2 New Alien Attack! Releases From Frontline-Games

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 3rd, 2012

Frontline-Games has two new releases for their Alien Attack! game. Check ’em out: The Greys and Alien Agents & Local Lawmen.

From the update:

Frontline Games has released two new expansions for the game ALIEN ATTACK, pitting Man (& Scouts) against invading Aliens for dominance over Earth!

Alien Agents and Local Lawmen – 3 new alien agents, a sheriff, and his deputy, all working with the M.I.Beanss to help rid the world of alien invaders from Planet X!

The Grays – The aliens have had enough of the human “flesh bag” resistance. In the words of Commander Geezor, “No more delays…Send in THE GRAYS!”

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  • Armorman39

    This is a really neat game, very quick play and it has a zany comical element to it. Got to love the Sheriff “Roscoe P. Colplane” and Deputy “Dom Notts” 🙂
    I guess you have to be from my generation to understand the humor of those names 😉
    However the M.I.B.E.A.N.S.S. (Men Investigating Bizarre Extraterrestrial Aliens in Nice Suits and Sunglasses), my kids got that one right away. Keep it up guys, very cool!

  • Cherno

    I think the Sheriff looks a little bit like Buford T. Justice from the Smokey and Bandit movies 🙂

  • nimrod_funk

    Hey big M that’s great news. Frontline games goes to tons of conventions every year. Naming three Skirmish, Reapercon, and Texicon. His son did an excellent demo for me with the bootleggers game. The best thing I like about it is that he’s taking the Chronoscope stuff and actually putting a cohesive game together. Very very cool. I think has some other big stuff coming down the pike soon that looks very interesting as well. I saw some of it at Reaper con and so far I’m impressed with what I see. Hit his website up. If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area I think he runs alot of games in Grapevine at Area 51. Lots of fun. I enjoy seeing the gang every year at Skirmish.