15mm.co.uk offering free Stellar Refugees

15mm.co.uk are offering a free pack of 15mm Stellar Refugees.


From their website:

Want a free pack of HOF58 Stellar Refugees? You got it. Pay only the postage on a pack worth £3.50 retail price. Offer Open until Friday 12th March 2010.

More miniatures added to the HOF Single Castings range. HOF58 miniatures can now be purchased as single miniatures at £0.35 each (except the Grav-Sled).

The first free PDF expansion to the HOF Fire-Team playtest rules (see below for full details) is now out. HOF Refugee Mission is a three page PDF which details way to play out civilans in the game.

Email us directly and get this PDF for free by reply.

Or go to the HOF Yahoo Group and get it in the files section, plus keep up with all the action on the group.