15mm Space 1889, Space Bugs and Carolee now available

Highlander Studios now has several products available.

From their website:

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Highlander Studios. Yesterday I picked up several new product codes that are now on the website for sale. Please follow the links for price and packaging information.

Space: 1889:

ADV-01 Wilderness Adventurers
ADV-02 American Adventurers
BEA-01 Gashant Herd
BEA-02 Dead Gashant
BEA-06 Steppe Tigers

Gideon’s Dust:

ATZ-03 Carolee QWIK

Zap, zap, zap! Die, die, die!:

ZD3-03 Space Bug Heavy Weapons

I’ll post painted photos of each set as I finish the display models.

Thanks for looking and happy gaming.

  • Acharnement

    Note the figure packs contain 4 (four) figures though only 2 are shown in the photo. This makes them a dollar a piece which may seem a little high but they are for characters and are darn good sculpts. Certainly worth adding to a force for some color!