15mm.co.uk release Dracci Artillery

15mm.co.uk have added a new pack to their 15mm fantasy Dragonmen range.

Dracci Artillery

From their announcement:

We have a new pack in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range. This time its for the Children of the Dragons – The Dracci. Adding to the packs already in the range for the Dracci is: HOT92 Dracci Artillery.

The Dracci make use of Wylde Magicke and their finesse in crafting jade weapons infused with power to create their artillery. This huge jade crystal, when focused properly, can direct bolts of deadly magicke fire at foes. A great addition to any reptile or dragon focused force.

This pack contains the following white metal pieces.

  • One Giant Jade Crystal
  • Wooden artillery piece base
  • Four wooden wheels
  • Two seperate focusing rods
  • Dracci crewman with focusing rod
  • Dracci crewman with jade control rock

Assembly required. Base not included. Price £3.50

Thanks for reading,
Alexander Scott.