2 new pre-releases for Necrons from Forge World

Forge World has started taking names down of those that want their two newest releases, both for Necrons. One’s the Tomb Citadel and the other’s the Night Shroud Bomber.

From the announcement:

With the upcoming release of our new Imperial Armour book, this week’s newsletter has some great news for Necron players; a stunning new kit and a unique Realm of Battle tile are now available to pre-order.

  • cannondaddy

    Il like how the Tomb Citadel is design to be four part piece. There most be some really rich 40k players out there.

    • Soulfinger

      Plenty of doctors and lawyers playing, actually. I worked a Games Day once, and several of the other volunteers were high-income professionals. Then there are the executives sitting around on their laptops waiting for their kids to finish playing in a tournament. My brother-in-law plays at a hobby shop owned by a lawyer who set it up just to ensure he had somewhere to play whenever he could find time to do it. To me, it seems that Games Day draws a very different crowd than GenCon.

      • cannondaddy

        I would probably buy nearly everything Forge World made if I had the money.

        • I have to admit, if I won the lottery, I would play Warhammer Fantasy with a huuuuuge Lizardmen army, just ’cause…

          I mean… they’ve got dinosaurs riding dinosaurs!

          • grimbergen


      • grimbergen

        Hobby shop owned by a lawyer with lots of cash? Sounds like my local Games Empire … but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were others.

      • KelRiever

        I can afford Games Workshop. But part of my being able to afford things and have a family stems from not wasting money and using it wisely. Hence, though I have Necrons, I have not purchased anything at all for them since the new codex. On account of the new codex making me buy models that didn’t exist to have a currently viable force.

        Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind at one point. But I’m not chasing new figs just to keep up with the artificial inflation.

  • Marauder

    My buddy Trent and I have a standing agreement that if either of us win the lottery we are going to make up epic armies using the regular 40k 30mm scale and have them propainted. This will no doubt include several forge world models each – cause hey, I need Titans!

    But ya, that’s only if we are millionaires 😉


    • Soulfinger

      But it would be so hard to find people to play with on your yacht in the Bahamas?

      If I won the lottery, I’d probably die of alcohol poisoning . . . actually, my income may not be a relevant factor in that.

  • Nicolay

    Really like the Night Shroud Bomber. Change the red/orange eyes to something like black or very dark blue … outstanding!!!

    • Soulfinger

      I’d use a golden brown color to give the body a light, flaky appearance — and then I’d eat it, because I’m making a croissant joke, which hasn’t been done to death at all.