2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards Winners

By TGN Ross
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Jan 16th, 2012

Reader's Choice Awards

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the 2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards! This was an exciting event, a new category and lots of nominations. Final voting was very close in multiple categories, and the winners are listed below. Thank you for everyone that participated and congratulations to the companies that won. This is an exciting year and I am looking forward to all the new products and models that are going to come out!


Here are the final results for the 2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards!

Sci-fi Miniature

Winner: Corvus Belli Reverend Custodiers
Runner-up: Soda Pop Miniatures One Shot

Fantasy Miniature

Winner: Kingdom Death Flower Knight
Runner-up:Raging Heroes Manticore

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Winner:Guild of Harmony Steampunk Tinkerbelle
Runner-up: Studio McVey Ruby

Historical Miniature

Winner:Perry Miniatures British Hussars
Runner-up:Tercio Creativo Mochilero


Winner:Antenocitis Workshop Nova-Rus “Bear” 4×4 Jeep
Runner-up:Khurasan Miniatures Mekanoid Dictator


Winner:TableTop World Merchants House
Runner-up:Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartment


Winner:Gruntz Gruntz 15mm
Runner-up:Soda Pop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore

Voting and Nominations

Check out the polls from the final round of voting:

Final Sci-Fi Voting

Final Fantasy Voting

Final Alternative Adventure Voting

Final Historical Voting

Final Vehicle Voting

Final Rules/Expansions Voting

Final Terrain/Accessories Voting

Here are the polls from the first round of voting:

Sci-Fi Miniature Voting

Fantasy Miniature Voting

Alternative Adventure Miniature Voting

Historical Miniature Voting

Vehicle Voting

Rules/Expansions Voting

Terrain Accessories Voting

This year readers were asked to pick their their favourite figure or product from the nominated products as determined in the nomination process. You can cast your votes from Monday January 16th to Friday January 20th.

Please note: in order to limit “ballot stuffing” you need to be a registered member of TGN. Registration is free and allows you to vote and also post comments on the site. You won’t be spammed and we don’t sell or share our member list.

2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards First Round of Voting

Check out the threads that lead up to the nominations in the links below:

2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards Nomination Threads

Sci-Fi Miniature

Fantasy Miniature

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Historical Miniature

Terrain and Accessory

Rules or Expansion


  • Osbad

    I must admit the nominations passed me by

    As usual though, lots of interesting things there. Many of which I missed first time around!

  • Drusus Geronimo Rat Esq

    What happened to the Historical Miniatures category when it came to putting up voting threads??

    Plus see comments by myself and others on the disappearance/lack of transparency on the nominations process on the relevant TGN Talk Readers’ Choice threads.

  • What happened to the items and rules that were nominated that didn’t appear in the 1st round of voting? My game, Kaiju Kaos, and one of my miniatures were nominated but do not appear on the lists.

  • Chameleon

    Ross failed to mention that he’d only be listing category items that meet the Super Secret Criteria for Being Included, which is why so many nominated products don’t appear as vote choices. What a crock.

  • blackfly

    Should be retitled ‘Editor’s Choice’

    Waste of time.

  • Let’s give up with conspirancy theories ; I think those issues are mainly due to a lack of experience with the TGN award process.
    Yet many improvements are to be made :

    Pictures of products directly available (no links)
    A more extensive nomination process (I’m always curious to discover new games and models)
    A first vote to sort nominates and then a final vote to sort finalists
    Everything available at the front page and not via TGN chat.

    PLUS : the post has been edited and there will be a new vote next week with all the nominees included. ;o)

  • odinsgrandson

    Yeah, weird bug. But I can totally understand the “Oh, Crap” reaction that we all have when something on the internet goes wrong. Remember, all emotions on the internet are scaled up an order of magnitude.

    Anyway, I’ll be happy to vote next week.

  • papasmrf667

    I would rather have images available on the website or at least links to the images eh?

  • Still missing some nominations apparently… Oh well. Good group to vote for, but disappointing.

    • Fixed! Woot! At least my nominations are in. It’s probably not the best way to catch all nominations, but the issue is fixed on my end. Any others we might notice missing?

      • TGN Ross

        As far as I know, all the nominations are up. But if we need to fix anything ill be up.

        • morkin

          Our rules expansion for Frebooter’s Fate, “Deep Jungle”, was nominated (by “ish” at the bottom of page 4 of the rules nomations thread), but I can’t seem to find it as a choice in the poll. Or am I looking in the wrong bit?

  • blkdymnd

    Don’t ask for nominations if you aren’t going to include them all.

  • blkdymnd

    I had the heavy panzer walker from Dust Tactics (it was in sci Fi before the vehicle category)

    • TGN Ross

      It is in the Vehicle Category.

      If there are any questions, I can always be reached at [email protected]

  • surprize

    I know where people are coming from saying every nomination should have the chance to run, but it seems pretty clear there will be a few categories where there are 5-6 entries collecting a lot of votes and 10+ entries that have only 1-2 votes, or none. Some categories are so vast already that it is not feasible to expect people to look at all the entries (e.g. rules).

    Personally I think some people ^^ are taking this a little too seriously. Its not an actual election, there aren’t going to be UN observers. For sake of making the whole voting process easier, next year through some method (panel of independent people choose from nominations?) the votes should be on no more than 10, preferably no more than 5 entries.

    It is not logical to vote on all nominations, as the ultimate conclusion of that is that every release in the year gets a nomination and we are voting on +200 different fantasy minis!! I might be off the mark but it feels to me that this is not so much about “fairness” or “democracy”, but about fans/owners/investors making sure their smaller companies get their tiny bit of free advertising in the poll.

    • Ghost


  • antenociti

    having to spend a lot of time looking up every entry before voting, adding images would be a good idea I think.

  • Links to view pics seem to be missing entirely this year. That is quite odd as ‘Cool Mini or Not’ are running this page now. What a shame. I am certain many will not take the time to google each entry and many great models will be overlooked. TMP seems to be doing a better job.

    • surprize

      no one can touch TMP for retro-c.2002 webpage design. Going on there reminds me of when we searched for stuff with Altavista on dial-up. Good times.

      More view links would be good though..

      • antenociti

        yeah TMP is very much in the 1980s, they’ve only just added the ability to post in-line images!

  • Jarec

    Wow, really short lists. I though this was about giving us a choice of what to vote for. Almost nothing I like is on any of them and I’m not a niche gamer.

    • scottjm

      Seriously? Some of these lists are huge. What sort of figs are you looking for?

      • Jarec

        But the Rules/Expansions list is not a reflection on what is out there IMHO

        • scottjm

          You don’t think it’s a good reflection of good rulesets that came out this year? The list is pretty extensive. They may have been a pile more, but maybe they weren’t award worthy. I agree on the terrain accessories though. It’s too bad they’re wasn’t more nominated. It could also be that goof figs stay in a person’s mind more than say a ruleset or a piece of terrain.

          • scottjm

            Should be “good figs” not “goof figs”. Erg.

      • Jarec

        Just checked and the Terrain section has 9 items in it. It has been a great year for terrain so where is it.

    • Best way to have something you like to vote for would have been to nominate them yourself. ;o)

      • Jarec

        I did

  • Ghost

    Why do members have an expectation that ‘their’ nominations must be included? Almost all of the categories include a post where someone is crying about ‘their’ nomination being left out.

    • Ghost

      Correction: Replace “Almost all of the categories…” with *Some of the categories.

      Where is my edit button?

      • Veritas

        Well, can you tell me what criteria were used to decide what was included? These awards are called the “Reader’s Choice Awards” because every year each of the nominees, finalists, and, ultimately, winners, are chosen by the readers. This year the part of the reader has been limited in the nomination phase without rhyme, reason, or, most importantly, explanation. I think that transparency is doubly important this year as it is the first time these awards are being run by CMoN which produces Dark Age, Super Dungeon Explore, and, (I think,) Relic Knights. Now, I’m not for spouting conspiracy theories, but I do think CMoN should be careful organizing a non-biased awards contest involving their own product.

        • Ghost

          With all due respect you have responded to the question I asked but you have not answered the question I asked.

          • Veritas

            Yes, I did. Reader’s Choice Awards = Reader’s choosing. Here, the editors chose which nominations to cut.

          • Ghost

            To summarise; you’re upset that Ross ignored your nomination because you feel you have ownership over the process – simply because of the title? With apologies, that’s a bit of a reach.

            The nominations were edited (presumably by Ross). Your nomination was left on the cutting room floor – perhaps due to a CMoN conspiracy, perhaps because insufficient nominations were received for the product you nominated, perhaps because Ross(?) assumed Lego Heroica was a joke nomination. Sorry to burst your bubble but the editors have every right to do their job without transparency, justification or explanation.

            I may seem harsh but I sympathise with your reasoning, I just don’t agree with it.

          • Veritas

            Hmm…I have no idea what Lego Heroica is or why it would be a joke nomination. Reliance on hyperbole over fact.

          • Ghost

            Reliance on hyperbole to keep spectators amused and insinuate your position is untenable. Also, confirmation you would grab at the least relevant straw in an effort to deflect attention away from the position I put before you.

            I believe we have both made our points and the discussion has reached an end. Of course if you have anything new to add feel free to respond.

          • Veritas

            Only trolls feel the need to keep spectators amused. But thank you for going there as it means you’ve invalidated your own arguments.

        • CmoN distributes almost all the finests miniature lines on the market. So It’s going to be hard not to find a reason to find them guilty of being biased…
          I bet that 2013 awards will run more smoothly. Give them time to master the process.

  • DeeDee

    Hi TGN, just wanted to point out that I have registered and can post on the blog here, but I cannot post on TGN Talk, nor can I vote in the awards as it says I “do not have the correct permissions”.

    • TGN Ross

      Hey DeeDee,

      Please send me an email at [email protected] and I will be able to help you out.


  • antenociti

    Hi TGN folks,

    Following up the previous post above:

    We’ve got quite a list of customers who have contacted us via facebook/twitter/email who have registered and cannot vote in the Awards. Its now up to 15 people. I really think that this is now a significant issue that needs looking at given that voting closes tomorrow.

    All of the people who cannot vote have registered via the frontpage of the blog here; they can post here, but cannot vote nor can they post on the forums.

    Can TGN please take a look at this problem and resolve as soon as possible, or if it cannot be fixed provide another means for readers to vote?

    • projectgood

      A number of people have mentioned this to me too, they’ve registered, but can’t vote.

      • TGN Ross

        I have been getting emails with that same problem, have them email me at [email protected] and I will be able to help with their issue.


  • I’d suggest a third party system…

  • raljy01

    i had problems registering an account as i did not receive the password and registration details from the website. I had to make another email account as i could not get anything sent to my AOL email account at all.

    • TGN Ross

      Hey Raljy,

      I am working on this issue right now, please send me an email at [email protected] and I will be able to help get your account all set up.


  • surprize

    I’m starting to get the feeling that what should be a nice feature is/has turned into more trouble than it is worth; and I don’t apportion the blame for that at TGN’s door.

    I voted for Antenociti as they make quality stuff, but 15 customers registered the day before the poll closes just to vote in the awards? That really feels against the spirit of this, albeit within the guidelines as posted. No doubt some companies are using FB/Twitter/etc to encourage their customers to sign up and vote, even though some of them won’t be TGN readers.

    Being nominated is neither here nor there, its not an honour as any Joe can just post in the nomination thread, its not a vote of confidence from customers, its just one person. And the voting system, unfortunately, is open to manipulation. So I’m struggling to see how companies can feel good about being nominated/winning. I can’t see how TGN could have done this differently though.

    It feels like we’ve ruined this for ourselves. TGN have my sympathy for the flak they’re copping as there seems to be a lot of other agendas here rather than just a community getting together to decide their favourite new toys of the last year.

    • bwhithers

      rather than just a community getting together to decide their favourite new toys of the last year.

      Have you have been living in seclusion in a remote cave without net access for the last few years?

      Every year Infinity miniatures win categories because the Infinity forums get together and decide what to nominate and what to vote for. Just go and look at the Terrain voting where an ugly block of MDF is beating the hand crafted brilliance of the Merchants House. Why?

      Because TGN has a big following of Infinity gamers and every year they discuss the awards and make their votes count by being organised in their voting. And it has happened every year the awards have been run. And who says they can’t?

      Last year there were half a dozen companies that sent out mass emails to their customers to come and vote here. Go take a look at the discussion at Infinity, LAF and the Forum Of Doom, and other forums to see people promoting their favourites company products every single year.

      Every company with forums has people asking its members to come here to vote. I cannot see anything that this year has been any different to every year before it.

      I have registered just to vote and I won’t be back (to post) until next year’s awards.

      I’ve been a reader here ever since it started.

      • surprize

        Sorry I’m not following your point? You just seem to be sharing a series of observations and anecdotes.

        I said companies may well be rigging the polls which ruins the point of the voting/the awards; I made no restriction on my comments to this year’s poll alone.

        You appear to argue against this, while citing examples that prove this happened in past years and you seem unhappy with this (as you don’t seem happy with previous winners/current front-runners), but defend their right to do it.

        I apologise if I wasn’t clear with my conclusion; I was driving at the point that given the awards are a bit of sham they should be got rid of.

  • timbo

    just vote and stop whining people

  • keltheos

    Amen, Timbo.

    It is telling, though, how much the community has shifted when there are two total (that I could count, maybe 3…?) GW entries (and one’s a Forgeworld model) in ALL of the voting with only one being in the sci-fi area while there’s 10 entries for Infinity in the sci-fi category…

    And this isn’t a whine, but a request I’ve had over the years…split the rules and expansions into two different categories please. They are not the same thing, and should be treated as such.

  • twolf29

    Campaigning for votes is not the same as “rigging the polls”. This is not an attempt to judge a product’s objective worth. This is literally a popularity contest.

  • twolf29

    ^ I’m not sure why some people have a problem with that.

    (Hit send to early!)

  • Lexghul

    It seems that “end of Friday” came a bit earlier than I had hoped.

  • BaconSlayer

    Is now a good time to mention that the Gun Carriage was in the URL list of Fantasy Miniatures, but not actually in the poll? That is just something I noticed, but have not had time to compare the other lists to see if there were other omissions.

  • keltheos

    Did I forget to mention the sky is falling?

  • odinsgrandson

    I believe that the Vehicle category is missing from the final polls.

  • Gasparos

    District 5 Apartment/Micro Art Studios
    have my vote

  • Sergus

    If I remember, the voting would be opened till 02/06/2012 but It’s 02/05/2012 ( 10:57 ) here and it has been closed. Or are you so far that you are living a day before? o_0

    • Sergus

      I meant, “a day after”.