War Torn Worlds release Winter Rubble Terrain

War Torn Worlds have released several pieces of rubble terrain with a winter design.


From their announcement:

Now available from our distributors are Rubble Hills, Rubble Walls & Rubble Piles in a winter finish. They are made from Recycled Tires and come fully finished.

  • WTW-06630 $11.00 USD Rubble Piles – Grey Winter (3 Piles Per Set)
  • WTW-06622 $11.00 USD Rubble Walls – Grey Winter (3 Walls Per Set)
  • WTW-06408 $15.00 USD Rubble Hill A – Grey Winter (Bottom Right) 6? x 5? x 1?
  • WTW-06409 $16.00 USD Rubble Hill B – Grey Winter (Top Right) 8? x 4.5? x 1?
  • WTW-06410 $25.00 USD Rubble Hill C – Grey Winter (Left) 11? x 7? x 2?

Alban release British 28mm Napoleonic Command figures

Alban Miniatures have released several packs of British 28mm Napoleonic Command figures.


From their announcement:

We have released two packs of British Line Command circa 1809. They are available in marching and standing poses They retail at £5 per pack and come with free flag tops.

There are 4 packs of centre company also available. Flank company available very soon and also our re released Austrian German Infantry with improved muskets and finish.

Please see www.albanminiatures.com for full details.

December Oddzial Osmy releases available at PicoArmor

PicoArmor have received stock of the latest 3mm miniatures from Oddzial Osmy.

From their announcement:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm December releases are now in stock and available.

  • US-660 F-100D Super Sabre (8 pcs) – Supersonic jet fighter, “workhorse” of U.S.A.F during Vietnam war
  • US-661 F-15A Eagle (6 pcs) – Twin-engine air superiority fighter
  • US-662 Infantry – ‘Nam’ I (15 pcs) – Typical ‘Grunts’, 15 stands with 5 standing figures
  • US-662 Infantry – ‘Nam’ II (15 pcs) – Other poses – M60 gunners, snipers, grenadiers, command and casualties stands
  • MN-604 VC/NVA I (15 pcs) – 15 stands with 5 standing figures – different hand arms and headgear
  • MN-605 VC/NVA II (15 pcs) – Other poses – RPG-7 and RPD gunners, snipers and assaulting figures
  • IS-614 M150 TOW (15 pcs) – IDF used TOW launcher on M113
  • IS-615 M125 (15 pcs) – SP 81mm mortar
  • WWH-666 Ju-87G (8 pcs) – Tank busting Stuka with two 3,7 cm guns
  • WWH-667 Fi-156 (8 pcs) – STOL capable liaison aircraft
  • WBR-635 Humber AC Mk II (15 pcs) – Common British armored car
  • WBR-636 8th Army HQ (5+5+5 pcs) – Command stands with motorcycle, AEC Dorchester and Mk VI AA tank
  • WSU-630 Il-2m3 (8 pcs) – Most common version of ‘Sturmovik’ with rear gunner
  • WSU-631 ZIS-3 76 mm (15 pcs) – Soviet most numerous field gun
  • WIT-615 Semovente 75 (15 pcs) – Assault gun on M13/40 tank chassis

On the Seventh Day of Christmas Litko Gave to Me…


Place an order today for $75.00 worth of Movement Trays and get a coupon for free shipping (Priority Mail or equivalent) on your next order. Choose from Formation Trays, Skirmish Trays, and Horde Trays.

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Free Shipping coupon code will be sent to you via email upon qualification and fulfillment of your order. Reward coupon good January 6th – March 31st, 2010.

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TAG preview Neapolitan Arquebusiers

The Assault Group have posted numerous preview photos of their 28mm Neapolitan Arquebusiers.

From their website:

Quite why I’ve taken so long to get the pictures of these latest greens on the workbench is anybodies guess, but it has been ages since we collected these miniatures from our sculptor Nick Collier, and only really my tardiness has stopped me showing them off earlier.

These are the final two packs of Neapolitan Spanish Arquebusier for the period leading up to 1525, s you can see we have gone for miniatures in marching and firing poses, to complement the standing and loading ones we already have on sale.

Once again Nick has chosen to represent these in the tight hoses and shoes that we popular in the period in contrast to the high topped boots used by our conquistadors. All carry swords and daggers.

2009 TGN Editor’s Choice Awards winners

It goes without saying that trying to pick one or two miniatures or products out of all of the amazing releases from 2009 is difficult. The process by which we picked the winners of the 2009 Tabletop Gaming News Editor’s Choice Awards started with the jury members submitting nominations for products, in six categories, released from December 1st 2008 to December 1st 2009. This initial list contained 200 products.

Once we had the nominations each member of the award jury was asked to pick their top ten products, in each category, to create a list of the top five products. Then there was a final round of voting to pick the winner, and runner-up, in each category. I’d like to thank all of the members of the TGN Awards jury who took the time to review and nominate the products released this year and place their votes.

This process has been a lot of fun but the best part of it for me was the ability to look back at the year and see the breadth of amazing releases that the hobby has had. We really are lucky that there are so many talented individuals producing so many great figures and games.

So without any further ado, here are the results of the 2009 TGN Editor’s Choice Awards.
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New Anima Tactics releases available

Cipher Studio have added several new Anima Tactics products, the Core Rulebook, Frey, Freya, and Grey, to their online store.

From their announcement:

We have added our new releases for December to the Cipher Studios web store. If you have been waiting to get your hands on the core rulebook, you should be able to find it at a fine hobby retailer near you.

New MiniSculpt release: Mouth in the Sand

Black Orc Games have added a new miniature, Mouth in the Sand, to their MiniSculpt range.


From their announcement:

Black Orc Games would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We expect great things in 2010.

We would like to announce the next release in the MiniSculpt line.Mouth in the Sand sculpted by Gerald Evans is now available for purchase at $1 each.

Mouth in the Sand: An Ideal Trap Monster. Watch Your Step. Folks cause it’s a slippery slide and once inside there is little chance for escape. Useful for desert or dungeon trap scenario’s

Raging Heroes post Lord Vampire concept art

Raging Heroes have posted the concept art for their Lord Vampire miniature.

From their announcement:

Here is the latest image of Raging Heroes next miniature. It is a huge Lord Vampire who, like the Heroine Asharah, will also be usable as a Dark Elf War Lord or as a Demon Lord. It will be available in both 28 and 54 mm.

This mini will be very large, but that’s not all: it has been designed so that the 54 mm version can be used in 28 mm armies as a huge Demon, a Dark Elf God, or a War God.

To develop this concept, Raging Heroes teamed up with Bertand Benoit, concept artist and illustrator for Helldorado, McVey Miniatures, Mortebrume, Alkemy, etc.

This collaboration has been a joy, and other projects are already in the works …

This character is the first in Raging Heroes’ new series called Gods of War. The Gods of War series is designed to provide you with exceptionally large 28 mm heroes to lead your armies. And in most cases, the 54 mm version will also be designed to serve as a god or a giant creature in your 28 mm armies.

The coming weeks will bring a behind-the-scene look at this project, with new images featuring the Dark Elf and Demon alternative versions. The sculpting of this monster will begin in the first week of January and, for those in a hurry, will be available for pre-order as soon as it’s done.

Stay tuned with what’s going on at Raging Heroes on Facebook, the blog, the newsletter, or Twitter.

Glory Games release free Warbots rules

Glory games have released a free ruleset called Warbots.

From their announcement:

I’m celebrating the new year by releasing another free set of rules from the vault. This is an earlier design of mine — a quick, easy miniatures game for use with the MicroMachines Z-Bots, or any other toy robots you might have.

I was always a big fan of Comedy Central’s “Battlebots,” and fondly remembered “Rivets,” the old Fighting Robots boardgame from Metagaming. A decade ago, when I came across a bunch of Z-bots for sale, I decided to come up with a short set of rules for them that captured the fun mayhem of cute robots destroying each other.

“Warbots” fits that bill. You can download the rules, player sheets and 16 sample warbots.

Naval Islands and features in Jim’s Lab

Litko Aerosystems have added new naval islands to Jim’s Product Lab.


From their announcement:

Just added to Jim’s Lab. Three new sets of naval airbase islands for use with your naval miniatures games. The islands fit in well with 1/1200 scale miniatures and smaller. The islands are durable, colorful, and can be customized with individual terrain elements on the islands themselves. Also released are the Reef markers, fo indicating dangerous shallows, and impassible water for large vessels.

Available now:

  • Small Naval Airbase Islands, set of 2 islands, $11.99 US
  • Medium Naval Airbase Islands, set of 1 island, $9.99 US
  • Large Naval Airbase Island, set of 1 island, $16.99 US
  • Reef marker Set, set of 6 markers, $11.99 US

Jim’s Lab is the test section of Litko. Here we release new and experimental products you can buy. These items are only available for a limited time, so if you see something you like, buy it! Items are typically removed after 30 days for evaluation. If there is a product you think would be ideal for us to make, feel free to send me an email at: jim@litkoaero.com and I’ll be happy to add it to my To-Do list.

Magister Militum Napoleonic photo update

Magister Militum have added more photos of the figures in their 10mm Napoleonic range.

From their website:

We’ve just added another 30 or so photos to our website for our rapidly expanding 10mm Napoleonic range. They are predominantly Prussian with a smattering of Austrian and one Russian code. You’ll see that often, where there is a single pose pack (of just marching/firing/advancing/loading)there’s a picture of just that figure too, so you can see the detail better.

Secret Weapon Super Sale

Secret Weapon Miniatures is having a sale.

From their announcement:

Secret Weapon Miniatures is happy to announce the return of the Not-So-Secret Super Sale. Save 10% now through January 4th on the entire Secret Weapon product catalog.

This includes all of the resin bases, photo etched brass accessories and the instant scenery kit. The sale ends with the new year though so get to buying while the buying is good.

Back 2 Base-ix release wound rings

Back 2 Base-ix have released wound rings to use to track damage in your tabletop games.


From their announcement:

One set of Eight (8) laser cut acrylic Wound Rings for table top wargaming. Currently available for 25mm and 40mm Round bases. You will receive two (2) of each ring, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Never forget how many wounds your champion, hero, lord or commander has left (or taken), especially in bigger games with lots going on. Simply slip the ring around the edge of your models base, with it’s current wound count at the rear, giving you a constant reminder, see the inset photo which shows how snug a fit they are on standard 25mm bases . All markers are cut from 3mm acrylic and engraved with details as seen in the photos. Markers come to you with a protective paper coating so as not to be scratched during transit to you. Once this layer is simply peeled away, rub in your favourite crayon colour for a contrast effect.

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USCR Behemoth concept art

Mercs Miniatures have posted the concept art for their upcoming USCR Behemoth miniature.

From their website:

This ultra powerful trooper is the heaviest soldier wielded by USCR, and has the most powerful armor in the game. However, his terrible size and weight comes at a price, as he is one of the slowest soldiers you’ll encounter. The Behemoth wields twin heavy assault cannons on his weapon rack, and carries a massive combat hammer. His primary tactic: to suppress you and then smash you to bits.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas Litko Gave to Me…


Place an order today for any multi-part acrylic marker and get a free tube of Craftics #33 glue. Craftics #33 is our recommended glue for all acrylic part assembly… it will not haze or damage your parts in any way and will leave your marker crystal clear.

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Furidion Games announce M2: Miniature Motorsport

Furidion Games have released their miniature combat racing rules under a new title, M2: Miniature Motorsport.


From their announcement:

Once upon a time in the dim, dark past you may have known it as Petrolhead. M2: Miniature Motorsport is a respawned next revision of that game. Simple, fast and dedicated to motorised mayhem, M2 brings motor racing to a tabletop near you.

What you see in this new 0.0.3 version is the beginning of our Core rules. Much awaits this game, and only time will tell what surprises we will throw in. Plans are afoot for almost every aspect of motorsport, including drag, drift, rally and even monster trucks.

Fenris re-issue Marauder LSV vehicle kit

Fenris Games have rereleased their Marauder LSV vehicle kit.


From their announcement:

We’ve remodelled and re-released our old Marauder light scout vehicle in turret and command versions.

Both of these are 11-piece kits with various assembly options, and will be followed by heavier-armoured, long gun versions in the new year.

Shown with a Eureka 28mm mini for scale.

Armorcast Holiday Specials

Armorcast is giving away your choice of free miniatures and accessories with select orders.

From their announcement:

Armorcast Holiday Specials – Free Gift if you spend over $50, $100, $250 and $500

Spend between $50.00 & $99.99 choose one item from below:

  • ACFX002 Med. Muzzle Flash 10pcs
  • LL(00204) Archangel Michael
  • ACRD002 Rubbled Floors 1
  • ACSF006 Large Fuel Processor

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Black Army preview The Great Adamski

Black Army Productions have posted a preview of their upcoming miniature The Great Adamski a Pulp ventriloquist with multiple dolls.

From their announcement:

Adamski is a freelance operator in both public and private life. He is generally considered to be one of the most reliable, discreet operators “in the business,” and he has allies throughot organized crime, worldwide, though he is not strongly associated with any of them. As a mid-level night club/vaudeville star, Adamski has friends and allies in many elite circles, including the circles that run Shanghai itself. He is a favorite of many Chinese warlords, movie stars, and businessmen alike. Chiang Kai Shek is reputedly a big fan…

Concept by yours truly. Hard work by Brian Cooke. Note that the puppets are designed to be removable and interchangeable. The plan is to do more puppets, over time.

Rackham development post translation

Mathieu Thérézien has sent along a translation of the post made by Rackham employee Nicolas Raoult on the French AT-43 forum regarding the company, its goals and its current scheduling and development priorities.

> The question that comes to my mind now is “without JB, will the new direction have the same motivation to keep going when difficulties will present themselves (insufficient profitability,…)?

Jean Bey is gone, but Rackham-E is far from knocked down.

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Magister Militum acquires Blood Dawn range

Magister Militum have acquired the 15mm Blood Dawn fantasy range.


From their website:

We are very excited to be able to tell you that, late last year, Magister Militum bought the 15mm Blood Dawn range from Last Square Miniatures in the USA. If you check out the 15mm area of our website you will notice we have some great new photos. There are 9 new releases too. As we have the moulds in the UK now, you will benefit from faster despatch and complete orders as we now make the figures ourselves. We have also changed the pricing to bring the range in line with our normal pricing structure. This means that many packs are now cheaper but the contents of some of the mounted packs have changed.

We will now concentrate on getting the whole range painted. Right now you can see 34 new photos on our website an extensive range of ravaging orcs, Minotaurs, Trolls and beastmen along with some dwarves. Goblins, Undead, Elementals and Lizards will follow over the next few months. We would like to thank Bev and Carl for their work in getting the range shipped over safe and sound with no fuss at all and we look forward to continuing to serve Blood Dawn fans in the future. Happy New Year from the Magister Militum Team.

New Space Station rooms & accessories from JR Miniatures

JR Miniatures have released the final pieces in their 28mm sci-fi room and corridor range.


From their announcement:

We have completed our modular space station rooms and corridors plus some new accessories. Also, take a look at our new 15mm bridge which is 24 inches long. For more information please visit our web site.Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

Baccus year-end retrospectiv e

Pete at Baccus has posted a look back at their 2009 releases and posted some information about their upcoming releases in 2010.

From their website:

Staggering on its last legs, the credit crunch ridden and economic crisis laden year of 2009 is wobbling to its final destination paving the way for a brand new and optimistic credit crunch ridden and economic crisis laden 2010 to take up the burden. To be perfectly honest if another person says ‘in the current climate’ to me once more, I will physically restrain them and force feed them strips of 6mm figures until they apologise and promise never to say it again ever, even it is only to themselves while looking in a mirror.

Before I start on this section, I do have an admission to make. By previous year’s standards we’ve actually had a pretty lean time in terms of new releases. The reason for this is very simple in that we’ve been kept exceptionally busy on the production side of things keeping up with demand. Now while we can only view this a Good Thing, it has taken us by surprise and taken up most of the time that we would normally use for product development. The good news is that I’m working on sorting this out for next year so things should start to pick up in terms of new products.