be positioned together in a conversation.
  • GRRM Masterworks – Hodor and Bran – Sculpted by Tom Meier
  • GRRM Masterworks – Jojen Reed – Sculpted by Tom Meier
  • GRRM Masterworks – Meera Reed – Sculpted by Tom Meier
  • Easley Masterworks – Male Combat Monk – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • Easley Masterworks – Female Paladin – Sculpted by Jeff Grace
  • Game Forces Magazine # 20 – English Edition

I have also now gone through all of the painted picture submissions that have come in from around the world and posted up the pictures on their appropriate product pages on the Dark Sword site. Far too many to list out…But they are all updated so keep those pictures coming in folks!

Tons of new sculpts to post up in the weeks ahead – lots more GRRM goodness and more critters including an all new Sad Panda 2 and his Red Panda Traveling companion. Lots of great stuff sure to make great additions to your personal collections.

SoCalWarhammer episode 38 posted

Episode 38 of the SoCalWarhammer podcast is now available.

From their announcement:

In this episode, Pat sits down with Brian Maddox and John Galbreth from Brookhurst Hobbies. The guys discuss the recent WAB Tournament at OrcCon (Strategicon LAX) and upcoming historical and WAB events. Also information about a new Orange County based Historical Wargaming Club is announced. The guys talk about the strengths of the Carthaginian army list in the Hannibal and the Punic Wars Supplement under WAB 2.0. In the last segment, the guys discuss the new Orc & Goblin Army Book for Warhammer 8th Ed. There is a little bit of everything in this podcast. We hope you enjoy.

New 40k podcast – The Power Sword

The first episode of a new 40K podcast, The Power Sword, has been posted.

From their announcement:

Brand new 40k podcast based in the UK, covering tournaments and various 40k hobby related activity!

Episode 1
This month we cover the caledonian uprising and Vapnartak tournaments as well as general hobby and tournament chat!

We also have an interview from Gary and Tim at Maelstrom Games about the Eye of the Storm and Banebeasts!

As a side note that wasn’t included if you wish to advertise a tournament or put out a shout out feel free to e-mail us (its free!)

New D6 Generation Podcast episode released

There is a new episode of the D6 Generation Podcast available for your listening pleasure.

From their announcement:

Gamers are in all walks of life. But if your an executive of a major corporation, traveling constantly, how can you find time for gaming and your family? We interview Angelo Lombardi, the COO of La Quinta Inns and Suites, to find out how this die hard gamer finds time to do it all.

Later, we check out a a classic game in a new skin. Survive: Escape from Atlantis! What do Raef, Russ, and Craig think of this reprint from Stronghold games?

New Bolt Action French gun available

Warlord Games have released a new 1:56 scale WWII Bolt Action French 75mm gun.

French 75mm gun

From their announcement:

With many of you collecting our early war French range we thought it only polite to give you some real punch in the shape of the famous 75.

Arguably the best gun of the war during the early stages of the conflict it saw action in a wide variety of armies from the French to the Germans and from the XXX to the Polish. Indeed we now have a version of this gun available for Polish armies too.

Head over to our webstore and see what else you can add to your army as you try to stave off the vile Boche and their dastardly Blitzkrieg tactics.

Relics VAT free for one week only

Tor Gaming is offering their Relics range VAT free to EU buyers for one week.

From their announcement:

We have started our special 20% discount, running for one week only. This effectively knocking the VAT off our prices!!

Starting on Sunday 27th Feb 2011 and ending Saturday the 5th March 2011 you can save 20% on the entire Relics range. Simply enter the following coupon code into the coupon field of the check and the cart will automatically knock 20% off your order:

coupon code: save20perc

This coupon is valid for order within the EU zone only.

Play Unplugged Radio 1.4: Team Army Building

The Play Unplugged Radio podcast has posted a new episode.

From their announcement:

In this episode of Play Unplugged Radio, Editor-in-Chief, Enrico Nardini is joined by freelance writer Scott Pyle to discuss team army building as a method to motivate you to complete your army building projects. Enrico and Scott discuss their latest project: Searforge Contract Armies. Enrico and Scott detail their army selections, painting scheme choices, and the benefits of building an army with a friend.

Bolt Action Polish Army released

Warlord Games have released a WWII Polish Army infantry boxed set and other support figures.

From their announcement:

If you like to play games set in the early part of WWII (it’s not all Tigers, Shermans and SU-122s, you know) you’ll love this little lot – the Poles are here!

Not only have we reorganised and repackaged the range but we’ve given the gallant Poles more punch with two new guns.

Check it all out on our website at www.warlordgames.co.uk…

Raging Heroes Manticore/Lamassu update

Raging Heroes have posted an update on the status of their Manticore/Lamassu miniature.

From their website:

Well there it is, the production moulds are all done. The first casts made from these moulds show that they work well and output very good pieces. But as we mentioned earlier, we are using a rather innovative technology for the production of this miniature, which has the effect of producing very large moulds. So, there are still some minor adjustments required to eliminate flash lines of on some parts.

To fix this, our caster needs to use another clamping system for the two parts of the mould and a more powerful pump. Ordering these new parts has further delayed for a few days the Manticore production.

To help you wait, we had promised you a podcast in which our caster explains his work on this project. We have turned this into a webcast by adding to his interview many visuals that show every stage of the Manticore / Lamassu project. Hope you enjoy it.

Upcoming Knuckleduster releases

Knucklesduster have posted information about some upcoming 1812 miniature releases.

From their website:

I’m about to release several new sets. At present, I am engaged in the tedious process of filing mold parting lines off master castings so they can be used to make production molds.

For 1812 I’ll be releasing US infantry in the ubiquitous “advancing” position (high porte, the classic French Napoleonic pose). It’s a versatile pose, working equally well for formed infantry and skirmishers.

I’ve finished four US General officers and staff. They include Brown, his aide Gardiner, Gen. Scott and Ripley. They will be released as two sets.

Two new 28mm Old West packs will be released as well. They include a new set of Fancy House Gals, which will vastly improve upon and  replace the current set, and a set of six men at work (blacksmith, ditch digger, livery stable workers, etc.) which will replace the old “Onlooker” set. If you want either of these old packs, act quickly, because they will be disappearing within days.

Incursion Drohne preview

Grindhouse Games have posted a photo of a painted sample of the Incursion/Secrets of the Third Reich German Drohne miniature.


From their website:

Things are moving along. I know I said 12 but we are down to 11 new figs. 6 are at the painters shop, one is painted and shown below, two are at Griffin for moulding, and the other two are very very close to being done. The rules for the expansion book are done. Just waiting on a couple of pieces of art from Keith.

Now, sneak peek of new Drohne model by Andy Cooper of West Wind. Creepy! Painted and photographed by our Spanish secret weapon: Ruben Torregrosa. More paint jobs on the way from Tom Schadle shortly.

New shipping details and terrain from Pardulon

Pardulon have had to update their shipping terms and also have a new 28mm terrain release.

Concrete Barriers

From their website:

Change of Shipping Conditions: the German Post has recently changed their shipping charges, and this is now reflected in the shop. Basically, nothing changes for Germans, EU customers pay slightly more and non-EU customers pay considerably less. Here are the exact details: Shipping conditions

I have also added a set of six concrete barriers to the Accessories section, available now:

Eolith 30mm resin zombies available for pre-order

Eolith Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their 30mm resin Zombie miniatures.


From their announcement:

I have a set of six 30mm resin zombies on pre-order just at the moment. There’s a whole complicated tale of them being limited edition and other such madness.

The set is £27 and, long story short, will be limited to a maximum of 100 sets.

For long story told long and all the gory details check out the front page of the Eolith site.

Figures are around 31mm to the tops of their heads in realistic proportions so on the smaller end of the scale for… err… scale. There’s a little girl zombie and she’s around 18mm tall but then she’d look silly if she was the same height as the others…

So, in resin and very nicely cast. They’ll enjoy eating the flesh/brains of your other gaming figures (so I’m told) or just chilling while you slap paint in their general direction.

Boosted Damage episode 70 posted

Episode 70 of the Boosted Damage Warmachine and Hordes podcast takes a look at the upcoming Kingdom Con event.

From their announcement:

This week we talk to PG Norbert and Mod Ross on their efforts to make Kingdom Con a unique and exciting event.

We also discuss the Foodmachine charity drive and some experiences with the current shattered grounds league.

PicoArmor offers a 3mm American Civil War sample pack

PicoArmor is offering a sample pack of their 3mm ACW figures.

Regimental Line
Regimental Line

From their announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to our American Civil War Sample Pack.

The ACW Sample Pack (PP-400) includes:

  • 3 pcs. Infantry I ACW-601
  • 1 pc. Infantry II ACW-602
  • 3 pcs. Skirmishers ACW-603
  • 3 pcs. Artillery ACW-604
  • 3 pcs. Artillery Crew ACW-605
  • 1 pc. Officers ACW-606
  • 3 pcs. Cavalry I ACW-607
  • 1 pc. Cavalry Command ACW-608
  • 3 pcs. Dismounted Cavalry ACW-609

The pack price is $7.00 (domestic) or $9.00 (international). This includes either domestic or international first class postage.