Heresy add Smoking Sentry to pre-orders

Heresy Miniatures have added the Smoking Sentry sci-fi figure to their Pre-orders page.


From their website:

Need a suitabel model for those ‘dodge thte guards’ type scenarios or a cool figure for the next Diorama Of Doom contest? This is your guy, right here.

Sculpted by Andy Foster. 1 figure per pack, Single piece. Buy 1 for £3.00, 2 or more for £2.75 each

Astro Mag seeking submissions

Astro Mag is looking for submissions for issue 7 of their 40K fanzine.

From their website:

With Issue 6 finally kicked out of the house, it’s time to focus on getting the 7th child out into the world. The “day of reckoning” is March 15th, and we need your articles, pictures, artwork, commentary et al to make it a smashing hit.

With Issue 7, we are going to try something new with the theme, notably in that there isn’t one. The shock, the horror, right? With any luck, this will not make folks feel restricted with what they can send in.

Cavalcade release Elephant and Somali Pirates

Cavalcade Wargames have added two new releases today, an Elephant and a pack of Somali Pirates.


From their website:

New this week are our Asian Elephant and the first pack in our range of Somali Pirates. Both are 28mm and sculpted by Leandro Ventic.

The elephant is an Asian elephant and is suitable for ancient armies from the Indus Valley to pack animals in World War II. The elephant comes in three parts and requires moderate hobby skills to assemble. $21.99.

The contemporary Somali pirates are suitable for modern combat situations and are armed with AKM rifles and a RPG-7. 4 for $12.00.

Old Guard Grenadiers available for pre-order from Victrix

Victrix Ltd. is now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm plastic French Old Guard Grenadiers boxed set.


From their website:

Victrix are pleased to announce that set VX0009 Napoleon’s Old Guard Grenadiers is ready for pre-order. We expect them to start shipping by 14th February.

This set represents Napoleon’s Old Guard Grenadiers as they would have looked on many of their campaigns from 1804 to 1815 and full of grizzled, veteran character. The set contains 60 figures and fast play rules, also included are 8 regimental flags, representing flags of the 1811 and 1812 issue. Positions included in the box are:

  • 4 officers
  • 4 standard bearers
  • 4 drummers
  • 16 firing line, firing, priming and loading
  • 16 march attack with arms fully attached
  • 16 either march attack or advancing at porte/charge

Of course any arm can be used on any figure, giving you the option to make many more positions than listed.

For those who pre-order this set direct from Victrix from now until February 28th, will receive a free flag sheet of the 1815 Imperial Guard flag, issued to the 1st regiment of Grenadiers and 1st Regiment of Chasseurs for the Waterloo campaign.

Litko add Mini Corridor Starter Set to Jim’s Product Lab

Litko Aerosystems have added a 15mm Mini Corridor Starter Set to Jim’s Product Lab.


From their announcement:

Just added to Jim’s Lab. Set of 130 Mini Corridor parts. The starter set gives you a great selection of corridors, rooms and doors for use with your 15mm sized sci-fi miniatures. All of the parts feature detailed etching, which is designed for easy painting. Each corridor section part features different style designs, to make them easier to organize and build your layouts. The interlocking parts can be arranged in an endless variety of layouts, so you can replicate most any corridor style map in a smaller scale. Now you can play these games on your kitchen table!

The starter set includes: 20- door bases, 40- airlock door parts, 20- entry tiles, 4- cross section tiles, 4- tee section tiles, 4- corner section tiles, 2- dean end tiles, 4- 1 space corridors, 8- 2 space corridors, 8- 3 space corridors, 4- 4 space corridors, 4- 5 space corridors, 1- 4 door room, 2-3 door room, 3- 2 door room and 2- 1 door room.

The Space Demon miniatures in the photos are by Khurasan Miniatures, and the Powered Armor Infantry are by RAFM Miniatures. The figures are mounted on Litko 15mm diameter, 1.5mm thick plywood bases with flex-steel base bottoms, and Litko 20mm diameter, 1.5mm thick plywood bases with flex-steel base bottoms. Litko Aerosystems, Inc. is not affiliated with Khurasan Miniatures or RAFM Miniatures, and they do not endorse these products.

Available now:

  • Mini Corridor Starter Set, set of 130 corridor tiles, doors and rooms, $89.99US

The single parts will be added to Jim’s Lab throughout the week, and announced when the entire range is available. Jim’s Lab is the test section of Litko. Here we release new and experimental products you can buy. These items are only available for a limited time, so if you see something you like, buy it! Items are typically removed after 30 days for evaluation. If there is a product you think would be ideal for us to make, feel free to send me an email at: and I’ll be happy to add it to my To-Do list.

Chapterhouse release 28mm Celtic and Techno-Wolf Shields and Hammer

Chapterhouse have released several new 28mm accessories for your Space Wolf armies.

From their announcement:

I wanted to give you all an update on our new and upcoming 28mm conversion bits. Firstly, we have 2 new shields available for sale for $2.00 each on the website.

The much anticipated Celtic shield, it is 28mm scale, its less bulky then our previouse shields so best suited for regular power armor. It is lightweight white metal and comes with a seperate spiked knuckle guard.

The second new shield release is perfect for all you Space Wolf players out there. Its aTechno Wolf Storm Shield(good size for terminator armor).

Also up, is a new Generic Hammer, also in 28mm scale. Does great things for fantasy or sci-fi conversions. This is available for $1.50.

Coming up in 2 weeks is a Jetbike Council Conversion kit for Space Elves and some new Alien Heads and swords and whips.

Secret Weapon sale starts now

The Secret Weapon Miniatures unemployment celebration sale is now on.

From their announcement:

Save 10% on the entire Secret Weapon Miniatures catalog through 28-February as I celebrate my unemployment. That’s right – for the entire month of February everything is 10% off.

This includes photo etched brass, scenic resin bases and the Secret Weapon Instant Scenery Kits.

New molds are being poured this weekend so keep checking the site for new product.

Mantic add new Undead army deals

Mantic Games have added several new Undead army deals to their online store.

From their announcement:

“Antonia the Dark’s Vengeance Guard” is built around the sets released in February and contains one of the new metal heroes that will appear in the new “Death Kings Cabal” boxset, absolutely free. Also in the set are two Omens of Death Detachments and two Ghoul troop boxes. For more details, click here.

With 2 Warhosts and the ‘Death Kings Cabal’ hero boxset, “Helikaeth’s Undead Legion” allows you to bulk out the core of your army, whilst also giving you the figures to lead it. Containing all of the plastic sets in the Undead range, it can be viewed by clicking here.

Finally, the “Mhorgoth’s Undead Army” is up for advance order on our website now and contains the entire Undead range. A truly massive set containing 2 warhosts and 10 Revenant Knights, we’re also putting in 5 Reapers and all 4 of the heroes from the Death Kings Cabal, absolutely free – that’s over 110 figures and the entire Undead release in one set. Click here for more info. There’s also an option to grab one with a Messenger Bag too, so make sure you click here for more details.

KR Multicase custom cut trays update

KR Multicase have added their custom cut trays to all of their online stores.

From their announcement:

The updates to the shops for our new custom cut trays are now complete and the EU and International sites are now uploaded. You can find the custom cut trays for your location here:

UK: EU: International

Prices for this new range follow the same simple KR philosophy of one price for a case including any combination of trays (F, N, V, D, and L format) and postage too.

Many thanks for all the comments too. We have revised the page and added downloadable pdf files for each army now. You can now download and print out a single sheet showing the custom trays and the corresponding vehicles which fit in each one

The modular custom tray system we have designed enables you to create a unique tray and case set to suit your specific army. Each army has a detailed picture set with descriptions, and our TrayCreatorTM application to assist you in deciding the best layout. You can create a tray from its components to suit your personal needs – no constraints on a large pre-formatted tray!

You can now keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page.

Biohazard miniatures to be re-released in pewter

KingZombie are re-releasing their Biohazard horror figures in pewter.

From their announcement:
13 NG Zombie.jpgYou may know that embarked last year on producing a set of 28mm zombie miniatures in resin of first responders and survivors. Due to production issues, we had to discontinue our set of resin figures after a very short run.

However, I am very happy to announce that we were able to switch mediums over to lead-free pewter. So the same beautiful figures seen on our website will soon be available in metal.

Additionally, they will be sold in full sets of 20, Sets of Survivors and sets of zombies. They will also be available for purchase individually.

We would also like to thank those of you who have inquired as to the availability of the resin figures after they have gone out of production. Your enthusiasm for our “babies” kept us motivated to find a way to get them done in pewter.

Our new metal figures will be debuting at GamiCon on February 13th, 2010 and we hope you’re able to be there for it. If not, they will be available from our website after GamiCon is over.

Thank you again for your patience if you were waiting and we look forward to making more figures in the future.

Hasslefree add ‘fiddly bits’ to online store

Hasslefree Miniatures have added a series of ‘fiddly bits’ to their online store.

From their website:

New to the online store: 50mm diameter disc magnetic bases, and round plastic bases. We also have a new section uploaded to the ‘basing’ section of the shop. We couldn’t think of what to call it so we decided on ‘fiddly bits‘ as that is what it contains. Lots of fiddly bits. Today i have uploaded Chrome steel balls in diameters from 1mm upwards and also Coloured basing sand.

Victrix Portuguese Cacadores available for pre-order

Victrix Ltd. are now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm Portuguese Cacadores miniatures.

From their website:

The Portuguese were known as the “fighting cocks” of Wellingtons army in the Penninsular war. They made up about a third of his forces and fought brilliantly, the equal of any British regular.

Our first release is three packs of Cacadores:

  • VXP009 Cacadores command (8 figure pack)
  • VXP0010 Cacadores armed with Rifles (8 figure pack)
  • VXP0011 Cacadores armed with muskets (8 figure pack)

The Cacadores were light troops used for skirmishing but could also fight in line. One company in every battalion was armed with the Baker Rifle used by the famous 95th Rifles. They are wearing the stovepipe shako issued around 1811. Earlier Cacadores wearing the Barretina shako will be released soon. Currently the talented Paul Hicks who sculpted these wonderful models is working on Portuguese line infantry.

Also a big thanks to Mr Rui Ramos of Portugal for supplying very useful information to aid us in sculpting these great models.

Spearpoint 1943 news

Collins Epic Wargames have announced plans to post a preview of their Spearpoint 1943 WWII game.

From their website:

A full preview of Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 will be online Feb 1st and released through Frontline General News Issue 14. The preview includes final artwork, rules, an illustrated sample game, and more. We’ll also be uploading a video that captures a game in progress shortly after the newsletter is online. Please check back on the 1st to see an in-depth look at our new fast-playing tactical WWII card game. We’re very excited to announce that after extensive testing (which is ongoing) we are ready for production. We are just waiting on some additional preorders to come in before we invest in our first print run of Spearpoint.

Hordes model rules updated

Privateer Press have posted updated Hordes model rules.

From their website:

Privateer Press is proud to present the updated Hordes model rules. These rules are the culmination of countless hours of collecting feedback from the Hordes field test as well as continuing internal efforts and represent the new tournament legal rules for using Hordes models in both competitive and casual play.

DC HeroClix The Brave and The Bold preview

The WizKids blog has a new preview of a figure from the upcoming DC HeroClix The Brave and The Bold set, The Flashes.

From their website:

Time and again, The Flash has proven why he is called The Fastest Man Alive. The only thing which can keep pace with The Flash when he’s running full-speed is…The . When Barry Allen and Wally West tap directly into the Speed Force and the barriers between times and dimensions shatter. Together, The Flashes have faced the resurgent Anti-Monitor, Darkseid or the deadly new Zoom. The Flashes are the fastest figure in HeroClix, and (like most new duo figures) they come with two amazing special powers.

New ex-illis tactica is available: the Ympes

Bastion have posted a new tactics articles for the Ympes faction (PDF link) in ex-illis, their hybrid desktop/computer fantasy skirmish game.

From their announcement:?

Want to know all about the Ympes in ex illis? Their story? their gameplay? Check out the new tactica.

The Ympes are a breed of small and common fiends from Christian mythology who started to appear with the first occurrence
of the Flael. Presumed to be servants in hell, these demons are not so much evil as they are mischievous. They are eternal
tricksters who love to ‘play’ regardless of the fact that the consequences might be quite dangerous or even lethal to their victims.

The Ympes are extremely offensive casters capable of much destruction so long as they are kept away from harm. They should
be treated as glass cannons –deadly but fragile. They specialize in long-range fighting, with three main branches of casting: Fire,
Lightning and Veil manipulation.

Baelor Miniatures releases the Bloodied Base

Baelor Miniatures have released a new base accessory for tracking game status for RPGs and fantasy games.


From their announcement:

No, not a vampire-slaying dungeoncrawl. An accessory for the current edition of the world’s most popular RPG, the Bloodied Base is designed to go under the base of just about any medium or smaller figure as a visual notice that it is Bloodied. You can use a little blue-tac to keep the base attached and easy to move with the figure.

Sculpted with an attractive cobblestone pattern, the Bloodied Base has a row of raised hearts around the edge, so you know at a glance what it means. Add a little red paint, and the Bloodied characters will really stand out. No more having to mentally track which characters and NPCs are bloodied, the Bloodied Base makes it easy.

Available through the Baelor store on the Armorcast site.

Black Knight Games Name the Beastie contest

Black Knight Games are holding a contest to find a name for one of their upcoming figures.


From their announcement:

Black Knight Games will be releasing the first beastie in our new line. Here’s the cool part; you can use it for either Fantasy Legend or Galactic Legend. We currently call the beast a lesser war monitor, but one of our artists suggested that we have a contest that will let our fans name the animal. I think this is a great idea.

So, here’s how it will work…

You can enter the contest by registering with the BKG Forum. If you are not a member of the forum, then you can’t enter.

I have a board Contests/Name the New Beastie. available where you can enter your idea(s). You can enter as many names as you like.

BKG staff will judge the entries and pick a winner.

The winner will receive a set of two monitors and a chariot model.

Nuclear Renaissance v2 rulebook now available

cover_300.jpgRamshackle Games have release the Nuclear Renaissance v2 rulebook as well as posting a downloadable version of the rules.

From their website:
Nuclear reanissance is a 30mm table top skirmish game for two or more players. Players collect models of hardened fighters and awesome vehicles from the customisable range of parts and characters. Each player then pits his or her wits against friend and foe alike in a bid to win the coveted prize: to be the last gang standing.

Set in the post apocalyptic future, mankind emerges from hiding into a new world to find itself beset on all sides by its worst nemesis: other people.

Players take control of a gang of warrriors and their vehicles. The game includes a very open team generation system that allows players to choose the style of gang they want to control while maintaining a good level of game balance.

The new version of the rules are streamlined for fast play while allowing for indiviualistic characters and vehicles. Being the second version, Ramshackle Games already produces a wide selection of figures and vehicles for use in the game.

Darkson post Over The Wire release schedule

Darkson Designs have posted a release schedule for the Over The Wire AE-WWII and AE-Bounty e-zine.

From their website:

We want share with you guys the results of a few months of hard work.

Here is the schedule and a list of topics for the next year’s worth of Over The Wire (OTW). Most of the content for each edition is already complete. We do reserve the right shuffle the schedule around in order to add some cool surprises and extra details in each issue though

Both AE-WWII and AE: Bounty will be supported in future OTW releases each month. There are still some surprises in the list of topics because we don’t want to give everything away just yet. Not on the OTW release list, but still in the plans for 2010, are the revised competitive campaign guide and a summary of errata and FAQs.

Check out their posting for full details.

Monsterpocalypse tutorial DVD available

Team Covenant have released a Monsterpocalypse tutorial DVD.

From their website:

Want an easy way to learn how to play Monsterpocalypse? What about an easy way to show friends how to play? Get your popcorn, sit back, relax, and be immersed in Monsterpocalypse with the Monsterpocalypse Tutorial DVD. Produced under license by the fine folks at Team Covenant, the Monsterpocalypse Tutorial teaches you everything you need to reach out and crush someone. Loaded with explosive special effects, you can view the preview and order your own copy from Team Covenant today.

New Twilight releases at Hasslefree

Hasslefree Miniatures have several new Twilight miniatures available on their online store.


From their announcement:

I’m excited to announce that Hasslefree have just released the last few models from the initial range for the Delgon culture for Twilight. It is now possible to field a full Delgon expeditionary force that is at least the equal of the original two factions.

It seemed wrong to release all these models without giving you rules to try them out in the game, so you can now download complete rules for all the models for free from the Twilight website. The January update will let you try out the Delgon, as well as adding a few more options for the Devanu and the Empire.

Scale Creep Miniatures Mindstalkers sale

Scale Creep Miniatures are offering a 50% discount on their stock of Mindstalkers figures.


From their announcement:

I have decided to close out the Mindstalkers 40mm fantasy range from the Italian company Manorhouse Workshop. Effective immediately all figures in this range are 50% off. Mindstalkers is a 40mm range of stunning fantasy miniatures. You can see loads of pictures and learn more about the game at

Note: we have already sold out of the boxed “starter” sets.

We will also be closing out the range of 25mm buildings from the same company, many of them no longer available. These will be auctioned off on E-bay, starting next week.

More 28mm Chechen greens from Red Star

Red Star Miniatures have posted photos of some new 28mm Chechen miniatures they will soon be releasing.

Chechen green 4.jpg

From their announcement:

The last greens of our first batch of 28mm Chechens are now on the News page of our site. The 4 packs of 4 figures will be available on our Webshop in March at the latest. Check also novelties on our Gallery & Links page.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and support.

Free paper skeletons and robots from Ganesha Games

Ganesha Games have made two free PDF downloads available with paper miniatures for their games.

From their announcement:

On our downloads page, you can grab free PDF miniatures of skeletons (for Song of Blades and Heroes) and Robots( for Mutants and Death Ray Guns). They are produced by MegaMinis

We’ll be uploading more (a new set every other month) as soon as we receive them from MegaMinis.

Upcoming FFG releases

Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing the following products in February. All prices are in US$.

February 4th release date

  • CS1023 Anima Tactics: Claude Valmore
  • CS1029 Anima Tactics: Luzbell
  • CS3027 Anima Tactics: Bella
  • CT30 Call of Cthulhu LCG Sleep of the Dead Asylum Pack
  • TM02 Talisman Revised 4th Edition
  • TM03 Talisman Reaper Expansion
  • TM04 Talisman Dungeon Expansion
  • WHC04 Warhammer Invasion LCG: Tooth and Claw Chapter Pack
  • WHF02 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Adventurer’s Toolkit

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