2010 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards

Reader's Choice Awards

The first round of voting has been completed and now it is time for the final round of voting in the Tabletop Gaming News 2010 Reader’s Choice Award.

This year readers are asked to pick their their favourite figure or product from the top ten, or top five, nominated products as determined in the first round of voting. You can cast your votes from Sunday December 19th to Friday December 24th. Due to a tie for tenth spot in teh Sci-fi category there are 11 nominees available for voting.

You can place your vote in the following categories.

Please note: in order to limit “ballot stuffing” you need to be a registered member of TGN. Registration is free and allows you to vote and also post comments on the site. You won’t be spammed and we don’t sell or share our member list.

The results of the first round of voting are still available online.

The nomination pages are also still available and you can read the comments that were used to generate the nominees.