Wyrd accepting Malifaux beta test applications

Wyrd Miniatures is accepting applications for beta testers for the next Malifaux expansion.

From their website:

I am please to announce that starting next week we will be holding (semi) Open Beta testing for material found in the second book being released for the Malifaux game system. This beta will last 1 month. I am accepting applications for one week only (4/30/10 – 5/7/10) but with a limited number of applicants accepted. If we reach the number I will close applications.

Hordes Warpwolf Stalker preview

Privateer Press have posted a preview of the Circle Warpwolf Stalker Warbeast.

From their website:

The druids of the Circle Orboros have continued to experiment with the forbidden processes by which they transform men into the terrifying warpwolves. Volunteers chosen for the keenness of their minds as well as their strength in battle are candidates for the altered rites that produce the warpwolf stalker. Unlike their totally animalistic kin, the stalkers retain a more than animal cunning. They prowl the dense foliage of the Immoren forests, stalking their unsuspecting prey before leaping out to deliver powerful killing blows in a berserk frenzy.

Tabletop Insider 03 now available

Issue 3 of the German gaming magazine Tabletop Insider is now available.


From their announcement:

Tabletop Insider started in spring 2009 as the first and only independent tabletop-games and miniatures magazine in Germany. Run by hobby enthusiasts, we now published our third stand alone issue (we covered tabletop content before in Germany’s number 1 roleplaying games magazine Mephisto).

Though we faced some delays releasing the new magazine, we are pretty proud of what we could accomplish here – keeping in mind that this print-only magazine is not edited by any big company using a vast budget to facilitate their range of miniatures and games, but by fans in their free-time. Our readers will find an extra 16 pages and a free plastic sprue in the latest incarnation of Tabletop Insider.

Of course Tabletop Insider is a German magazine we thought it could be interesting to share the news anyway.

What you’ll find in TTI03:

  • an unflattered Planetstrike game report where Black Templars oppose Chaos Demons,
  • a Warmachine campaign with three special scenarios,
  • an artist portrait of Roman Jarhead Lappat including a step-by-step painting tutorial,
  • an impressing Cygnar army feature
  • extensive game reviews of Malifaux and Uncharted Seas.

Furthermore we provide another two painting tutorials, we publish a complete tournament list in cooperation with T3 and have previews of the Horus Heresy boardgame and upcoming Starcraft II computer game, where we were able to receive a beta-test account.

Within our news section we focus on information and reviews for all the latest and upcoming games, miniatures and companies. So you’ll find a lot of smaller companies within our pages.

Tor Gaming to distribute War for Edadh in the UK

Tor Gaming will be distributing the War for Edadh game and expansions in the UK.

From their announcement:

It gives me great pleasure to announce Tor Gaming will be distributing WarriorElites range of “War for Edadh” games in the UK.

Often viewed as ‘yet another CCG’, War for Edadh couldn’t be further from that statement. A card based wargame, War for Edadh offers tactical challenges and fun that many figure based games struggle to offer.

Perfect for introducing the youngsters to gaming, War for Edadh approach to ‘modular’ rules allows for kids as young as 7 to enjoy the game. A little bit older? No problem, simple add in some of the additional rules and the game grows in complexity and challenges.

Any store interested in the range can contact us now for price list.

If you already play the game and would like to help promote it in your area, please get in touch.

Warlord Games Bank Holiday free shipping

Warlord Games have extended their free shipping offer.

From their announcement:

Warlord Games’ free shipping offer has been extended over the bank holiday weekend – largely because we just remembered that we are not going to be here to flick the switch and turn it off.

Take advantage of the Mayday holiday, and enjoy free shipping to anywhere in the world over this weekend.

Bearing in mind our usual shipping charges are 10% for the UK, 18% for Europe and 20% for the rest of the world, get your order in now, and spend your money on miniatures, not mailmen (or Morris dancin!)

Radioactive Press PDF store special offer

Radioactive Press have a special offer to celebrate the opening of their new online store.

From their announcement:

To celebrate the grand opening of our new PDF PayPal store we have a special offer for all orders placed in the month of May. If you buy the Giant Monster Rampage 3rd edition, Mega Bots, or Power Warriors core rulebook PDFs you will receive one of the PDFs from list A (located below) free.

If you buy two of the listed core rulebook PDFs you have the choice of picking two free PDFs from list A or one free PDF from list B.

If you buy all three core rulebooks PDFs you have the choice of picking three free PDFs from list A, or one free PDF from List A and one free PDF from list B, or the free PDF bundle from list C.

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New fantasy figures from MegaMinis

MegaMinis have released a new series of 25/28mm fantasy figures.


From their announcement:

  • DEAL-0682 Goblin with bolder over head $2.25 auction store or $2.13 in our online store.
  • DEAL-0683 Goblin with sword over head $2.25 auction store or $2.13 in our online store.
  • DEAL-0684 Goblin with Spear thrusting $2.25 auction store or $2.13 in our online store.
  • DEAL-0685 Goblin firing bow $2.25 auction store or $2.13 in our online store.
  • 1034D Giant Crab Man 60mm tall $11.99 auction store or $11.39 in our online store.

The goblins were sculpted by Leandro Ventic and the Giant Crab by Joel Frock. Both are cast in tin and sold unpainted. Painted images by Roger O’Dell. Goblins are 20mm tall. Giant Crab Man was originally for sale on our site about five years ago. We discovered it was not up on the site recently.

Moonfleet release 18mm fantasy range

Moonfleet Miniatures have released the first figures in their 18mm Dwarf fantasy range.


From their announcement:

The first release of our new 18mm range of fantasy figures are now up on the website.

The first army to be released is the “Royal Dwarves”. These models were released and on sale at the “Salute show” in London. The Dwarf unit models are approximately 14mm tall. The models retail at £6 for 9 figures.

TAG release Cossacks and Ordinance

The Assault Group have added several new 28mm historical figures to their online store including Cossacks and a 16th century cannon.


From their website:

Just a few new packs to add to our shopping cart this week…

Firstly, a larger Ordinance piece of our going early Renaissance range. Guns such as these can be seen in large numbers in pictures and wood-cuts of the period, our is a copy of one from an Albrecht Durer illustration.

Secondly, we have a group of dismounted Cossacks, 3 miniatures with fire-arms holding and leading ponies. These miniatures were specifically designed to act as dismounted dragoon, which the Cossacks used in the 1650’s.

Finally, a pack of Russian labourers, to act a gun crews for our Muscovite Russian range. Labourers are cast open handed and can be fitted with artillery equipments or tools, as requested.

New TAG freebie figures, Spanish Wives

The Assault Group have added a new set of Spanish Wive figures to their list of freebie miniatures.

From their website:

As of today I have added the two new Spanish Wife miniatures to our ever-growing list of Freebie Miniatures.
Normally it takes an order of over £33.00 to get a free mini from the list, but from today and until the last day of May this year we will be adding extra Wives to all orders which contain at least one ordinary pack of ‘Spanish Century’ miniatures.
Orders over the normal £33.00 rate will or course still get an extra mini, and if you would like, we can ensure that you get both of these individually sculpted, limited edition models. As always, please state your choice in the ‘Customer Comments’ box at the check-out of the web-cart.

Incursion MI-13 released

Grindhouse Games have released the British MI-13 figures for Incursion and Secrets of the Third Reich.


From their website:

Thanks to the most talented Tom Schadle’s (minivault.com) lovely paint jobs, we’re finally ready for retail release. Check out the online store. The starter and individual clamshells are available here and from West Wind and should be making their way through distribution channels in coming weeks. Remember, full rules and cards have been released for MI-13 for free on the downloads section of this site. Here is one of the excellent photos by Tom. Check out the online store for more:

Dadi&Piombo issue #41 released

dp41_cov.jpgIssue 41 of Dadi&Piombo Magazine is now available.

From their announcement:
Issue 41 (Spring 2010) of Dadi&Piombo Magazine is out.

This issue covers:
• Culloden 1746
• The Jacobite revolt: Scenarios for Prestonpans, Falkirk and Culloden
• Kluszyn 1610: Scenario for Armati/tactica and Basic Baroque
• Hydaspes: Scenarios for Impetus and Field of Glory
• The end of the Maya world part 2: wargaming the period includes lists for Impetus
• Interview with Richard Clark (Too Fat Lardies)
• Ambush Alley review
• The Fog of War

…and also

• Lists, please, Maestro
• tournament lists for FOW, Song of Drums and Shakos, Operation WW2 and Schutzengruppe
• News for the market,
• International calendar

D&P is a bi-lingual (Italian/English) quarterly available in USA through On Military Matters and in UK through Caliver Books.

You can buy your copy with Paypal (8 Euros Europe / 9 Euros Rest of the World p&p incl.)

New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles.

Firestorm Market Garden – Your Questions Answered
Over the past few weeks we asked people to add their questions about Firestorm Market Garden to a thread in the forum and we were quite surprised by the number of responses, that is there were less than we expected. We chose to take this as a sign that people had the majority of the questions answered by the various articles during the lead up to the release and that most people had a good feel for what we were trying to achieve with our second Firestorm boxed campaign.

Firestorm Plastic Tokens
With the Firestorm Market Garden Campaign and boardgame hitting stores in the next couple of days. We thought you’d like to get a closer look at the plastic gaming tokens included with each box.
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Mantic Games free shipping end Sunday midnight

Mantic Games’ free shipping offer ends Sunday at midnight.

Undead Lord.jpg

From their announcement:

April has been a hectic month with the rise of the Undead heroes, the launch of our new paint set and the release of Mantic’s first monster miniature – the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon. This weekend sees May’s pre-orders go up on the website and, handily, it’s just before Free Shipping ends.

With a couple of days of free shipping left, we’ve made several new kits available to help expand your Elf and Undead collections, as well as launch our Mantic Paint Set, Assembly Kit and of course, the Mantic Journal. By using the FREEDELWW code in the checkout area, you could be getting your hands on the new Elven Palace Guard, Undead Wraiths and perhaps the most stunning miniature we’ve done yet – the Vampire Lord on Pegasus, all with Free Shipping.

Of course, the FREEDELWW code isn’t limited to just these sets; in fact, if there’s ever a time to start or expand a collection, the army deal sets – Malak’s Legion of Death and Tydarion’s Dragon Host, are also available with Free Shipping. That’s a massive chunk of plastic (over 100 Figures in fact.) and metal delivered free to your door – what better way to do it?

Remember: Free Shipping ends Sunday 2nd May – don’t miss it.

Battle Bunker release zombie rules

psbcover.jpgBattle Bunker Games are taking pre-orders for their Please Stand By… zombie rules.

From their announcement:
Please Stand By… is a quick and easy to learn rules system for fast paced tabletop miniature gaming. Game play can be enhanced with special and advanced rules that players can incorporate into their games. Please Stand By gives you the opportunity to play in almost any genera or era from your favourite zombie settings. Seven different scenarios and multiple objectives make for a unique and different game experience each time you play.

Now Available for Pre-Order

Warhammer Ancient Battles Second Edition available now

Warhammer Historical are now selling copies of their Warhammer Ancient Battles Second Edition rules from their online store.

From their announcement:

Warhammer Historical can proudly announce the long-awaited release of the Second Edition of the hugely popular Warhammer Ancient Battles, which is available to order now for immediate dispatch.

The lavish new edition is extensively illustrated with a plethora of diagrams, artwork and photographs of painted models, as you can see from these sample page spreads here and here.

The book also features a selection of new special rules covering the unique doctrines, cultures and weaponry of ancient times in order to add even greater depth and enjoyment to your games. There are also fully revised army lists for Romans and Barbarians, and a selection of sample army rosters from across the ancient periods, from the Egyptians of the New Kingdom to the Crusades.

This full colour large format 216 page hardback book features a fully updated and extensively revised set of rules for playing the epic battles of the ancient world. The new rulebook is £32, and is available to order here exclusively from Warhammer Historical.

To celebrate the release, we have extended our popular online store half-price supplement offer to encompass the new Warhammer Ancient Battles rulebook – so while stocks last, you can select any Warhammer Ancient Battles supplement at a great 50% discount when you purchase the Second Edition rulebook.

Warlord Games looking for pattern makers

Warlord Games is looking for pattern makers to help in their miniature production.


From their announcement:

Wanted: Patternmakers. We’re looking for great patternmakers.

As we look to expand our ranges with more artillery, carts, tanks and other assorted constructions we need more pattern-makers to help make more vehicles and war machines.

There’s no need to be able to sculpt miniatures to go with them (although that would be a bonus.) – we’re mainly interested in designers with an eye for detail and capable of making great halftracks, cannon, etc for the tabletop battlefield.

If you can match, or surpass, the level of detail and accuracy in the pics on this page we want to hear from you.

Drop us a line to paul@warlordgames.co.uk with details of your experience and images of your work – we’ll take care of the rest.

Post Salute releases from Gripping Beast

Gripping Beast have added several new packs of figures to their online store.


From their announcement:

First of all a big thank you to everyone who came and saw us at Salute especially to those of you who pre-ordered. We had a great but exhausting day but there was no rest for the wicked. As soon as we got back we started shipping out the mail-order pre-orders for the myriad of codes released at Salute.

Salute releases now available to mail-order include:

  • Our 26 pack range of Vikings,
  • TWDC WW1 French (Officers, NCOs, Bombers, HMG & Section pack, all available with a huge variety of new separate head options,)
  • TWDC WW1 British Section in shorts.
  • TWDC WW1 Indian Section,
  • TWDC Special Adolf & Winston,
  • 8 new packs of Polemarch Successor cavalry (Tarentines, Seleucid Cataphracts, Seleucid Agema Companions, Pergamum Companions,)
  • 3 new Successor General packs.

Also don’t forget our new plastic Viking Hirdmen box set is now available 44 mulit-pose figures for £18.00. Take a look here for pictures of painted plastics, the two types of sprue contained in the box plus a great shot of a ‘Three-Up’ master next to the same figure made from the production sprue.

Thanks again for your support at Salute

Victrix add new French and Portuguese flags

Victrix Ltd have added new French and Portuguese flags.

From their website:

We have just uploaded new flag sheets for Portuguese, French 1804 pattern, French 1812 pattern and Kingdom of Italy 1809 Pattern.

The Portuguese sheets contain kings and regimental colours plus Portuguese finials. The French and Italian sheets contain 3 flags and 3 eagle tops and 3 fanion tops.

More will be added to this expanding range of flags over the next weeks and months.

Darkson preview new AE-WWII con fig

rommel.jpgDarkson Designs have posted a photo of the green for a new AE-WWII convention-only miniature.

From their website:
This week for our Weird War Wednesday we have a small treat. This is the Con Only miniature that we will make available at Gen Con 2010.

Rommel will be tabbed and ready to go at Gen Con. He might even be a hint as to what else we have in store for you guys at Gen Con this year.

If you can’t make it to Gen Con this year do not fear as we always have our Con Only miniatures available during the con on our web shop. So as we get close to Gen Con check out the Cipher Studios Official Darkson Designs web shop.

New figures announce by Otherworld

Otherworld Miniatures have announced the upcoming release of three new sets of 28mm fantasy figures.


Lycanthropes I (3)
This is a trio of werebeasts, a pair of Wererats and a Werewolf, standing at 21mm and 23mm (wererats) and 28mm (werewolf) to the eye, and sculpted by Matt Bickley. They are all one-piece castings, and are supplied with 2 x 25mm and a 30mm round base. The main photo shows the sculptor’s master figures. £12.00

This is a Satyr archer, standing at 27mm to the eye, and sculpted by Matt Bickley. It is a one-piece casting, supplied with a 30mm round base. The main photo shows the sculptor’s master figures. £4.00

This is a trio of Ghouls, standing at around 28mm to the eye, and sculpted by Paul Muller. They are one-piece castings (tbc), and are supplied with 25mm round base2. The main photo shows 2 of the sculptor’s master figures close to completion. £11.00

New releases from Impact!

Impact! Miniatures have added new fantasy football dice and miniatures to their online store.


From their website:

Six new items now in the store. We have three new dice products from FFStore.IT now available. Flaming Skull dice in Ivory and Gem Blue. Weather Dice as well.

In addition, we have 3 new miniatures recently released by Gaspez Arts. Mutated Ogre, Troll and Minotaur are now in the store.