2009 TGN Editor’s Choice Nomination list

As part of our year end wrap-up here at TGN we have been holding what we have been calling the Editor’s Choice Awards. The name is a bit of a misnomer since the awards are now judged by an award jury of twelve people who nominate products and then vote on the winners in the six categories we have. My own input is much less now than was it was in the first year of the awards when it was just myself, Grant and Stu doing the nominating and voting. The name has stuck around for historical continuity if nothing else.

This year was, as usual, a tough year to create a list of nominees especially since each jury member was asked to nominate only ten products in each category. As you can image this makes the task quite problematic given the large number of miniatures and games that are released each year. Exacerbating this is the incredible quality of games and minis that we, as fans, have been offered this year.

The jury this year submitted, baring duplicates, a list of 200 products in six categories that we all are in the process of voting on to reduce to a top ten and then finally a winner and runner-up for each category. As with any list of this type there are going to be controversial omissions and inclusions. Any list created by a group of people is going to reflect their own biases and predilections. The hope, with this expanded award jury, is to limit the impact of that by drawing in opinions from a wider range of people that the nomination list is more representative of the industry as a whole.

The one voice that we are missing this year is that of our historical reviewer and writer Bob Barnetson. Due to work issues Bob is sadly missing from the award jury and I think that our historical list is slightly diminished this year for his absence. What follows is a full list of all the products nominated this year, broken into categories, with links to images or product pages. In some cases the links are to pages on TGN itself and this was done where I was unable to find a link or the site used frames or some other process that made direct linking impossible.

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Fantasy Miniature

Historical Miniature

Terrain or Accessory

Sci-fi Miniature

Rules or Expansion