Armorcast re-issues Medieval buildings line

Armorcast has re-issued their range of Medieval buildings.


From their announcement:

They’re back! We have reissued all of the medieval non – ruined structures. All of the classics are back and we have some new designs in the pipeline as well.

  • (1210) 3″ x 3″ Medieval Cottage $13.00
  • (1211) 3″ x 4.5″ Medieval Cottage $15.00
  • (1212) 3″ x 6″ Medieval Cottage $17.00
  • (1213) Outbuildings $10.00
  • (1214) 3″ x 6″ Blacksmith Shop $18.00
  • (1215) 3″ x 3″ Stone Cottage $13.00
  • (1216) 3″ x 4.5″ Stone Cottage $15.00
  • (1217) 3″ x 6″ Stone Cottage (7 pieces) $19.00
  • (1218) 4″ x 3″ Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $16.00
  • (1219) 4″x 4.5″ Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $19.00
  • (1220) 4″x 6″ Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $22.00
  • (1233) 4″ x 3″ 2 Story House $24.00
  • (1234) 4″ x 4.5″ 2 Story Shop $29.00
  • (1235) 4″ x 6″ 2 Story Shop $35.00
  • (1236) Dormers and Bay Windows (4) $11.00
  • (1240) Medieval Tavern $43.00
  • (1241) 5″ x 7″ 2 Story Inn (9 pieces) $52.00
  • (1250) 3″ x 3″ Wood Cottage $14.00
  • (1251) 3″ x 4.5″ Wood Cottage $18.00
  • (1252) 4″ x 4.5″ Wood Barn $23.00
  • (1253) 3″ x 4.5″ Wooden Stable $15.00
  • (1254) Village Well $9.00

The Dark Sword Miniatures site is back online

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted an update on their website problems.

From their announcement:

Hello everyone

I am so sorry about the site issues. It turns out our site “was too big with too many images” according to our hosting company, even though we have an unlimited hosting plan and were well under all of our allotments. So they disabled all of our images without even giving notice. I then called to see what the issues was to learn that they wanted to move me to a new server. So they moved the Dark Sword site to a more powerful server which should be good to go.

So the site is back up and running (thank goodness) and I feel like a drained man after 2 days of this. It is beyond stressful to have a business with an online presence be taken offline like that. I do apologize.

Fantasy Modeling #1 posted as a PDF file

FantasyModeling1_Cover.jpgThe Roebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine blog has posted a PDF of the first issue of Fantasy Modeling magazine.

From his announcement:
A PDf of the classic hobby magazine Fantasy Modeling is now available at Roebeast’s Magical House of Sunshine. Fantasy Modeling had a run of six issues starting in 1980 and each one is a pure inspiration for modelers, gamers, and hobbyists.

In this issue:
• The Popular Imagery of Boris Vallejo
• The Plastic Industry Strikes Back
• Atlantis Lives
• The Military Corner: Historex Walks New Paths
• Origins ’80
• Kit Bashing Spaceships
• War Games: the Greatest Fantasy of Them All
• Book Reviews
• Fantasy Collectables
• Adventures in Gaming
• And enough vintage ads to make you want to break out some graph paper and dice for some serious retro gaming

Privateer Press Gen Con 2010 event schedule posted

Privateer Press have posted a PDF with their Gen Con 2010 event schedule.

From their website:

Gen Con 2010 is on the horizon, and this year Privateer Press is preparing to bring the best tournament schedule anyone has ever seen, with more tournaments and events then ever before.

WARMACHINE and HORDES players can battle in four separate qualifier tournaments in an effort to earn their place in the Championship tournament on Sunday. Battle through the Rite of Passage, Triple Threat, Inventory, and the glorious return of Hardcore. Each event will take its top 4 players to Sunday’s 16-player final, where the action will decide who is best of the best. Or take part in two casual events that will test your mettle—Death Race and Focus and Fury’s The 5 Horsemen Team event.

New Incoming! vidcasts posted

The latest, and sadly last, episodes of the Incoming! miniature review vidcasts have been posted.

From their announcement:

The latest episodes of the Incoming! Video Podcast have now been posted.

Episode 39 of the historical show looks back at releases for w/e 19th March 2010, and features new miniatures from Baccus Miniatures, BEF Miniatures, Black Scorpion and Khurasan Miniatures

Episode 40 looks back at new releases of historical miniatures for w/e 26th March 2010, and includes new figures from Magister Militum, Empress Miniatures, Warlord Games and Renegade Miniatures.

Episode 24 of the sci-fi & fantasy show looks back at the miniature releases for w/e 19th March 2010, and features new models from Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, AEG & Ground Zero Games.

Episode 25 of the sci-fi & fantasy showlooks back at the miniatures released for w/e 26th March 2010, and includes new figures from Pig Iron Productions, Minos Miniatures, Hasslefree Miniatures and Micro Art Studioes

The videos are available on YouTube, or you can view them directly on the Meeples & Miniatures website.

Mantic Games payment issue

Mantic Games are experiencing issues with their online payment processing and have extended their free shipping offer.

From their announcement:

An apology from Mantic Games,

Typically on the last day of our world wide free shipping promotion, our payment gateway provider has had some technical issues which has resulted in a error message and failure when checking out of the Mantic Web Site. We would like to apologise for an inconvenience this may have caused. It is unfortunately completely outside of our hands, although we are reassured everything is being done to correct the fault as quickly as possible.

Due to this unforeseen circumstance we at Mantic felt it only fair to give you an extra 24hrs of free shipping using the FREEDELWW code.

Once again sorry for any inconvenience caused

Terrain Warehouse release non-human undead

Terrain Warehouse have released a series of non-human undead figures.


From their announcement:

Ever wondered why Necromancers only ever seem to raise human skeletons?

Battlezone Miniatures are very pleased to announce the first release in their Undead range – mixed species Skeleton Warriors.

Ideal for any 28mm Fantasy Wargame, these figures add character to any Undead army. There are 7 different species and a command group, along with 12 different shields.

Available from Terrain Warehouse UK, with sets starting from only £1 a figure.

Incoming! vidcasts coming to an end

The latest episodes of the Incoming! miniature review vidcasts will be the last.

From their announcement:

I am sorry to inform you all that the latest episodes of the Incoming! Video Podcasts will be the last.

I’ve had tremendous fun producing these shows over the last 11 months, but unfortunately due to other commitments I no longer have the time available to produce these each week.

Please listen to the following annoucement for further details, which includes information of what is going to happen moving forward.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the show by your email and kind comments – you have made the entire project more than worthwhile.

This video is available on YouTube, or you can view it directly on the Meeples & Miniatures website.

Ganesha Games at Hellana 2010

Ganesha Games will be attending the Hellana 2010 gaming convention in Agliana, Italy.

From their announcement:

Andrea Sfiligoi and Sergio Laliscia of Ganesha Games will be at Hellana 2010 (Agliana, Italy) on Sunday, April 11. Hellana is a mainly historical wargaming event held in Tuscany. There is also a small but thriving bring’n’buy corner.

We’ll have a table for Song of Drums and Shakos and printed copies of our rulebooks will be available.

Back 2 Base-ix releases Magflex packs

Back 2 Base-ix have released a new laser cut magnetic regiment tray system.


From their announcement:

Bringing together a combination of three mediums (MDF, Flexible Steel sheet, and Rare Earth Magnets) we’ve now made a kit for regiment style troops to keep them in formation.

Each kit gives you a laser cut tray, the steel insert (with adhesive backing), and enough magnets to fill the tray with the appropriate figures. Larger bases get more magnets per base when compared to their smaller cousins.

Available for 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 50mm x 25mm base sizes, in a large range of width by depth combinations.

Prices start from as little as $3.95AU per tray.

Mandollies episode 22 posted

Episode 22 of the Mandollies podcast has been uploaded.

From their announcement:

In This Bumper Episode I am joined by James Moorhouse, Jason and Julian Miller as we tackle the impact of Special Characters in 40K & Fantasy. This topic is so big that I had to split it into two episodes. Also in this show, James Moorhouse turns roving reporter for Mandollies and interviews some players at the recent Emperors Legion Fantasy tournament that allowed Special Characters.

Part 1

  • 0:00:33 Intro & This week in Wargaming with Jason & Julian Miller
  • 0:20:25 Next week in Wargaming
  • 0:26:00 News & Rumors
  • 0:34:07 Topic of the Week Part 1: Special Characters in 40K with Jason & Julian Miller

Part 2

  • 0:00:36 Intro to Part 2
  • 0:02:42 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with James & Russ Part 1
  • 0:23:05 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with Simon Hall & Jeff Galea
  • 0:34:15 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with James & Russ Part 2
  • 0:54:03 Topic of the Week Part 2: Special Characters in Fantasy with James Moorhouse

Angel Barracks add 6mm European Farmhouse

Angel Barracks have added a new 6mm terrain piece to their online store.


From their announcement:

We have a new European Farmhouse on the website, not meant to be La Haye Sainte but could work as it, or a makeshift WWII HQ, or a simple farmhouse or etc…

Quite nifty this, can be used up to modern periods as well as 19th century types.

Would also go well with the other farm scenery we do.

New D6 Generation podcast posted

The latest episode of the D6 Generation podcast has been posted.

From their announcement:

Cryptology, patents, Warmachine Mk 2 and even the CIA all get discussed this episode. Yep, we’re not sure how that happened either.

First up, patents: how do they work and why do you need them? We had such a great response to our show about Trademarks we asked Romeo from Battlefoam to come on and talk about the how’s and why’s of patenting something like a fancy pants laser system to cut foam.

Later Total Fan Girl chats with Elonka Dunin, a world renown expert on cryptology who has done work for the CIA. But more importantly, she’s a gamer.

Finally, the D6G team takes a hard look at Warmachine Mark 2. The book has been out a couple months now, Force books are on the streets, and the boys have played more than a few games. Is it everything we hoped for?

Oh, and listen close to the beginning of the show for news about a new product from our friends at Lone Wolf Development.

Gripping Beast plastic and metal Vikings available to pre-order

Gripping Beast is accepting pre-orders for their new 28mm plastic and metal Viking sets.

From their website:

For mail-order customers, the newly reorganised metal Viking range is now available to pre-order along with new plastic Hirdmen box set. The range features many new models and some old favourites. Orders will ship week commencing 26th April.
If you’re coming to Salute you can use these pack codes to preorder the new metal and plastics for collection at the show.

Forge World payment processing issue

Forge World is experiencing problems with online payment processing.

From their website:

We are currently experiencing a technical issue with our secure payment provider which is hindering successful completion of credit and debit card payments via the Forge World online store. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible, and will update you once our system is up and running again. If you experience any issues while ordering through the Forge World website please call our Customer Service team on 0115 916 8177 if you live within the UK; 00 44 115 916 8177 from much of Europe or 011 44 916 8177 from the US and Canada.

Eureka release 28mm French Chasseurs a Cheval

Eureka Miniatures have released a series of 28mm Wars of the French Revolution French Chasseurs a? Cheval.


From their website:

At the start of the wars the Chasseurs a? Cheval wore a Tarleton style helmet, similar to the one issued to the infantry at the same time in 1791. This appears to have been universally worn for the first two years or so of campaigning, but like its infantry counterpart the helmet was never popular and from 1793 the Chasseurs steadily adopted a mirliton style hat which gave them a more dashing, Hussar-like appearance. The mirliton had replaced the helmet by the mid 1790’s and remained the head wear of choice for most of the coming campaigns, but around 1798-99 a few regiments took to a new peaked shako which ultimately replaced the mirliton right at the end of the wars, shortly after 1800. (We intend to offer this shako as an additional variant at a later date).

As well as different headgear you get a choice of jackets / coats. In 1792 most Chasseur regiments were wearing a short jacket called a caracot, similar in style to the Hussar dolman although of a slightly longer, looser cut and invariably not as ornately laced and buttoned. This continued to be worn until the end of hostilities in 1802, so we have provided figures in this jacket wearing both the helmet and the mirliton. However, even at the beginning of the Wars a few regimental colonels preferred their men to be wearing the simpler service coat, or surtout. This was essentially a cavalry version of the infantry’s long tailed coat, which gradually gained popularity amongst the Chasseurs until it overtook (but never entirely replaced) the caracot jacket around 1800. So once again – you can acquire our Chasseurs in this coat in either the helmet or the mirliton as you prefer.

Baueda release new 15mm camp and fortifications

Baueda have released a new 15mm Ancient Egyptian Camp and fortification set.


From their website:

We’ve finally completed the long due overhaul of the Hoppidus range, which has included the remastering of some old component that wasn’t up to the standard of the rest and a general rationalization of the modules… as a result all the Hoppidus sets are now better than ever, with even more precisely matching parts and less fiddly assembly required.

With this part of the process completed we can now proceed to reorganize the range itself, which include the release of a version compatible with Field of Glory for all the existing sets as well as yet more modules to expand the range. To begin with we have just added to our catalog a 15mm New Kingdom Egyptian Shield Camp for FOG of the type used by the army of Ramses encamped at Qadesh and a matching modular set of Egyptian Shield Fortification.

New 6mm Ancients from Baccus

Baccus have added the remastered 6mm Ancient Moorish figures to their online store.


From their website:

The latest of our series of new releases is out today, in the form our redesigned Ancient Moorish figures. Once again, these are a reworking of an older range which has been brought up to modern design and production standards.

The new Carthaginian figures featured in February are now going through the moulding stage and if all goes well should be available for release at Sheffield Triples or Salute. Work is already well advanced on the new Celtic range which promises to be pretty spectacular!

Other periods are not being forgotten so if you are on of those waiting for the Napoleonic Spanish to appear, you won’t have to wait too much longer…

With April just round the corner, we have two major shows coming up; Sheffield Triples on the 17th and 18th and Salute on the 23rd. It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that these are on consecutive weekends (for the second year running). I know that a lot of people like to pre-order for shows, especially Salute. However, with the two events being so close together we won’t have much time in the period between them, so can I please ask you to get any pre-orders in as soon as you can so as to give us enough time to cast and pack them. We are taking orders for both shows now. Many thanks in advance for your help with this. With a bit of luck the show organisers may manage to get it right year, or who knows, perhaps they’ll stage them both on the same day and solve all the problems…

Wargods GenCon 2010 painting competition

Crocodile Games have posted details of their GenCon 2010 painting competition.

From their website:

Enter your best painted WarGods pieces in the Gen Con painting contest, and we will be giving away special prizes for the finest WarGods miniatures in these three categories:

  • Best Single WarGods Figure
  • Best WarGods Unit or Chariot
  • Best WarGods Conversion or Diorama*

*This category may use components from other manufacturers, but the basic figures used must be Crocodile Games miniatures.

The prizes for each category are as follows –

  • 1st Place – $50 of Crocodile Games product
  • 2nd Place – $25 of Crocodile Games product
  • 3rd Place – $10 of Crocodile Games product

Check out their website for full details.

Kraken Editions post new box art and event list

Kraken Editions have posted a list of upcoming events they will be attending as well as previewing their new Alkemy box art.

From their website:

We talked about it, here are the next releases for Alkemy: The collector boxes, that contain for each faction 5 resin miniatures, amongst them a preview of the wave 6.

Here are the visuals of these boxes that will be released at the end of the month and that will be sold for €40.

Ganesha Games to publish ShadowSea miniature rules

Ganesha Games have posted some more details on the upcoming ShadowSea miniature rules.

From their website:

Cavalcade Wargames has acquired Dragonblood Miniatures. Over the next few months, they will be reissuing most of the models previously released by Dragonblood and expand the Dragonblood ranges.

In addition, Cavalcade will be supporting the soon-to-be-released Shadowsea rules, based on Song of Blades and Heroes. Shadowsea is a ruleset using the miniatures produced by Dragonblood Miniatures. Cavalcade will be producing new models for use with the ruleset.

Cavalcade will incorporate most of the Dragonblood models into its catalog. However, some of the models, such as the diorama sets, will only be offered for a limited time before being retired.

Petroglyph announces Guardians of Graxia boardgame

Petroglyph, makers of console and PC games, has announced a new boardgame, Guardians of Graxia.


From their website:

Today Petroglyph announced the development of Guardians of Graxia,TM a strategy game with a fantasy-based setting to be released this summer for the PC and as a stand-alone board game.

The Guardians of Graxia board game features dynamic strategic gameplay using cards, miniatures, and map tiles in a fantasy-based environment. The PC version of the game combines the best of both online and board game aspects in a highly replayable fantasy setting, and will contain more than 240 unique unit and spell cards at release. The game will support both single and multiplayer gameplay.

“Petroglyph has multiple critically and commercially successful multi-platform strategy games in recent years, and we look forward to releasing another top-quality, independently developed and distributed game,” said Chuck Kroegel, general manager of Petroglyph. “Guardians of Graxia features a unique setting with a familiar gameplay style that we believe both fantasy fans and strategy gaming enthusiasts will enjoy.”

Continue reading

New releases from Miniature Design Studio

Miniature Design Studio have released new Ancients and Medieval figures.


From their announcement:

I’ve recently added some new releases to the Miniature Design Studio website.

There are seven new Philistines including two javelinmen, three spearmen and two new command figures, all wearing light armour.

Plus the Saxons have had five new figures added in the form of four Ceorls in Phrygian cap and one bare headed, all are supplied with a mixture of weapons.

Thanks for looking.

Please note: All MDS miniatures are 28mm. Supplied unpainted and unassembled

Sabol Designs offers terrain painting service

Sabol Designs is now offering terrain painting services.


From their announcement:

We know that lots of people have terrain that they have purchased that is left unpainted. We at Sabol Studios are here to help. Just drop us an email at:, let us know what you have and we will give you a reasonable estimate. Fast turnaround. Quality work.

New rules and PDFs from Angel Barracks

Angel Barracks have a new PDF update for their A.G.S. Black Powder rules as well as a new release from Irregular.

From their announcement:

We have updated the additional rules PDF for A.G.S. Next we will be releasing some scenarios for A.G.S / Form Square. Expect the first of these in the next week or so.

Then whilst the PDF press is hot we will have the next set of PDF rules from Irregular Miniatures Ltd. – their Ancients rules