2011 Gaming Resolutions

By tgn_admin
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Dec 30th, 2010

Once again the year winds down and people’s minds turn inward and think of the year to come and how to do better themselves in the next 12 months. Last year we asked people for their 2010 Gaming Resolutions and I am happy to report that I didn’t meet a single darned one of mine.

So lets try this again. What are your gaming resolutions for 2011?

  • redsimon

    I still need to finish my SF-ruleset for big humanoid walkers fighting each other. And I want to release it simultaneously in 2 languages! Actually I’m now translating it to language no. 2, and afterwards will have to type the included short story into the computer and translate it as well. Afterwards I will have to draw weapons and equipment: That’s the real challenge, I have almost no drawing skills. But it wil be done.
    Hopefully I can convince other people to make the more difficult drawings.
    In any case, that project will proceed, and all text work will be done in 2011, we will see how much drawings I can finish/have finished.

    Oh, and working on that project was a resolution for 2010, and as I finished a lot of it, I’m pleased.

  • Nemesis

    Paint at least 2 Alkemy starters warbands (and demo the game at my local store when the game will be relaunched)
    Paint at least one Uncharted Seas Starter (probably Shroud Mages) and play a few game at my FLGS
    Assemble and/or paint two demo forces for Nemesis (Zenit Miniatures) – maybe give a hand for the translation – and … demo it at my FLGS
    Keep on playing AT-43 and CaoR every month – be prepared in the event of a relaunch of the IPs… To make demos at my FLGS :o))
    Borrow a lot of time to make sure I meet at least one of the above resolutions :oP

    Happy new year! :o)