Meeples & Miniatures Podcast episode 68 posted

Episode 68 of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Episode 68 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast has now been published and is available for download.
In this show I review three wargaming publications:

  • The Ancient Warfare 2010 Special
  • Extra Impetus 3
  • Hammers Slammers – The Crucible

All this, plus the usual chat, and a new competition.

The show can be downloaded directly from the Meeples & Miniatures website, or it’s available via iTunes.

New Twilight releases at Hasslefree

Hasslefree Miniatures now have new releases from the Twilight fantasy range.

Arak, towering over a poor young fubarnii

From their announcement:

Hasslefree have just announced two new releases for the World of Twilight range.

First up is Arak Katain, a ferocious leader for the Devanu who towers over the Fubarnii he hunts.

In response, the Fubarnii Empire get a somewhat less threatening release with a set of two youngsters and their pet. These will make excellent objectives for your games of Twilight, with brave knights rushing to their rescue.

Heroes 2010 painting contest and new products

Miniature Heroes have sent news of their Heroes 2010 painting contest and new product releases.

60mm Urban Rubble base

From their announcement:

Miniature-Heroes is pleased to announce the Heroes 2010 painting competition is once again being run.
This year the paint a classic is Grenadier.

Any Grenadier, or now Mirliton miniature can be submitted. All I ask is you join the MH forum in order to take part. The rules are listed there along with some of the prizes.\

The contest is also kindly being sponsored by:

  • Mirliton Miniatures
  • Reaper Miniatures
  • Mannequin Miniatures
  • JoeK Miniatures

Also I am pleased to announce that we now stock the BNS miniatures range of Resin bases and plinths in our Hobby section.

Any questions or comments about the competition please just contact me at the shop.

Tor Gaming YouTube channel

Tor Gaming have started a YouTube channel.

From their announcement:

We’ve started our own YouTube channel and uploaded the first promo video for Relics.

We’ll be adding more shortly, including profile videos where you get to see the models close up and also videos where we take a look at parts of the Relics rules and how they work on the table.

If there is a video you’d like to see, drop us a line and let us know.


Grindhouse release first Junk miniatures

Grindhouse Games have released the first figures for their new Junk 28mm sci-fi game of Robot combat, the Dog Face squad. Grindhouse also have a new website and online store.

From their website:

First up is a pack of SID Combots. Guess we need some Nancys now. Contains 5 unpainted and unassembled multi-part white metal miniatures and 5 25mm bases. Easy assembly as only arms are separate. Figures stand approximately 37mm to top of head. Sculptor: the mighty Patrick Keith.

Fenris Games preview new Modern Investigator

Fenris Games have sent a preview of their first in a new range of 28mm Modern Investigator miniatures.

Modern Investigator

From their announcement:

We’ve just got photos of the first green for our new line of character minis designed for modern pulp and SF gaming.

28mm to the eyes, this will be the first release of a planned range of 12-15 miniatures dressed in broadly similar “uniform”, with most characters either unarmed or only lightly armed.

All minis with be supplied complete with scenic resin bases. announces SHM 15mm sci-fi range have added a new range of 15mm sci-fi figures to their online store.

Cyborg Enslavers

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone

Latest news from is that the rumoured SHM 15mm Range is now a reality with the first nine miniatures now online in their own section. What is the SHM range you ask, well let me tell you.

Every now and again an aspiring designer will come along to and ask if they can have a commission for some new designs. Often the answer is no, simply because of resources, schedules and other commitments. Those who know will realise though that we do our best to give new talent a chance and will often commission designs for ranges knowing the miniatures may not be best sellers. This is done to give new talent a chance and to get these novice designers some experience.

However lately, its come to the attention of that something more was needed and this is the SHM range. ANY aspiring sculptor can send in ‘greens’ and once enough are collected they will get master molded and assuming all is well they will be released. This gives designers and their often unusual designs a chance to reach the wider wargame market at no cost to themselves (and net a bag of their miniatures for free too).

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Warlord Hallowe’en specials

Warlord Games has two special Hallowe’en themed deals.

From their announcement:

Little Steve of the Warlord Games sales team is an excitable little soul. Around this time year (even more so than usual), as he gets giddy at the thought of ghosts, ghouls and mugging little kids for their Trick or Treat candies.

Fear not, for we’ve harnessed his delirium to bring you two fun releases just in time for Halloween.

As the old nursery rhyme goes: “If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise…”

First of the Halloween specials is our Out for the Count pack, featuring Major Terntadust and his SS Vamphyr foe.

It doesn’t end there, though, as we have joined up with our old mates at Mantic and those fine fellows at Osprey Publishing to offer you our Ein, Zwei, Die! offer – plastic Zombies and plastic German conversion pack!

As you can see here, they look superb, converted and painted as they are by Golem Painting Studios.

And if that wasn’t enough to chill and thrill you there’s also Osprey Publishing’s new ‘Zombies: A Hunter’s Guide’ book by Joseph McCullough.

CSRA Gamers Association TANKSGIVING

Its hard to believe that its already time for TANKSGIVING again.

From their announcement:

Our third annual CSRA TANKSGIVING event.

The cornerstone of this years event will be a huge Flames of War Eastern Front game hosted by gamemaster Paul Harrison.
Jon Beatty will be hosting a Warhammer 40K Tank Event.
Mike Baker will be hosting a Dirtside 2 tank event.

Gaming setup will begin at 10AM and gaming will start at 11AM and continue until at least 7PM. All games are welcome, but the focus is on Tank Related Games.

German Zombies available from Mantic

Mantic Games are also offering the Weird WWII German Zombie pack previously announced by Warlord Games.

Zombie group

From their announcement:

Halloween is this weekend, so today sees the release of our limited edition German Zombies.

Mantic, in combination with Warlord Games, are offering this special plastic kit for Halloween this year. For those of you who saw our newsletter last week and decided to pre-order one of these fantastic kits, your orders will be shipping out today. However if you haven’t already picked up your own German Zombies, don’t worry, you can buy yours now.

This set combines the brand new Zombie sprues from Mantic with those of the Warlord plastic Germans (guns n all.), you’ll be able to make 10 (or more depending on your imagination) German Zombies. Furthermore, for all of you Zombie fanatics out there, we will also be offering the Osprey Zombie Book in a separate package as well.

For more details on these two fiendishly delightful Halloween Specials, go to the website now.

Record $10,000 prize at Crystal Brush 2011

CoolMiniOrNot will be offering a $10,000 first prize at the Crystal Brush 2011 painting contest.

From their announcement:

CoolMiniOrNot Inc announced today the Crystal Brush Awards, which will be a painting competition held at AdeptiCon 2011 in Chicago from April 1st to 3rd 2011.

The Crystal Brush awards are a showcase for the best in miniature painting, primarily focused on fictional settings. As a competition meant to celebrate the hobby, figures from any manufacturer are welcome.

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Belgian Land Ironclads to premiere at Crisis

Brigade Models will be releasing their first Belgian Land Ironclad models at Crisis.

From their announcement:

We’ll be back at the Crisis show in Antwerp next week, and this year we’ve really got into the Belgian theme. As well as the WWI Carabinier Cyclists released recently, we have a bit of a surprise for our VSF chums. Debuting at the show will be three new Belgian Land Ironclads, ready to fight off the French foe.

You can see some nicely painted examples from Steve Blease on the ‘Yours in a White Wine Sauce’ blog here:

As the Belgians don’t get a mention in the rulebook, Steve has also kindly agreed to produce a PDF supplement for the rules with background, stats and scenarios, which also involve the upcoming French (which have been frustratingly delayed by lack of moulds).

Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten public preview available

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide have posted a public preview of their Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Cthulhu campaign game rules.

From their website:

Those of you who’ve been following our activities of late will have heard whisperings of a new game, Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  Set in the same world and time as Strange Aeons, and utilizing the same fundamental game mechanics, Kulten will allow players to try their hand at building a nefarious cult, and vying with other evildoers for the favour of their dark gods.  We’re happy to report that the first draft of the game is complete (PDF link), and we’d like your help to test it.

In order to play, you’ll need to have a copy of the Strange Aeons core rulebook handy.  While Kulten will eventually be released as a standalone game, we’ve elected to keep the Lurker profiles out of the Beta edition.

A and A November Super Offer

A & A Miniatures are offering a special during the month of November.

From their website:

This month of November 2010 we have another super offer. Receive 1 free pack of miniatures for every £50 spent on your order

So if you buy £100 you will receive 2 free packs .. If you buy £150 you will receive 3 free packs. If you buy £200 you will receive 4 free packs etc

Please email me the free packs you would like. You may choose any pack in the range.

Please note Delivery turnaround for orders is usually 7 Days in the UK. Rest of the world is usually 10 days

Winter 2010 BattleTech World-Wide Historical Event

Catalyst Game Labs have posted details of their Winter 2010 BattleTech World-Wide Historical Event.

From their website:

On 2 July 2821 Operation Klondike began on the Pentagon Worlds but when the Clans came to Arcadia they descended into hell. Clan Star Adder often fought against horrendous odds but they rose to challenge and many warriors wrote their own legacies in those battles.

This is the Winter 2010 BattleTech World-Wide Historical Event! Prepare to see whether you can defend your territory against the Clan usurpers or will you prove the superiority of the Way of the Clans. What legacy will you write?

This event will run from the beginning of November to the end of December and consists of three scenarios. Check with your local Agent/Venue to see when and where you can participate in this great event. Also check back here or on the CBT website here.

Knuckleduster new releases available

Knuckleduster have added their new 1812 and Western figures to their online store.

From their website:

All three new sets are now available for sale. If you are visiting Fall-In, please stop by RLBPS where you can see them “in the flesh.”

Here are links to the product pages:

The Lower Canada Militia command in round hats are finished, but not quite ready to package for sale, so I will release them with some other new figures in a week or two.

Word of Hashut No.10 now available

Word of Hashut issue 10Issue 10 of the Word of Hashut Warhammer Chaos Dwarf e-zine is now available.

From their website:
Well, well, well, another issue of Word of Hashut, Booyah! But once again late ah well with everything that has happened to me as of late I’m going let it slide this time. I know, I know, just don’t tell anyone I said that: Oh wait this thing is on? Erm nevermind.

But wait, whats this I see? Damn it who was the slacking overlord that let the hobgoblins in? Not only did they get let in but it appears as if they have taken over the whole issue! Well we know what that means: I’m going to have to do some investigations, apply some force chokes and dark side slams as well. Now where is my light saber (looks at hobgoblin running off with it in to the depths…) Did I mention that this just hasn’t been my year? Red bladed light saber swiped by a lowly hobgoblin… Word of the da Hobboz indeed. When I find the culprit its hobgoblin latrine duty for a year in the deepest darkest parts of Zharr Naggrund!

Arcane Legions November League details posted

Wells Expeditions have posted details of their November Arcane Legions League.

From their website:

The November league has been posted. This time, your armies are fighting their way through a swamp, encountering new terrain types that hinder movement without blocking it. Register your league events here and read the scenarios here. There is also a battle report here featuring an early version of the first scenario, and another one here that features the final version of the scenario, but in which the swamp plays a much lesser role.

Malifaux Toys for the Tots event

The Augusta Book Exchange will be holding a Malifaux Toys for the Tots in Augusta Georgia. More details are available on their Facebook page for the event

From their announcement:

Time: Sunday, November 21 · 1:00pm – 6:00pm
Location Augusta Book Exchange 592 Bobby Jones Expwy., Augusta, GA 30901
Phone (706)860-6553

What: A Malifaux 35 soul stone event sponsoring the Toys for Tots program.
When: November 21st, 2010 starting at 1pm with an early checkin at 12:30pm for event participants & staff only.
Where: The Augusta Book Exchange at 592 Bobby Jones Expressway in Augusta, GA. (706)860-6553
Entry Fee: Free! Just bring at least one toy meeting the standards of the Toys for Tots program to donate to their noble cause.

CorSec Engineering now offering printed fabric maps

CorSec Engineering are now selling their printed fabric gaming mats.


From their announcement:

CorSec Engineering is now offering printed fabric maps and has made several patterns available for ordering. Each map is 42″ by 72″ and can be ordered with square or hex overlays. Custom overlays available upon request. Each map costs $36.

Patterns available:

  • Aerial Farmland
  • Ocean
  • Red Nebula

More patterns will be available soon and larger maps are in the works.

Raging Heroes Manticore preview

Raging Heroes are have posted a preview of their Manticore miniature.

Manticore WIP

From their announcement:

An evil creature is currently being conceived in our laboratories. So far, we’re pretty happy with the result but as it’s a fairly expensive piece to produce, we want to be sure that it is something you want. The Manticore would be provided with the Dark Elf wingless version of Heroic Lord of Shadows Kahn-Urkan. Its price would be 39.90 Euros.

What do you think? Do you like her look? Do you see easily take place in your army? Tell us all…

KR Multicase release Wings of War Custom Trays

KR Multicase have released their Wings of War Custom Trays.

Wings of War Custom Tray

From their announcement:

We are pleased to announce that our full Wings of War tray range is now available. You can select from trays for the game basics, 4 single seaters or 2 single plus 2 two seaters. With these new purpose designed trays you can keep your Wings of War collections safe and damage free.

A standard KR Multicase holding the game basics plus 24 planes is £28.99 (including UK postage), and €39,99 including European postage. Cases to hold from 4 planes, 8 planes, 16 planes and more, are all available on the website:

For the UK and for the EU.

One tray holds all game basics i.e. Compartments for cockpit game board, balloon cards, smoke markers, compartment for distance markers, 4 token compartments, 6 deck compartments, and an altitude peg compartment. Choose from 2 other trays for the single and two seater planes. All four series of WW1 and both series of WW2 are catered for.

Key features for the perfect custom cut Wings of War trays from KR are:

  • All the game basics fit easily in the purpose made tray.
  • You can keep each plane and it’s deck next to each other.
  • Deck compartments have a handy finger recess to help get the cards out.
  • Tailplane pads are provided for full support.
  • Altitude pegs fit within the central compartment.
  • The smaller two seater planes can also fit in the single seater cutout!
  • Don’t forget, KR foam is soft and will keep your ‘planes safe, you can easily stack the trays and know that they will be safe from any damage.

Remember that you can keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page.

Back 2 Base-ix announce modular gaming table kit

Back 2 Base-ix have sent details of the upcoming Battle Frame 5000 modular gaming table kit.

Battle Frame 5000

From their announcement:

Introducing a new way to create your modular scenery gaming tables. No need to go hunting for perfect cut squares of polystyrene or timber. We’ve eliminated the framework headaches for you with this easily assembled kit. And not only that, the magnets keep it all in place

  • 300mm/1′ square modular tiles, 33mm high.
  • Precision Laser Cut 3mm MDF
  • Rare Earth Magnet technology lets each tile ‘click’ into place against the next. Also easily removed to change your scenery from game to game
  • Easily assembled, just glue and go.
  • Durable, hard wearing, can handle the knocks of any gaming session.
  • Start building your modular scenery straight on top.

We’ve only just scratched the surface here with Battle Frame 5000. Hot on the heels of these initial releases will see varying depths and sizes of tile, to make your table so diverse, no two games need be the same.
Coming in a 16 tile pack, enough to cover a 4′ x 4′ table, including over 200 pieces, get your framework done and dusted, leaving you more time to spend on building your scenery.

Also available in a 24 tile pack, over 300 pieces, this kit is huge. Cover a 6′ x 4′ table with a modular framework that deals with the difficult part of creating modular tiles that are durable and accurate.

Veni Vidi Vici hit by virus

Veni Vidi Vici’s main computer has been hit by a virus.

From their announcement:

On Wednesday night the main VVV computer was infected with the Win32.ramnit virus (which comes in 3 flavours).It has rampaged through the system heavily damaging its ability to perform. First the system needs to be cleaned and if possible repaired. Hopefully the PC will be back in action early next week.

Black Hat release new Morituri Te Salutant cards

Black Hat Miniatures have released new Morituri Te Salutant order and wound cards.

From their announcement:

We have new full colour Order and Wound cards designed by Frank Sultana of the Adventures in Lead blog for all the Gladiator Types in our rules Morituri Te Salutant.

These are available as a free download from the Black Hat downloads page.

Many thanks

Foundry Christmas Open Days

Wargames Foundry will be having two Open Days prior to Christmas.

From their announcement:

Christmas Open Days 26th/27th November 2010

If you are thinking of coming we would be grateful if you could email us at Foundry to register, so we can establish how many visitors there will be each day. To thank you for registering we will send you an extremely generous offer.

Event opening times 10.00am – 4.00pm.

Please note you can only get this offer by registering in advance.

Heavy Gear Halloween Sale

Dream Pod 9 is having their annual Heavy Fear Halloween Sale.

From their website:

Welcome to Dream Pod 9’s Annual Heavy Fear Halloween Sale this weekend only from Friday October 29th to Monday Morning November 1st.  Scare us with your order and for every $50 of products purchased (including books, miniatures, model kits, package deals, etc.) on the DP9 Online Store, we will Treat you with a free $10 or less gift product of your choice in with the order, if you purchase for $100 you can select a $20 or less Treat instead of two $10 Treats, $150 gets a $30 Treat and so on, for even more Scary orders.

Just note the product name(s) and product number(s) that you want in the comments section of the cashout page. Do not order the Treat(s) as if they are lines in the order or they will be charged with the order automatically, just type your requested free Treat(s) in the comments section of the cash out page and they will be added when we pack the order.