10mm German Landsknechte with Zweihänder (Great Swords) Kickstarter

Warmonger Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund a new line of 10mm German Landsknechtes armed with Zweihander swords.

Rank and File


From the campaign:

Help us fund the molding and casting of these (and potentially other) 10mm Landsknechte sculpted by the talented Bob Naismith.

Each unit is made up of fifteen two-man strips (30 figures total). You’ll get one Standard Bearer/Drummer strip and fourteen Rank and File strips (randomly selected from the six pictured below) for each unit in your pledge.

  • surprize

    This looks like a nice project. Always good to see new 10mm figures, perhaps people are going to start stepping up and providing alternatives for Warmaster in the same way as there are lots of options for Epic models now.

    Seems like the sort of project I always thought KS was designed for as well…